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Think of this as a small gallery or moodboard that'll be change daily with pictures you send in, or pictures admins update if there's nothing sent in. Gather a collection of calming pictures (9) if you would like to share them with others! Post the collection below.
kim chungha [A] 6 months ago
❛ ♡ : new room unlocked!


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windowsxp 2 weeks ago
you have cho seungyoun?
sagittarius [A] 2 weeks ago

im jaebum7:44:43 PMReply

lee soobin [ h ]4:44:22 PMReply

choi soobin [A] 2 minutes ago Reply

cancel 4 months ago

baepsae 2 weeks ago
i-is this r-rp al-alive...? >.<
Kyutaro 3 weeks ago
I'm going to hop out and make Sori free for now
but if there is a revamp, hit me up!
artemis_ 2 months ago
jung chaeyeon has to take her leave. I'll miss you guys!
luciddream 2 months ago
going to drop yoohyeon and onda but keeping eunchae!
narcotic 3 months ago
please put jongin on a 4 week hiatus. thank you in advance!
collywobbles 3 months ago
sends love to this rp uwu
windowsxp 3 months ago
actually can i snatchy hwang minhyun since i got drop kick c:
luciddream 3 months ago
I need a couple more weeks of hiatus. Finals are coming up and then I will be back
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