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cwtchogwarts : greenhouse
professor sprout conducts herbology classes here and is the home to many exotic and magical plants.
room is for opened all to rp.


cwtchogwarts: herbs!
scientific name
Achillea millefolium
going by its other common name of bloodwort, the yarrow is famously known for its silvery foliage. with healing properties rivaling no other, the yarrow is presently in mass production and grown almost all over the world, cwtchogwarts of course, not excluded.
Anethum graveolens
also known as dilly weed its use often comes from two forms: seeds and fully matured weeds. it is known for its abilities in protection and tranquility.
angelica archangelica


also known as angels herb, its known for it properties in healing and protection.
heals +20hp on creature.
Artemisia vulgaris
Also known as artemisia and sailor’s tobacco, mugwort is another ubiquitous witchy herb. A decoction of the leaves is said to help open your mind before you try divination. a pinch of this will aid any potion in its success.
calendula officinalis
often used in spells and potions for prosperity, luck and fortune.
no need to roll a dice! simply use this herb to get the number you want.
carum carvi
also known as the anti-theft herb. keep your enemies abay and away!
blinding creatures of the dark, you are able to evade their attacks. all other damage caused by other creatures will be halved.
chamaemelum nobile
excellent for soothing all sorts of health problems, this is the ideal herb for adults and children alike!
by gathering 7 chamomiles and turning it into a fine powder or extract, you may remove any effects; curses, poisons, etc.
as strong as its flavour, the cinnamomum is great for increasing strength, success and action.
ground its roots into a fine powder and use to double you attack two folds! increase attack by 200% (20 damage -> 40 damage)
Ferns are lovely ethereal plants that range from fragile to remarkably sturdy. They grow in a variety of climates and settings, depending on the genus and species. their uncanny ability in aiding any destructive potion is what makes them so popular with all bubblers.
Grass is so common that most green witches overlook it. Grass isn’t found only on our lawns; it’s also found tall and waving by the roadside or growing through cracks in alleyways or vacant lots. Like moss, it is associated with serenity. A vital ingrediant to almost every basic potion
gather 5 pieces of grass and turn it into a grass blade! deals 10Hp damage. (grass class)
laurus nobilis
offering dreams and divinition when placed under a pillow, the smoke of a bay leaf can prove to be dangerous, causing hallucinations.
light the leaf on fire to create a diversion. your opponent will find themselves confused hence missing their attack.
commonly known for its use within the kitchen, what many don't know is its ability in aiding those with pain.
an infusion of 6 mints is able to lift any curse.


Moss is a type of plant that is the first to grow in a seemingly barren area. It’s also tenacious and survives in the oddest places where you wouldn’t think anything could grow. It can grow with no apparent place to root whatsoever, which is possible because moss technically does not have roots. Moss absorbs water through its leaves. Because it survives with little maintenance and in improbable locations, moss as a magical plant is associated with perseverance. if a potion if falling weak, it often means what you're lacking is actually not one of the more expensive herbs but rather just moss.
Myristica fragrans


toxic within high dosages, you do not want to have this around you nor your family. whilst it may help cure small aches, large doses or misusage can cause grave harm.
with the help of 4 nutmegs, you may heal your team or the creature 10HP. with 6 nutmegs, you may cause 10HP damage.
ocimum basilicum
despite being common and in almost all homes worldwide, many forget that part of its origin describes prosperity, wealth & luck.
allows for a dice reroll.
Origanum majorana


Also known as winter sweet, marjoram is similar to oregano, but sweeter and milder. known throughout history, the marjoram is often used to bring prosperity and luck. often given as a gift to loved ones.
Petroselinum crispum
in the past, this herb was often used by greeks. part of their ceremony as they celebrated victory; sprinkling the leaves over the remnants of their enemies.
pimenta officinalis
all spice
allspice berries are great for herbal blends due to all their properties and can be used for a variety of purposes.
heals 10hp within the team.
Rosmarinus officinalis
the practical uses of rosemaries are endless. from the grinding into a fine powder to the infusion of its leaves into a tea or liquid. rosemaries are often known for their abilities in health and healing.
using 5 rosemarys, make a concentrated liquid extract in order to get full use out of it.  heals 10hp on creature.
Sage is perhaps the herb most commonly used as a magical herb for protection and purification. with its innate abilities in helping to calm down a nerve, you'll find this useful to use against friends and foe alike
symphytum officinale
also known as boneset or knitbone, it is one of the world's most renowned healing herbs. a simple mix of this in the right potion can restore anything to full health and remove all effects. its as if they were reborn
syzygium aromaticum


despite its common use in the kitchen as a spice, what many don't know is its ability in purification.
combine 3 to activate its ability and remove any effects.
Verbena officinalis


