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jinwoo 2 months ago
@jinhwan ( h ) well... I'll take that~ *smiles at you brightly* and I hope I also manage to make you feel as special as you are to me. we're perfect like that... I don't think we'll ever get bored~ *chuckles softly, letting my hand continue to wander your back, and brushes my lips against your pout* no, I---don't think I realize... it's just, compared to how hot and bold you are... *my words trail off, lips parting as I watch you, palm pressed against your back to drive you even closer, your neediness more, making it harder to part but also more necessary, before we jump each other in the kitchen* there's a long version too? guess I'll have to wait for the demonstration? *chuckles breathily as I stop beside the bed, lip caught between my teeth as I turn to face you, heart racing and breaking into a warm smile* you've already made me feel good... but I'm going to let you do whatever you want to me. I'm not that strong, Jinhwan, I just can't resist you. *laughs breathily, squeezing your hand and stealing a short kiss before flopping onto the bed and looking up at you, waiting*
jinhwan ( h ) 2 months ago
@jinwoo Well you are special so you should feel that way! /speaks in a clearly happy tone. Yes yes I do because we’re super great like that /leans in and steals a quick kiss as you look at me. Jinu... /murmurs in a breathy tone, my heart thudding harder as the feeling of your hand on my back sends shivers down my spine, my lips forming a cute pout as I talk. Jinu I don’t think you realize how much you —I didn’t miscalculate anything you just manage to made me hard with a simple touch.../your thigh presses against my length as if my words were a trigger and I don’t even atrempt to hold in the moan that creeps from my lips, naturally, my hips move against your body so I can feel any type of friction as I nod and whine for a moment, wanting nothing more than to strip you right there. The rush of air coming between us is enough for a deep frown to form, though it doesn’t stay long when I realize I’m being led up the stairs. Aah— I bet you want to know.. the short version? I want to be using my mouth for something other than talking so Jinu—please—tell me you’re gonna let me show you how much I want you. You deserve to feel as good as you’ve made me since I laid eyes upon you.. I’m an impatient boy..
jinwoo 2 months ago
@jinhwan aw, you're really making me feel special~ *giggles softly, tilting my head closer for the peck* mm, if by "we all" you mean the two of us, that's true~ *chuckles, looking back at you playfully* and I guess that's who matters~
*being pressed so tight against you, I feel hot and breathe heavily, fingers untangling from your hair to caress the back of your neck, while my other hand smoothes along your back, enjoying the feeling of your warm skin under my palm. shivers with thrill as you smirk* oh?~ whether you miscalculated your reaction or my effect on you... I guess I'm not complaning~ *grins mischievously as I shift my leg and bend my knee, pressing my thigh against your member, my gaze glued to your face. your words make me feel dizzy, heart and mind and blood racing* making love... I can't say no to that *whispers* but do we have to cancel the plans for after dinner? I'd... love to have a reversal. I want to be yours as much as I want you to be mine---*laughs lightly, blushing before unwillingly freeing myself from your embrace, hand slipping into yours to pull you upstairs* so... tell me more about those thoughts you're having?~
jinhwan ( h ) 2 months ago
@jinwoo I’ll only give in to you, everyone else will experience my full force of stubbornness so feel special because you are, my love~ /gives you a kiss on the cheek. Hmm—don’t we all, though? I love it when you mess with me /says with a gentle chuckle and a wide, playful smile to you
/tries and fails to hold back the light moan of pleasure at the feeling of you tugging more on my hair and as my lips move against yours in a needy rhythm my hands slip around your waist so I can pull your body into my own, wanting to feel as close to you as I can as I stare at you with a slight smirk. Well...maybe both? It was just revenge at first but...I have grown a bit impatient. It appears I’ve gotten myself too excited.. /mumbles softly as I nudge my hardening member against your thigh and looks to you with a more cute expression, my eyes soft and lips pouty and tinted red from the kissing. Let’s change up the order of our night, we can have this wonderful dinner after making love.. because I don’t think I can sit through a meal with these thoughts I’m having..
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan thank you~ *giggles softly and pecks your nose, looking at you lovingly* you're really doing something ot my heart now... you giving in is rare and precious. *huffs softly and nudges you* you're sooo lucky I secretly love being messed with.~ *tries to give you a pointed look but fails, instead smiling warmly*
*the little whine I earn makes me smirk into the kiss, tugging on your hair again as a soft moan gets muffled against your lips, and I can feel myself growing harder under your touch. I sneak my hand below your T-shirt, squeezing your waist just above the hem of your pants, my thumb continuing to rub circles on your warm skin even when you pull away and I stare into your eyes, trying to figure out your intentions* is this part of your revenge, or maybe you're getting impatient?~ *realizing I can't resist either way, laughs breathily* but I'm confident that if you want, you could make me forget about the dinner not just for a little while...
