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if you're hitting a milestone, wanting to dedicate a piece or writing to a particular someone or some people, there's no better place than here!
☆ kim taehyung ᵛ [A] 5 months ago
i appreciate everyone bc ily all
ahn lina 6 months ago
I appreciate the admins for making this a wonderful place I love everything here
bong jaehyun 7 months ago
i appreciate jisoo and how hard she tried and for all the efforts put into the chosen song of the week as our in house dj uwu ily kim djisoo
ahn heeyeon ʰᵃⁿᶦ 8 months ago
i just joined yesterday and i’m still new so I really don’t know how friendly or what the attitudes of the people inside this rp are, but I can totally feel the vibe of being a family in here as well as the essence of rping.
im changkyun ᶦᵐ 8 months ago
its been a total of 0.0002 seconds since ive joined but everyone seems approachable and friendly and the rp screams crazy but the good kind
yanny yi 8 months ago
Been here since the beginning of cwtch and never been disappointed with thr outcome although there may have been minor setbacks...
This place is still alive and kicking so I'm proud of them. Some admins may be ugly cough tae cough. But overall everyone is nice and welcoming here.
seo soojin 8 months ago
can’t say much about this place tbh but so far this place seems legit. too organized and that’s good uhh yea ewe ask me when it’s been a couple of months.
tom holland 8 months ago
i just joined but it's lit already skrt skrt
kim junmyeon ˢᵘʰᵒ [sh] 8 months ago
Not been* ()
kim junmyeon ˢᵘʰᵒ [sh] 8 months ago
It has been long sincei joined in so my words would be based on the time i have spend so far. This is definitely an active rp that i really appreciated. A bit fast paced but thats definitely a plus for me. Everyone seems friendly and its nice to see all the admins engaging in the events.
Well.. more appreciation will come once i spend more time.
seo jisoo [A] 8 months ago
❀ — uwu

all those down below & their alts have been rewarded with the reader badge to show our appreciation for reading the announcement so quickly and complying with what was stated. those who are coming after this post will unfortunately not be rewarded due to the nature of the badge being on a 24h time limit :o

however you are still more than welcome to finish off the requirements of the announcement by posting your testimony here as they are all greatly appreciated uwu
kim woojin 8 months ago
this place filled with awesome people
while its true that sometimes I feel lost and ignored but everyone is nice and fun to get along with when i stayed in more. not to mention the craziness here lol
kim doyeon 8 months ago
i love cwtch since they provide rooms for those who like to write and be more literate despite being a pretty cracky rp. i really admire the admins’ dedication to this place as they’re willing to revamp it as many times as they want to. the people here are really chill and easy talk to so it’s easy to mingle with people you’re not really close to. overall, it’s just an an excellent rp and people should definitely give it a shot.
han jisung ᵇᶦⁿⁿᶦᵉ [A] 8 months ago
i've only been here when 3.0 opened but! i like that i feel that this is a place where i can stay and make new friends as everyone here are really nice and hilarious. i'll make more time to be here so i can create lots of memories with yall and also have fun.
cwtch is an awesome place with precious and supportive people, and i'm glad i'm now apart of it, thank you you-know-who i'm really grateful for you muAH and to all the admins and people here too!! you're doing amazing.
lee euijing 8 months ago
i really love cwtch a lot, though i don't go by the chatroom so much, i can see how much people are really active and also friendly! *^* this is the only roleplay i'm at ever since i get back from a very much long hiatus and i can say it never bored me because it's always alive at certain times!!! i hope it stays around much longer!!
☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ 8 months ago
❀ — uwu SOFF

as promised, the reader badge has been given to all below this post as a thanku and good job for reading our announcement within 24 hrs uwu
goOd joB bUbBiES, for other badges you've earned, tag any admin in the badge claiming room and tell us so we can stick it into your layout!
jeon jungkook 8 months ago
dAbS it's been over a year since i first joined the cwtch fambam back in 1.0, and it's been a long journey since then. by now, it's safe to say that i love everything about cwtch from the admins to the aesthetics to the effort it takes to maintain all the rooms and host the events to, ultimately, all the members, friends new and old, both those i've known for months and those who i'm more than happy to meet soon in the upcoming days. even though i've been busy since the start of cwtch 3.0, i don't feel very left out because everyone is so nice, and i don't feel a kind of pressure to fit in because it's such a friendly and heartwarming atmosphere. the admin team do so much to keep this place fun and running, and i'm not always sentimental, but i really want to say thank you to them for making this happen as well as to our members. thank you for being an amazing family to me, and i really hope anyone who reads this will feel free to join. feel loved, feel safe, this is your safe place and we'll love you ❤
jung wheein 8 months ago
uwu this place has many different types of people who rp differently or act differently but we all get along great which i find amazing. this rp really does accept all and makes you feel comfortable to be who you are. the support system here is beyond compare. if you ever have a problem, anyone would be willing to help you. it's so loving and heartwarming while also being able to be fun or serious. i've talked with many people and have thoroughly enjoyed being here. the admins are doing a great job with this rp, props to you and keep up the good work! ❤
jeon heejin 8 months ago
do i need to do this again or can i just cp my past confessional from the other cwtch sjshsh okno uwu jk

i love cwtch bcs cwtch loves me too. cwtch loves everyone, and everyone loves cwtch. although this place might be super chaotic sometimes, still, it's truly a safe place that provides us with a family that will constantly be there no matter what.

