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♣ simon dominic {simon d}ˢᵒˡᵒᶦˢᵗ 6 months ago
* rolls dice * gets a 6
♣ diego leanos {lil xan}ᵗʳᵃᶦⁿᵉᵉ 6 months ago

Today was a day of just showing up...showing what he had... and what he was about, it didn't matter to him if it wasn't good enough to everyone or whatever. Everything he put into this though...everything he put on...and even said...was real. Is real to him and it happened for him in one way or another.

So as he heard his name being called he stood up, his appearance laid back and full of full on 'Ignorance IS Bliss' "Ayyy This is Lil Xan... Hope ya'll vibe!" He felt his personality alone was enough just to say Hey I'm here and I'm Playin' the funny thing was he was so not like anyone else before and he knew he was not like anything anyone had seen before. The Diamond Among Gold... either flip or flop at least he knew he was doing what he wanted.
"Please don't hold back aight? Thank you for letting me be here ya'll." and with that he did do a bow before hittin that start and getting into his own world. He was one you could hate and love or just hate and he didn't care but he was grateful Diego Leanos a pretty white Mexican Boi.

He stood with a mic in his hand, tattooed, misunderstood, heart-broken, and ready for war.

Yeah, ayy
Don't watch me fall
Don't watch me fall down, yeah, ayy (Take, take it easy when the night falls)
Don't watch me fall down, yeah, ayy, yeah
Don't watch me fall down, yeah
Don't watch me fall down, yeah, ayy
Don't watch me fall down
You left me broken
Left on the side
I don't understand anything but time (Ooh)
And if you run away
I swear to God I'll chase you, girl
You know me and how I be (Yeah, ayy)

Being that emo boi he was... he was theatrical enough to just fall on the floor and continue to sing what he felt. He almost seemed like he would go ahead and cry... but nah. That's what his goosebumps tear tat was all about.

I'm ready for war
I'm ready for war
I'm ready for war-ar-ar-ar-ar
I'm ready for war
I'm ready for war-ar-ar-ar-ar
Don't watch me fall down, yeah, ayy
Don't watch me fall down
You left me broken
Left on the side
I don't understand anything but time (Ooh)
Don't watch me fall down, yeah, ayy, yeah

As his song ended he felt ironic that it was all just happening.... and from what he could see... the judges and everyone weren't totally disappointed.
He rose a devil horned hand in the air and then he bowed again. "Ayyy Thank you Much Love ya'll."

♣ diego leanos {lil xan}ᵗʳᵃᶦⁿᵉᵉ 6 months ago
* rolls dice * gets a 6
♣ kang younghyun {youngk}ʳᵉⁿᵘ [A] 6 months ago

Brian was nothing but unprepared for this sudden news of evaluation. He had not been in one ever since he debuted with ReNu, and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t getting nervous. Or that he was slightly looking forward to this. Evaluations were something that he was always worried about during his trainee days. Something that was constantly on his mind, and also something that kept him from thinking about that one girl too frequently. She had been the muse behind all the songs he had written, the one person who taught him how to love, also the one who had broken his heart. He still felt like this was all a dream, meeting with her again after all these time, only to discover that she had lost her memories. She couldn’t remember anything that they had between them. She couldn’t remember /him/. Okay, enough about her, for now. Heaving a sigh, he absentmindedly tap his fingers against his guitar that was resting on his lap. He was waiting for his turn outside the evaluation room, and as unprepared as he was, he tried to think of a song that he would perform. This was probably the first time he was this unprepared, yet he was also excited, mostly because he was eager to show how much that he had improved all these time being in a band with his talented bandmates. And something about doing evaluations after debuting gave him the feeling of going back to his trainee days. A trip down memory lane, something that he seemed to be doing a lot lately. With a small helpless smile, he got to his feet and stepped in the room after hearing his name being called. “Hello, this is Young K from ReNu.” He gave a respectful bow before went to settle down on the chair being placed in the middle of the room, in front of the company trainers and the judges. “I’ll be singing my self-composed song namec I’ll remember.”

And he sang.

“The memories you gave to me, the moments you gave to me. They were so precious, I’ll remember”

It was a song that he had written some time ago, when he met Aria again. Meeting her again had him tumbling and falling back into old fond memories that he thought he had forgotten. That he had once tried hard to forget, in his desperate attempts of trying to escape the way how their memories together would haunt him day and night. He had loved her that much, and he knew it was his fault for letting her go in the first place. And he knew he would never forget what they had, he couldn’t and he wouldn’t want to. That was how this song came to life, with him trying to convincing himself that he was alright even if she didn’t remember him.