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo fineee—I’ll play fair /huffs softly and pretends to be sad at the decision though my smile is wide as I nuzzle back into you. Oof, okay I’ll be super mushy and romantic for you~ /nods my head and gives you a playful look. I love your reaction to things.. I can’t fight the urge to mess with you. /laughs softly, nodding once more to agree with your words. I definitely will~ But I do it with love /lets out a soft whine against your lips at the feeling of your fingers tugging my hair, that mixed with the small sensation from the bite a pleasurable moment which I respond to by giving your member a tighter squeeze, more needy than playful before I’m cutting the kids short and resting my forehead against yours, talking in a somewhat deeper tone
Jinu...can we forget the dinner for a little bit..?
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan think again--- *shakes my head, but failing to keep up the act, a smile creeps onto my face and nuzzles into you happily* nooo~ I love my boyfriend being all mushy, that makes you even more sweet than usual~ *huffs playfully and scrunches up my nose* you mean, nice of you playing with me? I seem to be---soon going to be having a hard time in general *laughs lightly, cheeks coloring as I breath out* I know you'll use it as an excuse to torture me... *gives into your pull, pushing myself away from the counter to lean against you, making a small noise at the and tugging on your hair involuntarily, experimentally biting down on your lip in retaliation*
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo Y-yes? /tilts my head and gives you an innocent, goofy smile. Oof—stop that! Making my heart go all mushy again...But keep this is and I will squeal out of pure delight~/chuckles a little at the though before shaking my head. I think it was very nice of me—gotta be ready for little surprises dating me. And you seem to have a hard time getting my dancing out your mind~ l like that, keep thinking of me~ /let’s out a breathy chuckle as I tilt my head with curiosity. But will you /really/ regret it.. /can’t help but smile into the kiss, adoring the feeling of your lips against mine as I pull you closer, locking one arm around your waist as my right hand s at your clothed member, resuming my teasing
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan and you think it's fun for whoever you're playing with?~ *pouts at you and gives you a nudge* you think I'd be dating you if I didn't think you're the most awesomestest person to ever walk on this planet and bless us all with his presence?~ oof I have yet to see you squeal, it would be adorable and flattering~ *snickers softly* oh yes sir, it was, it was as rude as your dancing---you're attacking me and I'm very much defenseless. *I sigh softly as you pull back, hand squeezing your waist, whispering back against your lips* mhm... it's hard to think clearly when you're this close. I have a feeling I'll regret it later but... *giggles softly before kissing your lips again, this time deeper*
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo Where’s the fun in that? /lifts an eyebrow as I chuckle a bit. Mhmm..sure you did /gives you a playful yet skeptical look before smiling along with you. I practically want to scream with happiness whenever I’m around you, I love it so much—rude? That wasn’t rude~ /giggles softly, not being able to hold back my amusement, smiling into the kiss as I let out a light hum of content at the feeling of your fingers in my hair, my lips moving against yours smoothly before I pull away only enough to speak, taking a small breath and mumbling softly
ready to cook some more? or do you want more kisses~
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo {{ooof—you have a good night!! I was actually about to tell you I’m dipping for a bit to call out of work hahaha but I’ll be back to do replies if you see them no responding or I’ll throw a shoe at you too uwu sweet dreams ~
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan *laughs lightly* that's true---but nevertheless, you should~ oof---apparently I wasn't elaborate enough, because by great, I actually meant that *winks playfully and chuckles, a bright smile remaining on my lips* and I like melting from hearing that... and having you be all giddy when I say, I love you more~ that was rude---don't laugh at me---*murmurs, trying to sound at least playfully annoyed but fails. holds onto your side as you drag me in, your gaze sending my heart race and I can't help mirroring it and smiling warmly. responds to the kiss quickly, the movement of my lips falling into pace with yours as I slide my hand into your hair, fingers tangling and playing with the pink locks*

((ps. I'm off to sleep, I'll try to get to replies tomorrow! no promises except this one kkk))
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo I never said I played fair, Jinu~ /bites my lip and gives a cute smile. You think I’m great—I want you to think I’m the most fantastically amazingly awesome person to ever live! /laughs for a minute or two and then nods. Oh yes I absolutely love to say I’m in love with you~ /nods my head as you talk about balancing my diet though I have no plans to do that whatsoever, but your reaction to my wandering hands causes me to stifle a chuckle and I can’t wipe away the grin on my lips. Hmm well I’m that case../reaches for your shirt and pulls you into me as I move closer to you, pausing to look into your eyes with an adoring stare before connecting our lips for a loving kiss, my arms snaking around your waist and holding you close
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan *laughs, shaking my head incredulously* that's not the most fair tactic there is, you know that, Nani~ you know, it makes me really proud that you want to be your best self, even though I think you're already great. well... that's right, it'd be hard for anyone with a good pair of eyes to not see how much in love we are. but it's still nice to say and hear it~ *I can't help but laugh at your whining despite your hands on me, shrugging lightly* well, to balance your diet, maybe next time I'll make---*my breath catches at your surprise attack, cutting me off, leaving me staring at you incredulously with my lips parted and blood rushing south, the double meaning of your statement making me blush* n-no. since you're doing it on purpose. but I might reconsider after you give me a kiss, since I believe you owe me one...
