× species/powers

(✵) Witches/Warlocks (Gethen): The witches and warlocks use wands to defend themselves from enemies. They are as weak as humans, but are formidable in battle. Their lifespan is 200 years. Their weakness varies from witch to warlock. Their powers are: Spell Casting, Logic Manipulation, Elemental Magic, Meta Teleportation, Meta Summoning, and Enhanced Agility.

(☾) Werewolves (Cerberus): Werewolves can shapeshift into their human form and wolf form. They cannot be "hybrids". A werwolf can be killed by a silver bullet. Werewolves can go into heat during the winter, but for some, it can last as long as six months. The alphas are very protective of their pack. A werewolves abilities are: Shapeshifting, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Endurance, Night Vision, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Strength, Predator Instinct, Claw Retraction, Invulnerability, and Regenarative Healing Factor.

(❅) Vampires (Lilith): Vampires have the ability to Teleport, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Strength, Decelarated Aging, Blood Consumption, Daytime Walking, Disease Immunity, Claw Retraction, Fang Retraction, Wallcrawling, Sleeplessness, Soullessness, Magic (Dark Arts) and Self-Sustenance. The vampires can be killed by holy water, decapitation, and a wooden stake to the heart.

(♥) Incubus/Succbus (Maura): These creatures are nocturnal, so they can typically be found during the night. However, they are active during the day as well. Their powers are: Death by , Dream Walking, Sleep Inducement, Invisibility, Decelerated Aging, Pheromone Manipulation, Lust Magic, Enchanted Allure, and Desire Inducement.

(✝) Angels (Mallory): The angels powers are: Empathy, Decelrated Aging, Invulnerability, Magic, Shapeshift (wings & halo) and Flight. Angels are not typically combative, and are sworn to abstinence. If an Angel has , then they will be demoted to a fallen angel.

(✞) Fallen Angels (Alvah): The fallen angel powers are: Decelerated Aging, Shapshifting (wings), Sin Empowerment, Evil Empowerment, Corruption Manipulation, Magic (Dark Arts), and Invulnerablility.


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