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yuzuru hanyu 6 months ago
This room is still in use
yuzuru hanyu 6 months ago
@lee hoseok /loves the way your hips move while I’m still in my high, tiny squeaks escaping each time as you stimulate my sensitive hole, your words washing over like a blanket, comforting and all encompassing
I love you, S-Seok
/murmurs against your lips as I feel your release inside me and I moan at the warmth spreading from within me, starting to catch my breath soon after, your heart pounding in your chest and beating against my own as I bask in this moment where it’s just you and me
lee hoseok 6 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu *my lips stay close to your ear, breathing slowly against it as my eyes shut tight as my hips continued the slow rhythm. each slide forward, I could feel your walls clench almost desperately to my shaft from reach movement. feeling the warm, sticky substance all over my stomach that causes a small snap in my head*
I love you--
*whispers quickly as I press my lips against yours for a desperate kiss as my s became sloppier. it took no time at all before I was spilling my seed inside you with a low, pleasured groan. my hips continued to move inside you while we both slowly came down from our high*
yuzuru hanyu 6 months ago
@lee hoseok /looking up at you when you stare down at me, my lips before the feeling of you pulling out brings my lips into a small "o" shape, a loud moan echoing in the room, shuddering when your hips rock into my and I can't help but try to get more, nodding when you ask as it's hard to form words, gulping as my fingers press into your skin
Y-Yes- yes hyung, please don't stop
/my legs wrap around your waist even when you let them down, your slow movements make me feel the drag of your inside and I can't help but clamp down around you, crying out the closer to the edge you bring me, feeling when you pull out and press up against against my prostate and I cry out, arching as my member bursts and I start to with your name on my lips, every nerve in my body feeling like a live wire and I can feel if you around me, on me and in me and all I can think about is you
lee hoseok 7 months ago
((room is still active))
lee hoseok 7 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu *your words cause me to pause, a bright smile on my lips as I tilt my head. my length was buried fully inside you as I stared down at you for a moment. without a reply, I pulled almost fully out before slowly pushing every inch back in but this time hitting your prostate dead on. only to rock my hips back and forth against it a few times to get your attention*
Right here, baby? Is this what you want?
*I ask while my lips are pressed against your ear, the movement of my hips still at a grueling pace. it was to a point I was teasing myself, wanting nothing more than to pound into you until you're screaming my name to the heavens. letting down your legs, I wrapped my arms around your smaller frame as I continue my slow movements. simply allowing our bodies to slide against one another. even with such a torturous pace, I could feel my building up, causing my eyes to squeeze shut as I moaned out. the closer to the edge I got, the slower my s became. focusing on on removing more than half my length and slowly guiding it back in, nestling against that sweet bundle of nerves deep inside you. most times I made love, it was focused on rough, merciless endings. this one was building up to be sweet.. focused on two people melting together under the sheets. even as I felt like spilling over, I reached down to squeeze the base of my length to hold off my . not until you came-*
yuzuru hanyu 7 months ago
@lee hoseok /those words send a shiver down my back as your hand brings my knee up higher, my fingers pressing even harder into your skin just before you snap your hips forward, a surprised yelp leaving my lips before turning into a mess of moans as you continue with the pace and strength, bracing my other foot on the bed to press back even more
Ho-Hoseok- ... yes yes- just like that~
/the new, rough pace you start sends a thrilling sensation through me, your fingers bruising grip pressing into my thighs as your hips rut harder into me, pushing out deep groans, the pressure building in my abdomen so quickly due to the earlier teasing but just as I feel myself starting to fall into bliss you start to miss my sweet spot, the pleasure turning tortuous as I try to cant my hips this way and that to get you back where I want, opening my eyes that I hadn't noticed I closed to give you a pleading look, my skin flushed as I pant hard between red lips
Hyung- go back... please. So close--
lee hoseok 8 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu *my eyes shut tight when I felt you move, pausing my motions just to feel you rock down against my length a few times. yet hearing you say please, I smirk slightly and press a kiss to your cheek before whispering against the skin*
Anything for you, my little poohbear.
