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house of YERMARKHA
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mark tuan 1 month ago
@kim yerim helps to hollow out a circle around the castle in making a moat, digging my nails into the sand. goes over to the tide and lets the bucket sink in to grab some water before making my way back over to the castle
here's some water! maybe we can put some sea creatures in the moat too
lets the water spill into the hollowed ring around the castle, watching it pool up with water before quickly running over to the tide again to get more.
it looks great so far yeri! we're doing good.
kim yerim 1 month ago
@mark tuan Omo yes then the little mermaids can have a garden! YAY bridge time~ *smiles happily and starts digging.* Neh papa nut we can have one, otherwise this castle is too easy for people to get into.
I'm almost done with my side of the tunnel papa. *crawls over to your side and digs there too so it goes through, continuing to dig right round and make a moat. *
all done papa! We can put water in there now~
mark tuan 1 month ago
@kim yerim of course! nut kingdom. how about we get little trees to put around the castle as well?
grabs some sticks that lay across the expanse of the beach, bringing some over to the castle
cool! a bridge sounds neat. lets make a moat too, so we have some water protecting the castle
pats down some sand in the front of the castle, making a sturdy, long object that represents the outline of a drawbridge before grabbing the bucket to go get some water
kim yerim 1 month ago
@mark tuan *Draws out some windows on the castle with a stick i found*
umm can we call it the nut kingdom? that way when we want we can come and live inside of it!
*places the sea weed on top of the castle and some pretty shells too for chairs*
Papa nut let's make a bridge for the castle too!
mark tuan 1 month ago
@kim yerim ok sounds good! i can grab more sea shells for you
goes over near the edge of the tide and parts of the sand to find different sized sea shells, all varying in texture before setting them down next to you
what do you want to name the castle? a mighty castle like this deserves a whole kingdom!
helps you shape out parts of the castle with the tools we have
kim yerim 1 month ago
@mark tuan Yes papa you go get the seaweed, me and mama will make the castle nice and toll!
*Helps mama make the castle into a big one, patting down the edges so it's solid and wont fall*
nehhhh! it can have a roof top garden! and that's where the little mermaid can go to brush her hair!
I'll make a door!
*runs away and finds a big shell before returning and sticking it down the bottom of the castle
mark tuan 1 month ago
@kim yerim okay sounds good! i will grab the seaweed then!
goes over to the tide, finding seaweed that was washed up and bringing some little pieces over.
this works for good decoration yes? maybe it should go on the top
kim yerim 1 month ago
@mark tuan Mama and i wanna make a really big one! and i want to put seaweed on it too papa!
*grabs out my bucket and fills it up with sand for the castle
kim yerim 1 month ago
@kim chungha *smiles widely as mama comes over and sits near me*
Can we put seaweed and shells on it too mama?
mark tuan 1 month ago
@kim yerim carries the towel and umbrella in the cradle of my arms, letting it sit next to our designated spot. runs toward the sand with you.
lets do this! what kind of sandcastle would you like? big? small?
kim chungha [A] 1 month ago
@kim yerim carries our bags and sets up a resting spot for us, adjusting both the umbrella and the towel.
alright! all of our stuff will be placed here.
scurries over to sit beside you.
let’s build the biggest sand castle!
kim yerim 1 month ago
@mark tuan @kim chungha BEach time~ *squeals happily and runs onto the sand*
Let's build a sand castle mama and papa!
kim yerim 2 months ago
*drags my bed out of my room and plops it into the bath tub*
Time to have an under the sea adventure
kim yerim 2 months ago
*hugs mama and papa*
You guys have made my birthday the best day ever! I don't ever want my birthday to end :)
kim chungha [A] 2 months ago
yes what your papa said! we love you so much!
mark tuan 2 months ago
you've always been and will always be our good nut! you've done so much for us in terms of support and overwhelming love. we can't be more grateful to have a daughter like you. i hope you have a fantastic birthday cutie. we'll always be here! < 3
kim chungha [A] 2 months ago
you've always been a beautiful and good nut child : (((( we've never had any problems with you honey, do not think like that! hugs you back tightly and squishes you gently. i'm just so happy we got to be here for your birthday omg
kim yerim 2 months ago
Thank you mama and papa~ *cuddles you tightly*
I promise to be a good nut now that i'm 20
mark tuan 2 months ago
kim chungha [A] 2 months ago
kim chungha [A] 2 months ago
kim yerim 2 months ago
kim chungha [A] 2 months ago
@kim yerim yes we can baby! want me to make some cookies or cupcakes?
kim yerim 2 months ago
@kim chungha neh , can we have one today? I will bring my plush toys with us so we can cuddle them
kim chungha [A] 2 months ago
@kim yerim you want to have one today, love?
kim yerim 2 months ago
@kim chungha Mama can we have a slumber party now?
kim yerim 3 months ago
*crawls into my bed and sleeps here till mama and papa nut get home*
kim yerim 3 months ago
@mark tuan awe okie appa, I will take care of mama nut while you sleep and then when you come back will have pancakes!
*covers you with the blanket so you're nice and warm*
Sleep well papa nut ~
mark tuan 3 months ago
@kim yerim smiles brightly in your direction.
that's good to hear! i actually might be heading to bed soon but we can do a lot of fun stuff later okay?
kim yerim 3 months ago
@mark tuan yay papa is awake too~ *rolls over to him and snuggles with him as well*
Neh papa nut i slept well! did you?


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narcotic 1 week ago
please put jongin on a 4 week hiatus. thank you in advance!
collywobbles 2 weeks ago
sends love to this rp uwu
windowsxp 3 weeks ago
actually can i snatchy hwang minhyun since i got drop kick c:
sleepwalking 3 weeks ago
I need a couple more weeks of hiatus. Finals are coming up and then I will be back
PinkMatcha 3 weeks ago
park jimin please
spotify 1 month ago
hi exams are in two weeks and i should study dhshsh can i get a month’s hiatus please? thank you xoxo
hiexcuseme 1 month ago
hey guys ! I really didn't wanna do this but I need to go on an emergency hiatus for a week :') my grandma's in the hospital and they're suspecting vvv bad stuff going on with her health :')

- xiao and co.
bangmafia 1 month ago
hEY !!!!!!! !! ! !! ! ! ! !
gudetama 1 month ago
cha eunwoo ♡ [A]3:06:01 PMReply
taeyong: why is there dust in my ????
windowsxp 1 month ago
do you still have my guan
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