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dongwoo [A] 8 months ago
I should hire somebody to clean this house
*cleans it myself anyway*
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
@yoongi (h) *smiles apologetically but coos at you*
Trying to be~
Sorry for waking you; go back to sleep, baby.
*kisses your jaw and yawns softly, settling back down and lying still this time*
yoongi ( h ) 9 months ago
@dongwoo ( h ) - can't help but whine as I am nuzzled stirring to a semiconscious state-
Baby..? Sweepy stiwll?
-muttera tiredly-
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
@yoongi (h) *nuzzles you a little bit and yawns softly, settling back down since you're clearly still asleep and doing my best to follow that example*
yoongi ( h ) 9 months ago
@dongwoo ( h ) -continues sleeping next to you, not even ready to wake up-
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
@yoongi (h) *sleeps for about two hours and stirs awake but keeps my eyes closed since I really don't wanna move yet*
yoongi ( h ) 9 months ago
@dongwoo ( h ) -snores slight face nuzzling against you-
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
@yoongi (h) *hums softly and wraps one of my legs over your hip, nuzzling my face closer to you before settling back down and going still as I relax into a deeper sleep*
yoongi ( h ) 9 months ago
@dongwoo ( h ) -nuzzles close, listening to the sound of your breathing slowly helping me fall back to sleep, hands still clutching onto you-
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
@yoongi (h) Shush, accept your greatness and move on.
*kisses your pout and chuckles*
Good, much better~
*flushes and smiles shyly at the praise, nuzzling you and gently squeezing you in my arms for a second*
I'm glad~
You sleep well too.
*closes my eyes, still smiling, and slowly drifts off into sleep*
yoongi ( h ) 9 months ago
@dongwoo ( h ) Well, not everything I make is good enough to be sent out or put on albums.
-pouts and nods my head-
Fine fine. Sorry sorry
-breathes out a content sigh-
Mhm....good boy. I am happy.
Sleep good. Night love~♡
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
@yoongi (h) You can't spend all day every day at the studio working on things to put out there for ARMY lazily.
You work hard; acknowledge it~
*gives you a thumbs up and a fond smile*
Good, I look forward to it as well.
But right now, I'm looking forward to this nap more.
*laughs and holds you tight, snuggling you as much I can until I start getting sleepy again*
I know you do, and I'm very very thankful for that.
*kisses your pout and nods*
Mmkay, night night, Yoongi~
yoongi ( h ) 9 months ago
@dongwoo ( h ) Well, that is true. But I juggle them lazily. I dont really do much with Yoongi. Because he is less important for the group. I mostly live life as Suga, and when I can as Agust D...because those are what gets the money.
-nods with a hesitant yup-
Okay, I look forward too it.
-gives you a tired smile-
Seems very long when you have to wait.
-throws my libs around you, moving as close as I can to you-
I know. I know you do. And I am thankful.
You know I love you very very very very much~♡♡♡♡♡
-yawns again giving you a small pout eyes closing again-
Let's sleep~
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
@yoongi (h) Oh please, you work just as hard as everybody else.
Trying to juggle Min Yoongi, Suga, and Agust D has to be exhausting; I'd be lazy too if I had to do all that.
I just have Dongwoo~
*smiles to myself and nods my head, the mental image stuck in my head now*
We'll do that after we wake up.
30 seconds isn't that long, love.
*chuckles and quickly gets my jeans off, climbing into bed beside you and kissing your cheek*
Sleepy Yoongi is cutest Yoongi~
*wraps my arms around you and nuzzles your neck, humming softly and relaxing completely against you*
I love you very very much, you know that?
yoongi ( h ) 9 months ago
@dongwoo ( h ) Of course /i/ do. I am lazy as compared to the other members. They work extremely hard. But so do you. We work hard in diffrent ways.
A warm bath, with bubbles, bombs and soaks sounds so nice. We can dim the lights and relax against each other.
That is tooooooo long.
-whines trying to help you get your pants off before giving up and flopping to the bed with a tired yawn-
Hurry. I will wait so we can cuddle ♡
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
@yoongi (h) You guys work much harder than I do; do any of the seven of you know what the word "rest" means?
But yeah, my solo stuff has had me pretty busy lately.
*chuckles softly and kisses your arm*
I'm glad you love the idea so much because I do too; I'd love to take a bath or a shower with you every night if I could~
*tilts my head when you cling to me and chuckles with a nod, cooing at you again*
I am, I promise.
I just have to get your jeans off so you're more comfortable.
And my jeans have to come off too; I'll be with you in like 30 seconds, baby~
yoongi ( h ) 9 months ago
@dongwoo ( h ) Don't say that, babe. You work just as hard if not more. You have been very busy lately
Humm...a bath together. -nods my head happy with the idea-
That sounds lovely. I would like that a lot, in fact, I really love the idea.
-barely moves or whines as you move me about and prepare me for bed. Instead I just clinging to you-
-sits, slightly moving to sit up to grab your arm-
Sleep with me. Okay?
-rubs my eyes, a tired pout on my face-
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
@yoongi (h) love*
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
@yoongi (h) You work more than I do, so I wanna do all that stuff to help you relax.
Hmm, all I require are the snuggles and low, and also you getting in the bath with me when you run it.