*reaching down, I hook one arm in the back of your knee to guide it up higher. the new angle made it easier to hit your prostate as my hips started to snap forward quickly. my head dropped forward against your shoulder, teeth sinking into my lower lip as I fought back all the loud moans in favor of focusing on the sweet glide. fingers gripped at the sheets as my movements increased over time, the posts of your bed beginning to hit the wall softly. the sound only pushed me for more. with a soft growl, I pushed myself up before sitting back on my knees. my arms wrapped around your thighs, nails digging into the flesh as I lifted your hips only to start a rather rough pace. the hold on your legs made it easy to pull you back into each as I finally let out a few low moans. the smack against the wall was echoed by the sound of skin meeting with force, and just like before it pushed me for more. my s almost merciless as I angled to hit near your sweet bundle of nerves each time but purposely missing it with a bright smile*
You're so.. -- so beautiful like this.
yuzuru hanyu 8 months ago
@lee hoseok /my knees wrap gently around your waist, grunting softly when the last few inches of your fit inside me and I try to get used to feeling so full, the heat of your body pounding against mine as we're pressed so close when your breath sending goosebumps across my skin, my chest tightening at your words, making it even harder to talk as you've made me quite breathless
I love you, Seokkie...
/whispers gently, my voice strained as your hips start to move, the slow pressure of my walls clinging to your shaft as you pull out making me whimper softly but I curse lowly when you push back in, your abdomen rubbing against my length as you start to get a slow rhythm and though you feel so good as your slides against my walls, the pace makes me ache for more, my own hips trying to grind against yours in this torturous pace you're setting though I struggle to keep it, starting to speed up every now and then when I feel your tip hit deep and you just brush my sweet spot but not quite getting it
H-Hoseok, please-
lee hoseok 8 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu *a sly smile could be seen at your last sentence, my mind a little fuzzy from feeling your walls clamp down on my length. it took a second to refocus, but soon enough I was guiding the last few inches in with a low moan. my nose pressed against your cheek for a moment, wanting to give both of us a moment to relax before I pressed a soft kiss to the skin*
I love you..
*the words were soft, barely a whisper but just enough for you to hear as my hips began to move. it was slow, carefully pulling back about half way before pushing in. the was your body clung to me was almost enough to make me lose it, yet I stayed calm while settling for a relatively gentle pace. both arms moving to wrap around you, allowing my abdomen to once against start rubbing against your length with each slow *
yuzuru hanyu 8 months ago
@lee hoseok Holy --
/cuts off my words when your wet, hot tongue slides up my shaft and I buck my hips slightly, shivering when I relax my hips back down as you crawl up my body again, a hand lifting to curl around your bicep as you continue to your fingers faster inside of me, my breathing speeding up as you hover over me, letting out a soft whimper when you pull your fingers out, feeling the heavy tip of your press against my entrance and I hold my breath in anticipation
God, Seokkie I want it so bad-
/swallows thickly as I reach down, gripping your shaft in my hand before i relax my lower half and gently press your inside, going slow as to feel every inch against my walls, the feeling of your piercing sending a tingle through me, murmuring under my breath about how good you feel already until I can't get anymore of you inside. wraps my other hand around your arm as I pull you down to meet my hungry gaze
I swear to god, Hoseok, if you don't me right now...