Also known as vervain, enchanter’s herb, herb of grace, and van van, the verbena is an excellent all-purpose herb.
By drying up 3 leaves and turning it into a fine powder you'll find that its the closest thing to a cure all. heals health by 100hp.
vulnera sanentur
Wild or cultivated, ginger root is an ideal herb to add to rituals and spells because it acts like a booster for the power involved. Like the energy of cinnamon, the heat of the ginger revs up the energy associated with your work.
kim younghoon 1 year ago
— herb picking: ginger & mint

this was the third greenhouse younghoon had entered today,,, how many more must he venture into in order to get ginger? he had earlier stopped by the kitchen to ask the chef if they had any to spare but alas, luck doesn’t seem to be on his side today for the kitchen had absolutely zero (0) ginger in stock. he had asked for mint too; surely they would keep a few leaves in case a student was feeling nauseous during mealtime? but nope, no mint leaves either. they’ve had a change of rules where protocol states they can only pick what they needed from the greenhouse in order to avoid food wastage — plus, it kinds of ensures the herbs are fresh. hence, the ravenclaw finds himself covered in dirt, a few scratches found against his skin. he had earlier went into greenhouse 1 only to realise none of the plants were labelled. he had no choice but to dig through the dirt, hoping he’d be able to find ginger. but he had guests. there were moles residing underground and he had to battle them (without magic as he had left his wand in his dorm) thus explains the fresh marks on the male.

with fingers crossed, younghoon crouches down for the nth time that day and started digging at the dirt with his bare hands, fingers grime with soil and when his digits hit against a solid surface, the student excitedly swept at the ground, palms flat to reveal the giNGER. he quickly pockets it, eyes checking his surroundings for possible moles.

relieved he had finally obtained at least one herb, he takes in a deep breath, small smile hung on his lips as a small victory ceremony; proud of himself; when a whiff of mint hits him. where is the mint plant? he hurriedly stands up and sniffs at the air, gaze scanning the area with much concentration as he follows the scent, trusting his sense of smell. thankfully, he finds himself in front of the herb he wanted and started to pluck the leaves, happy his hardwork paid off.
choi san ˢʰᶦⁿ ˢᵃⁿ 1 year ago
@☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ He went to the fourth greenhouse just by the courtyard and indeed, there were a lot of moles in the area just by looking at the small holes around the vicinity. Being oh-so careful on not getting his feet fall into one, he managed to get by and ge's already by the gate, he looks over the guard and said. "Sup, do you have the thyme? I should be going somewhere by tree'clock." The guard chuckled yet he actually looked at his wristwatch and said "It's going to be five o'clock soon." And with that San realized he actually needed to go by three but ih well too late for that. "Oh, thanks. May I go in now?" The guard nodded and let's him inside and just before he goes, San said, "Glad to be your entertain-mint." then off he goes to where the cloves and moss are planted, taking how much he needed before he yeeted.
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jung wheein 1 year ago
@☆ kim taehyung ᵛ [] for basil and verbena : DDD

wheein had always dreamed of seeing all the herbs and getting to use them. however, with this school, it was hard to even get near them. none of the students were allowed to get near the greenhouse where they stored all the rare herbs but she was determined to get her hands on the verbena herb, even if it could cost her expulsion. that's why for weeks wheein had been eyeing up the greenhouse whenever she could. through that, she was able to see that the greenhouse could be opened by the cliff side window. this meant that she'd need to get her hands on a broomstick which she never thought she, herself, would be buying one. wheein wasn't necessarily interested in it but if it was her only way to get her hands on the herb, then she would do practically anything for it.

after going through her plan to enter the greenhouse past midnight through the cliff side window and bringing along a container for the rare herbs to rest in, she had to purchase a broomstick. this was her only way to execute her entire plan perfectly, which was the standard that wheein lived by. she picked her backpack up swiftly before hightailing it down to the merchant to get the last item needed to complete the task at hand— the broomstick.

