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hoseok ( h ) 10 months ago
dumps a suitcase out in here
namjoon 10 months ago
* sneaks in and quickly moves about picking up my stuff I left before quickly making my leave *
Alright time to let go ..
* sighs and pulls out of the driveway *
namjoon 10 months ago
@yoongi (h) @dongwoo * chuckles softly *
hes ok guys.. if anything is bothering him just let him come to you..
* nods while moving to sit next to dongwoo *
* laughs softly *
damn I was hoping you guy wouldn't wear anything … * sighs in a fake way as I stand back up *
but I guess PJs will work ..
* looks at dongwoo with a raised eyebrow before smirking and bending at the knees to hold dongwoos chin lightly *
ive heard about it yes.. have I seen it ..
* rubs my thumb across your bottom lip still smirking *
why dont you guys show me tonight ..
* winks while chuckling softly, stands back up*
im gonna go change first i am assuming the PJs are already neatly placed in the bathroom yoongs
* brings my arms up over my head stretching as i walk away and up the stairs to the bathroom to change*
dongwoo [A] 10 months ago
@yoongi (h) @namjoon *smiles widely at the kiss from both of you and then nods my head*
Yeah, I hope that he'll be okay, but he's as stubborn as you, Yoon~
Won't tell anybody anything or let them help if he does let it slip.
*gently pokes Yoongi's tummy and laughs, cooing a bit*
You're preciousYoon~
Namjoon, sit next to me, yeah?
Yoongi's had you for years; I want some time now!
*laughs and takes both of your hands, gently squeezing them*
Is anybody thirsty because I am; Yoongi is there any juice I may partake in?
*glances at Namjoon and grins*
Has he showed you his special room yet, Namjoon?
I bet it's exciting to be staying with him~
Also, expect to see me drop in to see you guys a lot!
Mostly you, Namjoon because I haven't spent as much time with you as I have the other two.
*taps Namjoon's cheek lightly*
yoongi ( h ) 10 months ago
@namjoon @dongwoo -pouts slightly-
Namjoon is right, I think he is busy. He has been in pain recently...I worry about him. But I also feel bad for constantly bothering him
-smiles cupping Namjoon's cheeks and giving him a gentle peck, before doing the same to DOngwoo-
So, I guess we can chill as the three of us.
I bought pj's for you guys...so if you didnt bring stuff to wear...I got you covered...I just wanted a hang out night where we can relax, talk and just...get to know each other or whatever...
namjoon 10 months ago
@yoongi (h) @dongwoo * chuckles watching both of your exchanges and shakes my head abit *
* nods and walks inside *
Thanks ..
* takes my shoes off and walks inside looking around at everything, hands stuffed into my pockets as I glance at both of you *
* mutters out and shakes my head moving to peck the corner od dongwoos lips then moving to do the same with yoongi *
its perfect..
and Hobi is kinda busy so I don't know if he'll make it tonight .. but well see
dongwoo [A] 10 months ago
@yoongi (h) @namjoon *happily takes a bag but pouts when Yoongi grabs it out of my hand*
Let me do a thing for onceeeeee~
*whines softly and huffs, sticking my tongue out at Yoongi before smiling at Namjoon*
Here, come in!
*moves out of the way to let Namjoon in and scoffs at Yoongi*
Oh please, this is perfect; this is literally my dream date, so there will be no complaints on my end.
Now we wait for Hoseok.
Somebody text him and tell him to hurry his up before we start without him and all the food will be gone.
yoongi ( h ) 10 months ago
@namjoon @dongwoo -blinks placing a plate of cookies in the island and makes my way over to the front door-
Namjoon~ welcome welcome!
-grins brightly grabbing the bangs from both of your hands-
let me get them.
