⇝ forbidden forest

cwtchogwarts : forbidden forest
also known as the dark forest, it is a very old place that houses many creatures and holds many secrets.
room is for opened all to rp.
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
@☼ kim younghoon g E SP S does this mean buckbeak now trusts them? chaeyoung was delighted, and proud of her baby for being able to gain the respect (and trust) from the creature known to be extremely dangerous. she was enjoying the creature's presence, giving it many pats on the head and enjoying the soft feathers that brushed against her skin each time the creature rubbed itself on her. she almost forgets that they were here to feed buckbeak; thus she quietly steps back to grab the food that was on the floor.

with the food in her hand, she makes her way back to the creature and held it up, "buckbeak, aren't you hungry? look, we've brought lots of food for you!" she tried her best to hold up as many food choices up for the hippogriff but alas, what'd you know -- her hands weren't big enough for them all; but that's where younghoon would come in handy! she gestures for him to hold up alL the remaining food they had brought and whilst she was occupied with fussing around (she wants to give buckbeak the best), the creature had snapped up the carrot that chaeyoung held, munching it loudly with a crONCH. she whips her head back to watch the creature eat, a pleased, upbeat grin playing on her features as she watches the hippogriff wiping out all the food they had brought for it.
kim younghoon 7 months ago
@☼ park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ she was right (of course, mi smort baby) about the hippogriff. younghoon had been so caught up with trying to feed buckbeak that it had slipped his mind about the traits of the creature; show it respect first and it'll be keep its loyalty to you -- a trait the male admires a lot. he was enjoying the soft touches from his baby and was leaning in to her touch when it was aLso suddenly taken away from him. nAni one sEc the warmth was thERe and he was enjoying the affection but the next it was gOnE. he couldn't help but jut his bottom lip out though he knew his baby was too caught up with the hippogriff to notice him. onoes was younghoon getting jealous over a half eagle half horse,,, he was flustered and snapped out from his mini episode with himself.

instead of sulking further, he follows behind his baby and took small steps forwards, cooing softly at buckbeak, "it's ok, we won't hurt you," he doesn't look at it in its eyes straight away and lowers his gaze to the ground, extending an arm outwards to hold his palm out at buckbeak. after what felt like forever (because his arm was starting to feel the burn and ache), he felt something soft yet hard. slowly, he raises his head to see buckbeak's head pressed against his hand. he had to contain his excitement however, afraid it might scare off the creature. but of course, he couldn't noT share the excitement with his baby thus turned to his baby, spotting a simper on his countenance.
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
@☼ kim younghoon their task at hand was to first and foremost feed buckbeak, chaeyoung knows, but her first inclination was to try her best to befriend the proud beast. unlike her baby who has been trying to feed the hippogriff through coaxing and offering different varieties of feed, she instead, had nothing in hand and just admired the creature from afar, staring at in tenderly. she knew the ways a hippogriff thinks -- buckbeak commands for respect and in return, he would pay the same respects back and hopefully then, he would cooperate and start eating. rose wasn't sure how to get around showing that she had utmost respect for buckbeak and could only hope the sincerity in her heart could be felt by the creature. just think happy thoughts and buckbeak would probably know, right? they were smart, majestic creatures after all.

she orientates herself to face younghoon, melting at the sight of her pouting baby and she couldn't help but raise a hand to cup at his cheek, fingers curling up to trace down his visage. "baby! try spending time with buckbeak first, he's uhm, like a dog? ,,, more difficult to handle than a dog but !! remember baby? if you respect him, he'd do the same so let's first do that!" she initiates the first move and took a timid step forwards -- watching the hippogriff immediately taking a huge step back and growling back at her -- she was afraid buckbeak would suddenly attack but she still raises a hand up, allowing the creature to decide for itself whether it would like to approach her or not
kim younghoon 7 months ago
o ye i forgot to indicate jhsdkjfh post below is for the paired quest: too proud :"0
kim younghoon 7 months ago
@☼ park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ is that an eagle? is that a horse? no, it's buckbeak! younghoon finds himself yet again in the forbidden forest (though, second time with his baby out of his many adventures that always lead him here somehow) but this time he carries a heavy bag of food; there were fruits and vegetables as well as an assortment of meat -- all for the hippogriff. hagrid had expressed his frustrations and worries during his care for magical creatures class, telling his students that the majestic creature has been refusing to eat -- refuses to look at him even and had brushed away any sign of affection the giant man wants to give. out of desperation, the man had offered extra credits for the class if anyone was to successfully feed the creature; even offering to bring fluffy out if buckbeak eats. now, younghoon wasn't one to care about the extra credits (maybe a little) but hearing the three headed dog's name automatically piqued his interest -- plus, they got to spend extra time with buckbeak, it was a win-win! thus, the two ravenclaw students volunteered to feed buckbeak, the male slightly regretting his decision now for they have been trying for at least 2 hours but the beast simply refuses to eat. he has been holding out on a piece of meat the whole time, softly calling out its name in a bid to get it to approach them yEt buckbeat wouldn't budge at all. perhaps he was doing this wrong?