she had to go by several students, pushing them out of the way as there was a dire need to make sure she was able to get that broomstick. "why do people always stand in the middle of the street? honestly, why?" she thought to herself as her eyes rolled upon witnessing all the students chitchatting away without a care in the world. it bothered her but that was for another day. she eventually made her way through the crowd and arrived exactly where she wanted— the merchant's store. "hey, hey, hey, pretty lady, were you here to pick something up?" the seller spoke to wheein to which she nodded without hesitation. "i need a broomstick and fast please, how much is it?" there was no time for small talk, she wanted to get in and out of the place as to not waste any more time. the seller scoffed upon hearing her words, signalling with his head over to the broomsticks hanging right beside him. his hands latched onto one of them and tossed it over to wheein. the sudden action took wheein by surprise but nonetheless, she caught it without a problem. her hand dug into her coat pocket, pulling out the galleons needed to purchase the broomstick and slammed it down on the counter before running off. "thank you so much, have a nice day!" she shouted as she left.

it didn't take long for the sun to set, which meant it was game time. wheein ported all black wear, then she'd be hidden within the night sky, hard to identify if you were looking for em'. her hands rested on the two knobs keeping the cool air out, with a deep breath, wheein pulled the two doors in to open the window. she picked up her broomstick and settled herself on it before pulling her mask down to cover . her orbs glanced over at the clock. "12 am." her lips curled up into a wide smirk, it was show time and there was no way she was leaving without her herbs.

a few minutes of flying in the sky and she arrived at the greenhouse, right by the cliff side window. surprisingly, the window was left unlocked, which couldn't blame them since the window was so high up. wheein pushed the window open with caution before heading inside with her broomstick. lowering herself to the ground slowly as to not trigger any sign of entry. once her feet touched the ground, she hopped off her broomstick and left it laying down on the ground. "woah, this place is beautiful" agape as her eyes scanned the room. it was magical. all the herbs together presented a lovely aroma which filled her nostrils. she took her time to go over each and every herb in the greenhouse, that was until she spotted verbena. "bingo." she reached into her backpack and pulled out her a container, the one for verbena. the herb was delicate, thus she carefully picked the verbena in a spot that no one would notice it was missing. she allowed herself one whiff of it before she placed it in the container. "it wouldn't hurt to take a look at other herbs though, right?" continuing on her admiration of herbs, she stumbled upon the basil herb. her eyes grew wide and a sudden urge to pick that one as well took over her. "b-basil. i wasn't expecting that...i guess taking another herb wouldn't hurt anyone...right?" she couldn't hide the excitement as she picked the basil herb and placed it in the same container as the verbena. "okay, i better get out of here." wheein quickly made her way back to her broomstick, getting on it and within a split second she was out of the greenhouse without a trace. but of course, she made sure to close the greenhouse window, that would be a rookie mistake. her veins were pulsing with adrenaline as she soared through the night sky, on her way back to sleeping headquarters. she did it, she stole two herbs and no one would ever know of it. this was wheein's perfect crime.
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kim jungeun ᵏᶦᵐ ˡᶦᵖ 1 year ago
@☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ @☆ kim taehyung ᵛ [ mugwort & sage ]

jungeun is back at the greenhouse once more and just like always, in the middle of the night. she isn’t quite sure whether this entire thing would be worth leaving her comfortable bed, yet here she is in her oversized grey hoodie and black sweatpants, roaming the empty vicinity with a flashlight in one hand, her wand in the other and an invisibility cloak hanging on her arm. to think that this was all for herbs, the young gryffindor simply shakes her head and lets a sigh escape her lips—why was she doing this again? oh right, for education.

she takes weird turns before continually walking straight as the peaceful mandrakes enter her field of vision. jungeun recalls her previous encounter with them and gives them soft little pats on their heads before moving forward. on her way to taking a small step, jungeun halts after remembering that the noisy vines could be all over the floor. she directs her flashlight to where her feet are and heaves a relieved sigh for recalling the minor detail on time. having a clearer vision of her pathway, jungeun cautiously tiptoes around the vines and slowly makes her way around them, afraid to create a sound that could wake the mandrakes as it would ultimately land her into big trouble.