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo Hmmm no one wins against me—if I start losing then I’ll just confuse you so I end up winning ~ /gives a slight nod as I grin to you. Me making you happy has made me see many different things about myself..I want to be a good person for you.. but we adore each other so much I think everyone know just how much we mean to each other /says with a proud smile and laugh. Hmph okayyyy /whines a little as I continue to massage your hips, my eyes fixed on the the movement of the mixer as I reply back softly. Yeah you should’ve..but I’m not complaining I love sweets~ /murmurs before peeking up at the little sample you give to me, my head leading forward a little so I can take your finger in my mouth, though at the same time giving your groin a teasing squeeze before backing away and sliding my lips off your fingers, humming at the taste of pancake. I like it~ /gives a slight wiggle of my eyebrows before continuing. If I guess wrong on purpose do I get another taste?
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan *sighs softly* I know I can't really convince you... I rarely win arguments against you. but at least believe that I believe in you. *looks at you openly and lovingly* and I hope that you making me happy will eventually convince you that you're a good person.~ that'll be fine---I should be reminding you anyways how much I adore you.~
you'll see soon~ *snickers softly before trying to focus on cooking, even though your light touch is giving me goosebumps, a pleasant hum leaving my lips as you start massaging, making me relaxed almost to the point of growing weak, laughing softly* yes, it's sweet. maaaybe I should have used this opportunity to make you eat something that is not, but I figured a little late... *stops the mixer when I think the pancake batter has a good consistency, dipping in my finger and twisting slightly to hold it in front of your lips* taste and guess~
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo Pfft—/shakes my head. I’m really not—I’m the most idiotic person, yes~ /tries to joke around but your kind words never fail to make my heart swell at just the sound of your voice and meaning behind each sentence. I wish I saw myself the way you see me...it sounds lovely.. /returns the smile right back to you. It does calm me, so I apologize for the times I will be checking../watched your hands with clear focus as you start mixing. Well...I want to know but then again..surprises /are/ nice~ /murmurs softly as my hands ghost over your waist, hovering for a minute before I begin massaging your sides gently. Is it sweet?
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan *slows down what I'm doing, eventually pausing to turn around and lean against the counter as I listen, a soft chuckle leaving my lips* well, that's probably because, once, you are the most important person to me in the room, and two, you are amazing, despite what you think of yourself, and despite the mistakes you've made in the past. I'm just... looking at you as the person you are now. and that meant, from the moment we've started talking, I've been drawn to you, to your uniqueness, your weirdness, your humor and your kindness---and even your silliness of blurting out whatever's on your mind. *smiles at you lovingly*
*thinks for a moment before nods* I don't think my mind will change, but if it calms you to check in, then do it when you feel like~ hmm, alright~ *grins mischievously, deciding to remember that for later and turns back to the counter, making sure I have all the ingredients. for a moment pauses at your surprise touch before humming and relaxing in your arms* hmm, should I give you a hint?~ I think you'll figure it out once I'll have this batter mixed~ now careful... *murmurs before I start the mixer, letting it do the work*
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo You just...I can’t really expect it and make sense..but basically you give me this sense of comfort that I’ve never felt before.../takes a minute to pause before continuing. You make me feel as though I’m the most important person in the room just by the way you respond to seeing me, Jinu, in less words—you make me feel appreciated as a person..like I’m not as terrible as I think I am../gives you a serious stare, speaking from my heart. No one—not even Yeongie, has been able to lift my mood like this..and you did so easily..I can’t explain it I just get happier when you’re near me../trails off, not exactly sure how else to word how I feel before nodding. Yep, it’s not confidence it’s just stupidity. I don’t think enough before saying something, I physically can’t hold it in. But yes—definitely more healthier than that—I used to keep everything in but I dropped that habit.. /gives you a wide smile. Well it does no harm to remind you~ but I’m glad your mind hasn’t changed about me, I want to remain a bright happy figure to you~ /shakes my head at your question. It’s about /anything/ but let’s focus on food for now—/takes a longer sip of my wine, almost finishing the glass before setting it down as I move towards you, standing behind you I wrap my arms around your waist, making sure not to mess you up—I rest my head against you and slowly let my hands wander over your sides. So, do I get a hint at what you’re making?