feeling defeated, he shifts to face his baby, the creature's feed now dropped on the floor as he allows his arm to settle by his sides with brows furrowed and a slight downturn of lips. "babyyy whaT do we dO," he was,,, sulking; his tone, a tad bit higher than usual to express his disappointment (and a bit of sadness). did they have to wait till night fall for the bird-horse to eat? this could take daYS too, whO knoWS
kim younghoon 7 months ago
— for parsley & rosemary

a big sigh leaves younghoon’s lip as he raises a hand to rub at his nape. no matter how much the student dislikes herbology and being at any of the greenhouses, he finds himself at this very place yet again, this time carrying his handy invisibility cloak with him. the greenhouses were temporarily closed for a clean up— some student had caused quite a big wreck when they messed up some green gases or something of the sorts; the male wasn’t too sure, he was one who would pay no heed in information he had no interest in.

he was still quite shaken from his last trip here and when he was told by a student that the moles are now hogging up almost all the herbs, younghoon was devasted; must he fight those animals again? what has he been reduced to? this time though, he decided to befriend them instead of attack them, hopefully this plan would work out better in his favour and he could return home safely with no scratches.

thus, draping the cloak around him to keep himself hidden from watchful eyes, he sneaks past the clean up crew and was immediately hit with a heavy stench when he entered the glass doors. twas unfortunate for he couldn’t gag or make any form of noise or he’d get caught. he speeds his way through the aisles and stops once he saw a deep hole dug— that definitely houses the moles. he loosens his grip around the cloak and crouches down to peek into the hole, only to be greeted with a sharp jab at his eye. pesky moles. although he wanted to forcefully take away the herbs, he had already decided to cOmE iN peAce beforehand so he starts to coax the moles out of their hole, making soft, slightly high pitched noises.

seEms like today was a good day because soOn enough, the moles came out from their hiding spot, allowing the male to get the herbs before he had to quickly rush back to ravenclaw’s common room to avoid getting caught.
choi san ˢʰᶦⁿ ˢᵃⁿ 7 months ago
@☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ [for marjoram and parsley herb picking]

"How many times did I went here?" San asked himself as his hand tightens its grip on the strap of his backpack. Oh boy, this might as well be another near death experience, can death stop flirting with him? Like seriously, he's not genuinely interested, so it better stop. "Let's see, I went here for two times for spell learning, one to get herbs, another for a battle, yet another one for the phoenix and now here I am, so six." He counted with his fingers, a total of six fingers to show the easy calculations that he did. "Wow one more and it's gonna be my lucky 7." He said in a sarcastic tone before he started walking into the woods. The sound of crackling leaves and twigs filled up his sense of hearing as well as the sounds of sneakering, it sounded so familiar and San immediately pointed at the direction of the sound and shouted "Incendio!" then a jet of fire ejected from his wand and into the direction where the night hags are, putting their clothings on fire that made them scream and run around. They went to the direction of the lake and that's probably where they extinguished the flames. "Not today, night hags." He said as he blew the smoke that was coming out from his wand before continuing his adventure towards death.

He went to a place to which truffles covered every corner, this must be the forest of blooming truffles, he thought as he walked through it. Once he was by the den of acro. San stopped and gulped before taking a deep breath and exhaling it out. He puts his bag down to get a bottle of no scent perfume, this will help him be undetectable by scent, then he covers himself with the cloak of invisibility and wore night vision goggles since it was pretty dark inside.

