➻ water park

cwtch : water park

room is for all to rp.
splish splash sploosh.
☆ kim taehyung ᵛ [A] 7 months ago
@kim mingyu drowns just 4 u
kim mingyu 7 months ago
digs my nose as i wait for someone to drown because the i want to save someone
ahn heeyeon ʰᵃⁿᶦ 8 months ago
@☆ kim taehyung ᵛ [/casually brings you here with me and splashes water all over you] forgive me mister, but thank you for welcoming me in here and for being the guest of my dare.
kim mingyu 8 months ago
climbs my high lifeguard chair, with my shades on and chest exposed.
what a good day ah- stretches before i start applying sun cream all over my arms
kim junmyeon ˢᵘʰᵒ [sh] 8 months ago
@yoon jeonghan /lets out a laugh once he gets splashed and he wipes off the water from his face and a little that had gotten on his shirt/
Well.. atleast.. now i dont have to feel bad and i completed the dare.
/grins back at you in return/
Thank you. This is fun.
yoon jeonghan 8 months ago
@kim junmyeon ˢᵘʰᵒ Oh, alright alright.
/nods softly in response to you as to agree also to say he's ready/
No need to aologize.
/he says just before he gets splashed, getting a littoe wet from the water which didn't bother him much/
I apologize too but you said it's to make you not feel bad so.
/bends down after being by the shallow end as well, taking a handful of water and splashing it on you, being careful enough/
We're now even and congratulations for doing the dare the badge will come by soon enough.
/gives you a wide grin of his own/
kim junmyeon ˢᵘʰᵒ [sh] 8 months ago
@yoon jeonghan I am a bit selfish. I want you to splash on me later so that i dont feel bad.
/gives another sheepish grin/
Ok then.. ready?
/walks towards the water pool and turns towards you once he reaches at the shallow end/
I am really sorry.
/feels the need to apologise before he leans in to cup the water in his palms and gives a rather meek splash on you/
yoon jeonghan 8 months ago
@kim junmyeon ˢᵘʰᵒ /shakes his head in disagreement/
Not really, just daily encounters with people in the chatroom gives a lot of stuffs that can be weird.
/smiles softly at you before shaking his head once again/
It's alright, I don't think I need to do that, just go for it.
kim junmyeon ˢᵘʰᵒ [sh] 8 months ago
@yoon jeonghan Oh?
You must have been helping out with the dares like you volunteered for mine.
/scrunches up his nose/
I am gonna feel really bad about this later. How about you splash the water on me too after my dare is completed?
yoon jeonghan 8 months ago
@kim junmyeon ˢᵘʰᵒ /softly laughs and waves his hand off in gesture to you/
It's fine, if it's for the sake of the dare then I'll be alright with this.
/looks off while mumbling to myself/
I have already experience the worst of the worse.
kim junmyeon ˢᵘʰᵒ [sh] 8 months ago
@yoon jeonghan Oof.. took forever to find you in that chaos.
/pretends to wipe the imaginary sweat off his brows before giving a sheepish grin at you/
Are you sure you okay with this? It isnt exactly a fun one.
☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ 8 months ago

iSsA wAtEr paRk, fiNALLY opened for business, specially for the welcome dare ; )

coMe doWn wiTh yoUr friEnds aNd coOL oFf heRE, iSsA fUN


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soonyoung 4 months ago
donghyun and sejin left shdjdh ily guys gluck uwu
acuteassmess 4 months ago
im sorry but brittany left ;; + give yall the best of luck
smallraindrops 4 months ago
is nct yuta available?
unbothered 4 months ago
Jennie's bounced, thank you so much for having me!
goldilocksmith 4 months ago
why did i just found out about this i c ri omG
Warlock 5 months ago
hihi taemin's time was short here but i'll have to take my leave. see you guys next time maybe!
shiber 5 months ago
i guess it’s time
can i have park jiwon e:u as a second
matryoshka [A] 5 months ago
❁ — checked eue
SJV1144 5 months ago
can yuvin pls be cced to lee juyeon
thank you :3
sanshine 5 months ago
may i have krystal cced to kim minji aka jiu of dreamcatcher? uwu
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