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house of maura
the house of maura. no outsiders allowed.
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(♥) jung taekwoon 11 months ago
(Open to anyone, just a little starter to get things going for Taek)

Taekwoon poked his head in the house. "Anyone around?" He asked out loud. It was day time outside, and he was sure as hell not going out. It was bright, people would be everywhere. No way. Instead he went with lazily strolling around the house in his grey sweats. He moved deeper into the room plopping down on the couch. "Mm." He sighed softly as the ran his fingers through his hair.


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Immortals 10 months ago
Could you please reserve Jeon Heejin for me?
TaeKook 10 months ago
who to be
footsteps 11 months ago
hyungwon has left
saorsa 11 months ago
chanyeol has left, i'm sorry ;; i wasn't active in the slightest and didn't want to take up space + but u guys were total bros so hmu if u feel like it for pm rps

best of luck my luvs <3
xxyrinx 11 months ago
add vivi/wong kahei for me?
OhitsSehunexo 11 months ago
Can you reserve Oh Sehun for me plz?
Poppitycorn 11 months ago
zhuldyz kenzhebayeva please^^
minzee 11 months ago
oof interesting
please reserve kim minji, thanks ^.^
byeona 11 months ago
Can you reserve Kim Jongin for me?
boraginaceae 11 months ago
hii! can I have lee sojung? thanks!
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