With a zip of his bag, he was ready to go in the cave of death as he called. He looked around and saw nothing but rocks inside, where are the acromantulas? He asks himself in his mind but it's better not to know where they are yet his question was answered when he went deeper in the cave, he saw all the giant arachnids around, webs covering every inch of the walls and ceilings. Thabk goodness there's nothing on the ground or he'll be dead meat.

Once by the core of the cave, he found a small opening by the ceilibg that shines through the dark cave, giving as little light as possible and when he looks down, he found the marjorams, he was careful as to pick the herbs and put them in his bag while tightly clutching onto the cloak so that the mistake back in the phoenix quest won't happen, because these are giant carnivorous spiders we're talking about.

Done with collecting, San tried his best to get out from the cave and only remove the cloak once he was twenty meters away from the den. He then remembers that he need one more herb to get and the professor said that it was by the forest of the blooming truffles and there he went back to look around and get the parsley.

This was tiring, he wants to go home now.
kim younghoon 7 months ago
-- for cinnamon and all spice

this would be the young chap's third or fourth time in the forbidden forest. he wasn't sure how many times he's been here, all he knows is that it's probably one too many times in the time of less than two weeks. this time, he carries his jacket with him in his backpack; his trusty wand tucked safely in his robes. he was ready to face the dangers that the forbidden forest hold -- if he could survive the last time he was here alone even after inhaling those toxic fumes from the lotuses, surely he could survive this time; this trip was much shorter after all.

he sets off confidently and was marching at a fast pace until he hears,, stomping? sounds like lots of feet -- sounds familiar,,, like a stampede? oh no, the last time he faced a stampede was in school but that was when he still had his baby; this time he was alone -- what if he gets trampled into a flat pancake today? terrified, he draws his wand out from his robes and points it straight at him. stance lowered, he squints into the distance and was met with,,, a man? a horse? vAT??? it was a centaur. not just one, not just two, but at least ten of them, charging at him at a speed so fast, younghoon knew running away would be of no use. in his frightened state, he shakily shouts "expecto patronum" in a bid to buy time for himself and he turns on his heels, running towards what he hopes was safety.

not a minute later, the male had to abruptly stop as he banged into,,, a car??? it was the ford anglia! great timing! he quickly gets into the magical car and hit on the wheel a few times, trying to get its engine running and with just inches away from the stampeding centaurs, the car came back to life and ofF younghoon flew, across the lake where the car decided it was time to rest. so down they went and he finds himself dead middle of tall bushes. almost instantly, he felt sharp pain poking incessantly against his skin and realises these giant grass weren't ordinary -- they could attacK. he put on his jacket; a miserable attempt to shield himself from the jabbing but the plants still poked through the rather thick fabric; and started sprinting forwards where he knew he would be in the clear.

on his way to safety, he spot pieces of all spice lying strewn on the ground and hastily picks them up. it felt like forever to get out of the battlefield but as soon as he was out, he sees his herb: cinnamon! but they were floating?? in the air. younghoon was tired out by the events that had unfolded but he wasn't going to give up thus started jumping up to grab at the cinnamon -- one by one, until he manages to collect them all.
kim jungeun ᵏᶦᵐ ˡᶦᵖ 7 months ago
[ ginger & parsley ]

it's the middle of the night once again and by now, jungeun wonders whether her late night adventures aren't just coincidences. how many times has she snuck out and broken the school's curfew? too many. does she even care at this rate? lol, of course not. with her trusty flashlight and an invisibility cloak in her grasp, jungeun begins to roam around the forbidden forrest. things could have been a hundred times easier if she went back to the hopsital wing and ask madam pomfrey but unfortunately before she could make up the perfect excuse to obtain herbs from the older lady, the trolls came in and decided to stuff things up. hence, majority of the herbs that madam pomfrey had collected belonged to the trolls and going up to those creatures for the herbs is an absolute joke. they could yeet jungeun all the way to china if they wanted to.

