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jinki [A] 7 months ago
@seoho i eat a lot though ! i'm gonna feel like a fatty if you don't eat so much..
/i voice the final sentence significantly more quieter, just briefly imagining the uncomfortable situation where i feel insecure body wise besides you - something i barely ever feel, but unbeknownst to my past self, i would've never imagined i'd have a model as a boyfriend and it makes me a little anxious that i may develop stupid body insecurities as such. despite my thoughts, i shake them off so a childish pout sits on my face instead, adding a little extra pepper to my eggs before i scoop some with my fork and take a bite to taste, brows raising in genuine surprise
whoa. it's good
/my smile spreads in satisfaction, leaning back in my chair as i feel more relaxed, my free hand resting on your thigh as i shoot a glance your way, nodding softly in response
mhm, good. if you finish the breakfast i made you, i'll let you wear more of my clothes, hehe
seoho 7 months ago
@jinki *when you turn around to me, I cant help but smile wider in admiration, eyes tearing from your handsome face to you plates in your hand, humming in satisfaction at the sight of the breakfast before I purse my lips when you basically scold my eating habits*
But I eat just enough. I'm not frail--- *rests my face on my fists and pout slightly, eyes following you as you move till you settle down besides my, dropping my hands to my lap and look at you with gentle smile that soon turn into shy smile as I gaze down tamy own figure, mostly to avoid your eyes, caressing the hem of the shirt and rubs my thighs before I look at you and smile genuinely and sheepishly*
Do I?
I like it- *unnecessarily add but dont elaborate, leaving it to you to understand that I like me in your clothes too*
jinki [A] 7 months ago
@seoho /i set the dishes on the counter to begin plating up the cooked eggs with two slices of buttered toast each, taking a little longer time than normal at the beginning just to settle down somewhat, seeing you, another man, my boyfriend dressed in my attire made it really hit me, being in a relationship after so long, that this is all.. real and i find it just a tad overwhelming for some unknown reason. though, hearing your chit chat just seconds later eases the emotions pretty quickly, so i turn around with the plates in hand, a fond smile on my face as i place them down on the table
ahh, that's a relief ? i'm glad i can at least feed you, especially since you barely eat anything. it's such an important meal ! tsk. no wonder you're so frail. i'm slowly going to make you change that bad habit, whether you like it or not, got it ?
/i speak rather sternly, just to emphasise my seriousness, though feeling your relaxed state starts to keep me calm, shifting to grab the tea cups and setting them on the table before i finally take my seat also, speaking up rather hesitantly;
..you know... you look way too cute in my own clothes than i could have /ever/ imagined
seoho 7 months ago
@jinki *when you notice me, my heart does a flip in my chest before I break into wide timid smile as I follow your words and come inside the kitchen, standing by the dining table and watching you prepare last bits of the breakfast, admiring your movements, your gait, your figure and simply your existence. I finally sit down and hum with a smile*
I dont mind one.
I dont usually drink tea in breakfast, or any other meal to be honest. But breakfast would seem most likely if Im having tea.
Like- i feel i gotta be really relaxed to enjoy tea early in morning and... I guess I am? *rambles on before I rest my elbow on the table and my cheek on my palm with a wide smile on my lips as I refer to all this, your place, showered and breakfast prepared by you*
jinki [A] 8 months ago
@seoho /with everything prepared, i wait until you enter the bathroom before leaving the room and heading to the kitchen, making sure to take some more painkillers with a glass of milk for the headache straight away to finally start the very late morning in a slightly more bearable manner. with a quick wash of my hands i begin to prepare breakfast, fishing out some eggs and vegetables like tomatoes and spring onions to compliment it. not really being too much of a chef, making eggs at least is something i have full confidence in, with the additional toasting of bread and brewing water for 2 cups of tea, i subconsciously begin humming a familiar tune under my breath, turning around to grab plates from the cupboard above when i see you standing in the doorway, movements slowing as i find myself almost stuck for a moment
s-seoho ! you.. come inside ! you don't mind tea right ?
/as soon as the words are spoken i quickly divert my attention back to fetching out the dishes, blinking a little more than normal as i try to settle down my conflicted thoughts of my boyfriend dressed in my usual home attire
seoho 8 months ago
@jinki *blinks at the dramatic disbelief in youreyes, wondering if that was that shocking to hear, I bite my lip and nod slowly*
I do drink. Not very often though.
