Yoongi Min - Hunt Capt. (Ω) 3 weeks ago
*sighs softly to myself, Haekun safely tucked up in bed at the omega residence in my little nest, leaving me free for the evening to hide in the place it feels like I always am*
*sighs once again, slipping from the shadows to sit at the bar and start downing drinks*
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
/comes back into the bar, sitting down I start asking for shots, my eyes bloodshot red from all the crying, I look down at the red marks on my arms, breathes out before sitting down at the bar/
/starts taking the shots, downing every last one, asks for more/
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) Nuuuu I’m not!
I c-ca- /hiccups/ I can drink lots and lots without it affecting me~
/watches you and I huff, almost scoffing before trying to climb over the table to get myself more of the strong drink, huffing as I feel heavy, I sit back down/
/cups your cheeks, squishing your cheeks together and I giggle/
Lots of it-
/drinks the water/
I.. I don’t feel like I’m good enough..
Taeyong Lee (β) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) Even if you are old enough to drink, you are a light drinker!
*groans when you attempt on asking for another drink, Mouths the words ‘thank you’ to the bartender who told the other not to hand you anymore alcohol beverage*
You will drink its its not going to be alcohol~
*gives you a stern look while having my face cupped, stares into your emerald orbs until you told me that is going on*
Stupid stuff? Like what?
* shakes my head when seeing this picky sight of you before the bartender adds the lemon you requested in your drink*
There~ now explain to me why you feel you and jongie arent each other’s shoulders to lean on?
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) N-no!!
Stop it Lee Taeyong! I a-am old enough to drink whatever the I want!
/giggles out and I ask another bartender for another drink but the one that was serving me earlier discreetly tells him not to/
Let me ing drink Taeyong..,
/groans once my seat is facing you, I cup your cheeks before hiccuping/
I... I don’t feel like Jongie and I are each other’s shoulders to lean on... R-romantic Valentines date went up in flames... He said stupid stuff
/my words start slurring and I look at the water/
Can you add lemonnnn
Taeyong Lee (β) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) Yah doyoung enough! You had enough already
* notice the empty glass beside you. Continues holding your wrist*
You dont look sober to drink more. What is wrong with you?
*frowns and turns you seat over at my direction. I was growing concern when seeing you drinking so much. Lets out a sigh*
Tell me what is going on. Its better to say it rather than drowning yourself with these
* ask the bartender to hand over a glass of water to you*
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) /giggles before having the alpha leave, I coo in happiness as I keep drinking away my sorrows/
/whines and tries pulling away when you hold my wrist, my face flushed red/
I have not had enough!
/whines, trying to ask for more drinks/
/the bartender looking away/
I’m paying for all of this~
Taeyong Lee (β) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) * narrowing my eyes over at that one alpha that tried to bother you and the unexpected behavior you were putting when you pick pocket the alpha*
Yah doyoungie you’re drunk~
* brings my hand over to holds your wrist when you started drowning yourself with more shots*
I think you had enough
* glances at the bartender motioning him to stop giving you shots*
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) /giggles to myself as I ask for more drinks, mixing drinks between shots and actual beers/
/my face flushed a deep red and I turn to my left as a seeming eager alpha tries flirting with me. Presses my lips to his lips/
Hehe go now mister~ I’m mated~
/coos as I drop my drink on him, sneakily swiping his wallet, taking the load of cash and I look over to Taeyong/
What a lovely surpriseeee!
/giggles and downs some more shots of alcohol/
Taeyong Lee (β) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) *enters the building when following my instinct that something seemed to be off. Listens to the soft tune playing while walking over to the bar only to notice a figure shooting down drinks*
* walks closer taking a seat at the available seat beside you on the high stool*
What are you doing here? Is everything okay?
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
/walks into the bar, sighing to myself as I order something strong/
Please give m-me anything...
/mumbles and I take the shot of vodka, downing it in one go/
Yoongi Min - Hunt Capt. (Ω) 2 months ago
Yoongi walked to the tavern, just as night was beginning to fall over the tavern. Sure, it wasn’t a place he visited often, especially now he’d had his pup, but after a long day of looking after his little one, with Haekun safe and sleeping he needed a little me time. He slipped to the bar, finding a spot to settle down and order himself a drink, honestly enjoying the quietness of the settled place by himself without any responsibilities to look over for a few hours.
Dylan Wang (∝) 3 months ago
@Xi Luhan (β) Dylan was suprised when offered a new drink. He definitely looked like someone who could spend on a whim and the bartender didn't know him to gift him an extra drink. The attention was thus welcome and heart warming. "So the house encourages drink mixes?" he added and chuckled, amused and not at all ready to refuse the extra apple liquor. He bowed his head when the bartender was asked elsewhere.
The shot was just what he had been told: sweet, addictive. Dylan smiled and left cash on the counter to not only cover his two bourbon but an extra tip of the amout of the drinks. He slid the bill, under the empty shot and left the Bar before the bartender was back, before even catching his name. He did hoped he'd see the kind man around some other time.
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
@Dylan Wang (∝) (Poke)
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
@Dylan Wang (∝) Luhan chuckled lightly, nodding his head in agreement but out of agreement had to state "Its policy i'm afraid sir..."
Turning around to pack the champagne glasses and tumblers away, Luhan quickly collected a green bottle and a shot glass and presented to the customer another beverage.
"Have one of these on me- Its an apple sour, a fun shot to have- sour at the start but the sweet apple makes you want another one afterwards."
