Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) *opens the door for you when going over to exit the examining room, I felt a heavy feeling on my chest never really fond when telling bad news to patients especially when it deals with losing a happiness, but then again, the truth needs to be told*
okay.. take care doyoung.
*watches you hurrying out as I grip the handle of the door for not be any help. Starts walking along the hallway and goes over to my office shutting the door to my room, sets the paper down and plops down on the leather chair releasing a heavy sigh, close my eyes and pinch the bridge of my nose processing what just happened as it left a heavy chest*
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) /slowly sits up, fixing myself up and I look at the blank screen now/
/shakily touches the screen, stands up then looks at you, bowing my head to you/
I c-can go on my own... P-please send my regards to Jongin..
I.. I can’t..
/tries hiding the tears/
Thank you for helping me...
F-find my deficiencies..
/hurries out of the room/
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) *goes over to the counter grabbing the paper works so I can work on the summary to put on your file, press my lips together and nods*
alright, you can take your leave Doyoung.
*lowers my head and opens the door for you*
shall I call the nurse to help you.. you will be fine on your own? I can call Jongin if you want.. or your mate to pick you up.
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) /I felt a deep emptiness in my chest, it was almost like I couldn’t feel my own body for a moment/
/blankly looks at you, shaking my head slowly/
/I curl up on the bed, touching my flat stomach, tears welling in my eyes/
C-can I leave right now...?
I can’t... I c-can’t keep being here please..?
I’ll do anything you want some other day...
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) I'm sorry... I know this wasn't the outcome you wanted it to be.
* looks down when you cried. I felt bad that I wasn't much of help instead of telling the issue that was going on. Stands up from my seat as I sigh*
I can't push you and help you decide. If you want it like that then I understand, but just know that this opportunity still stands if you take some time thinking about it with your mate..I will let the nurse take it from here...
Do you have any more questions you wanna ask me Doyoung before I go?
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) /looks into your eyes and I feel my heart drop even more, I swallow the thick lump in my throat. I was slowly suffocating/
H-how can you tell me not to think of the money Sehun... I need money... I-in order to have a child! H-how can I not think about something that I don’t have... I-it’s not f-fair... Too much to pay off? Then my dreams of ever having kids right?
/cries softly, covering my face for a moment/
/looks at you after/
F-forget it...
I can’t afford it Sehun... I won’t... I won’t bring my hopes up for nothing...
T-thank you for seeing me today..
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) *gives you hand a squeeze when I felt it shaking, stares into your eyes* Don't think of the money... I know procedures like this will be too much to pay off...
* if only there is something I could do something to help lower the payment for you to have a family of your own, but it would risk my own license if I did something like that without paying the cost*
I will see if there is a specialist to let you talk with so they will explain to you the procedure. I have no other way beside the implant option doyoung.
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) /sniffles softly, my heart starting to race as the panic of possibly never having my own killing me on the inside, I whimper from the pain as I hold onto your hand, my own shaking uncontrollably/
I c-can’t pay for such a procedure.
I d-don’t have the funds for it...
Soon I’ll b-be working multiple j-jobs just for this procedure.. Is t-there no other way? P-please help m-me...
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) *suddenly grows quiet after telling you the truth about the idea of not being able to carry your own pups. I shook my head and scoot the chair over placing my hand ontop of yours*
Doyoung.. dont consider yourself a failure as a mate.. there is still that other option if you agree to do the implanting procedure. Once the egg is implanted, you will be able to carry your very own pups. Lets just say, it will take a longer process in path.
* looks with concern filled in my eyes when seeing you at this state when breaking down from the news as I try to calm you down*
There is still an opportunity..
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) /listens to what you have to say, the tears welling in my eyes and the pain of not being able to bare my own pups. I was imagining and hoping so desperately to already be a mother, but now my dreams are being shattered. How was I going to tell Jongdae..?/
I c-can’t even naturally have my own pups... I-I’m such a f-failure as a mate...
/covers my face as I silently cry, the pain suddenly too overwhelming, my body was trembling in sadness and I sob quietly when you apologize to me/
/suddenly sobs a bit louder, I slowly curl up on the table, my body twitching and I start struggling to breathe, small wheezing escaping me when I try calming down to breathe normally/
I c-can’t h-have...
