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(✞) jung hoseok [A] 1 year ago
@(✞) lee taemin Hoseok follows the other to the kitchen, honestly, the space was nice and Hoseok would use it much more often if the stove was working but alas, it does not. At the slew of take out menus, he ignores all the pizza places, setting the menus aside in an organized stack. Once all the pizza places were out of the way, Hoseok starts looking through the remaining restaurants, already having an idea on what it is he wants to eat. "Mh. Bibimbap." he answers. "How about yourself?" he asks him curiously.
(✞) min yoongi 1 year ago
@(✞) lee taemin The small flame was over. Yoongi was fairly disappointed that the flame was so short because it meant he had to go to the presidents office again. He hated him, but he had to do the work. He kicked the ash with no motive, he chose a good day to not wear his white shoes and instead wear his black ones. He turned towards the door and opened it, stepping into the house. The hallway was empty like it usually is so he didn't have to worry about being with people. He hated people even if they were his own kind and he hated Taemin more than the others since he was the one who had to deal with him the most. The image of the mountain of papers was in his mind, he was going to have to clean all that crap up and he didn't have a choice since it was his job. While having those thoughts he was standing in front of the door that belong to the office of the man he despises the most. He let out a deep sigh and turned the metal knob, opening the door. He was met with the mountain of papers that he would have to organize himself. He didn't say anything to Taemin because he'd only get a rude remark, so he got straight to the point by grabbing any paper that he could get his hands on.
(✞) lee taemin 1 year ago
@jung hoseok Taemin walked into their small kitchen, he really needed to remind maintenance to replace the stove again, to rummage through their take out drawer. The students had collected a pile of take out menus from various restaurants that delivered to the Academy, he dumped them all on the counter so they could look through them. "You get whatever you want," he said, sorting through them himself to find something that actually sounded good. He wasn't sure what he was in the mood for, but he was fairly sure pizza wasn't it. The sheer number of pizza places was absolutely ridiculous. He finally found a dumpling place that didn't sound too terrible and he pulled out his cell phone to make the orders. "Do you know what you want yet?"
(✞) lee taemin 1 year ago
@min yoongi "Why in the do they bother giving me a damned secretary in the first place?" Taemin asked the empty office, shaking his head in annoyance. Though he knew that was a stupid question, he knew damn good and well why they gave him a secretary, because if they didn't the paperwork would never get done. The only reason he was president of the Alvah guild was because he'd forced the headmaster to grudgingly admit he was the most experienced Fallen in the Academy, and as such he was the best qualified. He needed the position, it looked good to his jailers. If his first plan to get out of this hellhole didn't work then he intended to get released early on 'good behavior'.

Unfortunately being almost literally chained to a place didn't help Taemin's mood any. There were parts of the world he rather missed and he despised having his freedom taken from him. That was one of many reasons why he'd hated being an Angel. No freedom, no choices, there was only to serve and obey. He would never allow himself to sink that low again, yet here he was. He was slowly rotting from how dreadfully boring it was to have to repeat the same things year after year. The students were unremarkable, his secretary was useless, the rest of the faculty could barely be counted as passing entertainment.
(✞) jung hoseok [A] 1 year ago
@(✞) lee taemin Hoseok was thinking of a solution to dinner since he learned the other is unable to leave campus and at the mention of take-out he briefly thinks about it before nodding his head. "Sure, that works, and I don't mind getting it. What would you like to order?" he asks him as they stand in the door. "As for students staying over break, I haven't really seen anyone else." he says with a slight shrug of his shoulder. Since it was decided that they would order in, Hoseok sets his bag down by the entrance, already deciding on going out to get the food when they order it, so he can just grab it when he comes back.
(✞) min yoongi 1 year ago
@(✞) lee taemin "I'll toss them in the trash immediately, sir!" He was no one to question why Taemin wouldn't even bother giving them a rejection before handing them to him. He only managed to catch one paper the rest was slowly flying on the floor he tried picking up the crumbled sheets while they were flying on the floor he was successful in catching all but two of them, he picked those two up and tried not dropping them, he was successful.

