❀┊yanjun & kino

lin yanjun 2 days ago
@kang hyunggu sqwishes u <3

hi _(:3 」∠)_
kang hyunggu 1 month ago
@lin yanjun holds onto your wrists as i'm smooched, glancing at you with a little smile.
super sore. i'm about to jump in the shower and then call it a night!
lin yanjun 1 month ago
@kang hyunggu cups your squishy cheeks and smooches your forehead, lips lingering as i speak.
how are you feeling mi amor?
kang hyunggu 1 month ago
@lin yanjun leans back, letting out a soft laugh as you reach over to plant more kisses on my skin.
i think the medicine is doing its job though.
lin yanjun 1 month ago
@kang hyunggu my eyebrows knit, leaning in for more kisses, avoiding your lips, but desperate to affection you up.
my poor baby boy :<
i’ll kiss you all better
kang hyunggu 1 month ago
@lin yanjun coos softly as you cover me in kisses, pulling away to sit beside you instead.
so i'm kinda sick. teehee
lin yanjun 1 month ago
@kang hyunggu picks you up and puts you on my lap to smother your cute face in loving kithes
kang hyunggu 1 month ago
@lin yanjun of course u.u
lin yanjun 1 month ago
@kang hyunggu been trying to. have you?
kang hyunggu 1 month ago
@lin yanjun hope ur taking care of yourself
lin yanjun 1 month ago
@kang hyunggu hewo my pumpkin brink bebi
miss you tons :<
been too busy with work to be active, but you’re always on my mind
lin yanjun 1 month ago
@kang hyunggu the couch cushion sinks in ever so slightly, outlining where i’m seated—with you comfortably straddling my hips. the sensation of your slicked and wet muscle, followed by your tender les of ownership, excite me. as my skin tingles, the mark is displayed bright and brilliant. tugging on the collar of my shirt, i reveal more unblemished skin for you to decorate.
as long as i can return the favor. and these—
my fingers gently pinch and pull at your nips, smirking up at you.
kang hyunggu 3 months ago
@lin yanjun bites down on my lip at the sound of your groan, cheeks heating up as i let my lips merely brush over your skin. the shift in your voice sends a shiver down my spine, compliant to your order as i lap just below your jaw, nibbling the soft flesh for a few seconds before over unblemished skin. my eyes come to a close, fingers absently toying with strands of your hair as i le sweetly, emitting a soft moan and pulling back to admire the mark i've left behind, still faint and a work in progress.
i can leave more, right? just to make sure everyone knows. you get it.
lin yanjun 3 months ago
@kang hyunggu tilts my head slightly to allow your lips better access to my neck. i stifle a low groan of approval, from your new favorite nickname for me, secretly enjoying how well it sounds rolling off your tongue.
i love when you call me that, love...happy to be home.
with that being said, i squeeze your hips; lowering my voice to a whisper.
leave a mark behind, baby boy. i want everyone to know i’m exclusively your king.
kang hyunggu 3 months ago
@lin yanjun emits a soft laugh, hugging your neck as i begin to pepper soft kisses along your jaw, eager as you hold me in place.
so very happy that you actually stopped by. welcome home, king.
lin yanjun 3 months ago
@kang hyunggu startled by the sudden noise, my arms enclose around your clinging figure. a soft grunt emits from my throat upon impact, but i brush it off with a low chuckle, eyeing you playfully.
are you happy to see me, bebi?
kang hyunggu 3 months ago
@lin yanjun aaaaaa
dashes through the living room and jumps onto you, clinging on you like a koala :>
lin yanjun 3 months ago
@kang hyunggu _(:3 」∠)_ i’m hooOome
lin yanjun 3 months ago
@jeon jungkook pls keep this room
kang hyunggu 3 months ago
@jeon jungkook ufrghfgjfgy hi
jeon jungkook [A] 3 months ago
@lin yanjun @kang hyunggu DIMPS! KINTTT
this room's been out of srrvice for quite some time now.
pls respond back if you'd like to keep it. you have 24 hrs!
ty ty bbies
lin yanjun 4 months ago
@kang hyunggu — to remind you how much i love you and how i can get a little pwossessive :T

Yanjun stirs from his peaceful slumber; his eyebrows crinkle as his elicits a noise that resembles a low groan, prompted by a subtle morning stretch. Beside him is the petite figure of his beloved, who still seems to be wandering in the land of dreams. The morning dew had begun to collect on the glass of the bedroom window. A spot of sunshine brightens up the room; and remains the cause for Yanjun to be awake. While still laying down, Yanjun turns onto his side and props himself up, with a yawn, on his elbow. His gaze focused on one thing asit travels along Kinos sleeping face—to the exposed jaw and neckline; which could be compared blank canvas, begging desperately to be adorned with the artistic flair of Yanjuns rose-tinted tiers. After a moment of thoughtful silence, the roused man convinces himself to do the same to the other, crafting an exclusive wake-up call in his mind.