so here she was wandering around until she came across the bridge. jungeun stops her tracks, quickly putting on the invisibility cloak and shoving her wand up her sleeve. taking a deep breath, the young girl takes slow and cautious steps to prevent being heard by the trolls. at this rate, she's not even breathing—fearful of what happens if she does and they hear her. fortunately enough, jungeun's good eyesight and her strong sense of touching managed to help her find for it. without trying to make any noise, the gryffindor sNaTcHes tHe hErbS like it was a wig before running off, far far away from the forrest.
choi san ˢʰᶦⁿ ˢᵃⁿ 7 months ago
@☾ kim jungeun ᵏᶦᵐ ˡᶦᵖ San raised both of his hands up as he got scolded while smiling at the prefect, "Now now, look on the bright side. We got the phoenix eggs! We can sell them and keep one as a pet, if that's even legal... I mean Dumbledore has one if I remember correctly, so it's all cool." He says in a calm tone, as if he was not back from a near death experience for the third time. Wow this boy is actually flirting with death or more like she or he flirts back to him.

"Now let's go to the Diagon Alley and sell these babies, imagine the amount if money we'll get but first, I need to put one under my bed." He takes one egg and shoved the bag to Lippy. San opened his hidden drawer by his bed and starts making a small nest with the use of his spare blankets inside and puts the egg to be nice and warm as well as safe before closing it and goinf back to Lippy.

"Okay now let's go, I know a guy who'll buy these with a crazy amount, wow we'll be rich. I can finally buy real food instead of stealing some from the kitchen whenever I'm hungry." He blurted out and he realized that made him looked all surprised before turning his head towards Lippy and smiled oh so innocently. "Pretend you didn't hear that. Now, let's go! To Diagon Alley!" He grabbed her hand and dragged her out from the common room.
kim jungeun ᵏᶦᵐ ˡᶦᵖ 7 months ago
@☾ choi san Jungeun watched as San did his part in the plan but then again she can't really really see him but she notice the way that the eggs are disappearing from one nest and luckily enough that no phoenix noticed this as they were all distracted by their mating sessions which was gross but it wasn't that bad. When the eggs are all gone, she already knew that the other was already making his way back but what's this? His cloak seemed to get caught by a stray branch and he was now seen! She was about to let him know but one phoenix beat her to it, giving such a loud sound that caught all of their attention.

Oh no.

She watched as San scrambled to get the cloak and ran up to her. "Use the floo powder now!" She heard him shout and she did, once he was by her side, she shouted, "Gryffindor Common Room!" And threw the bottle on the ground just below them, the powder then raised up to make a green cloud all over them, they successfully teleported to the common room.

Coughing and waving her one hand near her face, Jungeun waited until the smoke clear and glared at San next to her, "Next time, be aware of your surroundings, if we didn't have the floo powder, we could have been burned alive by those birds." She scolded the transferee student who didn't look all that guilty.
choi san ˢʰᶦⁿ ˢᵃⁿ 7 months ago
@☾ kim jungeun ᵏᶦᵐ ˡᶦᵖ With a quick nod of his head, San understood the plan pretty well and he was actually quite in shame right now since he was the one who offered yet he has no plans in mind on what they should do but well, this is why he chose the prefect to be his partner in this, she'll know what to do for sure even though she has such an impeccable bad luck towards dice rolling, but it's fine he's on the same page as her anyways. They both are somehow disliked by the so-called Dice Gods if they even exist.

San started covering himself with the invisibility cloak and turned insivible within a second then he started going towards that one nest that was left unattended, he was slow and careful, not making any sound to get their attention because he doesn't want his face scratched and burned by them, he already had enough with the bowtruckle that they named as "Sir Groot Twig Bij" because that twig took them a long time to capture, like seriously? They could have just put it in a jar or something but nope, they have to do it in the wizard and witch way and not the muggle way which was actuallt a lot more effective and easier to do.

The male took his time in taking the eggs, all of them, that's how greedy he was, and put them in the bag that he has before he tries to go back, unnoticed by these birds who were busy frickfracking.

As he made his way back, he didn't noticed the tree branch that was sticking out and the cloak get caught on. Now, San was visible to the birds and he only noticed this when one of them somehow 'hissed' towards his direction and with hesitance of looking back, he saw how all the birds are now looking at him, they all looked mad and before they even think of moving, he immediately took the cloak and ran towards Lippy.