“Just the fact that we were together, just the fact that we were in love, no matter how much time passes, I’ll remember”

He sang on, strumming along on his guitar. His voice hitting the high notes easily as his fingers played out the song melody effortlessly. Despite the sentimental lyrics, a small smile gradually formed on his features as the tension left him, now that he was full on enjoying singing the song with her on his mind. It was one of the few times where he would ever allow himself to rekindle in the memories. If anything, he was glad that he could still be in love with her in his songs.

“Because I loved you without regrets, I’ll leave you inside of me”

The song ended soon after and Brian was relieved to see the faint smiles on the judges’ faces. He hadn’t paid much attention to them when he was performing, he was lost in his own world but he was delighted to see their smiling faces. Maybe evaluations after debut weren’t so bad after all, he thought as he bowed respectfully, thanking the judges before making his way out of the room, with his guitar in his hand and his mind filled with thoughts of her.
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♣ mirko yan {mir}ᵗʳᵃᶦⁿᵉᵉ 6 months ago
* rolls dice * gets a 5
♣ kim hongjoongᵏᶦⁿᵍˢ 6 months ago


Evaluations. Something that Hongjoong would have to get used to if he was going to do this trainee stuff. It was moments like this when he wondered if this was a good choice or not. Being on top of a strict diet, fast-pace schedules, training nearly all day and having to go lessons. Despite being the same thing almost every week, there was always something new to deal with. Now he has to deal with this, a freaking evaluation. News of the event spreaded slowly to the male and he only had a little bit of time to prepare. He decided that if he wanted to show growth, it was best to go with a song he composed himself, mainly so he could dance better. He felt confident in his ability to rap. But will it work?

The minute he got up on stage and saw the cameras and the judges, he wondered how nerve-wracking this can be for anyone. His palms were getting clammy and his body temperature already felt like it was rising. This feeling of nervousness started to spread around his body. He wasn't even dancing yet, he was already sweating.

He introduced himself and settled as he waited for the music to began. One last big breath exhaled through his lips before the music cue. His arm movements were shaky at best, but his balance and flow were off at the start. This led to a jittery beginning, with him trying to get back into his groove. Eventually, it came back to him. "But we don’t care. Cause I'm not alone now. I don't need a lot of metaphor. Cause you're here to share this vision now." As he started rapping, he felt at ease and got lost in the performance. Each line came out clean and fluidly. Even though he wasn't a solid dancer, maybe not even average, he felt like he did what he could at the moment. Perhaps you could call it mediocre, but at least it wasn't terrible.

As he got to the end, he tried his best to finish in a suave manner. Hopefully by showing some confidence at the end would give him some bonus points. Once the music faded out, he bowed and thanked the judges, returning to backstage where he could finally rest.
♣ kim hongjoongᵏᶦⁿᵍˢ 6 months ago
* rolls dice * gets a 2
♣ kim jisooᵗʳᵃᶦⁿᵉᵉ 6 months ago


Jisoo looked around and slowly, but irrevocably came to terms with one simple fact - the trainees in Indigo were predominantly male. The tentative assigned groups were predominantly with boys, carrying more than 10 in some of them. The girls were either solo, or already alotted to debut. She was not good enough to be solo, and honestly, she did not want to be solo - all her life she was used to being on stage with her siblings or someone else from the troupe. But she had get on there, stat - her family was counting on her, and model jobs and CFs only paid that much. So she braced herself and stepped on the makeshift stage "Hello, I'm Kim Jisoo, here to have my first elimination." she smiled to the staff in front of her, charming as ever, and upon being asked what she will do, she nodded quickly and replied "I will be singing for you an exert from the Snow Flower OST - Yuki no Hana." The staff made a motion for her to begin and soon the playback filled the room and Jisoo dipped into that mindstate as if she was hanging on a silk in the middle of the manege - here to give her best and please the audience. She sang about romantic love in a language that wasn't completely familiar to her, but she loved the flow of it, so she had learned it, hoping this would prove her diligence as well. Romantic love, the first snow and cuddling, it all sounded better in Japanese, with her deep voice wrapping the usually cheesy lines in grace and mystery. The song itself did not require much, just a good breathing technique, which she undoubtedly had, and soon she was opening her eyes, looking up to the staff, who were slightly smiling, before motioning for her to pass on. With a curtsy bow, the girl left the mic on its stand and left the stage, hope blooming in her chest, the faces of her family passing in front of her eyes. She sang about romantic love, but it was another type of love, one much more deeply rooted, that had her heart filled to the brim.
♣ yoo kihyunᵗʳᵃᶦⁿᵉᵉ 6 months ago


