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bae suji。 4 weeks ago
@zhang yixing。 I see. Haha, so that's why you cut your hair, hm? *looks up at you as I grin back* I guess it is the excitement. Haha, all right~ I'll hold onto you if I get scared. *laughs before squealing a bit in surprise as the rollercoaster starts to move* Mhm! Here we go!
zhang yixing。 1 month ago
@bae suji。 mine actually never reached my mouth, but i had a period where it was covering my eyes. it was so annoying! /chuckles as you sit in, settling myself next to you before looking at you with a grin/ it’s alright, i guess the excitement it building up. hold onto me if you’re scared. /i say just before the rollercoaster train begins to move, my grin glowing wider/ here we go, suji!
bae suji。 1 month ago
@zhang yixing。 And when it gets in your mouth too! *laughs as I hear you chuckle* You're welcome~ Yes, let's get on. *watches the people go into their seats before giggling when you help me into the ride* Thank you, Yixing. *watches you sit beside me before looking around* This is making me a bit nervous-- a good kind of nervous though. Haha~
zhang yixing。 1 month ago
@bae suji。 yes! especially when it get in your eyes smh. /hearing your compliment, a sheepish smile appears with a shy chuckle/ thank you, miss suji. and yeah, sounds fair. let’s get on this thing then. /laughs quietly as i nod my head, grinning as the people in front of us file into the seats/ here we go, suji. ladies first! /i say as we’re next to sit down, helping you into the rollercoaster by your hand/
bae suji。 1 month ago
@zhang yixing。 True! Long hair is a hassle honestly. *shakes my head as I look up to see you smiling sweetly at me, a similar smile starting to form on my lips* Well, you're good looking yourself, mister yixing~ *nods quickly* Mhm! Rollercoaster first then you get to pick the next ride for us, okay? *turns to look at the line, noticing that it's shorter now* Oohh! We're almost there!
zhang yixing。 1 month ago
@bae suji。 i lowkey get what you saying, i had long hair once during my early debut days. it was a hassle. /laughs at the memory of the early days before smiling sweetly at you/ no problem, it’s true anyways. /nods my head at your question, grinning widely as you wrap you arm around mine comfortably/ yes, and your welcome, miss suji. now, rollercoaster first right? /i ask as the line for the ride has gotten shorter through the time we had been talking/
bae suji。 1 month ago
@zhang yixing。 I like my hair long, but sometimes, it's just annoying. *huffs slightly before I turn red from your compliment, smiling shyly at you* Haha, geez... Thank you for saying so, Yixing. *gets a bit confident as I wrap my arm around yours before looking up at you with a smile* Really? I'm glad too. Thank you for inviting me here~
zhang yixing。 1 month ago
@bae suji。 oh no, the perks of having long hair huh? /laughs as you tie your hair up, smiling at you/ you look pretty with your hair up, and yeah you can hold onto me. /gestures so i offer my arm to you as you hold onto me again, nodding my head/ yes, but i’m glad you’re here with me. it’s fun to go out with someone to places like these.
bae suji。 1 month ago
@zhang yixing。 That's right! The rush of the wind-- I should tie my hair back to make sure that I don't eat it. *brings out a hair tie before tying it in a bun* I... can hold onto you? *blushes slightly as I reach to hold your sleeve again* T-There. I'm doing this, so we won't separate. *glances at you, noticing your smile before smiling back at you* Really? It's the same with me. It's been a long time...
zhang yixing。 1 month ago
@bae suji。 ah yeah i know what you mean, the rush of wind as you descend. it makes your stomach loop so much. /grins before seeing your realisation, chuckling softly before shaking my head lightly/ not it’s okay, you can hold onto me, i’m fine with it, miss suji. /my smiles softnes at your shy laugh before we soon approach the line for the rollercoaster/ i must say, it’s been so long since i’ve been here with anyone.
bae suji。 1 month ago
@zhang yixing。 Mhm! *nods as you say that you're okay with the rollercoaster first* That's good to know. Well... I like them, but not so much. I like the fun part of the rollercoaster where you go down suddenly. *realizes that I'm still tugging at your sleeve, a little embarassed before letting it go* O-Oh, sorry for that-- I didn't notice that I was doing that. *laughs shyly*
zhang yixing。 1 month ago
@bae suji。 cool then, and right! i’m excited to go. /my grins naturally stretches into a boyish one as you tug my sleeve, chuckling as i nod my head/ aye, let’s go then miss suji. /follows your tug to head towards the rollercoaster, humming softly at your question as if in inquiring quietly/ hmm, i’m okay with it. the thrill of the rollercoaster is fun but then you feel like dying sooo... /laughs quietly/ how about you? you like them?
