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wedding reception
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after the wedding ceremony, we now head down to the wedding reception. here's where the actual fun begins! i mean if you think stuffing your face with food and cake, then do so, but i'm talking the wildness it is during a mini game or maybe by the dance floor, woo! anyways, a speech prepared by the best man and woman will be spoken here and maybe as well as other people if they want to! now have fun and eat free cake.
messages to them
this is your chance to leave a message to the newly wed, say something nice or maybe just congratulate them! best mention who you are but it's alright if you want to be anonymouse.

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wedding speeches
best man (choi san): "so, how do i start this... well, uh. you see, brendon, ryan and i talk a lot but not too much but i can't really pinpoint any other memorable conversation other than them debating if i'm a cat or a crab, but in the end they went for crab san which is kinda hilarious if i'm going to be honest. my nicknames are getting a lot to the point i don't even remember some of them. maybe it was because of that time to which made me their best man, i know to myself that i didn't do much for then except talk as much as possible while trying to manage with everyone which i can say that... it was difficult but it's not impossible, just difficult. so erhm... where was i? oh yeah, brendon and ryan are somehow the most couple goals of a couple i ever encountered so far.  (to taekook) next to you guys, don't worry much. so as i was saying, somehow i can call them as the best couple, because how can you even miss it? they both give and receive, it's how a relationship should work, both of them makes an effort for the other and it's just... it's just beautiful you know? sometimes i envy them but i shouldn't and some who felt the same shouldn't be, because every relationship is very much unique and couples handle each other in different kind of ways. so it's up to all of us on how we want the relationship to be, if you want it to be your ideal, the choice is upon yours. thank you for picking me as your best man, i was truly surprise but i felt really honored by it, i didn't think i was ever suitable to be of any roles in any wedding yet it happened and i have no regrets of this role of mine, it's an honor and once again thank you for it, thank you as well for being my friends and congratulations for your wedding, may you guys last and adopt a lot of pets– i mean kids. "