lee hoseok 8 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu *watching you, I felt my mouth begin to water. it was no real surprise what your actions did to me. the view of those hips pushing down for more was too much. a low growl could be heard as I moved down to from the base of your length up to the tip. plush lips pressed a gentle kiss to the head, my fingers moving faster inside you but not quite enough to satisfy the need you have. it wasn't until I felt your walls quiver around my digits that I pulled them out fully in order to line my tip up. my tiers left a trail of opened mouthed kisses up your torso to allow my teeth to lightly graze past your ear lobe and whisper*
I want you to reach down.. take my and guide it inside you. Show me just how bad you want it, baby boy-
yuzuru hanyu 8 months ago
@lee hoseok -
/whispers out when your fingers press in deeper, a soft groan escaping as I clench around them at first, opening my eyes that I hadn't realized I close, watching you react to your digits stretching me though it hard to concentrate on anything else
Hoseok... oh god- S-Seokkie~
/moans out your name as your fingers start to , the even make it feel like you're teasing instead of getting me ready to take you , my hips start to rock against your hand as my fingers grip at the sheets when you push back to watch me, your gaze sending a shiver up my spine as I spread my legs wider for you, cursing softly when your free hand circles around my member, growing hard in your hand again and the dual sensation kind of makes me go a little tense before relaxing fully, wanting to show you rather than tell you that I'm ready because I'm so ing ready but it hard to find the words when you work my body so well
lee hoseok 8 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu *letting out a low hum, I press my lips to your adam's apple. plush tiers lightly at the skin as my tone was blurred into a soft snarl as I pushed all three fingers in knuckle deep. the way your body pulsed and squeezed my fingers was enough to drive me mad*
You're killing me..
*I eventually whisper as I start pumping them in and out of your tight hole. the lack of lube kept me from getting too rough, even when I felt your body attempt to pull my fingers in deeper. it wasn't until I glanced down just in time to watch my pierced tip leak of precum that I felt my self control snap slightly. instead of giving in completely, I exhaled loudly and pushed back to watch your greedy hole swallow my fingers almost effortlessly now. allowing the movement of my hand to increase as the other wrapped around your length to give it a few back to life*
yuzuru hanyu 8 months ago
@lee hoseok F-, Seok...
/curses out gently when you squeeze my length, arching as the tip dribbles out the rest of my , my back relaxing when you let me get a breath of air, feeling your fingers disappear before they appear back at my entrance and I moan softly, my legs falling apart more for you as I nod, catching just the bit of your words before you start to press a finger in, the reaction to tense up coming despite the warning as it's been a little while since I've done anything ual and I bite my lower lip in effort to relax, my face flushed in arousal and concentration
/my fingers spread against the bed before the fist the sheets, getting used to the one finger before you surprise me, pulling it out just to reach in and press against my sweet spot that pulls a high pitched whine from my throat, the slow kiss grounding me as you push in the second finger and my hips start to gently rock against your hand, my tongue tracing your lower lip to get a taste of yours when your press in the third finger, a stifled sound leaving my throat and I try to relax before I clench too tight around your three digits, the scissoring motion opening my hole for you as I grow needy for more than just this
Press in deeper, Hoseok... please~
lee hoseok 9 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu *feeling your body tense and flutter against me, I couldn't help but smirk slightly. I waited patiently until you came down from your high, only to squeeze the base of your harder and pull all the way up to milk your of every last drop. only to lean back and watch as I collect your release on my fingers and rub some on my tip and some on your twitching hole*
Breathe for me... don't tense up, okay?
*smiles softly as the hand the was on your length moved to rub against your hole, gently prodding at it with my middle finger before pushing in with a soft moan. the feeling of your warm walls instantly clenching around my fingers was enough to drive me crazy but I was able to breathe slowly. it was too enticing to simple push my inside you, to rock through the pain of being stretched so wide, but I wanted this to be more relaxing than anything else*
*my eyes were locked on you, watching your face as the long digit was pulled out fully before diving in until I could curl the finger and rub against your prostate lightly. a small smirk formed on my lips, leaning forward to claim your lips in a slow kiss as I carefully nudge a second finger inside with a soft moan. I could already feel my length twitch in need but I was able to ignore my own in favor of making sure you were fully really and comfortable. after a few minutes, a third finger was introduced. my eyes closed as I bit back a soft growl, feeling your body reject so many digits at first. yet instead of pulling out or pushing deeper, I keep them half way inside before scissoring them apart in order to help*
I love how tight you are..