"Use the floo powder now!" He shouted in a panic.
kim jungeun ᵏᶦᵐ ˡᶦᵖ 7 months ago
@☾ choi san One simply cannot deny their greediness for fortune, well... Jungeun doesn't, she actually took up her fellow Gryffindor's offer to steal a phoenix egg then sell it for galleons. It probably worth a lot since phoenixes only mate once in a blue moon so why not go along with it, no?

Once they have arrived to their destination, Junguen couldn't help but get mesmerized by the view. A flock of phoenixes all gathered up in one area to mate and produce eggs, it suddenly felt like voyeurism but let's not talk about that. Looking at San, she asked, "So what's the plan?" And the boy took a moment to think it through but it looks like he had nothing in the end. She sighed and shakes her head, did he really just planned this on the spot without having actual plans? Well, she's not really that surprised of him. Knowing him, he'll do anything for galleons, when she says anything, she meant /anything/ but as long as he agrees on it, he's not that desperate as much as she knows him.

"So, here's the plan." She then pulls out a cloak out from their bag and gave it to the male student, "You go out there and steal as many eggs as you can then I'll—" Jungeun pulls out a floo powder from the bag and showed it to San, "Use this for us to get back to cwtchogwarts real fast, whether or not something happens, got it?"
choi san ˢʰᶦⁿ ˢᵃⁿ 7 months ago
@☾ kim jungeun ᵏᶦᵐ ˡᶦᵖ He was by the greenhouse helping Madam Sprout in gardening since she finally found out that it was him that stole the carrots that they have. When he asked how did she knew, she simply replied "You're the kind of person who'll do that," which kinda offended San in a way but he couldn't even deny that she was right. "Plus the plants told me that a two haircolored boy was the one who's responsible for stealing our carrots." He had the urge to facepalm himself, how could he forget? That Madam Sprout was able to talk to plants? For Merlin's sake it was already obvious with her name! But such obvious detail had gone over his head so now he's on greenhouse duty for the rest of the week.

After San has fulfilled his job of the day, he went out from the greenhouse and was going to the library, where the prefect of his house was but his attention was caught by some fireball-like object in the sky, approximately 5 miles by the direction of south-west. He took out a telescope from his bag (let's not question on why he has that) and looked to the direction to where the so called fireball was. Looking at it, it wasn't a fireball but a firebird! To be more precise, a phoenix.

He was now realizing that it was somehow the mating season for the phoenixes and they're going to find a partner by the valley. Speaking of which, that means that they're going to produce eggs and as San learned back in a class about creatures, a phoenix's egg worth a lot due to it's rarity. This is probably his chance to finally earn some galleons since he's been broke since day 1 but wait! He can't do this alone that's why he immediatelt went to the library to find the prefect and try to tag her along with this.

"C'mon Lippy! Think about it, we're going to be rich. It's not even by the rules to not steal an egg from a phoenix so we'll be good!" He said to tempt her and it worked as they went back to their house, going to their room to gather the stuffs needed for their 'quest' to steal an egg that worth a lot before they went to the Forbidden Forest. Of course, they have to go pass the woodlands to be able to go to where the phoenixes are but he doesn't care about the night hags nor kelpie, he's more into the fortune they'll get once they sell the egg.

After going down the alley of the unrest, the two gryffindor students looked around and hid behind a huge rock since they didn't expected the place to be filled with them, they did just not this many.
kang hyewon 7 months ago
@☆ kim taehyung ᵛ * this is for the herb quest : marjoram and grass

Hyewon wonders to herself how she ended up in these hidden reaches of the forbidden forest. But that is not the only question on her mind as she comes face to face with the entrance of an eerie tunnel, and she’s hesitant about stepping one foot in. But she does it anyways, with a deep breath to hopefully soothe the nervous knot that was forming in . She keeps her hands inside the pocket of her robe, one hand grips tightly onto the wand just in case something jumps out at her on her trek. There’s still some light from the entrance but as she goes deeper and deeper, things get dimmer until she has to whisper a faint ‘lumos’ to light up the path.

It’s a nerve wracking trek along the tunnel but it feels quite short since Hyewon digs her hands back into the pockets of her dress robes. She sees the light at the end, and hurries her pace so she doesn’t waste much time gloating about her reaching the end. Hyewon is then amazed as to what she encounters after she exits the tunnel, and frankly quite disgusted - as she’s never been the biggest fan of trolls. And they were roaming this place in the tens.