this place is super lit. not just the chatroom, but the events, the ideas, the games, the everything, you wont regret joining cwtch bcs no matter who you are, this place has something for you. (admin team, y'all earn a star from this girl over here cuz y'all brilliant loveable wussies)

we dont care who you are or how you got in here, once you're here, you're already automatically part of the ohana. there are no outcasts in this place, only family; and family means that no one gets left behind or forgotten.

thank u.
choi yerim ᶜʰᵒᵉʳʳʸ 8 months ago
whilst the rp is actually pretty active and can get a little too fast at times, the great thing that i love about cwtch is that it also has its down or slower times uwu during which, if youre like me, youre able to connect with everyone a lot easier c: they also have a second chatroom just for all the lost people out there which i love! plenty of soft people all around that makes me go uwuwuwuwu
song yuqi 8 months ago
honestly, what are you doing if you're not here? u w u j oin the army and spread uwus all over. there's not a reason you shouldn't join because y'all be having a great time. das it. no fancy words. jUS T jOIN. admins are amazing wyd j.o.i.n.
byun baekhyun 8 months ago
the effort that’s put into rp-ing through events but also have casual chats in the chat room balances cwtch as maybe one of the best non au rps out there. heart arms at everyone and admins. y’all amazing mwuah.
kim minseok 8 months ago
cwtch is genuinely a golden place, y’all reading this room come join and you literally with be showered with crazy love. the admins are phenomenal, absolutely amazing. they always give out their best, and that really does affect the rp in a positive manner.
kang hyewon 8 months ago
everyone i've met here is super sweet and adorable ( *`ω´) people here are friendly and did i mention hilarious and being here is really enjoyable because of all the fun stuff that happens. please give this rp a chance because you'll love it for sure!
oh sehun 8 months ago
I haven’t been in this rp for too long but joining cwtch as my first rp on my return to rpr after a long break is definitely a decision I don’t regret— esp since I’m picky with nonaus. The people here are friendly and it’s really different from the nonaus you see around— the number of rooms goes to show how the admins are trying to make our stay fun! The vibe is really cozy too, it feels like home and it’s a safe place.
kim minju 8 months ago
cwtch is definitely a safe space and a second home in my opinion. uwu

I usually do the dippity dip in most roleplays but this nonau is definitely something that you can not dip away from easily. everyone is cute, friendly and everyone here is a family. it makes me have a big phat UWU. Cwtch is certainly a place that is just full of UWUs.

The admins work so hard and put so much effort to this place. They definitely deserve lots of love and I appreciate all of them. uwu

The members are so friendly and so funny. They all make this place feel like a second family to me. Just being here makes all my stress and frustrations go away.

Cwtch is such a fun place and deserves so much if not even more appreciation and love. uwu

Like I said, the members and the admins are very open and nonjudgmental.
I believe that, though Cwtch is a great nonau, it is the people here that makes Cwtch berry BERRY special. uwu
jeon doyum 8 months ago
hi cwtch is that sort of rp that like never dies in ur heart sdjd like.. i am a little dead on this site right now but even with the last cwtch, after it died i'd still go and check in there when i have time, and it's the exact same thing now but it's ALIVE and alive is fun! join a loud mess that's like family yes uwu worth your time 10000/10 would recommend
☾ xu minghao ᵗʰᵉ⁸ 8 months ago
i love everyone im soff tf
park sooyoung ʲᵒʸ 8 months ago
hoho cwtch is another home i would come back all the time like where can you find this kind of family that can derp around with you? i love yall literally love so much
kim mingyu 8 months ago
You! Yes You!
I am talking to you, stop turning around smh.

You should join cwtch because you wont find a roleplay this wholesome and friendly anywhere else. I can 100% garauntee that I am speaking truth and truth only because i ve been part of cwtch since the og days.
The admins are amazing- i think ya ll already know the amount of work and effort they put for all of us, including events which are rare on this site.
There is plenty of rooms if ya wanna roleplay, gaming rooms if you are a big fan of waswas like me and many other miscs to keep you entertained.
Also- i am here tf. hit up my wall if you wanna have some good time or you can call me @1-800-MINGYUOPPA ;*



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soonyoung 3 months ago
donghyun and sejin left shdjdh ily guys gluck uwu
acuteassmess 4 months ago
im sorry but brittany left ;; + give yall the best of luck
smallraindrops 4 months ago
is nct yuta available?
unbothered 4 months ago
Jennie's bounced, thank you so much for having me!
goldilocksmith 4 months ago
why did i just found out about this i c ri omG
Warlock 5 months ago
hihi taemin's time was short here but i'll have to take my leave. see you guys next time maybe!
shiber 5 months ago
i guess it’s time
can i have park jiwon e:u as a second
matryoshka [A] 5 months ago
❁ — checked eue
SJV1144 5 months ago
can yuvin pls be cced to lee juyeon
thank you :3
sanshine 5 months ago
may i have krystal cced to kim minji aka jiu of dreamcatcher? uwu
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