yuzuru hanyu 9 months ago
@lee hoseok /my focus is wavering the longer you let me roll my hips into you, breathing heavy as I arch toward your mouth, letting out soft moans as you around the sensitive , not even paying attention to the hand that moved until I feel the pressure of your two fingers at my entrance, tightening my grip at your locks a bit as my hip stutter in their rocking, realizing you're not going to push in yet I let myself enjoy it, the friction against my length coupled with the teasing touch of your fingers starts to drive me a little crazy, my moans getting louder as I continue to grind against your chest, my precum making it easier to slide
/squeaks out when you bury your face in my neck to and bite at the skin there, tilting my head to give you more room as I feel you move again, wanting to open my eyes but getting so lost in every bit of my skin that touched yours, letting you part my legs even more before I feel something thicker slide in between my cheek and rest against my hole, with you when I get a sense of just how big you'll be when you finally push into me, whenever that will be
/your words send a pink blush across my chest, though they aren't unusual for me to hear, it different when it comes from you when we're as intimate as we are, opening my eyes to look up at you when I feel your hand make a dip in the bed by my head, my lips as a soft groan breezes past my lips when you grip my member, waiting for you to do something for only a second, getting a little desperate for some sort of release I start to rock my hips, cursing low as I start to into your hand with your still nestled against my , my abdomen clenching in the desire to release as my rim twitches with need
G-god, Hoseok, please... move- do someth- , I'm gonna...
/my hips falter in their movements, groaning deep as I start to in your hand, twitching in your grip as I still rock my hips, riding out every moment of my as I try to catch my breath
lee hoseok 9 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu *my gaze stays locked on you, watching your reactions closely to figure out where to nibble and where to . it wasn't until I felt your wet tip rubbing on my skin that I realized just how much you affected me. my tongue was busy circling over your hardened bud as I moved my hand underneath you. soon two fingers were pressed against your hole, not pushing or prodding. simply allowing you to push up against my firm chest and back against my fingers*
*when I noticed you getting carried away, I couldn't help but prop my chin up on your chest and stare up with a bright smile. from the way your hips bucked, to the gentle breaths that left your lips.. it was beautiful. so with a low hum, I moved up to bury my face in your neck. and biting at the side while my free hand moved to my pants and push them just far enough down to release my . only to guide your legs up and apart, allowing my pieced length to rest against your hole. just feeling the warmth of your body was enough to make me moan against your skin*
You're perfect... you know that?
*I finally whisper, allowing your legs to drop to the mattress so I may place one hand near your head. pushing myself up, I keep us connected at the hips as my other hand wraps around your length. yet instead of rutting against you, I wait. the idea of watching you use my hand as some sort of toy to pleasure yourself was too enticing to pass up*
yuzuru hanyu 9 months ago
@lee hoseok /meets your kiss with a low moan, nipping at your lower lip as I respond to the roughness in kind, feeling your lips soften I let go, returning every peck with one of my own as I catch my breath, small, short mewls breezing past your lips as you continue to roll your hips against mine
My apologies. I'll be sure to make it good
/murmurs against your lips before you let me down, resting on my forearms to lift my lips to help you pull down both of my bottoms, feeling the cool air on my length as I keep my legs slightly parted as your gaze scans over my body, sending a deep flush to cover my body despite how much I like being on display for you. my legs move for you easily, swallowing thickly as you lean forward to kiss my inner thigh, wanting you just a little higher, when your lips travel in that direction as your eyes hold my gaze, panting the closer you get until I catch sight of that coy grin and I groan softly
And you say /I'm/ going to be the death of you...
/moans out as your chest settles on my hips, bucking up slightly to get some sort of friction as your lips kiss along my torso, soft breaths escaping at the affectionate touch, leaning back fully as the fingers from one hand gently bury in your locks
lee hoseok 9 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu *the feeling of your mouth working at my skin, I let out a low growl before pulling back far enough to connect our lips. the kiss was rough at first, just needing something to ease the strain in my pants. yet it soon lulled into soft, small pecks as I focused on the rut of my hips against you. at least until the throbbing was too much to handle*
You're going to be the death of me--
*mumbled in between kisses before carefully letting your body down against the bed. without hesitation my fingers hooked into the hem of your pants before one solid tug was enough to pull them down and off with your boxers. now staring down at your body, my eyes explored every inch of exposed skin with a low groan. in no time, my hands were moving to guide your legs apart as I leaned forward. a soft kiss was pressed to the inside of your thigh, my eyes locked on your face as I gradually moved higher. yet instead of going straight for the prize? a sly smile forms on my lips as I move to rest my bare torso against your hips. the feeling of your warm length rubbing against my abdomen was enough to earn a low moan while my lips began covering your chest and stomach in opened mouthed kisses*
yuzuru hanyu 9 months ago
@lee hoseok I can definitely get behind that
/says with a matching grin, humming softly when your arms wrap around me, liking the feeling of your muscles flexing under me to pull me up, my eyes fluttering for a moment when your lips are so close to mines but you move them, shivering when your teeth press into and tug at my lobe, my pants getting tighter against your abdomen
Hope you know I like it too. Especially the view I get...