He stood up and bowed "Yes, sir" he left Taemin's office, he was finally free for only a few minutes because next he had to speak to the kids but first he has to go outside and burn the papers. He walked the lonely hallway lucky not to run into anyone. He couldn't even handle his own president so he didn't want to get involved with the teachers in any way, shape, or form. He escaped the house with ease. There were only a few students laughing and talking obnoxiously to each other when while walking in the school but they didn't talk to him so he didn't care about them and chose to do nothing about them. He chose to burn the papers because he needed some entertainment in his life and his idea of entertainment didn't involve students killing each other, he preferred things that didn't make a lot of noise. A fire fit that description perfectly. He set the papers on the rough concrete pulled out his lighter that he always kept for convenience, he was quiet the arsonist. Especially back in his adolescence back when he would lit up big things now he's stuck lighting up papers like a kid discovering a lighter. He got down on his knee and the lighter and held it up to the crumbled up papers that were piled together and watched the small flame grow, the small flame entertained him enough but he'd rather burn the school and all the houses down with everyone still in it.
(✞) lee taemin 1 year ago
@min yoongi "Don't bother, I've already scheduled for them to come during the break and do all the repairs needed to get this place back up to a livable standard before the next school year. We're going to get a flood of new applicants here soon, I think some of them already showed up but if I know where they went," Taemin said, pausing in his sorting for a moment to open up one of his desk drawers, he rummaged around in it for a moment before he found a couple of mostly crumpled papers he tossed at Yoongi. "There I think it's those. They applied before the application's start date so I was planning to just toss them in the trash once I send them a rejection." He didn't tolerate over achievers or early birds, they were lucking he was even going to send them a rejection because he'd been sorely tempting to just toss the applications in the fire and not deal with them again.

"If you're done can you check and be sure none of the rooms being renovated are being occupied during the break? I'll kick the damned insects out to sleep in the living room if they are. I suppose I could set up a few beds, or let them fight over the couch..." Letting them fight sounded like a much more entertaining idea, but he wasn't sure the structural integrity of the house could really handle anymore. He would probably have to keep the idiot children in check until after the major repairs were done, much less fun but a necessary evil this time of year.
(✞) min yoongi 1 year ago
@(✞) lee taemin Yoongi didn't bother arguing any further with Taemin. Taemin was right no matter how he looks at it. He couldn't quit even if he wanted to because this is the best job, in terms of payment, he could get. The conditions were but the paycheck was amazing and he didn't have to deal with the kids so the pros out weighed the cons so quitting was not an option

Once he was done seeing any more of the students records he gently placed the small pile on the floor, if he saw any more of them he'd put them in the pile. He listened to Taemin about the door problem. Something he was going to have to solve himself "I can call maintenance..and see when they'll finally take care of the problem" he wasn't really sure how many doors Taemin broke. He stopped taking count the middle of the year. None of the doors have been fixed yet, the maintenance gave up on the door problem the same time Yoongi stopped counting.
(✞) lee taemin 1 year ago
@min yoongi "Why would I do it? That's your ing job," Taemin pointed out, rolling his eyes as he continued to sort through the damage reports. He'd forgotten he'd broken part of the roof earlier that year, he would have thought he would have remembered half of these damages but honestly they all tended to blend together after awhile. "I deal with the insects, you deal with this . It's not my job to make your job easier, it's your job to make mine easier." He figured there was a pretty good reason he'd gone through a couple of secretaries before Yoongi, but he couldn't be bothered to care enough to change anything. He did just enough to keep things running, anything above and beyond was just not going to happen. "Besides, I brought donuts this time. I'm being nice." Granted he'd just picked the donuts up from the cafeteria, but he'd threatened the chef into making them fresh so really he thought he was being pretty ing considerate.

