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son hyunwoo 7 months ago

son hyunwoo 8 months ago
@lee jaehyun /groaning in anticipation, I lean over you, tugging the drawer of the nightstand open, my fingers fumbling around inside until they close around a tube of lube/ Hold on, baby... /once my hand is sticky with the lube, I pump my already hard a few times before I press the tip against your hole, grunting in frustration when you press back against me, wanting nothing more than to be buried inside you. Using my thumb to guide my member, I push into you, the tight ring of muscles guarding your entrance squeezing the crown of my shaft, my hands reaching for you, my fingers digging into your hips as I / , Jae...
lee jaehyun 8 months ago
@son hyunwoo /looks back at you and my lips once I notice your bare body, my legs immediately spreading as I feel your grip on my , biting my lip in anticipation/ Hyunwoo... Daddy... /whines softly before rolling my hips back, brushing against your lower half in need as I mumble/ me... please daddy.. /lowers my upper half on the bed as I arch my back, wiggling my for you/
son hyunwoo 8 months ago

son hyunwoo 8 months ago
@lee jaehyun /as I push my jeans down my thighs, I glance up, smiling when I notice how eagerly you're removing your clothes/ Damn, Jae... /kicking out of my jeans, my boxers having gone along for the ride, I see you looking over your shoulder, our eyes meeting, mine as needy as yours. Closing the distance to the bed, I crawl up behind you, my big hands gripping your before I lean down, pressing a kiss against the small of your back/ Baby...
lee jaehyun 8 months ago
@son hyunwoo I want you inside me daddy... I need you so bad you don’t even know
*returns the kiss softly and smiles up at you before I hold onto your shoulders tightly as we move to your bedroom*
*yelps from the sudden toss onto the bed and hurriedly takes off my remaining clothes, not wanting to waste any time. I soon get on all fours and look back at you, my eyes filled with pure lust and want* Hyunwoo..~
son hyunwoo 8 months ago
@lee jaehyun Baby...i want you in my bed /stealing one last kiss, my mouth capturing your upper lip, giving it a slow tug before I let it escape, my nose bumps against yours as I pull away, my arms scooping you up, cradling you against my chest/ Hold on, Jae / staggering, my feet striding over our shirts where you've tossed them on the ground, I hurry down the hall, pushing open the door of the bedroom, taking a few steps before I stop, tossing you on the bed, my hands immediately working on my belt buckle, wanting to rid myself of my jeans/
lee jaehyun 8 months ago
@son hyunwoo /moves my hands from your cheeks to your back, gripping onto the muscles as our kiss grows deeper and rougher, softly with the touches to my lower half/ Daddy... /pulls away from the kiss to pull of my shirt as well as yours, biting my lip at the sight of your well toned torso/ ... I need you inside me..
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[post deleted by owner]
son hyunwoo 8 months ago
@lee jaehyun Baby.../mumbling against your lips, I take a quick breath before I attack your mouth again, the kiss growing rougher as I on your plush tiers, leaving them swollen and sore, my hand caressing your , my movements territorial, as I wish our clothing wasn't separating us, wanting to feel more of your skin against mine/
lee jaehyun 8 months ago
@son hyunwoo /my hips move against yours as your hand s my globes, grinding against you slowly as you kiss me, bringing my hands up to cup your cheeks to deepen the kiss, my tongue lightly passing over your lower tier/ Give it to me...
son hyunwoo 8 months ago
@lee jaehyun /grunts when you bite my plump lower lip, my mouth covering yours, kissing you as my hand flexes, squeezing your / I want to give you everything, Jae


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hnybxnu 7 months ago
thanks for the fun everyone, it's been lit.  
if you are leaving, please do not leave a comment that you are. 
hoesaek 7 months ago
sanha left
xxsweetdestinyxx 7 months ago
Ahhh may I cc seon yein to Sato Takeru please
unrevealed 7 months ago
Johnny will need a hiatus till the end of the month
Midorin 7 months ago
leaving Jinwoo.
still staying as Kihyun.
b5bb02258e97cddecc3e 7 months ago
jinhwan is out
frankenweenie 7 months ago
bambam has left, thanks for everything ~
pinkopal 7 months ago
can my notifs be turned off por favor?
grayfox 7 months ago
Yugyeom left. Thanks for the good times.
-brokenhearted 7 months ago
Dropping Soobin for inactivity reasons ;( but keeping tae and jae
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