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the house of gethen. no outsiders allowed.
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immortals 2 years ago
Could you please reserve Jeon Heejin for me?
TaeKook 2 years ago
who to be
footsteps 2 years ago
hyungwon has left
saorsa 2 years ago
chanyeol has left, i'm sorry ;; i wasn't active in the slightest and didn't want to take up space + but u guys were total bros so hmu if u feel like it for pm rps

best of luck my luvs <3
xxyrinx 2 years ago
add vivi/wong kahei for me?
OhitsSehunexo 2 years ago
Can you reserve Oh Sehun for me plz?
Poppitycorn 2 years ago
zhuldyz kenzhebayeva please^^
minzee 2 years ago
oof interesting
please reserve kim minji, thanks ^.^
byeona 2 years ago
Can you reserve Kim Jongin for me?
boraginaceae 2 years ago
hii! can I have lee sojung? thanks!
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