She crawls underneath a few tables, so as to not attract any attention from these trolls. Eventually she sneaks into a room with no one inside, or so she thought. Until she hears a “psst, hey, over here!” faintly at her direction, turning to the source of the pesky sound and being quite disarmed by the fact that the voice was just a human being.

She tiptoes over, narrowing her eyes at the stranger. Even though she was in a lair full of trolls, that didn’t mean the only other human was any more trustworthy. The male looks nervous, quite shaken as well as he awkwardly fumbles with his hands. “Hey - c can you get me out of here? I have no clue how I ended up here, one night I was just fishing and then I pass out and I’m here with a bunch of freaky - well I don’t really know what these things are called.” Hyewon is quiet, putting the pieces together rather quickly and noting that the person was unrelated to the wizarding world.

“A muggle-” She muttered. “I’m sorry a what? From what I recall my name’s Paul” was her response to which she responded with silence, ignoring the man and looking through the pantry for any useful items.

“Hey a little help?” Paul mumbles, Hyewon looks at the muggle nonchalantly and sighs. “What’s in it for me?” He tells Hyewon that if she agrees to help set the lair on fire with him, he would tell her where they keep their treasured set of herbs. Hyewon, who’s in dire need of Marjoram, agrees.

“Didn’t know a muggle was so well versed in herbology.” Hyewon muses as Paul directs her away from the pantry and to the floorboards, levering the board out and gesturing to the Troll Lair’s grand collection of herbs. “Well lady, I still have no clue what you mean by muggle but I grew up in the country - we use herbs for remedies and all.” Hyewon ignored Paul again and pulled out a large batch of marjoram and some very green grass from the collection.

“That’s all I needed. You, muggle, take the rest since they’re quite valuable. Okay now to set this joint on fire.” Once he hauled out the rest of the herbs, she gestures Paul to follow her and takes a large flask of lamp oil and starts to make a trail from where she is all the way back to where she encountered the lair. “Incendio” she mutters, pointing her wand to the oil spill and letting the flame spread. She points at Paul and mutters “Obliviate. Forget everything. ”

“Huh? OH MY GOD THERE’S A FIRE.” The now clueless man panics and Hyewon nudges him. “RUN, we’ll be safe at the end of the tunnel.” They both start running and after what felt like an eternity were free from the tunnel and troll lair. “Okay, bye. That’s all you needed help with anyways.” She says and goes off her merry way back to Hogwarts.
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
mmm baby but,, poiNTS aT tHE aH YES wait what was my point
kim younghoon 7 months ago
:< i said ok to keeping the niffler as pet khsfkjghfgh
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
:< babyyyyy HBSDKJVBDSV
kim younghoon 7 months ago
ah yes a pet niffler ok baby
kim younghoon 7 months ago
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
we can share ownership but like i want to befriend it please :<
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
baby im keeping the niffler its mine
kim younghoon 7 months ago
@☼ park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ preoccupied by the egg he held, younghoon admired the intricate designs on it that seem to have been hand carved on; he could only gawk at the treasure in his hand as he turns it over in his hold, careful not to drop it -- it was after all, at least three times the size of both his hands combined. however, the sunlight must've reflected against the shiny surface of the egg shell for soon, he hears the shrill cries from the phoenix; angry and unforgiving. the loudness of the bird call stunned the male so he crouched there, frozen with egg in his hand before his baby begun to literally drag him out of the valley and away from danger.

the events happened before him too fast for his brain to process and rose's words were coming out too fast from ; he was just staring at her lips trying to figure out what was happening for the high volume had hurt his eardrum and shaken up his senses a little. the worried look on his baby's face helped younghoon put bits and pieces together and soon he realises the urgency of the situation, nodding (dumbly) whilst he grabs onto her hand, once again dragging her as he maneuvers quite skillfully through the dense forest; making sure to avoid fallen logs this time so they won't trip.