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan *chuckles softly as I look at you lovingly* I'm glad I could, even though I'm not fully aware how---*blinks at first, not understanding why you laugh but eventually joining when you explain* so--- is that your secret to looking brave and straightforward? but so far---I've only seen the positive effects of it. and probably healthier than keeping everything in forever.
I think you've already given me that warning... and that didn't change my mind about wanting to be your friend back then, so I am now holding firmly onto my boyfriend position~ you may be a handful, and weird, and that only makes me love you more. oh, at my mercy?~ *wiggles my brows playfully* is that just about the food? *with all ingredients together, starts to measure them into a bowl*
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo You’re doing everything right, Jinu.../gives you an appreciative smile. You’ve managed to change my entire perspective on love and happiness..you’re truly a gift /speaks sincerely before bursting into a fit of chuckles. Well—I lack the confidence too I just spend time thinking things over in my head and end up blurting my thoughts out just to be done with it, it’s really unhealthy I may say something that’ll hurt someone’s feelings /chuckles once more before taking another sip of my drink
I’ll just give you a fair warning—I’m a handful. I wouldn’t say high maintenance but...for lack of better words, yeah I am. /shoots you a grin and shakes my head. Nope~ I am completely at your mercy, just how I want to be /winks to you playfully before snickering softly
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan *smiles warmly* seems like I'm doing things right, if you can feel how much I love you~ that's all I need to be happy~ after what's happened in your past, I've wanted to give you the happiness you deserve. and I felt that you'd make me happy too... and here we are *looks at you lovingly* you know, I love how straightforward you are about your feelings and with what you want, not afraid to take risks. I really admire that about you. I lack a bit of courage and so sometimes I'm slower in voicing things out. but I strive to be honest.~ oof---*bites my lip* I'd be totally down for that. but... later. *gives you a cheeky smile and a last peck as well before I step back*
I'm not sure yet what I got myself into but... I'm really anticipating it~ *stares at you with a mix of admiration and amusement as you sip the wine* sassy and classy... my boyfriend is the hottest. I love it.~ *chuckles breathily, taking a sip myself before moving to the fridge to gather the ingredients* you don't have food allergies, right?
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo /warms up at the kiss to my cheek and I chuckle
I’m just..I like my feelings known and right now—when I’m with you actually, I just feel loved. And it’s the best feeling that I want to share..and I feel even better knowing you feel the same /gives you a teasing grin. Always be honest with me~ that’s why from the start I told you most of my past, I want no big secrets between us, small things like surprises are okay tho~ /whines a little as I shower kisses across your cheeks. I’m not trying to trap you I just want to throw you down and cover your body with kisses but I know I can’t...yet.../pecks your lips one last time before backing away and raising my hands in defeat, careful not to spill my drink
Okay..go ahead and start—but I guess I don’t need to warn you since you already know; I’m definitely not gonna make this easy for you, consider thisnmy revenge from earlier~ /giggles softly before taking a sip of my wine
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan *listens, unable to hold back my giggles, eventually giving you a smooch on the cheek* you're lovely and I want you to be happy so I'm fine with just cuddling you but also showing you off when you want to... well sometimes I jokingly say stop because it feels like I'm so happy I can't take anymore... but for real, who doesn't love the feeling of being in love, with the butterflies and all?~ all I do better than other guys is trying to be honest *chuckles softly, stealing a short kiss from your lips and nods eagerly* I'd love to hold and cuddle you so it's easy to promise. *speaks lightly, snickering when you end up hugging and kissing me, my fingers playing with your hair* I thought you wanted me to cook? but I'm only getting more trapped here~
oof... that sounds like a whole lot of kisses. I love it and dread it at the same time *laughs softly before biting my lip* well, if I have to wait, then so do you, Nani~ I will stick to my promise, dinner first... even if knowing you, you'll make it hard for me~