You sure do-- *mumbles before I bite back a teasing snicker at the causing problems referring to the wedding night*
Uh... of course. I only thoughy privately anyway- *agrees with you and nods trying to fight off the blush if my words sounded too eager or suggested dirty hint, probably thinking too much into it. I watch you get up and take out clothes for me, smiling fondly as I nod at you*
I do! *gets up from the bed as well and takes the towel, picking out the tee shirt and joggers all while biting on my lower lip to hide away too excited smile to wear your clothes. I make my way into the bathroom, looking around and hanging the towel and clothes before I open the water and adjust the temperature, turning the shower on after it before I undress and go in. Smiling to myself as I inhale in each bottle there, being selfishly generous with applying it to my hair and body, feeling ecstatic to have your scent this strong on me before I finish the shower, dry my body well and get into your clothes, looking down at myself and look at my reflection in the small mirror there, grinning to myself before I come out and make my way downstairs, just then remembering i didnt dry my hair properly as I feel some drops falling down my nape, running my hand through the wet hair to push it backward and away from my face, feeling a bit shy as Im approaching where the kitchen is, shuffling and slowing down as Im standing by the entrance, hands rather nervously toying with the waistband's tie before i drop them to my side*
jinki [A] 8 months ago
@seoho /my brows lift in surprise and I automatically sit up slightly, slower than normal as to subtly nurse my aching head, asking with disbelief;
you drink ? i didn't think you did. i actually cut back a lot, if you forget the wedding night, because i easily have one two many and cause problems
/i chuckle sheepishly, maybe thinking a tad stereotypically as someone like you with such pretty features, thoroughly delicate and being a model meant you avoided alcohol as a way to maintain your looks;
but, we can drink together ! as long as it's in private-
/a wide grin dominates my features once you agree, leaving the bed with a little jump in my step as i gather a clean towel and some comfortable clothes from my wardrobe, picking out different kinds, like a baggy hoodie, a plain tee, joggers and shorts for you to choose from and setting them beside you
umm, bathroom is just through these doors- i think that's everything.. ah ! do you like scrambled eggs ?
seoho 8 months ago
@jinki *the wide smile on my lips only lingers at your words, never doubting it, even when you were drunk last time, was rather not trusting my own self of how much I wanted you. My smile is replaced with concerned frown when I see your face scrunch up in pain, I chew my lip and nod but also add playfully at the end*
I'll try. Unless we are drinking together then that's no help.
H-huh? *voices out in surprise at your offer and suggestion, biting my lip with sheepish smile as I didn't want to intrude your place this much from first visit to extent I take shower and also not having clothes but your offer of clothes only excites me that my eyes almost visibly light up, all I could think of is having your scent clinging to my own body wearing your clothes. Thus I eventually has no room for protest and simply hum with thankful smile*
Mhmm, okay. Thank you, hyung. *stays sat on the bed obediently and timidly waiting for you to get up first before I follow*
jinki [A] 8 months ago
@seoho /i exhale loudly in relief, my free hand resting over my chest as i do so while a smile spreads across my face, widening at your cute display of affection before i quickly nuzzle my cheek against your palm
oh, phew ! the last thing i'd want to do is anything without your consent, of course
/a sudden wave of pain washes over the top of my head, pressing my hand there as an automatic reaction while my expression quickly changes to wince
damn, this hangover is gonna last a while, huh. i ain't doing this again- don't let me, seo
/i shake my head quickly, cursing under my breath as i regret the previous antics of the day before, casting my eyes over to you once more, only just realising it's your first time in my home and this definitely was not the first impression i wanted to give
babe, you can go shower. i bet you feel uncomfortable having to wear those clothes for so long. you can wear some of mine for now, alright ? i'll make breakfast in the meantime
seoho 8 months ago
@jinki It w a s ~ *grins at your eye roll and singsong in emphasis and conformation, holding back a giggle before I roll to lay on my tummy instead and lift myself up on my elbows, looking down at you on my side and noticing how you are now eyeing my lips, unconsciously pressing them tightly, a blush slowly creeping to my cheeks. Part of me glad you don't remember what happend due to how needy I was, yet that was a passionate session that I'd have liked you to remember it with me. I look at my pillow and lowers my head as my blush intensifies and I shake my head, glancing toward you timidly*
no.. You didn't. *assures you as I recall it was your call to stop chanting that you are drunk till you fall asleep, otherwise I wouldn't know how to hold back, my hand reaches for your face, caressing your cheek gently, now with a wider smile on*
jinki [A] 9 months ago
@seoho /i roll my eyes, pretending your matra of compliments aren't bothering me when in fact i'm internally shielding the actual bashfulness that i'm fighting to keep off my face, trying to close the topic so you don't continue, ultimately meaning i don't have to break my resolve
nnmmh, i doubt that-
/i flash you a small smile, a simple curve of the lips as i'm 100% aware that your words are nothing but the truth. my curious eyes follow the movements of your fingers that trail across your neck and i automatically cower, realising that i may have been too obvious, but as i get the chance to take note of your bruised tiers, a sudden possessive instinct shrills through me, so i raise myself up, elbow pressed into my pillow as i rest my fist at my temple, my expression now more serious
hey, the last thing i remember, i was at the wedding. i don't even know what time we got here, let alone how we got to my place. but, i think i can probably guess what happened ? ...i didn't cross a line, right ?