/murmurs out as you continue to lift my hip up so I grind down on your lap, my lips latch on to the skin just below your ear, pressing open-mouthed kisses along your neck, and nipping at the skin as your moans spur me on, grinding my right on your bulge, at how it feels against me as I shudder at the image it put in my head, I kiss back up to your ear
I don't think you know just how much I want your inside me right now. You say the word and it's yours, babe.
lee hoseok 9 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu Take my time and watch you crumble..
*says with a pleased smirk, both hands sliding up your thighs to wrap around your smaller frame. with one hand on your lower back and the other between your shoulder blades, I effortlessly lift you up. my breath ghosts over your lips before I move to nip at your ear lobe and tug at it*
I love how easy it is to lift you up- I feel like if I were to ever get good on my feet, we could have a lot of fun skating together.
*my words were casual, simply because I was looking over your shoulder and at your as I lifting you up and dropped down against my lap. our bodies sliding past one another. the feeling of your warm skin rubbing past my s was enough to make me moan, both buds being rather sensitive. eventually the roll of my hips joined in, my eyes closing to imagine my length sliding inside you as I exhale loudly*
I think I might break before you do-
yuzuru hanyu 9 months ago
Like I said, you’re the iest sap alive and I’m living for it.
yuzuru hanyu 9 months ago
You get so cute sometimes it hard to believe
yuzuru hanyu 9 months ago
I like when you hug me from behind.
yuzuru hanyu 9 months ago
I want to keep kissing you. And i like when you carry me
yuzuru hanyu 9 months ago
You make so nervous and tongue tied yet… so happy at the same time. I get butterflies when I’m with you.
yuzuru hanyu 9 months ago
@lee hoseok /turns up the corners of my lips, slightly amused by your words as they're whispered against my skin, my breathing getting heavier with every kiss you press, a small squeak escaping as your tongue tingles and tickles just under my navel and I'm not sure if I want you back there when you pause
/looks up at you when you sit back, swallowing thickly as you take my thighs, grunting softly when my fits in your lap, coupled with the way you handle me serves to as you start to grind against my clothed bottom
Take your time and do what?
/asks in a strained tone, soft moans leaving my lips as you continue to move your hips, the slow tempo allowing me to do the same, lifting my hips to meet yours as my legs tighten slightly around yours, though I try not to get too excited just yet,
lee hoseok 9 months ago
@yuzuru hanyu Yeah.. maybe when we were teenagers. If I want to get you and feel every part of your body.. it's better on a bed.
*whispers against your skin as my lips start to travel over your body, pressing soft kisses to your chest and stomach. yet I pause after running my tongue from your navel down to the hem of your jeans. instead, I sit back on my heels with a pleased smirk, both arms wrapping around your thighs to lift your hips and fit your perfectly against me. a low growl leaves my lips as I begin to grind forward slowly, thoroughly enjoying such teasing movements*
Plus, I want to take my time with you-
yuzuru hanyu 9 months ago
@lee hoseok /blinks in confusion for a moment, holding onto you with my arms and legs when you stand up, seeing where you're going and relaxing more before you drop onto the bed, my knees bending upwards as you stand, my head turning towards you with an amused grin
Couches are notorious for fooling around
/bites my lower lip when you crawl over me, my legs easily spreading for you when you part them, closing my eyes when your lips start to travel across my skin, your breath feeling cool though I feel hot everywhere else


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