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The Lilith shares the popularity with Cerberus, but they are competitive to keep their guild growing. It’s best not to make enemies with the Vampires, as they hold grudges for a long time and will retaliate in violence. A Lilith was rumored to have killed a Gethen just for earning a higher grade in a class. If they will get angry over a trivial grade, what makes you think they won’t get mad over anything else?
Be careful around these werewolves. They are known to be short-tempered and protective of their pack. The Cerberus can be quite territorial, if you’re crossing through their territory… you just might not be seen for a while. They are quite popular, sharing the spotlight with the Liliths, only because they are both the oldest guilds. Unlike their rivals, the Cerberus tend to be athletic, absent-minded, and excited.
witches / warlocks
The Gethens are not as known or popular as the Liliths and Cerberus, but they are existent. This guild has the witches and warlocks, students that are referred to as nerds, teacher’s pets, and -ups. The Gethens aren’t into sports, they typically lean more towards books, logic, and adventure. A hot rumor about this guild, is that one of their previous members had a relationship with a Maura (their biggest rival).
incubus / succubus
If you’re looking for promiscuous and deviants, the Maura are the perfect guild for you. They tend to have , unusual ual experiences, and the most partners in bed. They are fairly new to the academy, and they are not well-liked by the administration for their wild . Some say one of it ended with three people dying from over-stimulation.
Ah, the Mallory guild, this guild is the most despised and most prominent because of the angels that are a part of it. The angels are a group of high-class and snobby students; their rival guilds hate them for it. There's rumors about the Mallory are only at Erebus to spy on the Alvahs.
fallen angels
The Alvahs are the lesser known of Erebus Academy. They are surprisingly the ones who are “normal” and enrolled into Erebus for plausible reasons. They tend to be closed off from the rest of the guilds, not as competitive as the Liliths or ually deviant as the Maura. The Alvahs just want to attend the school without any qualms. So far, there are no rumors about this outcasted guild.
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