"ing hell... how many damned doors did I break this year? For the love of Lucifer..." He sighed as he placed yet another damage report into his pile. It was still smaller than last years, and much smaller than the year before that. He was managing in the right direction, but his temper still flared up a bit too often and he wasn't sure it was actually going to get better. "Oh, one of the insects broke a door too..." he commented, setting that into a different pile. "I'm shocked this house is still standing."
(✞) min yoongi 1 year ago
@(✞) lee taemin The end of the year wasn't coming quick enough for him. He disliked Taemin to no end, why he had to be the houses president shall forever be one of the worlds mysteries to him. He hated that he was always the one to follow orders. Some say that's a good thing, which it usually is unless the person who gives you orders is one of the biggest pain in the asses that Dante's inferno has to offer.

"Sir, excuse me for my...er...incompetence...but perhaps YOU should start organizing the papers...It makes my job easier..." he was going to get a mouth full just saying that but he needed to speak up for himself because the mountain of papers was getting ridiculous and he's being sitting around, kissing Taemin's for too long. Like right now, he he grabbed the first sheet of paper and read it carefully. It was about one of the students, their record, it talked about the things they've done and from what he's reading this kid is a pain in the , just like the rest of them. He's never actually communicated with the Students but he's heard enough from the teachers and the president to get an idea of what they're like 'Student records' he noted to himself. He was going to start organizing those papers. He searched the mountain of papers he wasn't able to find a lot but he found some.
(✞) lee taemin 1 year ago
@min yoongi With the end of the year rapidly approaching Taemin had a nightmarishly large pile of paperwork that needing tending to. Everything from room applications for next year, maintenance requests, renovation schedules, to budget numbers from the year and projected costs for the next year. Somewhere in there was a list of students who had requested to stay during the winter break, and he needed to find that at some point to confirm he had everyone he was supposed to have. There was quite a bit that required his attention, and like any good, attentive, leader he had pushed it aside until the very last minute and then complained colorfully for several minutes after. His budget review was late, and he was starting to get vaguely threatening emails from the Academy’s accounting team so he actually needed to look at today, Hence why he had scheduled a meeting for most of the day with his little secretary. If he had to suffer for his own choices then he was damn well dragging someone else down with him. He was currently sorting through the small mountain of damage reports, trying to organize them based on who, or what, caused the damage. As usual he was the reason for the majority of the damages, a fact he refused to apologize for. He hoped it dearly inconvenienced the headmaster.