getting through the vines felt like an eternity. the amount of times she nearly stepped on one gave her anxiety and the more the girl progressed in her quest, the more she began to regret taking on the quest in the first place. after successfully managing to go across the vines, jungeun carefully takes a right which leaves her standing in front of a narrow, dark walkway. pausing her tracks, jungeun looks at the path in front of her, almost as if she was weighing out her options. she’s come a long way already, wouldn’t it be a waste of time and effort if she returned empty handed? despite fear washing over her, jungeun is also filled with curiosity and wonder. after all, what’s the worst that could happen? if she dies, she’s down.

taking deep breaths, the gryffindor pushes all her worries and fear aside as she decides to continue, placing on the invisibility cloak she had borrowed from a student. jungeun takes small and cautious steps before eventually finding herself at the end of the walkway to come face to face to three mysterious doors guarded by three creatures. her fear begins to settle in however jungeun shakes it off to replace it with bravery and confidence that she’ll get through this. technically, the bravery and confidence that she currently doesn’t have because she’s placed in an unusual and scary situation but as they say, phake it till you make it my dudes. jungeun’s last brain cells start to struggle as her gaze goes back and forth to the three doors in front of her. she’s never really been big on making decisions but no one’s here to help her and trusting on her gut feeling, she decides to go for the middle door.

taking her faux brave attitude, she cautiously passes the creature guarding the middle door and silently opens the door. entering in, jungeun looks around to see all kinds of trees and as her gaze lands to the ground, her eye catches onto something that she’s been looking for. sage. without hesitance, the girl bends down to collect some and places it her pocket before standing back up to look for mugwort. briefly wandering around, jungeun eventually comes to a stop as she notices the mugwort and happily plucks some out. despite the painful and long journey it took, the fast outcome was rewarding enough for her and so once she had gotten what she needed, jungeun repeated all the tedious steps of getting into the middle door in order to get out of the middle door.
☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ 1 year ago
ravenpuff: 7 x 8 = 56 funems tba
slythendor: 7 x 6 = 42 funems tba
☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ 1 year ago
funems are now CLOSED
park yuri 1 year ago
@☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ Once again, it was yuri s turn to get the ropes. he could've easily cut off rose's long hair and turned it into funems but it ain't gentle-man like to be chopping a girl's hair. and jaebum would've smacked his eyes blue anyways. so here he was, standing in front of the mandrake. it looked kinda weird, yuri just didnt know how to describe it. but he made sure to take lots of selfies so he could post it on instagram since he was insta famous. after taking millions of selfies and finding just one perfect photo to post, he finally decides to put his phone away.

"so where was i." yuri picks up his phone again so he can google wikihow:how to obtain funems form mandrake. "so first, i gotta rock them to sleep. second , i gotta snatch it. okay. man can do it!" yuri grinned confidently, his long fingers wiggling as his fatherly instinct starts oozing through. he picks up the creature with love and care and starts swaying it back and forth. he even gives it a bottle of milk to aid it's sleep. "sleepy sleepy, you pretty young thing. you will get candy if you fall asleep." yuri's voice so soothing, the creature starts to fall asleep. and this was it, despite the attachment yuri felt for mandrake, he had to let go it.

"i will meet you again, but this time i have to go." yuri held back his teary eyes, not wanting to leave the adorable creature but he had to so he carefully took the rope out of the mandrake and gave it a nice smooch onto it's forehead before running away.
han jisung ᵇᶦⁿⁿᶦᵉ [A] 1 year ago
@☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ jisung rUns into the greenhouse. funems. he has to get them asap. he doesn't know whAT their pUrPoSe is but they NEED IT so he's here now, standing in front of the weeping mandrakes and just.. stares down at them.

"uh.. okay, so." he mutters rather dumbly, shuffling forward to pick one up carefully. it squirms in his arms and lets out a loud sob, to which jisung is ready to literally start crying to assert dominance.

but he'd seen his fellow students try to pacify these creatures just before he entered, and so the male mimicks their actions. slowly moving his arms into a rocking motion, he picks two more up into his cradle. a sudden thought oops onto his mind: lullabys! yes. that'll make them fall asleep in a jiffy.

