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Taken Faces。
If a name is not there they are available. Will be updated regularly.
Blackpink: Jennie
BTS: V, Suga, Jimin
Cherry Bullet: Kokoro
CLC: Seunghee
Dreamcatcher: Handong
f(x): Krystal
Loona: Heejin
Mamamoo: Moonbyul
Models/Ulzzangs: Choi Heechu
Monsta X: Jooheon, I.M, Kihyun
Mr.Tyger: Linmo
MR-X: Xikan
NCT: Haechan
Nine Percent: Evan
Red Velvet: Irene
Soloists: Jessica Jung, Jolin Tsai, Kim Hyuna, Kim Chungha, Z.Hera, Holland, Jamie, J.G
Super Junior: Donghae, Siwon
Trainees: Li Zhenning, Che Huixuan, Lian Huaiwei, Kim Junkyu
TXT: Taehyun
WJSN: Seola, Cheng Xiao
jeon jυngĸooĸ {jĸ}ᵖʰᵒᵗᵒᵍʳᵃᵖʰᵉʳ 6 months ago
Jungkook Of BTS is taken-


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-firstoption- 5 months ago
siwon left, lost muse. sorry!
kookiesnmilk 6 months ago
super sorry but yeonjae is leaving! just don't have muse atm ;;
qxeen_bxnny 6 months ago
It won’t let me eee rooms-
self-love 6 months ago
sonicapocalypse 6 months ago
Just checked back in here because I had a few hours to spend. To ThisIsMyLife, I'm happy you did this again, and I hope this place grows and everybody in here has a blast! :)

- Rising Star's Seulgi
qxeen_bxnny 6 months ago
Is there already a Kim Taehyung? (I didn’t see one but I just want to be sure-)
kookiesnmilk 6 months ago
can I get park yeonjae?
malheureuse 6 months ago
i.. didn't apply

so uh
ten as a cinematographer and photographer
jaemin as trainee or choreographer
peekaboo 6 months ago
oi, can i get oh sehun please
missinkiss 6 months ago
Can I get Choi Jinwoo and Choi Minki please
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