Seungmin Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
[Open rp]

Seungmin paced through the halls as he kept his eyes glued on the textbook in his hands. The equation were too easy. It was suspicious. He took the pen that was resting behind his ear and scribbled on a sticky note he had pasted in the book. He would check his answers later. He was pretty confident, but also afraid that he was not seeing the complete complexity of the matter.
Dylan Wang (∝) 3 months ago
@Yukhei Wong (∝) Dylan could find Yukhei in any crowded area. In parties, both are drown to the same kinds of music, the same food, the same scents. It's like they just have a lot in common. He doesn't have to look fir Yukhei to find him. And that's how they constantly run into each other. Dylan lays down on the grass a meter away from Yukhei and closes his eyes. He doesn't mind that Yukhei is with someone, talking. He hopes to speak to him once the other is free. Meanwhile, his statement is clear: he didn't get much sleep and he wonders how Yukhei can hold a conversation. When there a considerable silence he speaks.
"Give me some. Whatever keeps you up. I'm a larva since this morning."
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 5 months ago
@Jungkook Jeon (∝) /glancing around the place after you take the small vial and looking at the door after that, nods my head/
Let's go then.
/frowning when I smell the scent of blood and it mixed with blood/
I think the humans came here before.
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 5 months ago
@Jungkook Jeon (∝) /is coming here with the young alpha to patrol the area, is being alert about our surroundings/
Jungkook, let's check the main building first.
/points to the biggest building in the college as walking towards there, taking out something and giving it to you/
Take this antidote. You'll need it.
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 7 months ago
@Jaehyun Jung (β) /still staring at the picture frame, smiling at the old memories before I turn my head to look at you, frown a bit at your reaction after I tell you about the picture/
Hey, are you-
/is cut off by your words, eyes widen over it, staring at you in wide eyes as I'm totally shocked right now/
/stands up abruptly and goes to you immediately, hugging you/
Oh God, you look so different
Jaehyun Jung (β) 7 months ago
@Suho Kim (β) *takes a seat and keeps glancing over at the picture frame until i hear what you said, my eyes widen at your words but then clears my throat as i slump on my seat a bit*
*keeps my eyes fixed on that old picture seeing the previous old me with that wide smile that showed my dimples*
That kid in that photo, hyung...
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 7 months ago
@Jaehyun Jung (β) /chuckles softly when you call Sehun that way/
Have a seat. May I know your name?
How do you know Sehun?
/smiles at you/
Sehun didn't tell me about your name at all.
/realizes you stare at the old portrait on my table, looking at it and smiling/
It's an old picture of me with Sehun and Jaehyun. Well, they're my dongsaengs even though we're not related by blood.
Jaehyun Jung (β) 7 months ago
@Suho Kim (β) *nods my head lightly*
Yup. That old guy...
*glances around the room; stepping forward and stopping myself behind the seat that was in front of your desk only to see a small old portrait beside your computer, stares at it for a bit but then ignores it*
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 7 months ago
@Jaehyun Jung (β) /hears the door open and puts down my pen, looking up and smiling at you/
/blinks my eyes/
Sehun? Do you mean Dr. Oh Sehun?
Jaehyun Jung (β) 7 months ago
@Suho Kim (β) *opens the door to the office and sees you writing something down on your planner book*
Sehun told me to come here..
*stands by the door as I watch you from a far*
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 7 months ago
@Jaehyun Jung (β) /arrives at the college 30 minutes early before the office hour starts in the morning, checking on the important emails, letters and memos from the faculty and such/
/is reading the letter from the faculty about the important course that all of the lecturers should attend when I hear knocking sound on the door, wondering who's coming at this time/
Come in!
/scribble something on my planner book/
Jaehyun Jung (β) 7 months ago
@Suho Kim (β) *stepping out from Sehun’s apartment, shuts the door behind me making sure it’s lock before walking down the steps to the sidewalk*
*arrives at the front of the University building, looks up at it and let’s out a soft sigh before pushing pass through the doors, takes out a little note that Sehun have to me this morning*
2nd floor.. *walks pass through the crowd of college students ignoring their gaze as I make my way up to the professor’s office*
*mutters the room number quietly while I pass by a few offices until I found it*
*stares at the name plate on the side of the door for a while before raising my hand and knocks lightly*
Dohyun Im (Ω) 10 months ago
@Christian Yu Dohyun couldn't stop the look of bewilderment on his face at the man's command to gag him and throw him in the back. "You-" He cut himself off by biting his tongue and glared at the man. Dohyun had barely spoken to the other during the entirety of their meeting and was sure that if he talked back he would actually end up as the other commanded. And to think he was a little worried for the man earlier. Dohyun scoffed softly and turned away, thankful that the man's assistant so it seems didn't allow it but it still didn't ease the ugly feeling sitting at the pit of his stomach. Dohyun was far from being safe and he unwillingly followed the men out to the car, hesitating when prompted to enter the vehicle. He might've been naive but he knew enough that if he got into the car, there was no way knowing if he'll ever get out alive. Dohyun thought about pressing against the man's injury to draw attention to the other while he made the run for it but when he looked up into the vehicle, his eyes landed on the loaded gun the other was still holding. No matter how fast he was, Dohyun knew he couldn't outrun a bullet. Clenching his jaw, he took a deep breath and climbed into the vehicle after the man, curling into himself and taking up as little space as possible on his seat. "Thank you," he whispered to the man's assistant before turning to glare the injured man. Dohyun knew he shouldn't irritate the man anymore but it was hard to hold back considering how he ended up in the situation. It was really his own fault but he still wanted to blame the other for it.