seoho 9 months ago
@jinki *my lips only press together to form a thinner line as you smile assuringly at me, worry still lingers despite that but your comment gets me and make me laugh softly, though nodding cheekily*
Yes it was~
You were so whiny and clingy. Adorable. *adds more to reminds and tease you but end up smiling lovingly and sheepishly when you kiss my palm, gazing at your admiringly*
Mhmm, of course. Im here for you.
*my teeth come grazing my lower tier when i take note of your eyes looking on my neck, having an idea of what you possibly thinking off, blushing already by recalling what happened, my hand absentmindedly come to my collar and let my fingertips rub the crook of my neck where you started to kiss my last night but you knocked out. By hearing you call yourself aggressive drunk, im not displeased in slightest bit, heck, secretly thrilled and curious to see how aggressive you could go but thats a thought for only me to know. My hand come to brush my bruised lip instead and I shake my head*
... you don't remember?
jinki [A] 9 months ago
@seoho /i attempt to muster up a reassuring smile for you, waving my hand in a dismissive manner, it being my way to play it off cool just so i don't have you worrying too much over my own self inflicted hangover
it was cute, huh ? that's an interesting way to put it
/i briefly turn my head to press a quick peck to your palm, voice still raspy as i speak;
i don't feel /too/ bad, for now at least. i think i got a lot out of my system overnight, so it isn't as bad as i've experienced before. thank you for taking care of me last night, babe
/my gaze softens while i smile your way, expressing my gratitude, but my own words get me thinking of what actually happened after my memories had seemingly erased. aware of my half self, i scan over your features, specifically at your neck in search for any hickeys; just the thought makes my cheeks bloom a reddish shade so i quickly make a move to distract my mind
you know i'm normally an aggressive drunk ? but, eh, i'm not sure how it's like when i'm drunk around my date.. i didn't do anything weird, right ?
seoho 11 months ago
@jinki *watches how your eyes flutter open, my heart picking up a faster pace and my face brighten up as your eyes land on me, my own pushed into crescents . I was about to speak but seeing how you are still not fully awake, I stay silent and gently bite my lower lip, waiting for you to wake up properly. Feeling your hand holding onto my wrinkled shirt, I bring my other hand to cover yours, my bright face fall into concerned and worried one when you grimace and wince*
Jinkiyah? *speaks finally, voice raspy still from sleep, I watch you worriedly and raise my hand from yours, past your bare tummy to rest on your bare chest, my fingertips resting on your jawline*
Yeah you drunk a bit too much
But we dont attend weddings every now and then. Besides it was cute and whole new experience seeing you drunk. *cheekily point out and coo as my hand now go higher to squish both your cheeks*
jinki [A] 11 months ago
@seoho /doubting the second time i wake up again would have given me the sufficient amount of rest in order to nurse this banging hangover of mine, it still happens inevitably, beginning with the little scrunch of my nose, tongue quickly poking out between my lips to wet them as my eyes flutter to an open, confused as to whether i'm dreaming or not as the first thing i see is you looking right back at me with a gentle smile gracing your features. i lay in silence for a moment, having to confirm that your figure is actually there by curling my finger in your shirt, releasing a breath of air through my nose as i flash a lazy smile, but soon replacing it with a grimace as i wince with the hit of my headache reappearing, groaning a little before i speak;
g'morning, seeseo.. please never let me touch alcohol again ;;
/i turn to lie on my back, palm pressing into my forehead
seoho 11 months ago
@jinki *shifts in my sleep to turn to my side and faced by an object, a warm body, human body, I flash my eyes open in surprise, not used to have someone in my bed, my eyes land on your sleeping face next to mine, your bare shoulders in view, my mind recall the crazy night from before, the wedding, the kiss we shared there in the corner by the wall, how more adorable you went while drunk and how w ended up here, my teeth come biting on my lip as my mind stay focused on the makeout we had before you fell asleep, Eyes sparkling as I look around your features, i smile in admiration at how angelic baby you look when sleep, your lips looking more full if possible when sleep, I slip my hand beneath my cheek and sigh softly as I keep my ritual of admiring you*
jinki [A] 1 year ago