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo Well maybe I’m a smarty with a love for the simple things in life..I can’t even say that sometimes I’m like ooof just cuddle me and other times I’m like show me off take me out love me hard or I’ll scream /laughs for a minute, shaking my head at my dumbness. I love that you’re so okay with it, I swear anyone else would’ve told me to stop by now wow I just love you so much it’s unbelievable../smiles at your words and nods to agree, not being able to hide the bright expression I have with the thought of spending such an amazing amount of time with you. I don’t want you to let me go..but you have to cook, so promise me you’ll make this night perfect by holding me when we’re all done so I can properly cuddle my love.. /says in an light tome, clearly infatuated with your entire being, my own arm snaking it’s way around your frame as I giggle and pepper a few soft kisses to your lips. Well for everything you get done you’ll get a kiss..so for example if you were chopping carrots, for everyone you finished I would kiss you~ /bites my lower lip at your words and looks to you with slight smirk yet innocent eyes as I speak in an airy tome
You don’t know how badly I want that...but I was promised dinner so I guess you’ll just have to wait for dessert, jinu~
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan oh---*snickers softly, wiggling my nose* I don't think you are though... you're pretty smart. and I wasn't exactly complaining, I love what you're doing to my heart... *grins softly and chuckles* we can just enjoy every season together until summer comes and beyond~ *nuzzles my nose to your cheek and neck, holding you close* it is---it can only be perfect when I get to hold you *whispers*
*smiles, raising my glass as I silent toast before placing it down, just in time before you kiss me, making me gasp in surprise before I respond with a similar passion, placing a hand at the back of your neck, inhaling sharply when your lips linger* wow... yes, definitely fun. so what is considered a task?~ *smirks lightly before laughing* but be careful with my rewards, if you kiss me like this everytime, I might just pick you up and take you to the bedroom before dinner is even ready---I think that would be rude of me.
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo /laughs and pokes your nose
I’m calling myself a simple man~ I’m sorry I just can’t stop myself from expressing my fondness of you every three seconds /gives you an innocent smile. But I would love that really—a beautiful picnic! Ahh, now I want summer to come quickly /coos softly as you kiss my pinky and leans more into your warmth, my eyes falling shut as I smile
I’m excited, this night is going to be perfect~ /nods my head and adjusts to watch you pour our drinks, nodding as a silent thanks while taking my glass
Hmmm I’ll try not to be too much of a distraction /snickers softly before leaning over to kiss you passionately, my lips lingering against you own before I pull away and smile. I’ll give you a kiss for every task you complete~ this makes cooking fun!
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan *squints at you playfully* are you calling me a simple man...?
*smiles* ah, you're making my heart flutter again... playing with grass and watching couds fly by sounds like a perfect lazy afternoon, but let's leave that for the summer *chuckles softly, my arms instinctively and protectively pulling closer around you, before taking your hand to find that tiny scar and press a kiss to it* no knives for you when I'm around. we have better ways to end this night than in the ER... *grins playfully before pulling away* let me get you that wine then~ *heads over to the fridge then pours two glasses halfway, and hands one to you* and I get the sweetest distraction... I wouldn't call myself unlucky either~ I think I'll manage if you give me a kiss as encouragement~
jinhwan ( h ) 3 months ago
@jinwoo I can’t help it, I like simple things~ /says with a teasing grin
I’m just grateful to be able to spend quality time with my love, we could be sitting outside playing with grass and I’d be content with life /half jokes as I shake my head, laughing softly as I lean back into your touch
That’s a smart idea...hmm, no knives for me. Last time I picked one up I cut my pinky and almost bled to death I swear~ /holds up my pinky, fake pouting as I pretend to look at a ‘scar’ on it
Wine sounds lovely..ahh I get drinks, the most perfect view and food—I’m the luckiest man in the world /chuckles before turning to face you
But really if you need any help let me know~ I’ll try my best to not hurt myself
jinwoo 3 months ago
@jinhwan hm? *blinks first with the nudge before I listen, giggling softly* ah, you make it so easy to make you happy.~ I'm not sure why I'm putting such high expectations for myself. a part of me wants everything to be perfect when I know how happy I am with our dorkiness too, as long as it's with you.
*laughs softly as I slip behind the chair and hug your waist, pecking your cheek* for sure I'm not letting you near the stove or electronic devices. I don't know how dangerous of a combination you'd be with knives? though I don't think I need all that many things cut. so you can just sit back and watch your handsome man trying to cook~ maybe sip a drink if you fancy? I should have some wine in the fridge.


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