"go to sleep, go to sleep~" singing it in a tune of some random muggle lullaby he'd chanced upon in the past, he barely stifles his excitement when he sees that their eyes are starting to droop. finding the way they curl up against his chest rather adorable, jisung coos and places them back into their individual pots. easing the ropes out from their grasp, the male pats them gently before leaving the greenhouse.
seo changbin ʰᵃⁿⁿᶦᵉ [A] 1 year ago
@☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ entering the greenhouse with a sole mission -- to gather funems for his team, changbin sighs. those tiny creatures are really lOUd and whiny (jisung's voice: they're just like you, hyung!). but he has no choice but to tolerate all the noises ringing in his ears. he has to do it. crouching down before the wailing plants? trees? bonsais?! he gingerly scooping them all into his arms and starts to rock them gently.

"shh, shh.. please stop crying." he tries to pacify them, almost dropping one in the process. his heart pauses for a second, blood running cold at the thought of actually d r o p p i n g a mandrake by accident. oh god. that would just cause them all to cry even louder. curse his clumsiness, changbin mentally rubs at his temples.

a few moments later, the cryings finally died down. he beams. he did it! he actually did it! in his haste of celebrating his painstaking victory, his foot flies forward and nUDges a mandrake, causing it to wail. and once one starts to cry again, the others follow suit.

"i-- YAH I'M NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE," he rages, grabbing hold of the ropes which were clutched tightly in their tiny arms to yank them free, and dashes back into the greenhouse where everyone else was waiting for him.
shin ryujin 1 year ago
@☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ all it took was jungeun's excited screams regarding funems. after slythendor's adventures last night, they were desperate for funems which they couldn't grab a hold of because it unfortunately ran out of stock at the diagon alley (smh @ stupid dice). ryujin quietly nyOomS into the greenhouse, from what she's been told - the mandrakes had the funems and all it took was to get them fast asleep. looking high and low for the creatures, ryujin halts her tracks as she stands right in front of the creatures with funems sprawled around them, some in their mouths.

ryujin stifles a laugh, rather bemused at how the mandrakes were all leaning on each other with tired looks on their faces,,, they look kinda drunk tbh. she shakes her head as she recalls the purpose of her coming—to grab the funems as instructed by jungeun. "we're too desperate ok i wOuLd dRoP mY cRoiSsAnt fOr a fuNeM and i would NEVER drop my croissant, not even for a man." (her words, not ryujin's)

without hesitation, she grabs the mandrakes by their leafy hair and holds them up mid air. unsure of what to do next, ryujin did the first thing that popped into her head. she starts off gently swaying them, "one tiny sheeple, two tiny sheeples, three tiny sheeples...." ryujin counts and speeds up the swaying after each count. by the time she's at twenty tiny sheeples, she's swaying the mandrakes round and round at a ridiculous speed. "....twenty eight tiny sheeples, twenty tiny sheeples and tHiRtY tiNy sHeEpLes." ryujin softly yells, in the quietest inside voice she could make of as she finally finishes. dizzy and now knocked out, the girl places the mandrakes back on the ground before gathering the funems. she patpats the poor creatures before setting off, heading over to the rest of the team.
lee jooeun [sh] 1 year ago
5-6 wow im productive, mom are you proud
lee jooeun [sh] 1 year ago
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lee jooeun [sh] 1 year ago
@☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ Once she heard all about the news, she went towards the greenhouse and saw chaos all around. The mandrakes are tearing it down, oh how did this even happened? She wasn't so sure. Gahyeon took her time in rocking each mandrakesnin her arms before putting them back in their pots, one by one they were sleeping soundly and to make sure that they won't wake up, she casts a force field around them so that no sound would penetrate through.

"Okay five more to go!" She said as she started looking all over the greenhouse but they weren't there. "Playing hide and seek, I see? Let's see who'll win." She raised her wand and was hyoeraware of her surrounding, every sound and every movement isn't being missed out by her.

