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would you like to see a few specific faces around in this rp? come drop your wishes here then!  
don't forget, no chatting here, strictly post your wishes then yeet and pray they come true.
park jiwon 5 months ago
lee taemin 5 months ago
the rest of shinee basically 6v6
lee taemin 5 months ago
minho hyung
☾ xu minghao ᵗʰᵉ⁸ 6 months ago
❀ — checked!
ahn lina 6 months ago
some actors and actresses like song joongki lee joongi kim jiwon as well more tattooed people like youngwoo jay park won jongjin
☾ xu minghao ᵗʰᵉ⁸ 6 months ago
❀ — checked!
yeo hwanwoong 6 months ago
also !!! oneus' keonhee !!!!
yeh shuhua 6 months ago
(g)i-dle peeps! bvndit, ateez, red velvet, pristin (yes)!!
☾ xu minghao ᵗʰᵉ⁸ 6 months ago
❀ — checked!
kim jennie 6 months ago
christian yu, song mino, kim myungsoo, jung yonghwa, kard esp matt and somin, kim jae wook, bae joohyun, rest of bp, red velvet, snsd, jessica and krystal
choi yeonjun 6 months ago
two babies named Huening Kai and Taehyun~
*gido son*
kim minji 6 months ago
dreamcatcher's dami (!!!), dreamcatcher in general, ateez in general.
hidaka ryuta [h] 7 months ago
More people
jung jinsung [A] 7 months ago
moon byulyi ᵐᵒᵒⁿᵇʸᵘˡ 7 months ago
Hwasa to complete Mamamoo
☾ xu minghao ᵗʰᵉ⁸ 7 months ago
❀ — checked!
where art though active people
miyawaki sakura [h] 7 months ago
More iz*one members pls
Song Weilong, Neo Huo, Darren Wang
miyawaki sakura [h] 8 months ago
A kang chani onegai
shin ryujin 8 months ago
@camila mendez but guess what? my wish came true even before i wished it :oo they already had a seonho!!1! so yay! uwu
camila mendez 8 months ago
@shin ryujin Awe. Alright.
shin ryujin 8 months ago
@camila mendez hmm¿? :o oh no no! aheh i just really like the pd101 s2 boys and bc we have a guan, we need a seonho uwu
jung jaehyun 8 months ago
where are le goRLS

f(x), snsd, red velvet
camila mendez 8 months ago
@shin ryujin Do you want Seonho for Ryunjin?
nam yujin ᵉʸᵉᵈᶦ 8 months ago
jung sara aka sarada jsy uwu
kim hyunsoo [A] 8 months ago
❀ — brING in the D1CE anD 1thE9
shin ryujin 8 months ago
w A I T

we also wish for yoo seonho, nct bois, pentagon, kim seokjin, kang taehyun, choi beomgyu. oh oh also, clc, oh my girl and twice!!1! ok we're gonna stop there before our brain starts spewing out more.
kim jungeun ᵏᶦᵐ ˡᶦᵖ 8 months ago
h h hh h h
cAn wE hAve mOre yeOLjAs

girly pops: son seungwan (wendy), kim yerim (yeri), lovelyz, fromis_9!!1!, lee luda, kim jiyeon (bona)— tbh just all of wjsn like yEs pLs siS, more loona members bc uwu, pristin, weki meki, apink, izone aND chungha.

y eah the bois: park woojin, lee daehwi,,, actually ab6ix members pls come thru, V I C T O N - all of them!!1!, seventeen, ong seongwoo w h eezes, park jihoon— yknow what just bless me with all of wanna one bc why not, kwon hyuk (dean), got7 and jeong sewoon.
☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ 8 months ago
❀ — checked uwu
where art thou my fellow got7
brendon urie 8 months ago
More intls tbh
tyler joseph 8 months ago


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soonyoung 4 months ago
donghyun and sejin left shdjdh ily guys gluck uwu
acuteassmess 4 months ago
im sorry but brittany left ;; + give yall the best of luck
smallraindrops 4 months ago
is nct yuta available?
unbothered 5 months ago
Jennie's bounced, thank you so much for having me!
goldilocksmith 5 months ago
why did i just found out about this i c ri omG
Warlock 5 months ago
hihi taemin's time was short here but i'll have to take my leave. see you guys next time maybe!
shiber 5 months ago
i guess it’s time
can i have park jiwon e:u as a second
matryoshka [A] 5 months ago
❁ — checked eue
SJV1144 5 months ago
can yuvin pls be cced to lee juyeon
thank you :3
sanshine 5 months ago
may i have krystal cced to kim minji aka jiu of dreamcatcher? uwu
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