It was Kihyun's turn for evaluations. He was nervous because he had been exhausted from writing songs and composing new lyrics for their upcoming Kings album. He had prepared a song that he held dear to his heart. That he kept hidden because of the past memories that were associated with it. He walked in and took the microphone, bowing with a soft smile. "Yoo kihyun from Kings. I will be singing a song that I have never sang to anyone but I wrote it a long time ago when I was young and in love" he smiled and bowed before he heard the music begin, he closed his eyes and began to sing. "Its a beautiful life..." his words rang beautifully in the air as he continued alive with the soft melody. It began to pick up, his emotions flowed throughout him into the hearts of whomever listened. Tears welled in his eyes as he sang his heart out. When the song slowly came to an end he sang the last of the notes in a soft voice, "it's a beautiful life~~~" he panted softly as he cleaned his tears, smiling happily cause he know he nailed the performance. The judges applauded and kihyun thanked them and left the spotlight. He happily smiled because he knew he left it all on the stage and showed them the beauty of music.
♣ stella jangʳᵉⁿᵘ 6 months ago


Evaluations made Daeun anxious. Not because she was afraid she'd choke, she was really comfortable play, but because they took her back to auditions. The dozens of auditions she'd sang and played her way through only to be told she'd get a call and never hear from the company ever again. She supposed it was kind of like going to the doctors convinced that they'd tell you the worst thing even if you were going for a routine checkup. Still, like a checkup, she had to do it. She walked onto stage, bowing briefly in greeting, confirming her name, and all of the other motions. "For my evaluation, I'll be covering La Vie en Rose," she said, slightly holding up the guitar in her hands. She knew it probably wasn't the best idea: going into evaluation with an instrument she'd only just started playing a few weeks ago, but she could only get better with pointers and she'd been pretty proud of her progress so far. When she was given her cue to start, she took a breath and began strumming the opening chords to the song. It started off well enough, but as she sang, she lost a bit of focus on her playing. She missed a beat and tried to make it up but it left her a little behind. Cheeks burning, she continued to the best of her ability, but it still made for a pretty choppy performance. She was glad when the short arrangement was over, relieved even. Her eyes burned but she'd been hard-pressed to stop crying over every little embarrassment. Instead, she just bowed deeply and made her way out of the spotlight as quickly as possible.
♣ kim hyungseo {bibi}ˢᵒˡᵒᶦˢᵗ 6 months ago


The evaluations had definitely been random, unexpected (maybe even a little unwanted) but none of that mattered to Hyungseo as she made her way center stage in the practice room reserved specifically for these things. She was prepared, confident in her personal ability, and more than ready to show a slightly different side of her than others were used to. Most others, at least. Dislodging the microphone from its stand, she grinned her usual impish grin and nodded as the head of the evaluation panel regaled her name and artist status. "Yes, that's right," she spoke into the mic, idly shifting her weight from one foot to another. "And I'll be doing my own arrangement of Fly With Me from The War of Genesis OST." She continued rocking casually from foot to foot as whatever paperwork that sat atop the eval staff's folding table was scribbled on, biting her tongue hold a snort as she imagined the sitcom cliche where someone wrote furiously only to be doodling or playing tic tac toe. It was only a few moments though before she was given her cue to start. She stood with a neutral expression, idle, comfortable as the dreamlike music began playing in anticipation of her start. As the time neared, she raised a hand to her face to rest over her eye. "With stony eyes...what are you looking for..." her voice filled the room and sang with the comfort and ease of someone that had been doing so for years, even if the professional tag was still fairly new. Her voice didn't waver or shake as she felt completely at ease through the song's entirety, even allowing her trademark gesticulations at parts. She sang the last few lines, before her wide grin returned and she gave a brief bow, giving thanks into the mic as she put it back. After a last bow, she walked off.
♣ bang yongguk {yamazaki}ᴮᴬᴹ! 6 months ago
[] Part 3/3 TRIGGER WARNING: past deaths.