bae suji。 1 month ago
@zhang yixing。 Don't worry, you didn't made me wait too long-- I just got here a few minutes ago after all. Haha~ *blinks as you show the two card tickets before looking at it in awe* Two all day passes? Sweet! Let's go! *tugs at your sleeve slightly, a little excited from imagining all the rides we could go* Hmm, are you fine with the rollercoaster first?
zhang yixing。 1 month ago
@bae suji。 ah i’m glad then, i didn’t want to keep you waiting. /says with a sheepish smile as you nudge me, let’s out a small chuckle as i nod my head/ ready, definitely! i can’t wait to go on all these rides. let’s go? i got us two all day passes. /grins widely, flipping the two card tickets up to show you/ which one do you wanna ride first?
bae suji。 1 month ago
@zhang yixing。 *My ears perk up at the sound of your voice calling out to me before I turn around to greet you, smiling softly as I raise my hand to wave back at you* Yixing! Hello~ *shakes my head as you apologize to me* It's fine, it's fine. You're still on time, mister. *lets out a soft laugh as you nudge my side before nudging you back playfully* I'm ready~ How about you? Are you ready too? :>
zhang yixing。 1 month ago
@bae suji。 hey, miss suji! /my soft voice calls out your name enthusiastically, raising a palm to wave to the right assertly as a greeting, my dimples grin showing once again as i jog up to you/ sorry for the lateness, but anyways. ready to have some fun? /nudges your side playfully/
wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 tittering on your words, and despite the subliminal joke that followed by, he felt a tad bit giddy from it. the not-so-subtle support comjng from you on whatever path he could have chosen gave him a slight boost that wasn't really necessary but felt like it was something that he needed. his attention now being drawn towards the ride once they were near enough, eyes trailing the sudden drop made him feel like his heart dropped down as well. unsure if he could really handle it without him feeling like the organ that pumps his blood throughout his system be in harm but maybe it was just him overthinking that's making him think a bit irrationally, having horrific scenarios that won't really happen playout in his mind. with the realization of him spacing out for a little far too long he shook off the thoughts away and decided to just enjoy it. besides, he survived the last two rides/attractions so what's different about this one anyways? he lead you towards to where the entrance and line starts for the ride, letting you be infront of him once again, both hands securely placed on either sides of your shoulder as he watches the ride with poorly masked amusement with a dash of fear and anxiety that he presses down with all his might, it was a natural instinct he supposes but he'd rather not have it.
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@sh, wen junhui。 her eyes were laid on your features, nodding along with what you were saying and taking in how you spoke so carefully and diligently loving the way your eyes would shift around whenever you were deep in your thoughts, looking at nothing special like you were trying to search the answers with your eyes. her lips formed a smile and gave your hand a gentle squeeze, your skin soft and warm against mine – free hand reaching out to wrap the scarf, that was now hanging lazily around your neck, tighter so it gave you more warmth noticing your subtle shiver.
You would be great in whatever you do honey. Even if you were an actor or singer or even a cleaner.
with the last one she chuckled and guided them towards the next ride they’d be taking, the free fall or whatever it was called, the adrenaline building up in her stomach when they approached it; able to hear the screams of the attendees get louder every step of the way.
wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 true, he deserved it so much ever since he acted out as jack in the titanic but no, they had to wait years later like what they did on charlie chaplin.
he shook his head along his words, a chortle following by before subtly drowning in his own thoughts on the question you just asked him.
i don't know, i'm pretty much happy to where i am as an idol but i guess i do have thoughts of going back to acting- without abandoning my other career of course, like a squeez in since i did that in our rookie days but schedules would be hectic and i'll get more tired since i'm juggling a lot of things so maybe when i get a chance, i'll grab it.
he beams at you before finishing his food and drink. standing up and being by your side, he nodded as his response while getting a hold of your hand, lacing their fingers together and enjoying the shared warmth.
point taken.
he replied briefly before leading the two of you out from the cafe, the cold air hitting him once they were outside. a gentle tremor went through his body due to the sudden change of temperature.
kim jiwoo。 2 months ago
@wen junhui。 Leonardo's one was definitely the most emotional one of the bunch. if you were ever to step on that podium it would be over for Brad. Have you ever considered doing a career change?
she cackled, suddenly getting up as she had finished her funnel cake and hot cocoa, putting on her scarf and gloves and waited for you to follow her along.