-drags them to the livingroom where there is a large pillow and blanket fort, pillows blankets, a large air mattress, fairy lights, a movie projector and screen-
I am still setting the snacks ready. I ordered pizza. But i can order something else if you guys want...is it too childish? Do you want me to take the blankets down?
namjoon 10 months ago
@yoongi (h) @dongwoo ( I know right!! lol )

" looks towards the door when its opened and smiles softly when i see you "
hey woo~
" nods as i point to a few bags "
sure here take this one please ~
* chuckles as you shout to yoongi and bends grabbing the other bag and waits for you to go back inside*
hows it going...
dongwoo [A] 10 months ago
@yoongi (h) @namjoon (Dammit why are your names so far apart? XD)

I got it, Yoon!
*opens the door and smiles brightly as I see Namjoon*
Hi, Namjoon!
Oh, do you need help carrying anything?
*turns back into the house*
Namjoon's here!
namjoon 10 months ago
@yoongi (h) @dongwoo * sighs tiredly before smiling and knocking on the door*
* steps back a little as I run a hand through my hair, bag of stuff I am holding still in hand*
dongwoo [A] 10 months ago
@yoongi (h) I had nothing to do, so I pathetically came as soon as I got the message from you.
*laughs and smiles at you*
So what's the plan for tonight then?
Got something special cooked up for us?
yoongi ( h ) 10 months ago
@namjoon -grins checking your message and sending a kissy emoji back to you along with 'hurry, I am waiting~'
yoongi ( h ) 10 months ago
@dongwoo -chews my bottom lip nervously re-arranging the pillows in the pillow fort for the hundredth time-
-blinks checking my Rolex before skipping to the door and throwing it open-
oh~ Dongwoo! Hi!
dongwoo [A] 10 months ago
@yoongi (h) Oof am I early?
*knocks on your door and waits outside, slightly nervous for some reason*
yoongi ( h ) 10 months ago
dongwoo [A] 11 months ago
@yoongi (h) Exactly, so no in my kitchen because I will be cooking in it if I'm in there.
*chuckles softly and pokes your tummy again*
But the noises are so cute!
It's not helping me do what you want.
And you're not missing anything with the movie.
My friends dragged me to see it; I did it because they bought me dinner afterward.
It's not good, the acting is weird, and the stuff doesn't start til around 40 minutes into the dry lack of plot.
*smiles at your grin and kisses your nose playfully*
They're wonderful things~
Sometimes I'll play a game with myself and see if I can do something normal like read, watch tv, or even get work done while it's distracting me.
It's way more fun and way more challenging with someone else controlling the machine though; I go easy on myself.
*nuzzles your hand a bit and smiles at you*
I have one at my house, so you can always just ask me when you wanna see it while we're over there.
But I wanna see you on it too.
yoongi ( h ) 11 months ago
@dongwoo True...Buring the place down would be very very very very bad. Yes, I think you are right. Spanking,, ah I love spanking.
I was trying to write hoho, but of course, autocorrect. my bad my bad.
-wiggles when my tummy is poked and grins-
ayeee don't touch my tummy, im like the Pillsbury doughboy. poke my tummy and I go 'hohohooooo'
I don't know. Never seen the movie before...
-grins up at you, an eyebrow cocked up as you climb on top of me-
machines... SOound...interesting. Never thought about that. Though as lazy as I am, I think they would be the best.
-lets out a laugh as you speak about the bottom half in the form of a female. My hand reaches up and gently pushes your hair away from your face-
Interesting. I would like to see you use it one day
dongwoo [A] 11 months ago
@yoongi (h) Well, I don't wanna be distracted while cooking and burn the place down in the meantime.
Though, you might be onto something with the spanking thing.
*chuckles and nods my head*
Mhm, my precious snuggle baby; he's a sweetheart.
Hobo, huh?
*pokes your tummy*
I dunno if I like that~
*smiles at you and comes to sit beside you on the bed as you asked, laying my head on your shoulder*
Hmm, anything you make will already be better than the crappy movie.
*lays on top of you and grins at you*
Hmm, machines are always a good way to go.
I personally recommend you get a motorbunny; it's technically built with its attachments more for women, but I have no problem using them.
I just sit backward on the machine and boom~
There's an attachment for males, but it's for the tops, and the attachment is of a female lower half, which is kinda disturbing to me.
