if you have any room suggestion or anything you want us as an admin to create then tell us here!

chittaphon 1 year ago
; n ;
mark 1 year ago
jisung [A] 15 hours ago Reply
a life
jisung 1 year ago
a life


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LeeYoungTen 11 months ago
hi can i Please request a hiatus for like,,, 2 weeks or so? if i go overboard feel free to like,,,, remove me (but i'll be active on kkt)
[comment deleted by owner]
peachygods 11 months ago
heck I forgot to ask before I applied, may I apply for haechan?
SpearBin 11 months ago
I’m ready to let go of this place.
Hopefully you will get a fresh new and more cheerful Haechan, goodbye.
MiaTasha2 1 year ago
I have a lot of stuff going on right now with school, finals, and graduation. I am going to leave this RP. It was fun while I was here!
SpearBin 1 year ago
Can you guys put Haechan on hiatus until May 12? Pls-
sweetdreams 1 year ago
Is this place alive? Cuz I might just apply as Hendery, then!
bd24cd8d46d59cc04f4b 1 year ago
slap an hiatus on Lucas til 18th April. finals
peterdunwannagrow 1 year ago
Applied as Yangyang :3
TaeKook 1 year ago
Hendery,YangYang or WinWin
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