"Every night I spend my lonely nights with bad thoughts
No one needs to hold me so I shut my mouth tight
With a glass of soju I anesthetize the sadness, in the end, it’s all one thing
I don’t even remember any more just what a dumb like me is"
No matter how many years have passed, Yamazaki still remembers the memories of coming home from school with his diploma in his hand. Skipping his feet as he makes his way home, only to see his mother's flesh being butchered mercilessly and parts of his body being thrown to the dogs. The vicious dogs who ravish his mother's flesh hungrily. Yamazaki broke down into a crying sob and vomited at the sight. At that point, he was so broken. All those things he learned from the family, those pains and sufferings came back to him. All those holding back he has down are all for his mother. For him to finally leave the family with his mother and live peacefully by themselves. It was going smoothly. He just got his ing diploma with flying colors. All those are for his dead mother. and now... nothing. After that, Yamazaki couldn't remember what exactly happened. But he came back to his senses when he holds his grandfather's severed head in his hand. After that, his small followers finally came back, they were given errands to go somewhere far away, and help Yamazaki clean the mess up. Even after what he has done to the family, he can never forgive himself from being a dumb . The who let his mother die. Every night, he can only numb his pain and self-loathing feelings with soju. Drinking said alcohol to sleep...

"Hyung, I wanted to live without an ounce of shame to my hyungs and dongsaengs no matter what I did
The s who ruined this are living with their bellies full
Just as they don’t pay attention to the victim mentality they have left behind
To try to forget all the ignorant ones is like empty dust
Just like the pills in my left hand my love has also left me
My fans hold my two hands and hold me so I won’t fall
I know I want to leave and put down the weight of reality that trapped me and just cry
I think I need it I’m my own refuge right?"
But Yamazaki knows. No matter what he does, the dead won't come back to life. That goes for his late mother and the whole of the yakuza's family and underlings. They're gone. Gone for good. And all that's left is for Yamazaki to forgive himself and get back on his two feet. But that's easier said than done. He may look fierce and intimidating, but there are countless nights where he cried himself to sleep. Knowing fully well that no one should know his past, he has no one to lean on. All that he has is himself. And for now, he's fine with that. He knows the world is harsh from the moment he's born. What else can break his already beaten up legs? Nothing. He's stronger than ever.

After that, did a final sprint of his song where he raps the hook and the ending. Repetitive phrase, but his feelings build up to be more potent and stronger as those sorrows and pain are now changed to hope. Finally, peace. "I’m just doin' ma things. Everything’s gonna be alright."

That marked the ending of his performance. When silence followed the end of his performance, Yamazaki looks up at the judges' faces, unsure of the sudden silence. But he's a relief with the sight of their shocked and impressed faces. Then one of them does a slow clap before the others follow and became a standing ovation. "Yamazaki, your performance is one of the best performance we have today. Thank you. You may go now." On that cue, Yamazaki give a final bow and muttered a small thank you, before he left with a big grin on his face.
♣ bang yongguk {yamazaki}ᴮᴬᴹ! 6 months ago
[] Part 2/3. TRIGGER WARNING: past deaths.

"Why do they all only look at me close-mindedly"
From birth, Yamazaki is kept being seen as that. 'Yamazaki' (traitor). It's not fair. It was his damned father who ed up but he was the one who treated like , along with his mother.

"Whatever I did to walk enthusiastically, the world
To them was hypocrisy trying to holding his head up in pride
People stared at the young child like he was dumb
Adults shamelessly worry for you after stepping, ripping, and making you fall over yeh
Values surrounded with money their crooked compass
Don’t try to defend me until the end I rather leave than become like someone like them"
Yamazaki tried his best. But those damned so-called underlings of the yakuza family who supposedly protect the family with their pledge of loyalty treated Yamazaki and his mother like . He didn't really care, but when they dare to touch a single hair from his mother. They're dead. His family and relatives are no different. Behind Yamazaki's back, they sell his mother as a e and let other man touches them. When he knew that, Yamazaki want to behead them immediately. But his mother, his dearly foolish mother, stopped him. His strong mother pretended there's nothing happen and keep on asking for his day and if he has eaten. It kills him inside, but he knows his mother doesn't want him to retaliate to them. Not wanting her only son to be like the likes of those good for nothing men. Not wanting to upset his mother further, Yamazaki goes with his mother's act and pretend like nothing happens. Be the fool and naive child he was.

"Respect toward my dongsaengs who thought it was happiness and ran
To me above the night sky reverence for my grandfather in my heart"
Yamazaki loathed his grandfather to the deepest of hell and the highest of heaven. He plotted a lot of ways to end his life. But he can't ignore how that evil grandfather of his was an influential figure with the whole family and the tiniest underlings respected him. Except for a small group of Yamazaki's follower who has a deep respect for him. Not his grandfather, but the 'traitor' of the family. But that night before he left, he let those followers of his go and have their own happy ending. While Yamazaki feeds his so well respected grandfather to the dogs... Yamazaki swore, he will remember his grandfather in his heart forever.