/sobs even more, not caring if I’m not able to breathe/
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) There is no guarantee that you will be able to have your own pups. The only way for you to bare pups is by implanting a modified egg inside you so you will be able to have pups...
*stares at you with sorrow in my eyes when seeing you tearing up when you slowly process what is going on*
I’m terribly sorry Doyoung.
*looks down and shakes my head*
You wont be able to have pups the natural way during mating season.
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) /looks at the computer monitor, trying to see what you’re seeing but since I wasn’t in the medical field I don’t really notice or see anything/
/watches as you try finding your words, this wasn’t a good sign and I was starting to feel lightheaded. Scared, my heart was racing against my chest/
L-low count... W-what do you mean low count of eggs..? I c-can’t bare pups... S-Sehun what... I c-can’t understand...
/tears up as the reality washes over me, my face had gone pale white/
I c-can’t have my own pups...?
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) * I remember seeing a situation like this during my time in medical school when listen to lectures when it comes to learning about reproduction*
*my voice suddenly turned hoarse when figuring the truth, It wasnt news that I ever wanted to say to a patient, but I cant keep it from you. Sighs pulling the probe back, brings the towel to wipe the lubricant off*
Doyoung... After checking your reproduction system, I notice that you are having a low count with producing eggs..I am sorry to say this... but It is less likely to bare pups.. There is still a chance for you to get pregnant, but you will have to undergo an implant for you to be able to produce an embryo.
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) Mhm...
/smiles a bit more as I start calming myself down before playing with my bracelet, feeling excited for the good news. I can already imagine myself with a round belly and having my pups kick around/
/breathes out before looking at you, seeing the serious look I start panicking/
Y-yes I’m a fertile beta... I-is something wrong...?
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) Thats good news..
*nods in response while slowly pressing the probe against your bottom abdominal. Suddenly grows quiet pressing my lips together. A brow furrowed when frowning a bit when noticing something off when you took a deep breath. Brings it closer to the place that caught my attention when looking into your uterus*
You mention about being fertile right...?
* turns my head facing you when having a serious look on my face*
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) Mhm! We grew up in the same pack. Went through the same types of trainings.. It was a horrible pack to be in.. I’m glad I was able to escape and find a home here. I’m truly blessed.
/nods for a moment/
I’ll come back tomorrow.
I want to get the tests back as soon as possible Dr. Oh~
/waits for the cold lubricant that you’ll use on my tummy and I blink when it’s actually warm/
/takes a deep breath in/
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) You were from the same pack with Taeyong?
*questions a bit remembering when fighting with Taeyong that one time*
I never expected a pack to be harsh with training. Dont worry about it, you can go to the lab anytime to give your sample. It doesnt need to be today.
*gives a reassuring look. Begins pulling out the machine from the side and turns on the switch to make the lubricant warm up. Starts creating a file to send over for later references. Grabs a few towel at one of the cabinets to place it above your pants and on your raised shirt to prevent your clothes from getting ruined*
* slips on a pair if gloves and takes a seat after adjusting the bedding you were laying on*
Alright.. lets see whats going on...
* lets out a hum as I take the rod, applies it with the warm lubricant and brings it over to your abdomen to start checking if there is anything wrong. Slowly angles the rod around when staring at the screen seeing some of your internal organs before passing it over to check the uterus that will have your eggs*
Can you take a deep breath for me...
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) Y-yeah underweight is the correct saying, I was very underweight. I had enough meat to not collapse back in my old back. Trainings were more brutal. I w-would sneak in meals for Taeyong and I..
/listens to you talk about the concerns in the long run, I nod my head for a moment before looking at my arms, noticing the veins/
I actually ate some sandwiches I d-didn’t know you’d want blood tests run.
/nods and lays down, raising my shirt and lowering my pants not too low/
/looks up at the ceiling/
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) *nods my head slowly understanding why there might be no records*
Boney you say... so underweight?
*Starts puzzling the pieces together knowing something like this is bad and risky*
Its a good thing then to be able to gain weight.. being underweight is bad and can be very risky especially with health in the long run. I do suggest that you have some lab test done. It will be a few sample such as blood, and urine.
