Common Room (IC Room)

Mino Song (∝) 1 day ago
I don’t think so
*shakes my head and hums happily*
But I like it
Xi Luhan (β) 2 days ago
*raises my head from your shoulder; pondering*
I haven't?
*spaces out as i'm deep in thought*
Mino Song (∝) 2 days ago
You never call me your alpha
*raises an eyebrow and let’s out a laugh*
Xi Luhan (β) 2 days ago
*hums happily into Minos soft kiss*
I love you too... my alpha.
*turns to see Jongdae and Doyoung; waving in greeting before watching conversation bounce off of the two friends*
*looks at Mino; agreeing with Jongdae*
Yeah... Mino is very cute when he's like this... not sure if whipped is the right word but hey...
Jongdae Kim (∝) 2 days ago
you’re so whipped
it’s cute seeing you like that
Mino Song (∝) 2 days ago
Just showing him off in general
Just showing off my mate
Jongdae Kim (∝) 2 days ago
Showing him off ?
To me ?
Mino Song (∝) 2 days ago
I’m not claiming him!
*laughs while I look at you before snorting hard*
I’m showing him off
Jongdae Kim (∝) 2 days ago
I know that’s your mate
/rolls my eyes playfully
you don’t need to claim him because I am definitely not interested
/let’s out a laugh and shakes my head
happily mated myself loser ~
Doyoung Kim (β) 2 days ago
Just had the best sleep ever-
/laughs softly and waves at Mino/
Mino Song (∝) 2 days ago
Of course we’re cosy
That’s my mate
*laughs and nods at Jongdae*
Jongdae Kim (∝) 2 days ago
you both look cosy
/laughs and then looks at my mate as he enters
hey baby what’s wrong
Doyoung Kim (β) 2 days ago
/steps inside the room, my hair messy/
/hugs myself/
Afternoon everyone
Mino Song (∝) 2 days ago
Hey Jongdae !
*smiles and waves at you as you enter *
Jongdae Kim (∝) 2 days ago
/walks in and notices the couple
Hey you two
Mino Song (∝) 2 days ago
*kisses your lips lightly and smiles*
Love you
Xi Luhan (β) 2 days ago
*shyly smiles*
Me too...
*lifts my head to let Minos arm go behind me; resuming my head on his shoulder*
*happily sighs*
It's nice to just be like this...
Mino Song (∝) 2 days ago
I just want to spend time with you
*nods slowly and opens my arms *
Xi Luhan (β) 2 days ago
*grins softly; his hand floating towards his stomach as he rubs it dearly without knowing*
Th-Then is there anything you wanna do?
*Rubs my eyes and stands up with my hot chocolate, settling up cosy next to Mino*
*rests head on alpha's shoulder*
Mino Song (∝) 3 days ago
I know I’m not wrong
But I’ll happily spend time with you while you are here
Xi Luhan (β) 3 days ago
*pouts softly and turns away to drink my hot chocolate*
*puts my cup down with a sigh*
You're not wrong though...
Mino Song (∝) 3 days ago
@Xi Luhan (β) Baby it’s rare you’re here period
*laughs softly and shakes my head *
Xi Luhan (β) 3 days ago
*puts my cup down and pats my cheeks*
I'm sure you are but we're here together- and thats rare my love.
Mino Song (∝) 3 days ago
*raises an eyebrow and chuckles *
I’m here sometimes
Xi Luhan (β) 3 days ago
*chuckles at Jongdae and Doyoungs interactions before nodding my head at Yoongi*
Weird... in a good way.
Its no problem, I hope you two enjoy~
*sips on my hot chocolate by the desk, watching Mino walk by settling on the couch*
Ah? whats this? Mino in the common room? *fake gasps*
Mino Song (∝) 3 days ago
*comes in here slowly and looks around before I just lay down on the couch with a happy hum *
Doyoung Kim (β) 3 days ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) /laces our fingers together/
/smiling shyly/
Let’s go
Jongdae Kim (∝) 3 days ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) Let’s go then ?
/takes your hand in mine
Doyoung Kim (β) 3 days ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) Yes please~
I would love that a lot.
Jongdae Kim (∝) 3 days ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) A date ?
/smiles and nods at the thought of it
How about we have a date at my place and I cook for you ?


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-kyga- 1 week ago
Still active?
Crazystar32 1 month ago
i'm interested in Soonyoung Kwon
Kim4Shim 1 month ago
Can I ask for Kim Jaejoong?
lilfireball [A] 2 months ago
End Game theme changed and rooms updated.

x added Secret Garden room for Lee Taeyong
x hidden pregnancy and couple rooms to be revamped on the morrow
x disabled points in ooc chat and activity check room

to do upon waking:
- tab categories
- organise room orders
- master list categories
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Any questions/concerns please PM me or tag me here.

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ADDITIONAL: No longer accepting hiatuses from anyone unless they've done the activity check.
sasibi 2 months ago
Could yo please add Seungmin of Stray Kids?
[comment deleted by owner]
effy101 3 months ago
Can you add and reserve Actor Yang Yang please
Wolfcat 3 months ago
Can I get Xu Minghao as a third please uwu
AcePanda 3 months ago
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huwendi 3 months ago
Could I request Uno Itsuki, please?
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