❛ ✎ : buzzfeed unsolved

for those of you who enjoy crime tales and debunking conspiracies, this will be the perfect room for you! anyone who has ever seen the buzzfeed series will get the gist of where this debate or even game, will go. we'll be discussing about legendary stories, conspiracies, myths, etc etc... that many of the world may or may not know. this can be played with a group of people! it's something to do for fun or to even educate and discuss what you know about any of the topics or urban myths.
clementine albano 2 months ago
Birds are definitely drones google employed in the sky that just watch people
that loona girl pt.3 3 months ago
do yall think birds are real
lee soobin [ h ] 4 months ago
what do you guys think about the sallie house
kim chungha [A] 4 months ago
❛ ✎ : now available !


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narcotic 1 week ago
please put jongin on a 4 week hiatus. thank you in advance!
collywobbles 2 weeks ago
sends love to this rp uwu
windowsxp 3 weeks ago
actually can i snatchy hwang minhyun since i got drop kick c:
sleepwalking 3 weeks ago
I need a couple more weeks of hiatus. Finals are coming up and then I will be back
PinkMatcha 3 weeks ago
park jimin please
spotify 1 month ago
hi exams are in two weeks and i should study dhshsh can i get a month’s hiatus please? thank you xoxo
hiexcuseme 1 month ago
hey guys ! I really didn't wanna do this but I need to go on an emergency hiatus for a week :') my grandma's in the hospital and they're suspecting vvv bad stuff going on with her health :')

- xiao and co.
bangmafia 1 month ago
hEY !!!!!!! !! ! !! ! ! ! !
gudetama 1 month ago
cha eunwoo ♡ [A]3:06:01 PMReply
taeyong: why is there dust in my ????
windowsxp 1 month ago
do you still have my guan
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