*stops in front of my house and grabs the key out of my pocket, unlocking the door and stepping inside*
Home sweet home~
*walks slowly upstairs so I don't wake you and opens the door to my room, gently setting you on the bed and kissing your forehead before helping you out of your jeans so you can sleep easier and more comfortably*
You are the cutest sleeper~
dongwoo [A] 9 months ago
*cleans my own house this time*
Thanks, Dohyeong o/
dohyeong [A] 10 months ago
*sweeps and dusts and vacuums*
dohyeong [A] 10 months ago
*cleans Dongwoo's house for him*
dongwoo [A] 10 months ago
*tidies up my house and vacuums, sweeps, and dusts*
[post deleted by owner]
dongwoo [A] 11 months ago
@yoongi (h) Oh, really?
Well, then how about we do it together?
I think that's a good idea, and it also gives me another excuse to see you so.
*chuckles softly and smiles at you*
I'm sure it'll stay like this; we are stuck with each other now, after all, so I'd be best if it did.
*huffs and smacks your thigh*
If you have no rules then neither do I, meanie~
*shudders and shakes my head*
No, I'd feel like I'd be indirectly tainting my babies if I allow someone to ualize a name they have for me.
And shush it, you deserve alllllllll the rest; you work hard~
*grins at you and pats your cheeks this time*
Yeah, you do, standing in the middle of the walkway while not knowing what to do is super cute.
*gives you a light hug and lays my head on your shoulder for a bit*
Okay, come on then.
*kisses your hand and squeezes it before leading you downstairs into the cellar*
Pick whatever alcohol you want~
yoongi ( h ) 11 months ago
@dongwoo Well...idunnooo...maybe because you know I secretly want to but and trying to play it off.
-gives you a small shrug, a smile playing on my lips-
I mean...I have some ideas...but I want to see what you come up with. I am intrested in seeing what you think fits best for the creative and calming process also that matches with me.
Yeah. I would like too. It would be nice.
-gives you a gummy grin, my eyes crinkling up with amusment as you speak-
Iamnotcheaterrrr.there are no rules I hve to follow.
-bursts out laughing hand coming up to cover my mouth in embarrassment-
Sorry...I was just seeing if it was one of your secret kinks.
Dont say that. I do not deserve any rest. I dont do anything at all.
I don't look cuteeeeee...
-nods my head yes-
Yeah...I wanna drink still. I have been trying to keep myself together. All calm and collect and keeping myself from doing or saying anything stupid
-sighs out ruffling my hair in annoyence-
dongwoo [A] 11 months ago
@yoongi (h) Wouldn't be insisting so much if I didn't want to, silly~
How would you be forcing me if you've been trying to convince me not to and I've been insisting I do this whole time?
*nudges you lightly and then smiles at you*
I'm glad you feel like that; I hope it stays that way.
*chuckles softly and hums a bit*
You really wanna stay here?
*puffs my cheeks at your smile and starts to explain but squeaks loudly when you flick my *
M-Min Yoongi!
That... You... Cheater...
*flushes heavily and bites my lip, calming down a bit before trying to speak again*
I get called mama and eomma by two very pure, very precious lil beans.
Calling me mommy in a ual way feels weird.
And I'll be fine if you just wanna rest while I do everything; you deserve lots of rest after all~
*chuckles and kisses your cheek*
You look cute standing there like that.
Come on, cellar's in the basement.
You came here to drink, right?
*takes your hand and smiles*
Still wanna do that ooooor-?
yoongi ( h ) 11 months ago
@dongwoo If you really want to...I don't want to be a bother to you or force you into something...
I already feel comfortable here. I already feel calm in your home.
True...Maybe I can always rent it out...
-shrugs my shoulder with a sly smile-
Hum, why not? Do you like being called mommy~?
-flicks one of your s through your shirt with a smirk-
Lazy...that is my middle name. If you ever need help, let me know okay?
-shoves my hands into my pockets and awkwardly stands there not sure what I should do-
sooo....what now....?
dongwoo [A] 11 months ago
@yoongi (h) Hmm, still though; I'll do my research~
*smiles back and shrugs a bit, rubbing the back of my neck*
Well, I hope you'll be calm here, and I'm sure my babies definitely feel like we're a family.
*laughs and shakes my head a bit*
Much as I would love that, you just got your house.
*starts to say something else but squeaks a little, biting my lip softly and blushing even more*
Y-Yah, don't make it ual...
*sticks my tongue out at you once you pull away and pouts*
Because of the teasing, you might not get any food from me, hmph!
*rubs my cheeks a bit and tries to make them less red somehow, taking my shoes off after following you inside and shutting the door behind me*
I'm glad you like the house though; I like it too.
I haven't unpacked everything yet because I'm lazy and haven't needed the stuff yet, but it'll be nice once I decorate and everything.
yoongi ( h ) 11 months ago
@dongwoo I think I qilould be fine with any color...i wont be too picky. It is not my house, so it is up to you entirely.
-gives you a warm smile as you speak, thankful for your wants to make me comfortable-
I bet I will already be calm because I will be at your home.
I bet they already do feel like the are apart of the family.
I might have to sell my home and move in with you then~
Hummm.....-runs my tongue leaning in close to you, brushing my lips along the shell of your ear-
Should I call you mommy~
-pulls back with a grin-
I agree. I want one of my own on the future too.
You are gonna have to cook for me...lemme see your parenting skills in the kitchen
-smiles shyly as I walk in eyes taking in everything in silence. I work on taking my shoes off adrkiring your home further-
Homey...I like it


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oh god, the memories --
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I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
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