@seoho /i awaken way too early the next morning with a sharp pain, hand moving to apply some pressure at the back of my head while wincing my eyes open, but seeing you laying fast asleep below my body makes me jolt up in a sudden upright position, glancing back and forth between my half body and yourself, unable to recall at all of how we even ended up in such a state. before i can even begin to think about the previous nights event, i feel an uncomfortable churning in my stomach and quickly rush to the bathroom, crouching down beside the toilet basin as i empty out the toxicity from my system. grabbing onto the sink, i heave myself up with a quiet groan to stare at my haggard self in the mirror directly in front of me
ing hell, jinki, you're never going to drink again-
/with the headache beginning to distract me for a second time, i rinse my mouth and give my teeth a quick brush just to rid the bitter taste from my mouth before reaching inside the cupboard for some pain killers, consuming a couple and making my way back into the bedroom, sighing as i read the clock at 6:23 while glancing around at the random pieces of upper body clothing thrown close to the bed, figuring i'd have to wait until you wake up for you to tell me exactly what happened last night, knowing you had promised to be the sober one out of us two. i bundle myself back inside the covers, shifting the pillow above my head and slowly reaching out to you, my index finger curling into your shirt, eyes cast over your angel-like, porcelain figure before i find myself asleep for a second time this early hour
seoho 1 year ago
@jinki *watches how you are still swaying and with eyes closed making me the more worried now and I try to steady you on my lap but my eyes go wide when you start undoing your shirt, almost panicking when you yank it off that I'd have to knock you out of it with a rougher way*
J-jinki! *calls but pauses as Im rather hypontized when you stare at me, staring back at you and around your flushed face and heavy eyes, wondering how someone could still be looking good in such drunken state. When you lean in to kiss me, im too weak to protest and I simply wholeheartedly take it, a hand coming to touch your neck gently as I kiss you back softly before flopping on my back on the bed, panting softly when you leave my lips and part them wider to protest when you go down to my neck which make me shudder visibly at how ticklish my neck is and I was so ready to knock you off me but pause to blink when I see you stopped moving and soon your even breathing tell me you dozed off to sleep*
I swear to god if you werent drunk and fell asleep on me in such a state.... *mumbles, voice trailing off, faint amused smile come to my lips at how adorable you are, I circle my arms around your shirtless figure, trying to keep your warmth in as I enjoy having your weight and warmth pressed tightly against me, making me truly feel your presence I have been missing nd wishing for in my alone nights. With such thought in mind, I soon, too, doze off to sleep*
jinki [A] 1 year ago
@seoho /i'm settled that my mumble of words managed to get the meaning across, knowing deep down if we'd continue as we are, things will go further way too fast and i definitely don't want us to have our first time in a state where i probably wouldn't even remember it the next day. even after the final kiss you give me, i'm swaying a little on your lap, my eyes still closed as i savour it. ignoring your words, far too high on the moment, my hands move to undo the buttons on my shirt, getting about half way before i yank it off with impatience, hands moving up to rest on your shoulders, simply staring at you and lightly tracing over your facial features with my fingertips, ending on your now swollen lips, slowly moving in to capture them again for a soft kiss this time and leaning forward so eventually I'm lying on top of you, shifting away to the base of your neck, pressing a long kiss over your porcelain skin and before i know it, due to the comfort of lying against you and the eventual exhausted state i'd become, i soundlessly drift off to sleep
seoho 1 year ago
@jinki *once you help me with my tie, i let go of it to lower my hands to your thighs, rubbing them and gripping them tight as a gasp-like moan leave my throat when you my lip harshly, my tongue peeking out and meeting with yours next before you pull away and I mindlessly chase after your lips, tongue touching your lips before I knock out of it when you speak. Panting, I my lips and flush red as im supposed to be the sober one out of us. I pull away and loosen my hold of your thighs looking at you up and down before glancing at my own self. Ignoring all again, I cup your face and press a loving passionate lip kiss on your lip, a brief last one before I pull away reluctantly, could kiss you forever, I hum*
L-lets sleep...?