Dohyun Im (Ω) 10 months ago
@Christian Yu Dohyun snapped his mouth shut upon seeing the man look at him with an expression that chilled him to the bone. There was no doubt the other was ruthless and would kill him in an instant if he wanted to. He mentally applaud himself for not flinching at the harsh words and lowered his eyes again, finding the ground much more pleasing to look at than the red on the other's shirt that was getting bigger by the second. Moreover, Dohyun didn't want the man to see the fear on his face any longer for it probably wouldn't help his situation at all. Upon hearing the sound of incoming footsteps, Dohyun raised his head and widened his eyes as his heartbeat accelerated and he pressed himself against the wall some more, biting his lip hard to keep him from making a sound as he watched the door from behind the man. Part of him hoped it was the cops but part of him knew it could be the complete opposite. Dread filled Dohyun once more when it seemed that the man knew the intruders and he tasted blood in his mouth- he had bitten down on his lip so hard that it had cut through. He should've fought back. He should've kicked the man where he was injured and run out of there the second the gun was lowered. Dohyun wasn't strong but he was fast- something that he luckily possessed through his wolf side but now it was too late as he was completely outnumbered. All the blood drained from his face after hearing the command but his eyes still narrowed defensively and his jaw tensed as his eyes settled on the injured man. "Where? Where are you bringing me?" He asked, his voice low but firm. If they were going to kill him anyways then he might as well know where he was headed to.
Dohyun Im (Ω) 10 months ago
@Christian Yu Dohyun silently prayed to himself as the seconds passed. He has never been so scared in his life and although there was still the faintest hope that he will make it out of here alive, Dohyun let his eyes slip shut as he awaited for his fate. Submitting was the only thing he could do and he prayed to the high heavens it was the one thing that will get him out. It felt like hours before the barrel was withdrawn and Dohyun coughed a couple of times before slumping against the wall as he attempted to catch his breath and wipe the mixture of blood and saliva from his mouth. He was lightheaded and it took him every last ounce of his energy to pay attention to what the man in front of him was saying. The gun might've been removed but Dohyun's life was still at risk. He tilted his head back and it thumped against the wall as he gazed at the other. He had some idea of what exactly he just walked into but without any weapon and barely any experience with fighting, Dohyun was at loss. He lowered his eyes when the man pointedly stared at him and gulped, the metallic taste still heavy on his tongue as his eyes settled on the red blooming from the man's stomach. "You're hurt," he whispered and widened his eyes upon realizing he had spoken out loud. Dohyun has always been quite naive and foolish his entire life, never fully grasping the extent of a dangerous situation until it was took late. No matter the situation, Dohyun never liked seeing another person hurt. He knew the other was hurt but judging from the red that continued to grow, Dohyun finally understood just how hurt the man was. His heart was beating hard against his ribcage and he was frozen to the bone but he dared to raise his eyes and met the man's gaze again before whispering, "you need help... You're going to bleed to death."
Dohyun Im (Ω) 10 months ago
@Christian Yu Despite how careful he was, Dohyun efforts to escape quietly were futile. One moment he was staring at the pale coloured door and the next he pushed against the wall and came eye-to-eye with menacing dark orbs. This time he couldn't stop the scream from escaping although it was muffled by the gun barrel being forcibly pushed between his lips. Fear coursed through his veins and tears began to brim his eyes as he gazed at the other in front him. Saliva was already beginning to build in his mouth and he was unsure if the metallic taste on his tongue was from the gun itself or the impact of it from hitting his teeth and causing his gums to bleed. In any case, that was the least of Dohyun's worries. The man in front of him was about to kill him and if he didn't think of a way to get out, his was surely going to die. Judging from the words stumbling out of the other's mouth, Dohyun figured he was being misunderstood however the gun prevented him from saying otherwise and he was scared to make any other move in case the other decided to pull the trigger. From the moment Dohyun laid eyes on the man in front of him, he knew the other was hurt. He wasn't sure of the extent of it and he didn't want to hurt the other anymore than he already was but if it was something he had to do to get out of here alive, then he'll do it. Holding the other's gaze, Dohyun slowly raised both of his hands up with his palms faced forward, as if he was surrendering. It was the only thing he could think of in the moment that could prove to the other that he wasn't there to hurt him, and also the only thing he could do without actually hurting the man even more. Dohyun held the man's gaze and slowly shook his head, only moving so far as the gun jolted in his mouth. 'Please...' He thought as his body went rigid against the wall.
Dohyun Im (Ω) 10 months ago
@Christian Yu Despite not knowing much about the area, Dohyun often came to the college campus at night to wander. His gaze was on the night sky as he strolled down the sidewalk until a couple of loud gunshots went off. His body tensed and his gaze immediately snapped to the source of the gunshots. It sounded like it came from the house across the campus and with shaky fingers, he pulled out his phone as quickly as he could to call the police. After a few minutes, the streets were still as quiet as it was when he first came and as worry built up in his chest, Dohyun decided to investigate on his own. His body was tense upon reaching the house and he should’ve seen the danger signs when the door was left ajar. Carefully and as quietly as he could, he pushed the door open and walked inside, stopping short when bloodied corpse laid in front of him. Dohyun paled and slapped his hand to his mouth to stop the scream from coming out as he stared wide-eye at the corpse before noticing a trial of blood leading further into the house and to a room. His heart was beating erratically and his body was shaking but he carefully made his way around the corpse. Upon reaching the room, he peeked inside and mentally sighed in relief when his gazed landed on someone alive however it was cut short when his gaze lowered and he noticed how bloody the other was and- there was gun in his hand. His eyes widened and he bit his lip hard before slowly backing up from the door, his eyes trained to the door as he tried to move as quietly as possible.


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