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this room is open for all those wanting to rp. it is the building as a whole and can act as any room which is not already open & listed. i.e. the gym, library, study, pool, the attic, etc. there are no limits so just go wildt
☆ kim taehyung ᵛ [A] 7 months ago
feel free to rp and chat in this room uwu as its the common area & lounge we hope that you may feel comfortable and enjoy your time here :o


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soonyoung 3 months ago
donghyun and sejin left shdjdh ily guys gluck uwu
acuteassmess 4 months ago
im sorry but brittany left ;; + give yall the best of luck
smallraindrops 4 months ago
is nct yuta available?
unbothered 4 months ago
Jennie's bounced, thank you so much for having me!
goldilocksmith 4 months ago
why did i just found out about this i c ri omG
Warlock 5 months ago
hihi taemin's time was short here but i'll have to take my leave. see you guys next time maybe!
shiber 5 months ago
i guess it’s time
can i have park jiwon e:u as a second
matryoshka [A] 5 months ago
❁ — checked eue
SJV1144 5 months ago
can yuvin pls be cced to lee juyeon
thank you :3
sanshine 5 months ago
may i have krystal cced to kim minji aka jiu of dreamcatcher? uwu
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