"Every night my song flows
It’s no use this is just my confession
To my grandfather’s arms I will go back
I know it, I know it, I know it I am in need"
At the hook, Yamazaki did a small sway of his body, following the flow of the music. A small smirk appears on his lips at the mention of him going back to his grandfather's arms, only to disappear right after. It meant he believe he will die and meet his grandfather in hell.

"Everyone go away, Everyone go away
This damned world everyone go away
Everyone go away, Everyone go away
Sympathetic stares everyone go away
Everyone go away, Everyone go away
I don’t need love everyone go away
Everyone go away, Everyone go away, Everyone go away"
He put all of his feelings yet still suppressed them from going all out. Just like a ball of hurt and frighten animal who needed love more than anything in this cruel and harsh world.
♣ bang yongguk {yamazaki}ᴮᴬᴹ! 6 months ago

[] Part 1/3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kxbuiAAzzU

"Alright. Your name is Bang Yongguk and this is your first evaluation. Is that correct?"

Yamazaki nodded his head with a simple "Yes," from his deep voice. The camera is rolling, ready for his evaluation.

"You will be performing, your own song with the help of xxx as the producer." Another nod from Yamazaki to confirm the fact. His grip on the mike in his hand felt clammy. This is not the first time he performs this song. Heck, he made this song when he was living his life as the underground rapper back in Japan. But now, he met a producer who he trusts and helps him perfected this song of his.

"Yamazaki's first evaluation, with his original song. 7th September 2019. Alright, whenever you're ready Yamazaki," that's it. The judge has given the cue for Yamazaki to perform. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Calming his mind and nerves. 'Everything's gonna be alright' He told himself before he opens his eyes and nods his head to the staff who's ready to play the music. When the music starts to fill the room, his whole demeanor changed. It's like he's a different person. Gone the nervous and soft boy who loves strawberry milk. In front of the judges, the staffs and the camera, is an artist who put his heart, his passion, his everything into his song. Above all else, he put his pain and past there. The lyrics have been censored to fit the so-called society and to not reveal his real past. With that, he starts to perform his sorrowful yet passionate and hopeful rap.

"The heavy weight carried on two shoulders,"
When Yamazaki learned his family's circumstances, the truth was too heavy for those thin shoulders of an adolescent boy who is still in high school to carry.

"Nobody would know how scary the mask I wear is"
The boy who was treated coldly by his very own family. The boy who was feared and no peers to walk with him on his thorny path. He forced himself to wear a smile for his dear mother. The mother who cares, love and protect him with all of her strength.

"I don’t even know what I traded my passion for in place of everyone’s cheers"
He hid his pains and hates for the so-called family just to be in their good gracious with the hope his mother will live another day. He trained and study real hard in everything the family demanded from him. Giving up his passion and love for poetry and literature.

"For what am I insisting on trying so hard for to keep on running"
There are times when he questions his persistence in not giving up because it's ing tiring.

"Feeling inferior and guilty is what’s left reality is rising and blocking my throat"
But he couldn't stop. He slaps, punches and ram his head on the wall when he thought of quitting. because he's afraid, his mother will be killed if he does so.

"What is what if the card life has thrown at me is really right"
With his blood, sweat and tears from training has paid off, he got better and better at wielding Katana. For a moment, he almost believes he's fit to be a yakuza's heir. because he's that good. The family even treated him better as his skills are becoming apparent.

"Others judge for me what is so simple"
So he thought, maybe. Just maybe, the family will accept his poetry writing too.

"The lyrics I put my heart into isn’t worth reading to them"
He was naive. His writing was burned right away.

"Everyone wants to chase after money and fame"
The elder spit at him for being useless and push him to learn about business and how to make money from those guns and drugs dealing.

"In the end, my lyrics are trash letters GO AWAY"
Yamazaki loathed them. But he holds himself back, for the sake of his mother.
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♣ kim jisooᵗʳᵃᶦⁿᵉᵉ 6 months ago
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♣ bang yongguk {yamazaki}ᴮᴬᴹ! 6 months ago
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♣ jeon jungkookᴮᴬᴹ![SH-03/30] 6 months ago
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♣ brendan xiao {danny}ᵗʳᵃᶦⁿᵉᵉ 6 months ago
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♣ stella jangʳᵉⁿᵘ 6 months ago
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♣ kim hyungseo {bibi}ˢᵒˡᵒᶦˢᵗ 6 months ago
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