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kim jiwoo。 5 days ago
@wen junhui。 Leonardo's one was definitely the most emotional one of the bunch. if you were ever to step on that podium it would be over for Brad. Have you ever considered doing a career change?
she cackled, suddenly getting up as she had finished her funnel cake and hot cocoa, putting on her scarf and gloves and waited for you to follow her along.
I like ordering food. Though it's lazy it's sufficient. Now c'mon. We got some rides to catch.
jang dahye。 5 days ago
@kim donghyuk。 Ofcourse it is not torture. Torture is painful but being on ride with me is not- dead inside but not painful. /rolls my eyes before playfully puffing my chest, trying to show how I'll be if I was a saviour. Women are full of twists so you better get yourself ready.
Wha- /archs an eyebrow at you, a bit taken a back when you tap my cheek, soon narrowing my eyes as you kept calling me impatient.
I am not impatieent. /my counter statement coming out as a whine, punching your hand lightly in a playful manner. Well you need to stop calling me miss impatient then, mister slowpoke. /puts on my seatbelt also before leaning back towards the seat, glancing at you for a moment before I also look out the window. If you keep calling me impatient, I'm gonna keep calling you slowpoke
kim donghyuk。 5 days ago
@jang dahye。 if it is not torture, then what it is? i mean, you trying to get some sort of reactions out of me- /points out, lifting both my brows just to burst out laughing at your next statement/ oh so now you're my saviour? well damn that was quite the twist.
you are,,,actually, very impatient /hums, clicking my tongue as we wait for the cab/ considering you couldn't take my joke in a light mood, and the fact that we are now getting into a cab, you are v e r y much of an impatient woman /taps my index finger on your cheek gently before moving inside the cab, comfortably leaning back after putting on my seatbelt.
stop calling me slowpoke, miss impatient. /closes the door since i was the last one to go in, peeking at the window as i wait patiently for us to get to our destination.
jang dahye。 5 days ago
@kim donghyuk。 /my mouth gaped as you said it was like torture, my face scrunching up towards you. Hey! it's not torture when you're with me. I will take care of you if you do get sick. /shoots a playful wink towards you.
I- pfft I am not the impatient type. I can be patient if I need to. /I scoffed, countering your statement. Soon I succesfully hailed a cab, the taxi stopping near the sidewalk ; I open the taxi's door, looking at you.
Let's go, slowpoke. /My voice turns into a mutter at the end word, a cheeky smile on my lips before I entered the cab, scooting over to make space for you.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 5 days ago
@kim jiwoo。 the fake sadness and hurt that was all over his visage disappears and gets replaced with a mirthful one accompanied with a loud guffaw, not even minding if it took a bit of attention from the others once again. replying once he calmed down.
well, he might need to have one this year. actors who deserved it didn't get it until years later, like leonardo, i guess?
he shrugged his shoulders, not even sure on what he was talking about.
i think we both need to learn how to cook, there's a lot of tutorial videos around the internet anyways, but if everything fails. let's just stick to ordering food because i think we'll end up burning down the kitchen if we persist.
kim donghyuk。 5 days ago
@jang dahye。 i am getting more and more worried over the fact you keep on mentioning that, it sounds like torture at some point. your goal for today is to make me sick- well isn't that interesting?
snorts at your reaction to my actions, slipping my hands in my pockets
so you are the impatient type. how adorable. whistles out before stopping by your side as you've decided to get the cab
but sure, let's go there by cab.
jang dahye。 5 days ago
@kim donghyuk。 Yup, nobody had agreed to go on so many rides with because they either get scared or not into it so where's the fun in that? sure, I'm gonna make that a goal for today.
/raises my eyebrows as I see you slow down purposely, my heels stopping in my track.
Yup with this rate, we can certainly arrive there by next month. /i clicked my tongue, shaking my head at your sarcasm. Let's just go there by cab. We don't want to deplete any energy before the ride. /stands by the side walk, holding up a hand to hail a cab
kim donghyuk。 5 days ago
@jang dahye。 crosses my arms as i follow you, scrunching my nose at the scenario you plant in my head
so you mean to make me feel like that? that's quite a goal
who are you calling slowpoke- squints at you, slowing down on purpose. honestly? depends. is it far? if so, sure. if not, i'm sure we'll get there before tomorrow, don't worry.
jang dahye。 5 days ago
@kim donghyuk。 Well, maybe I enjoy both at different times or mood.
gives you a cheeky smile, my shoulder's shrugging.
Well I've yet have to see someone numb from being on too many extreme rides with me. starts to walk, glancing at you.
Let's go slowpoke. should we take the cab?
kim jiwoo。 6 days ago
@wen junhui。 "yet", hmp. she acted mad but in fact was heating up like a tomato just from that simple word. she glanced at him and noticed how you were scarily into your role, almost convincing enough for her to drop the act and reach out to touch your hand gently.
yo Mr. Pitt called. He wants his Oscar back... actually I don't think he even has an Oscar–
she smiled, eyes beaming to crescents while tightening her hold on your hand.