Either way, I like having things inside me more than around me, so I bought a bunch of the attachments.
yoongi ( h ) 11 months ago
@dongwoo -lets out a short my eyes rolling-
My kitchen is not. Dont mind getting ed against the counter and spanked by a spatula.
-lets out a laugh-
He is very pure...I want him to tay that way too.
Okay you can clean them and I will take a nap~ hobo
Of course I am adding.
-walks onto the room and sits on the bed with shy smile before patting the bed next to me-
Come sit...
Hummm maybe I do. I have not yet found anyone willing or fitting for the part.
-tries to hide my smile and I lay back on the bed-
I want to add more to the collection because I just...I dunnno wanna dabble into everything...? Any suggestions?
dongwoo [A] 11 months ago
@yoongi (h) Mine are very well hidden; I think I have lube somewhere in every room except the kitchen because that place is sacred.
*chuckles softly and shakes my head fondly*
Lazy , I'll clean your sheets then.
MinMin is very pure, and I wanna make sure he stays that way.
*grins at you and gives you a thumbs up*
That is very true.
*takes your hand and follows behind you, glancing around in wonder before looking at you when we stop*
The... You're such a dork.
*laughs with you and looks in the room, blinking at all the toys*
Whoa... You're still adding?
That is... Really hot actually.
I'm sure anyone could have a better room than Christian Gray.
*rolls my eyes with an amused smile*
Oh yeah?
Need a co-star by any chance?
yoongi ( h ) 11 months ago
@dongwoo -bursts out laughing-
I have it because I dont want any of my s laying around and what not. Gotta hide that away. Plus...I am always to lazy to clean my sheets... so if I have a separate bed we can just go straight to my other bed and sleep..procrastination at its finest.
Heh. Changmin is such a pure baby. Protect his soul.
Yes.... I especially think the bathroom is a great room.
-nods my head with a smile-
Okay...well..i guess let's go to the room
-holds out my hand for you to take before leading you upstairs. I lead you down the hall to the furthest bedroom in the house-
It is not the red room...but the black room!
-bursts out laughing-
Kidding it doesn't have a name.
-pushes open the door for you to look inside. Inside is an array of . From custom built shelving holding diffrent sized s and s to hooks where riding crops and flogged hung in the middle of te room was a king size bed with white sheets-
Cool right. I'm. Still adding to the collection. I'm gonna tr and have a better room then the fifty shades of gray man....
I'm going to make my own pron movie called fifty shades of gay
dongwoo [A] 11 months ago
@yoongi (h) *tilts my head and playfully pouts when you laugh at me*
Shuuuuuuuush, I'm a simple guy; I'm not hard to please or amuse.
*blinks and grins at you*
Whoa, even I don't have a room!
Mostly because I don't want Changmin to stumble across it, but also because every room except the kitchen is a room to me hehe
But I wanna see that room, as well as the others!
yoongi ( h ) 11 months ago
@dongwoo -lets put a laugh at you, finding your excitement cute-
I am glad you are happy to hear that. Idk if you want a tour...probably not since boring... but I have a special room for my kinks... so a room...and no it is not a red room....
-grins at you, eyes crinkling up in enjoyment-
dongwoo [A] 11 months ago
@yoongi (h) Really?
You're the first to go to mine too!
*smiles happily at you*
Thank you for giving me the honor of being the first to come over~
yoongi ( h ) 11 months ago
@dongwoo -shyly smiles-
Thanks...I like it too... you are the first person to ever come into my home..
dongwoo [A] 11 months ago
@yoongi (h) *smiles and looks around in awe*
Wow, I love this!
The colors are so warm!
yoongi ( h ) 11 months ago
@dongwoo -pulls you into my house-
welcome to my house!


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Maeyeollie 1 month ago
*sits here for a hot second*
Your layout is beautiful~
f10678786e9cdfbb785c 3 months ago
add josh cullen santos for me, please!
DoneWithYou 3 months ago
Insert mi
self-love 3 months ago
Y’all gay
lascivious 4 months ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 4 months ago
Um, may I join?
76b27de48ad9d7e8f646 4 months ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
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smilingdown 5 months ago
A/R Kim Jongdae please
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