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CEO Jung's Office
Knock before entering.
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cнoι ѕιwonᵐᵃⁿᵃᵍᵉʳ 1 year ago
@jeѕѕιca jυngᶜᵉᵒ His first memory of Jessica is still as fresh as morning air. He was a mere college student interning for a renowned businessman-slash-professor in NYU; and, there he met her or at least he knew about her. He wasn't quite sure what made her attractive at first glance but he knew the air around her was different which was soon proven by her work ethics after watching her business proposal and business launching all at the same summertime. From then on, Siwon had followed her line all the way to Korea wherein he just discovered that she was a (former) girl group member, making her all the more admirable in his eyes. Afterwards, he flew back to his home country and wrapped up all his work to make way for a new life in Korea.

Now there he stood in the middle of Jessica's office, the same woman he had been hopelessly following for several years. Until now it is still a mystery how he, a sought-after bachelor, remains unknown to her. Despite that anonymity, Siwon have no qualms about it instead he even has the courage to leave her a bouquet atop her table. Something that he had been doing since he first started at the company.


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-firstoption- 1 year ago
siwon left, lost muse. sorry!
kookiesnmilk 1 year ago
super sorry but yeonjae is leaving! just don't have muse atm ;;
aureate-dewdrops 1 year ago
It won’t let me eee rooms-
self-love 1 year ago
sonicapocalypse 1 year ago
Just checked back in here because I had a few hours to spend. To ThisIsMyLife, I'm happy you did this again, and I hope this place grows and everybody in here has a blast! :)

- Rising Star's Seulgi
aureate-dewdrops 1 year ago
Is there already a Kim Taehyung? (I didn’t see one but I just want to be sure-)
kookiesnmilk 1 year ago
can I get park yeonjae?
844fa9160fda20fa8f06 1 year ago
i.. didn't apply

so uh
ten as a cinematographer and photographer
jaemin as trainee or choreographer
peekaboo 1 year ago
oi, can i get oh sehun please
missinkiss 1 year ago
Can I get Choi Jinwoo and Choi Minki please
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