I like ordering food. Though it's lazy it's sufficient. Now c'mon. We got some rides to catch.
kim jisoo。 2 months ago
@kim donghyuk。 Ofcourse it is not torture. Torture is painful but being on ride with me is not- dead inside but not painful. /rolls my eyes before playfully puffing my chest, trying to show how I'll be if I was a saviour. Women are full of twists so you better get yourself ready.
Wha- /archs an eyebrow at you, a bit taken a back when you tap my cheek, soon narrowing my eyes as you kept calling me impatient.
I am not impatieent. /my counter statement coming out as a whine, punching your hand lightly in a playful manner. Well you need to stop calling me miss impatient then, mister slowpoke. /puts on my seatbelt also before leaning back towards the seat, glancing at you for a moment before I also look out the window. If you keep calling me impatient, I'm gonna keep calling you slowpoke
kim donghyuk。 2 months ago
@jang dahye。 if it is not torture, then what it is? i mean, you trying to get some sort of reactions out of me- /points out, lifting both my brows just to burst out laughing at your next statement/ oh so now you're my saviour? well damn that was quite the twist.
you are,,,actually, very impatient /hums, clicking my tongue as we wait for the cab/ considering you couldn't take my joke in a light mood, and the fact that we are now getting into a cab, you are v e r y much of an impatient woman /taps my index finger on your cheek gently before moving inside the cab, comfortably leaning back after putting on my seatbelt.
stop calling me slowpoke, miss impatient. /closes the door since i was the last one to go in, peeking at the window as i wait patiently for us to get to our destination.
kim jisoo。 2 months ago
@kim donghyuk。 /my mouth gaped as you said it was like torture, my face scrunching up towards you. Hey! it's not torture when you're with me. I will take care of you if you do get sick. /shoots a playful wink towards you.
I- pfft I am not the impatient type. I can be patient if I need to. /I scoffed, countering your statement. Soon I succesfully hailed a cab, the taxi stopping near the sidewalk ; I open the taxi's door, looking at you.
Let's go, slowpoke. /My voice turns into a mutter at the end word, a cheeky smile on my lips before I entered the cab, scooting over to make space for you.
wen junhui。 [A] 2 months ago
@kim jiwoo。 the fake sadness and hurt that was all over his visage disappears and gets replaced with a mirthful one accompanied with a loud guffaw, not even minding if it took a bit of attention from the others once again. replying once he calmed down.
well, he might need to have one this year. actors who deserved it didn't get it until years later, like leonardo, i guess?
he shrugged his shoulders, not even sure on what he was talking about.
i think we both need to learn how to cook, there's a lot of tutorial videos around the internet anyways, but if everything fails. let's just stick to ordering food because i think we'll end up burning down the kitchen if we persist.
kim donghyuk。 2 months ago
@jang dahye。 i am getting more and more worried over the fact you keep on mentioning that, it sounds like torture at some point. your goal for today is to make me sick- well isn't that interesting?
snorts at your reaction to my actions, slipping my hands in my pockets
so you are the impatient type. how adorable. whistles out before stopping by your side as you've decided to get the cab
but sure, let's go there by cab.
kim jisoo。 2 months ago
@kim donghyuk。 Yup, nobody had agreed to go on so many rides with because they either get scared or not into it so where's the fun in that? sure, I'm gonna make that a goal for today.
/raises my eyebrows as I see you slow down purposely, my heels stopping in my track.
Yup with this rate, we can certainly arrive there by next month. /i clicked my tongue, shaking my head at your sarcasm. Let's just go there by cab. We don't want to deplete any energy before the ride. /stands by the side walk, holding up a hand to hail a cab
kim donghyuk。 2 months ago
@jang dahye。 crosses my arms as i follow you, scrunching my nose at the scenario you plant in my head
so you mean to make me feel like that? that's quite a goal
who are you calling slowpoke- squints at you, slowing down on purpose. honestly? depends. is it far? if so, sure. if not, i'm sure we'll get there before tomorrow, don't worry.
kim jisoo。 2 months ago
@kim donghyuk。 Well, maybe I enjoy both at different times or mood.
gives you a cheeky smile, my shoulder's shrugging.
Well I've yet have to see someone numb from being on too many extreme rides with me. starts to walk, glancing at you.
Let's go slowpoke. should we take the cab?


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