fINALLY out of the forest, younghoon stops to catch his breath, the burn in his lungs from both sprinting and adrenaline rush hitting him with exhaustion. he soon realises he had probably left the egg they found behind when they were escaping, running from their lives. this saddened the student bUT gE S pS vATs thiS? peeking out from inside his robes was a snout and 2 eyes, curiously staring back at younghoon. it was the niffler he had found the day before !! and gE SPS PT II the creature had brought along with it the phoenix's egg.
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
but yes baby heAD oN hOME WE GOT THE GOODS
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
whoops that was longer than i thought
park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 7 months ago
@☼ kim younghoon one minute she was standing,, the next she had flopped onto the ground in disappointment,, then the next she was falling deep into her baby's eyes and unconsciously standing? close? to her baby? and now they were running? Alas, her mind was too focused on how beautiful her baby's eyes were – the deepest brown that shimmered so under the midday light, warm as always and holding all the love and affection that she would never want for; and also too busy leaning into her baby's touch; that she misses every single word uttered by her baby, only catching something about,,,, about,,, bellies? valleys? resting bellies?

but before she can ponder too long upon this, she is tugged into a full on sprint. at the beginning, she is awfully proud of herself, keeping pace easily (she pats herself on the back for this,, all that training finally paying off!!) However, after tripping over a small little tree root, she finds that her confidence has disappeared into thin air, leaving her with exhaustion and the uncanny feeling that she wasn't having enough air. Gritting her teeth hard, she forces herself to push through, lengthening her strides despite the pain in her lungs.

after one seemingly endless moment, their quest seems to be over and the need to run is fINALLY over. Her exhaustion is forgotten quickly as the view before her catches her eye. Hearing her baby's words, she quickly nods, panting out: "i think thats a great idea,,, we just need to be quick about it- we dont want to be caught!" seems like the time for running is never over :<

tucking one egg into her robes and holding it gingerly, she quickly gestures for her baby to do the same- "lets just take 2 eggs?" Yet, before any response can be heard from him, the angry cry of a phoenix sounds right above them.

"take it and rUN!" her priority being the wellbeing of her baby, she doesnt check to see if he has managed to grab any eggs, instead pulling him to his feet and rushing back into the trees, hoping that the density of the treeline can help hide them. mind racing through their options, she says: "THERES A ACROMANTULA CAVE NEARBY WHERE I ONCE BEFRIENDED ONE AND READ THEM STORIES- WE CAN HEAD THERE FOR SHELTER? WAIT or we could just head right back to school grounds do you know any shortcuts?"
kim younghoon 7 months ago
@☼ park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ one minute he was standing in the courtyard, eyes glaring down at the vast expanse of grass -- he wasn't over getting just 1 miserable piece of grass when the whole land was covered in them -- and the next he was being dragged towards the forbidden forest by his baby, her words turning unheard of to younghoon as the winds brushes past his skin. something about,, a fee-neck?? what?? he lifts his head up, peering at a red bird that just swooped past them both, plunging deep within the dense forestry.


his response to the situation was clearly too late as he hears his baby's disappointed cry of dismay that was accompanied by a downturn of her lips. amusement crinkled in his eyes as crouches down to pivot himself, pulling her up to stand and he tugs her closer towards him, an arm easily looping around her dainty frame before he brushes away a few stray strands of hair that had covered her visage whilst they ran here.

"mhmmm, isn't it mating season now baby? y'know, when they seek for a partner for life?" brows furrowed in thought, he had to take a good few minutes to recall the specific location. was it a valley,,, or like a belly of the spiders,,, that can't be right -- unconsciously, he purses his lips into a thin line as he tried to focus. thANKFULLY, his keen interest in magical creatures and the sorts means he did pay close attention to his care in magical creature class. the information was sitting just by the tip of his brain, the words so familiar yet in this crucial moment he seems to be stuck,, until he rEMEMBERS: the phoenixes must be in some place high up; where else could they be if not the valley of unrest?

encouraged by his "newfound" knowledge, this time, without speaking another word, he pulls on rose's arm and drags the both of them towards the said place, running nonstop (and forgetting to check if his baby was catching up ok with him) until they've reached. there, he lowers his stance, peeking through the curves of rocks where he spots a bright red creature, resting all majestic in its nest. inside, younghoon spots at least 3 silver eggs larger than his head.

"hey baby, do you think we're allowed to bring the eggs home and y'know,,, uh,,, incubate it and keep the little birdies when they've hatched?"
nam yujin ᵉʸᵉᵈᶦ 7 months ago
but you can use ryuj :o


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