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  the fair 
kim jinwoo 6 months ago
@kim jinhwan that is too true. so many charms to fall for... *sighs dramatically before snickering* well, then don't deny me?~ *grins cheekily* hey---I feel like I should be mad at you for that. but I really just can't *sighs softly before smiling at you lovingly* yes please. let me live to enjoy more of that affection. and so you can enjoy mine too. *hums happily as you swing our hands before breaking into laughter* oh, you want to ride it and get high with me?~ *smirks playfully* I love your plan! let's be all cheesy and win me something~
kim jinhwan 6 months ago
@kim jinwoo I have lots of charm~ *giggles softly before shaking my head and looking away* yah..don’t give me that cute look there’s no way I can deny you.. *smiles wide and nods* I do play dirty and that’s why I always win. you didnt stand a chance at all~ *chuckles lightly and hums* you’re such a cutie... I would miss you too much so I won’t kill you with my affection *swings out hands and points with my free one as we enter* look! the Ferris wheel is so big! I can’t wait to ride it~ but I have a plan—we should play some games so I can be cute and win you a bear, and then ride some stuff and then candy time so we don’t get sick~
kim jinwoo 6 months ago
@kim jinhwan *smiles at the peck and laughs brightly* for sure. and that's your charm. aww, but please? *blinks at you cutely* you play dirty--- did I ever stand a chance? *shakes my head playfully and squeezes your hand in turn* I never said I won't~ it's going to be the sweetest death possible and I'm ready for it *smiles brightly before tugging you towards the fair, especially the candy shops*
oh kwangsuk 7 months ago
steals v-card


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hnybxnu 6 months ago
thanks for the fun everyone, it's been lit.  
if you are leaving, please do not leave a comment that you are. 
hoesaek 6 months ago
sanha left
xxsweetdestinyxx 6 months ago
Ahhh may I cc seon yein to Sato Takeru please
unrevealed 6 months ago
Johnny will need a hiatus till the end of the month
Midorin 6 months ago
leaving Jinwoo.
still staying as Kihyun.
mamamoose 6 months ago
jinhwan is out
loversjoy 6 months ago
bambam has left, thanks for everything ~
pinkopal 6 months ago
can my notifs be turned off por favor?
grayfox 6 months ago
Yugyeom left. Thanks for the good times.
-brokenhearted 6 months ago
Dropping Soobin for inactivity reasons ;( but keeping tae and jae
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