“Yoongi, Lucifer dammit, can you find the attendance sheet in this mess so we can figure out which of the insects are staying over break? We need to be sure they aren’t staying in any of the rooms that need maintenance,” he said, waving in the vague direction of the rest of the paperwork flooding his desk. He was hardly what anyone would call well organized. He had his own chaotic system, and it usually didn’t make any logical sense to anyone. He lost things all the time, though that was more from sheer laziness than anything else.
(✞) lee taemin 1 year ago
@jung hoseok “Of course they did…” Taemin sighed, running his fingers through his hair as he debated his options. “I physically can’t leave the school grounds, I’m still on probation,” he explained, that kind of threw a wrench in the eating out plan because the restaurants were in town. Not for the first time, or even the thousandth, Taemin mentally cursed the spells that kept him prisoner at the Academy. “Why the hell don’t we just order something then? That way I can be a lazy like I want to, and we still get food. It sounds like a win-win to me.” He pointed out, he didn’t feel like trudging back out into the snow if they could just call and have something delivered easily enough. Granted it would be hard to find someone who would deliver to the Alvah House as most places were utterly terrified of the house for good reason, they were on a lot of black lists but he had a plan for that. “We will just give them the Gethen address, they shouldn’t have a problem delivering there. I can go get it when it arrives.”
(✞) jung hoseok [A] 1 year ago
@(✞) lee taemin Hoseok was about to say something else about it, but before he can get a word in, the other was already leaving back to his room. Shrugging his shoulder, Hoseok cleans up his mess and goes to his room where he grabs a bag, as well as his own coat. Looking out the window it was getting dark fast, and catching the time on the clock by his bed, its later than he thinks. Knowing that the kitchen staff had already left for the day thus leaving him to cook for the two of them or spending the little money he has to eat out. Hoseok was out and by the door before the teacher, but nonetheless waits patiently. "The kitchen staff probably left by now. So I can cook us something or we can eat out." he suggests leaving the option up for the elder to choose as he steps outside, pulling his hood up the area now being lit up by the street lamps instead.
(✞) lee taemin 1 year ago
@jung hoseok “Lucifer ing dammit, I have to go back outside in that? , fine, but I’m grabbing my damned coat and I have change out of this sweater. I ing like this sweater too,” Taemin grumbled, more annoyed with the weather than the stupid kid. He was not dressed for snow, and now that it was melting from the heat of the fireplace he was getting very very damp and he disliked it immensely. He headed up the stairs to his room, the door flying open even before he reached it. The Alvah House was more or less his home, and his prison now. He wasn’t allowed off the grounds, so this was the closest to a real home he was ever going to get. Which also meant he was stuck living with the annoying little insects that made his life miserable. He didn’t enjoy it, but he’d made his bed and now he had to lie in it. At least the Alvah house was better than some of the campus options, he would have murdered people if he had to live in one of the general dorms. Once he was changed into a new sweater, and he remembered to actually grab his coat this time, he pulled it on as he closed the door to his room and headed down stairs. “Alright, come on. I have nothing to do tonight and I fully intended to enjoy that. I really need to check the list and see how many of you actually signed up to stay here over the holiday break. Hopefully not many.” Orphans were the bane of his existence. They were always there, some of them even during the summer breaks. He could count on one hand the number of them he hadn’t hated.
(✞) jung hoseok [A] 1 year ago
@(✞) lee taemin Hoseok glances out the window, the snow sure has piled up in a couple hours and it was falling heavier with wind picking up as he notices the other dusting the snow off his hair and clothes. "Guess so." he says but doesn't say much else on the topic. Hoseok is quiet for a moment at the mention of happy families and holidays. "If you have a family, sure I guess." he states with a shrug of his shoulders and doesn't say anything else on the topic. "I'm about to get some dinner, um, if you want to, care to join?" he asks him. Hoseok doesn't know much about the teacher, only knowing rumors that he is one of the harder teachers, who has no problem bumping grades for favors and encourages under handed tactics in winning.
(✞) lee taemin 1 year ago
@jung hoseok "Good is a stretch," Taemin answered dryly, shaking snow out of his hair and brushing it off his sweater. He should have grabbed a ing coat like a sane person, but no, he'd left it back in his room because the damned weather said it wasn't supposed to snow until late tonight. ing bull meteorologists, he needed to stop believing the weather channels. Not that the cold actually effected him, he wasn't sensitive to temperature what with being inhuman and all but the snow was an inconvenience and he had more than enough of those in his day to day life. Wet socks were one of the things he hated most, right after children, and Angels. "What the hell are you even doing here? Aren't you supposed to be off doing that stupid holiday happy family ?" He asked, the Alvah house was almost deserted this time of year, that's why it was Taemin's favorite. Less stupid people to entertain, and more quiet time to focus on what he loved most; himself.
(✞) jung hoseok [A] 1 year ago
@(✞) lee taemin Hoseok stretches out his limbs as he wakes up to his empty room, his roommate leaving for the holidays. After showering and getting dressed, Hoseok goes to get himself some food and after eating he was back in the house sitting in the common room by the fireplace. Outside, snow is falling, coating the world around him in grey and white, Hoseok is unable to make head or tails on if he feels calm, cold, or its just ominous as he stares out one of the large windows. Burying the feelings, he does one thing he loves to do, with a blanket over his lap, tea on the table and a fire roaring in the fireplace, he opens the book he has with him. Peaceful. That is the emotion he feels. He doesn't know how long he's been sitting there reading his book, but it was darker outside, the cup of tea now empty, and Hoseok had just finish his book. Stretching his limbs, he stands up deciding now was a good time to get dinner. Cleaning up after himself, he is surprise he hears another door opening but seeing that it is Taemin, the surprise disappears, knowing that someone the teachers are staying behind for a couple days. "Good evening." he greets the professor and head of the Alvah house.


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