I guess that makes the two of us then.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 week ago
@kim jiwoo。 i haven't proposed nor planned anything yet but it's already a rejection from what you've said, i'm hurt.
it was his turn to be dramatic, using up his acting skills that are probably rusty over the years of not using them. a hand was by his chest to where his heart lies upon, clenching dramatically with a matching expression of his. almost going out of character due to his partner's act.
i mean, yeah i do. just not all the time since it can be exhausting but i do enjoy it. do i look more like a guy who knows to eat rather than knowing how to cook? because if it is, you're not even wrong.
kim jiwoo。 1 week ago
@wen junhui。 she puffed her cheeks out to show as a sign of sulking, even if it was just her way of hiding the big giggle that was about to burst out of her lips, deciding to keep up the act up just for a little bit.
oh he threw some shade honey. touché sir, but the wedding will still never happen. guess i’m not good enough for a chinese citizen like you.
turns my back to you and pretends to cry, sniffling and fans her hands over her eyes to make the ”tears” stop, she did stop at the mention of food, glancing at you with her ears perking up.
.... you cook? really? .... interesting.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 week ago
@kim jiwoo。 for a moment he was almost a little too gullible to end up believing the act but of course, knowing her for long enough made him conclude that she wasn't really being serious about which made him laugh.
hey, can't blame me for being too used to eating stir-fry or fried rice most of the time. you know how some of us chinese actually want to add something to plain dishes.
his second laughter was on denied, ending up on being a slightly loud snort.
next time, i'll try cooking fried rice for you so you can get what i meant by it though, spoiler alert that i'm not the best in cooking, so don't have high expectation on me.
kim jiwoo。 1 week ago
@wen junhui。 her lips pursed out to a thin line, sighing dramatically when you told her everything was fine and that it was only her wild imagination doing tricks to her brain but stopped halfway to give you a dramatic look, lips parted with an overly loud gasp.
you... you don't like plain rice? but.. t-that's the best part! i'm sorry junhui but i'm breaking up with you. this was it. how am i expected to marry a man who I can't share a bowl of rice with. formed a frown as she finished talking, obviously acting and not caring one bit that you don't like plain rice. it only meant more for her.
trust me we won't puke. the only puking that's going to happen is me thinking that you won't eat rice with me,,
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 week ago
@kim jiwoo。 he cackled at how you were panicking, waving it off as a gesture.
no, no i'm not really allergic to anything. dislikes though? i just don't like plain rice if we're talking about food.
noticing how you started spacing out for a bit he waved his hand over you to get your attention but gets a little surprised with the sudden reply, making him chuckle on which he lost count on how many he did in this day alone.
sure, sure. just hope we both don't have a weak stomach and heart because someone actually passed out or puke during and after the ride, that wasn't fun and definitely not a sight to see.
jung jaehyun。 1 week ago
o u o
kim jiwoo。 1 week ago
@wen junhui。 really? i had no clue... wait, i just realised i don't even know your dislikes. or your allergies! jesus what if you were allergic to hot cocoa? and i would've served you the poisonous drink without even knowing?!!?
she began to blabber as per usual, panicking and slowly swirling into the depths of her brains seeing how her life was flashing by and how all of her dreams and fantasies of us getting married ending with her wearing an ugly black gown and never getting the chance to live the dream of being a hot widow and–
oh can we do the drop one? please please please pleaseeeeeeee
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 week ago
@kim jiwoo。 humming as he looked down on the drink then back to you, a huge grin stayed put on his countenance.
yes, it's nice. it's mint fused right? i usually don't like mint but i really liked this one.
he takes another sip from the cup before he starts to ask.
so, what ride are we going to do next? are you gonna be okay with the gyro drop one? i heard it got higher the last time i tried it with the group. who a i kidding? we tried out the rollercoaster anyways so i guess it'll be good for us, but our hearts though...
he shivered when he remembers the feeling of his heart dropping aggressively by the time the ride fell off, up and drop once again.
kim jiwoo。 1 week ago
@wen junhui。 she found you laughing such a joy to look at that she began to laugh alongside with you, silently shaking her shoulders as she giggled with her head hanging low.
omg stop it i, i can't stop laughing.
she grinned ear to ear, even when she stopped laughing and would occasionally burst into quiet chuckles as she thought about the situation over and over.
you're.. uhm.. you like the cocoa?
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 week ago
@kim jiwoo。 he laughed to the point he had to cover his mouth because he swears everyone in the cafe heard him bursting out from laughter. after a while he managed to calm down, wiping away the tears on his eyes due to laughing a little too hard.
ah, you're so cute what did i do to deserve you to be honest.
he said as he continued wiping off the tears and taking a sip from the hot cocoa. eyes wandering around if people were still looking at the two of you, a sigh of relief passes out his lips when he saw that everyone went back in focusing their own business. it was good that no one recognized them.
kim jiwoo。 1 week ago
@wen junhui。 she puffed her cheeks out in defence, glancing outside the window to watch the many people passing by, shaking away the rest of her shyness. she dived in to the funnel cake once more, this time taking smaller bites and chewing on it like a kid. a cackle came soon after when she saw how ridiculous you looked with the foam above your lip, creating a moustache, making her so delighted that she decided to copy you and create a foam moustache of her own.