Positioning himself to hover above the other, Yanjun whispers a sweet phrase of love and affection. And like a paintbrush to a canvas, his lips brush and glide across the surface of Kinos skin, until he reached the desired point. Kissing just above his lovers collarbone, Yanjun parts his lips to leave an open-mouthed kiss; but instead of pulling away, he begins to alternate between soft nibbles and relentless . Until there was a vibrant, almost maroon, possessive imprint left behind. Satisfied when he pulls away, Yanjun leans once more to kiss at the love mark. His new target is Kinos chest—specifically, his s.

Carefully, Yanjun rolls up the fabric of the others shirt, to expose the chest area. Like a predator about to feast—devouring his prey without grace or mercy—Yanjun his lips and thanks Kino for the meal with a smirk, knowing the other couldn’t possibly hear. Yanjun approaches his partners chest with no hesitation. Tongue pressed flat against the left , Yanjun offers a couple harsh to awaken the bud, before his lips envelop the entire bud for a subdued and persistent —awaiting a response as he looks up towards his beloved. Slender digits pinch and roll at the other , careful for it not to feel neglected by his lips. He couldn’t have thought up a more appropriate wake-up call.
lin yanjun 4 months ago
we can create many more lasting memories bb

don’t feel bad
kang hyunggu 4 months ago
all these y times i missed out on
lin yanjun 4 months ago
— no nut november —
lin yanjun 10 months ago
@kang hyunggu as my thumb firmly rubs the clothed tip, the fabric just above becomes darker from the dampness of your arousal; which soaked through. my tongue runs over my lower lip, as i admire how deliciously needy you’ve become in an instant.

succumbing to the temptations of sin and desire, i take a seat at the foot of the bed, and tug you onto my lap—your back facing my chest. with one hand, my fingers gently wrap around the slenderness of your neck; but not applying any pressure, just as a placement. the other hand reaches around and tugs the hem of your boxers down, freeing your arousal entirely before gripping around the hot shaft for slow and even .
with a low hum beside your ear, my voice drawls as i coo for you to pinch your own s—since both of my hands were currently occupied.
touch yourself.
kang hyunggu 11 months ago
@lin yanjun remains quiet even as the sound of your voice trails off, the only thing i hear next being that of our thudded footsteps and buckle being undone by your swift fingers. and then there's the way i inhale and hold my breath as your skilled hand palms me, my exhale ever so shaky. i run my tongue over my lips, and nod slowly as i'm at a loss for words, your touch making me weak in the knees. my hand come up to your shoulder, the other holding a tight grip on your wrist as you continue to fondle me, almost as if urging you to keep going.
i- y-yeah...
lin yanjun 11 months ago
@kang hyunggu somehow, i’m not convinced. let’s test how sensitive it actually is...
my voice trails off as i back you up against the foot of the bed, cornering you. the sound of soft metal clinks and echoes in the room as i work to undo your belt. slips my hand inside your pants to feel the warmth and weight of you, collecting it in my palm; while fondling your clothed manhood through the boxer-briefs.
can you feel that?
kang hyunggu 11 months ago
@lin yanjun bites down on my lower lip to fight the growing smile as your hands come over my chest, ready to push them away again. my cheeks flush a light shade, borderline shy by your touch, and i can't help but to laugh softly.
hhhghgj very- very sensitive.
lin yanjun 11 months ago
@kang hyunggu scoffs playfully at your remark, returning my hand to your chest—both my palms rubbing at your pectorals briefly. one hand travels down toward the hem of your pants, tugging at your belt with a suggestive smile.
and what about around here? sensitive too?


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smilax__ 3 days ago
can i have jung jaewon plsss
baby-groot 5 days ago
hi, I dont know if it's yuzu or jisoo but can I have my notifications turned back off?
cocksloth 6 days ago
reserve jeong yunho please
beoseot- 1 week ago
my i cc haein to woo dohwan
thanks heaps
Sabito 1 week ago
hewo...i miss you guys. tell baby kinowo that he’s the cutest cute, and i’d risk it all for him. pls & ty

-yanjuns rper
CherryCoke 1 week ago
Matthew Kim from Kard please?
HeroinBentoBoxV 1 week ago
Can I have Jung Dongwook, please?
NiniiBlue 1 week ago
Sorry I don’t mean to bother but could you please a&r Byun Baekhyun for me pls?
Lan_Wangji 1 week ago
Hello, might I have Kim Jongin as my second, please?
NiniiBlue 1 week ago
Hmmm... I want in but Idk who to be (my usual character are taken) any suggestions?
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