jinki [A] 1 year ago
@seoho /i inhale sharply, cutting the kiss off momentarily as i feel your colder palm rest over my clothed thigh and before i can even think of moving in again, i'm suddenly flipped over, staring at you wide eyed in surprise. still clouded by each electrifying touch and your inviting lips, i keep you held up with my arm s behind you, harshly on your lower tier as my free hand assists you in loosening your tie, whimpering almost desperately as our kiss deepens once more, tongue melding with your own before pulling away, head hanging as i speak, my words slurred out in between my heavy pants;
b- baby.. , i'm.. i'm so ing.. mmnm.. drunk, seoho..
seoho 1 year ago
@jinki *first welcomed with the alcohol taste but I push that to the back of my mind, lost in the kiss and the more our tongues rubbed together, the more I get your familiar taste. I move my arms backward to help you taking my blazer off, letting out a noise once im between your legs, my hand almost shaky come to feel down your thigh before moving to behind your thigh to grip there as I catch your tongue and sweetly it before I cant breathe anymore, I roll us over to have me beneath you and break the kiss,panting heavily, my heavy eyes parting slightly to guide my shaky hands to your jacket to slip down and off, sitting up and having you on my lap to wordlessly catch your lips again, my hands loosening my own tie meanwhile*
jinki [A] 1 year ago
@seoho /a hushed mewl passes my lips as i slip my tongue past your tiers and into your heated cavern, shifting a little under you to pry your blazer jacket off your body, a little rushed but swiftly, only to drop it on the floor beside us before i'm parting my legs just enough for you to fit in between them, sliding my hand lower down your back only to grip the hem of your pants as the kiss deepens, eventually feeling my body naturally growing hotter due to both our bodies flush against one another and also the alcohol in my system
seoho 1 year ago
@jinki *notices how you are staring at me, rather my lips, my heart picking up a way faster rate making my attempts to catch my breath almost invalid and before I could react, your lips capture mine. I protest no more, immediately melting into your hold for the much needed intimacy, i press my flat against you, an arm on my elbow by your head and other one coming to loosen your tie, worried about your breathing with my weight atop you as well. Once your tie is loose, I tilt my head to kiss you back deeply with full focus and passion, my hand that loosened your tie now lowers to hold your hip as I part my lip, my tongue almost needily seek yours, have missed your taste dearly*
jinki [A] 1 year ago
@seoho /i whine softly as you pull away, but suddenly brightens up as i receive a kiss, quietly agreeing and staggering beside you as you promise me a better alternative. i fall back onto the bed with a little grunt, eyes slowly blinking and lidded heavily due to my drunk state as i stare up at you, completely enthralled by my view of your delicate features just centimetres away, orbs guided specifically on your slightly parted mouth, panting regular fans of hot air onto my face. acting on impulse, my hand guides your chin down so i can capture your lips for a deep and passionate kiss, free hand settling behind your body as to press our frames together to minimise any remaining space between us
seoho 1 year ago
@jinki Yes? *answers when you seem to be more conscious than on our way here, struggling on our way now to your bedroom, pausing when you cling more to me and almost preventing me from moving, I almost giggle at how you hide against my neck and could feel you sniffing me, I keep proper hold of you not to crash us both*
Its rather too tiring here standing in middle of the corridor, Jinkiyah. Lets cuddle on bed okay? *drops a kiss to your head and continue toward your room, reaching a hand to turn the knob and get us inside, flopping you on bed and end up atop you, panting softly from the efforts pulling you all the way here, looking down at you as I catch my breath, my shorter bangs falling and tickling your face from close proximity*
jinki [A] 1 year ago

/my body leans almost completely limp against your slimmer frame, unable to remember how i even managed to get here, let alone when exactly i seemed to pass out from the function earlier, voice quiet and raspy as i call your name;
s-seo.. ?
/i cling onto your suit jacket as you guide me through my own home, shaking my head as if objecting against your plan to allow me to rest, turning to fit my face in the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent before mumbling;
lemme just. . be here.. like this.. mnnwith you..
seoho 1 year ago
@jinki (Right next to the newly wed lovebirds. Nice. Okno lmao)

H-hyung-- *grumbles as I try to straighten your back right after I managed to unlock the door to your house, going in and gently tugging you along, kicking the door shut*
You drunk a lot, hyung. *whines and shakes my head, worried about you as I walk us toward your room*
Lets get you to your bed so you can rest well.


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SweetCookie 2 days ago
Thank you all for the good memories
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*sits here for a hot second*
Your layout is beautiful~
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Insert mi
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Y’all gay
lascivious 4 months ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 4 months ago
Um, may I join?
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could I get kyungsoo back please
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