I am your inferior leader, commander Chuu!
her voice was lower than usual and brought her hand up to her forehead to salute you, giggling at her own silliness before it away with her tongue.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 week ago
@kim jiwoo。 soft cackles were out as he watched her, his chin now resting on the palm of his hand.
correction, you're cute.
he commented before taking a piece of the chocolate drizzled funnel cake, taking it in his mouth, chewing and eating before swallowing.
i haven't exactly had these for a year or two, kinda brings back memories at some point. nostalgic ones.
he chuckled once again before his finger wrapped around the cold handle of the cup, air blew out from his mouth to let the hot beverage cool down then takes a few sips. the male puts the cup down on the table, foam was on his upper lip that he noticed and away.
please take it easy on drinking too, you might actually drown your lungs with water i'm-
kim jiwoo。 1 week ago
@wen junhui。 she coughed, chewing wildly as my hands "spoke" for me. she followed your trail towards where the water machine was, her hands flailing around wildly as if you could read them with your back faced at me. her eyes stayed round and doe-like, when she was finally able to swallow all of it and spoke loudly.
... IT'S CUTE!
she covered just as quickly as she spoke, her face lighting up in embarrassment and broke into a string of laughter and let out a soft "oops", quickly drowning her face in the water you brought back.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 week ago
@kim jiwoo。 he smiled and lets out a short string of laughter, head shaking in amusement as he replied.
jiwoo, don't speak with your mouth full. finish it before speaking i didn't quite get you.
he wasn't sure what most of her sentence meant as he only got the chocolate part but the rest was a blur, a little too incoherent to be understood by him. he stood up from his sit and walked towards the water dispenser near the counter of the cafe, a glass was taken and filled up with water before he comes back, sat down and slides the glass towards you.
drink up, to set down the food.
kim jiwoo。 2 weeks ago
@wen junhui。 she saw you approach me from the window, following your trail with the cardboard plates in your hands and what looked like the most delicious things in the world, funnel cake, one different from the other. she let out a soft 'wow', instantly drawn to the one with the strawberries. the plastic fork dipped in to it and took a piece, holding it in front of me in awe before engulfing it to my gob. her eyes were enough to tell that the dessert was amazing, quickly going in for another bite – not even realising she hadn't said a word to you since walking in, swiftly realising it and attempting to speak up with full.
o oh! thwe hwot chocomet ith kwyute wift?!?!
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 2 weeks ago
@kim jiwoo。 a hand over his cheek to where you left a mark, he smiled to himself before going towards the vendor themselves, ordered two for him and her. one was topped with strawberry and cream while the other was simply drizzled with chocolate sauce and dusted with powdered sugar. the male held the two paper plates that contains their snacks as he walked by the cafe, using his shoulder to push through the glass door since his hands were full. he found her as quickly as he had entered, placing down the paper plates on table before sitting down right across her.
pick what you like between the two of them. he said, his attention was quickly to be taken by the hot drinks, finding the foam art to be cute and unique.
kim jiwoo。 2 weeks ago
@wen junhui。 she looked at you then at the cafe, pursing her lips out while thinking between the choices. her arm was wrapped around yours while the other held your hand, not wanting to let go of you but also couldn’t shake off the feeling of being cold. i’ll go get the cocoa. i’ll be waiting for you inside, okay? her lips planted another smooch on his cheek before slipping away from his hold to enter the cafe. she even turned around at one point to wave at him in a cutesy manner, flashing her signature gummy grin. once inside she ordered both of them the mint chocolate cocoas that came with cute foam creatures on top, one of them being a cat and the other a dog.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 2 weeks ago
@kim jiwoo。 he couldn't help the smile that spread all over his face from the peck he just received from you, his hand finding its way to yours once again and laced your fingers together with his. with a nod he tugs you along to where the funnel cakes were being sold, it was just a few people by the line which was a relief for him.
do you want to stay here or do you want to wait by the small cafe over there? he pointed out the mini cafe that was right across to where they are, you can order for us by there and get some warmth while i get our funnel cakes, it won't take long, i promise.
h, park jamie。 2 weeks ago
I am very amused by this aMUSEment park
kim jiwoo。 2 weeks ago
@wen junhui。 she scooted closer to him, leaning upwards to plant a soft peck on his tiers as if it was a prize for going through the horror house, despite failing it almost completely. she hummed, keeping her face near the males as she thought of your offer.
i think funnel cake sounds good. maybe we could also get some hot cocoa? it’s quite cold, so it’d be a great hand warmer.


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