"Oh where, oh where could the little mandrakes would be?" She walked pass the bush-like plants and heard a rustling noise. "Tag your it! Accio!" Then all five madrakes starts floating in mid-air. "Playtime is over, it's bedtime for you guys." She lead the floating creatures to where the others were and one by one, she cradled and rocked them in her arms until they all were asleep, taking all the funems that they have. "Goodnight cuties." then off she goes.
jung jaehyun 1 year ago

he really didn't want to be here, nOPE, he would rather battle whatever the odd looking creature was in the stadium with his other teammates but he desperately needed the ropes. thus he sprinted his way into the greenhouse, unsure of what would lie before him -- this was soon to be found out though.

greeted with a mass of crying trees, mark instantly raised his hands to cup around his ears, pressing into his skin in vain attempt to block out the wails. they'd have to stop crying eventually wouldn't they? wRONg, they only kept crying and cried loUDER. how could mark silence them all gently was something he couldn't fathom. he couldn't even put his hands down to cradle the little devil like mandrakes.

left with no choice, he draws his wand out from within his robe and holds it out and up, pointing it towards the group of weird looking plants -- were this plants or creatures? who knows. slowly, he tries to think of a spell that wouldn't hurt the mandrakes but also would help him gather the ropes that he really severely gravely needed. he only comes up to a blank, his mind an angry and panicked blur due to the incessant cries from the mandrake. faced with no other option, mark took a deep breath before he started to yank at each rope, snatching them away from the mandrakes forcefully -- causing them to sob even more but at this point, he just wanted out -- and once all ropes was collected, he hurriedly scrambles out of the greenhouse back to where his team was; at least the funems would come in handy.
☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ 1 year ago
☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ5:41:39 PMReply

it appears the mandrakes have somehow gotten their hands (or teeth or twigs idek this creature wACK) on some funem. to get it from then, yOU'D neEd to very very tenderly rock them to sleep before snatching the rope bACK for your uSe

> gO wILD as long as there's at least 13 lines

* prompt (and the 7 funems) will disappear in an houR
* each chara is limited to doing this particular prompt for 7 funems onCE
* all posts sent in after an hour doEs nOt coUNT
seo changbin ʰᵃⁿⁿᶦᵉ [A] 1 year ago
hi im blINd but where is funem-
hwang yeji ᵗʳᵃˢʰ 1 year ago
YEJI flew to the site as soon as she heard of the mandrakes on her flashy broom stick that she had exported all the way from dubai. Her team was in need of funems, and whenever they were in need, yeji was always there. So, like a good cwtch citizen, she parked her broomstick exactly between the allocated lines. "Oh my god i did an amazing job!" She squealed as she inspected how perfectly her broom stick was parked even though she got her license yesterday. "Anyways, where are the mandrakes." She looks around, her big deer like eyes s scanning the surrounding until she spots one just about a metre away. "Ooo there it is!" She exclaims happily, her smile growing thinking about how happy her mates would be if she comes with the funems. She rummages her bag and takes out a onesie as a disguise to look like one of the mandrakes. Once she wears it shE rushes towards the creature. "I m yo mama, time to sleepy sleep now." Her soothing voice and mandrake like gesture easily persuades the creature and within 10 minutes, she gets it to fall asleep. "SiKe" once its fallen asleep, she graBs the funem and sticks her tongue before climbing onto her imported broomstick to flee. Then she flies at the speed of light, her wig almost getting snatched by the harsh breeze. But thank god, she had used the most expensive and most adhering glue that it was still holding her wig. Finally she arrives where her friends were gather and she presents the funems. "OkAy lets catch em all"
☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ 1 year ago
2 more lines :"0
hwang yeji ᵗʳᵃˢʰ 1 year ago
@☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ IS THAT 13
hwang yeji ᵗʳᵃˢʰ 1 year ago
@☼ im jaebum ʲᵇ YEJI flew to the site as soon as she heard of the mandrakes on her flashy broom stick that she had exported all the way from dubai. Her team was in need of funems, and whenever they were in need, yeji was always there. So, like a good cwtch citizen, she parked her broomstick exactly between the allocated lines. "Oh my god i did an amazing job!" She squealed as she inspected how perfectly her broom stick was parked even though she got her license yesterday. "Anyways, where are the mandrakes." She looks around, her big deer like eyes s scanning the surrounding until she spots one just about a metre away. "Ooo there it is!" She exclaims happily, her smile growing thinking about how happy her mates would be if she comes with the funems. She rummages her bag and takes out a onesie as a disguise to look like one of the mandrakes. Once she wears it shE rushes towards the creature. "I m yo mama, time to sleepy sleep now." Her soothing voice and mandrake like gesture easily persuades the creature and within 10 minutes, she gets it to fall asleep. "SiKe" once its fallen asleep, she graBs the funem and sticks her tongue before climbing onto her imported broomstick to flee.
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