best woman (jung wheein):
 "we’re all here today to celebrate ryan and brendon’s marriage. it’s times like these where loved ones come together to show love and support for a couple. and i cannot tell you how honoured i feel to be the best woman at these two amazing men’s wedding. she gestures towards the grooms as her lips curve upwards into a wide simper. i’ve had the pleasure to get to know the two of them for a whole and watch them interact together, seeing their love blossom. it truly is a treasure. i've seen it with my own eyes and these two are meant to be. they compliment each other so well and their playful banters are always so fun to observe. you don't come by love like this too often, so i feel blessed to have been able to witness it grow. i see nothing but brightness for the future of these two. times can be tough sometimes and fights will happen but it will only make you stronger if you continue to support each other through the hard times. i know this relationship will continue to grow in a beautiful way and i'm excited to be along for the ride. i wish you two the best with all my heart. so, let’s toast to brendon and ryan, the newly wedded couple!"
oh sehun 7 months ago
a toast to the newly wed !! congratulations !!
minatozaki sana ᵖᵃʳᵏ ˢᵃⁿᵃ 7 months ago
i missed the wedding :<
choi yerim ᶜʰᵒᵉʳʳʸ 7 months ago
le signs on and drops a smol message and gift within the padlet uwu
ryan urie 7 months ago
I...okay, for a minute you nearly had me emotional. Because you and I both come from a rocky past in our love lives, you basically just summed up everything I could've told you. True love seemed more like a myth, a mere fantasy that I didn't think existed except in, well, fairytales. The journey we've been on ever since we met suddenly makes life appear as such and surely can I confirm that I got my happily ever after. The only difference is our love story will last forever. Even beyond death cause I don't see an afterlife without you in it.
brendon urie 7 months ago
ryan, if i could rewind time just to get down on one knee and propose to you a second time, i would not hesitate. Marrying you has been the best blessing i could ever wish for, besides you walking into my life. I love you so damn much, and i'm not even sure i can fully grasp that concept. , i didn't even know what love actually was until i met you. So many times before you i was heart broken and just wanted to know why and how i could have been treated that way. I soon began to think that maybe that's just hjow things were. People "love" but don't actually. And now i can finally say that i love someone, with all my heart and soul. I understand what it's like to love and be loved by the most amazing lover and best friend.
ryan urie 7 months ago
while in the loving security of your embrace, it doesn't take long for I to fall under that usual feeling of serenity that I experience whenever i'm with you. our bodies gently rocking from side to side allows I to let loose of my mind and solely focus on this shared moment. the most important aspect of the wedding having passed as a success and with that I drift off into space, staring out at nothing in particular unless it's to peer over to silently admire your existence with a soft smile toying at the corners of my tiers.
You are truly heaven-sent, Bren. Idk if you know that, but you are the miracle I needed in my life. Like, I can't express enough how lucky I am to be yours and vice versa.
brendon urie 7 months ago
gives you a firm squeeze as i allow you to relax against me, keeping you all snug against me before beginning to rock us from side to side.
You have no idea how long i've actually waited for this day, Ry.. it was a long time comin' and i'm glad we're finally bound together officially. Here's to our future.
ryan urie 7 months ago
happily lays my head atop your shoulder and nuzzles my cheek against you, now refusing to let you go since you've made me the happiest man to ever walk the earth.
Here's to an official beginning of us being a married couple, my beloved husband.
brendon urie 7 months ago
hums out a content sigh as i hold your slender frame against mine, chuckling at your action as i pat your hip.
i love you, too, Ryan. More than i know how to express.
hwang minhyun 7 months ago
sleep well hoobae, im still hunting for the most affordable air fryer
dreams abt french fries
ryan urie 7 months ago
emits a content noise and snakes my arms over your neck, pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose prior to brushing mine against it.
I love you...so much...
brendon urie 7 months ago
gently pulls my boy onto my lap
ryan urie 7 months ago
sweet dreams, hyewon ~
ryan urie 7 months ago
eeee best part.
brendon urie 7 months ago
goodnight, love
kang hyewon 7 months ago
heading to bed but i hope the newly wedded couple has a wonderful time!
brendon urie 7 months ago
that transition where it goes into the kiss-
ryan urie 7 months ago
Give Han our thanks, changbin!
brendon urie 7 months ago
i just saw
ryan urie 7 months ago
Brendon, check the padlet. Han made a sweet gif. < 3
ryan urie 7 months ago
For a minute I thought it was a video, but wowza that has to be the most beautiful gif(?) i've ever seen.
brendon urie 7 months ago
i've returned
seo changbin ʰᵃⁿⁿᶦᵉ [A] 7 months ago
See the padlet! Han wanted to give you guys something c:
seo changbin ʰᵃⁿⁿᶦᵉ [A] 7 months ago
wait wait
ryan urie 7 months ago
I know San gave us his speech...?
ryan urie 7 months ago
hands the black treble clef necklace to Brendon to put on and follows by putting the white moon shaped necklace on myself.
brendon urie 7 months ago
brendon urie 7 months ago
what message?
seo changbin ʰᵃⁿⁿᶦᵉ [A] 7 months ago
Hello lovebirds o u o did san gave you guys a message from Han?
brendon urie 7 months ago
wrong chara


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soonyoung 3 months ago
donghyun and sejin left shdjdh ily guys gluck uwu
acuteassmess 4 months ago
im sorry but brittany left ;; + give yall the best of luck
smallraindrops 4 months ago
is nct yuta available?
unbothered 4 months ago
Jennie's bounced, thank you so much for having me!
goldilocksmith 4 months ago
why did i just found out about this i c ri omG
Warlock 5 months ago
hihi taemin's time was short here but i'll have to take my leave. see you guys next time maybe!
shiber 5 months ago
i guess it’s time
can i have park jiwon e:u as a second
matryoshka [A] 5 months ago
❁ — checked eue
SJV1144 5 months ago
can yuvin pls be cced to lee juyeon
thank you :3
sanshine 5 months ago
may i have krystal cced to kim minji aka jiu of dreamcatcher? uwu
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