Returning the green bottle back to its shelf, Luhan felt a tap on his shoulder from another bartender before quickly nodding his head. The beta gave the customer a small smile.
"I'll leave you in the care of my team, I have some cleaning assigned to me. Enjoy the rest of your night sir."
Returning the pat on the bartender, Luhan grabbed a few tools before leaving behind the the bar and heading to the bathroom.
Dylan Wang (∝) 3 months ago
@Xi Luhan (β) "That's little to no show of custormer concern." He commented, joking since there was no bar taking it farther than disapproving with drinking and driving. He did go the extra mile on his parties and he knew what a hassle it was to arrange for return transportation.
"Do you praise drunk walking?" He asked, just messing with the bartender. "You guys could offer to walk clients home, you know, to make sure we don't get lost..." he asked and almost finished the strong bourbon he liked less.
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
@Mino Song (∝) (hmm... up to you~)
Mino Song (∝) 3 months ago
@Xi Luhan (β) (Should I reply at the beta residence ?)
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
@Mino Song (∝) Nodding his head, Luhan gave off a awkward chuckle as he is reminded of their encounter in his room. A blush spreading from his cheeks to his ear as he runs his hand through his hair.
"y-yeah. I'll lead the way."
Locking the bar doors, Luhan- not realising it- started dragging Mino to his home, unsure if he was in a rush or wondering if another encounter will happen.

(We have left the bar~ To the next scene!!!)
Mino Song (∝) 3 months ago
@Xi Luhan (β) Mino looked at the male and waited for him to speak, smiling and nodding as Luhan finally spoke what was on his mind. “Of course I will. We can squeeze in your tiny bed together .” He said with a laugh and took his mates hand , “Should we head home now then ?”
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
@Mino Song (∝) Reaching out to grab Mino's wrist; he suddenly started sobering up as he felt something wrong. "Mino- will you stay with me at my place tonight?" A large weight started lifting off of his shoulder, finally saying what he wanted to say but somehow couldn't- was it that they officially haven't moved in together, or that the house wasnt family friendly- thoughts bombarded Luhan's mind but he focused on Mino's answer.
Mino Song (∝) 3 months ago
@Xi Luhan (β) Mino sighed and then nodded at the males words “ Alright I’ll take you home then. I know there’s no place more comfortable then your own home... so should we get going ?”
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
@Mino Song (∝) Smiling at the compliment, Luhan started to feel uneasy at what was said next. "I don't feel uncomfortable being at your home Mino... I would prefer your kingsize bed in comparison to my single bed... I don't know- I feel like I haven't been home in so long..."
Mino Song (∝) 3 months ago
@Xi Luhan (β) Mino looked at his mates clean up work and nodded in satisfaction , “You’re right it looks great like we never were here .” He responded and then blinked suddenly at Luhans statement. “Alright I can walk you home then... since you don’t want to come over . I’ll walk you home and then I’ll take a cab to my place “
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
@Mino Song (∝) "The way you make it sound is so depressing..." Holds onto the side of the counter and pushes the only chair back under the bar before taking one more glance around. "Is it me or does it look like we were never here?"
Chuckles lightly as I hum, thinking about more occassions similar to this. Looking at Mino, Luhan pulls a face. "We? we're going home t-together?" Pointing at a random direction, Luhan pouts a little as he says the following. "You can take a cab home but the beta residence is like- 5 minutes away for me" unconciously starts fumbling with my fingers; almost angry with myself as I can't understand why i feel like this- a mixture of dumbfoundedness and hesitation.
Mino Song (∝) 3 months ago
@Xi Luhan (β) “I’ve drunken alone a lot so I’ve learned how to be a somewhat responsible drunk.” He replied with a chuckle as he took the bag from his mate , standing up and wobbling a slight bit as he steadied himself . “I’ll call a cab and we’ll go home ?”
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
@Mino Song (∝) Heavily sighing against Mino's chest, Luhan realised he had a point. "I feel like you're not drunk enough to be logically thinking... Anywho- how are we getting home?"
Luhan yawned a little, taking a quick look at his surroundings before getting off of Mino's lap, deciding to tidy up a little more, ready fo the next day.
Running a hand through his hair, the bartender packs the remaining bottles in a bag and writes a quick note in the box of crates before returning it to its place.
"here, takes these home with you" Hands out the bottles of Soju in a bag, a goofy smile on his face.
Mino Song (∝) 3 months ago
@Xi Luhan (β) He took a few swigs from his bottle of soju, humming happily at the taste because its his favorite drink. He watched his mate finish his own drink and then grinned as his partner suddenly became affectionate, chuckling as he d the males back. "We definitely need to head home after this....any more and the two of us might not be able to walk."
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
@Mino Song (∝) "But I have my own bottle to finish too~" Luhan starts his lips, noticing his heart rate rapidly increase at just Mino's hands holding his hips.
"Gah, I already lost... After this bottle...-" turning around to locate the bottle, his vision slowly disorientating him as he almost knocks the bottle over but successfully grabs it, before downing the sweet drink with a smile on his face.
"Aah~ Tasty~ I'm gonna miss being a bartender..." Lunges towards the alpha, wrapping his arms around Mino's neck as he softly mumbles into it.
Mino Song (∝) 3 months ago
@Xi Luhan (β) Mino raised an eyebrow at his mates comment, not really expressing that cheesiness all of a sudden but it seemed the alcohol but getting to both of them now. "I am whipped for can you tell?" He said with a chuckle, holding the betas hips with a hum and nodded. "I think the alcohol is getting to you Lu...let me finish my bottle and we should go?"


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