*pulls back after checking for any abnormalities before staring at you when you mentioned about ultrasounds*
Its possible to see if there is changes.. I may need to check your ovaries regarding on having pups. Go lay down while I start the machine.
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) /I play with my bracelet to keep myself calm and I nibble on my lower lip, sighing quietly/
They weren’t that great...
it was a run down clinic. Highly doubt they have any records on me.
/looks at you/
I was very skinny...
Boney everywhere..
I’ve gained weight to the point I have meat..
Lab test?
L-like blood?
/pouts, letting you check me for any abnormalities. I hum quietly before looking at the ceiling/
W-would it be possible to do a ultrasound..? I know I’m a fertile beta but.. I just wanna make sure that everything’s okay and nothings wrong because of my weight back then
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) *starts typing your name to check the files wondering if there is any informations to pull up from the last pack you were part of just to see if there is anything I need to know*
Hmm it looks like we may have to restart everything since the previous pack you were in didn't transfer any information.
* Gets up from my seat so I can wash my hand at the sink inside the room, grabs paper towel to dry it*
Your weight... since I am unable to see your health background from the previous check up, I may ask you to have a lab test. I don't think your weight will be any problem, from your BMI, it looks like you are in the average level.
*walks over to you checking if you had any lumps on your skin*
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) /sighs to myself, breathing out shakily before I nibble on my lower lip. I look at the walls, drinking my orange juice to keep myself calm. I knew I was in good hands because Nini always praises you to be the best of the best. I breathe out even more as my anxiety was hitting the roof, looking around I close my eyes tightly. Clinging to the cherry blossom bracelet I start calming down, I jump a bit/
/bows my head to you/
N-nice to see you Dr. Oh
/listens to you, nodding my head for a moment/
Y-yeah... My last checkup was at my last pack and it was more of a look over rather than actually look.
/I play with my fingers/
M-my weight... I’m ready to have pups with my mate and I want to make sure that my weight won’t be a problem.
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) *after finishing up the paper works of the previous patient, stands up grabbing the white coat that draped against the chair. Slips it on as well as the stethoscope until the nurse comes back in to tell me that you are all set. Curls my lips to give a small smile and nods*
alright, I will be there. Thank you nurse~
*nods my head over at the nurse before taking your paperworks along with me*
*Arrives over to the door you were assigned in, lift my hand to knock on the door twice before opening the door to see you settled down*
Hello Doyoung, its so nice to see you here~
*smiles over at your direction and close the door to have a one on one talk, places the paper works down on the counter before logging into my account with the computer in the room*
I see that its been a while since you last had your general checkup.. *takes a seat at the rolling chair and looks over*
Any concerns you have with your health before I get started?
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) /hums quietly before purchasing a glass thermal, serving myself orange juice in it and eating some of small sandwiches there. my lips slowly before drinking the orange juice from the thermal, hums softly in happiness and I patiently wait/
/I hug myself for a moment as for some reason I feel a bit nervous, nibbling on my lower lip, looking up as I hear my name being called by the nurse, bows my head briefly before waddling after the male/
/steps on the scale, biting down on my lower lip as I see how much I weigh. I sit down on the examining table as the nurse takes my blood pressure and temperature/
/hums softly/
T-thank you.
I’ll wait here for Dr. Oh
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 month ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) *sitting in my office finishing up summary notes of a patient for their general check up, hears a knock on my door*
Come in
*my eyes remained focused on the screen of the computer making sure to finish the last few sentence. “Dr. Oh, you have another patient for general checkup,” my assigned nurse explains carrying the file of the patient. Looks up adjusting my glasses and reaches to take the file to skim through the paperworks only to realize the name*
Ah alright, thank you Nurse Lee. Can you take the patient to one of the empty room and give him the normal check up.
*notifies the nurse so he can check your weight at the weighing scale, height, blood pressure, and temperature*
I will be there in a bit, just finishing a few things.
Doyoung Kim (β) 1 month ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) /it was about time that I had another checkup, the last one was from a long time ago, in my old pack that offered little to no care on the well being of the members living in the pack. I had a general checkup a few months back when I first arrived but I didn’t like the doctor. After months Jongin told me to come and request for you to be my general doctor. That I would be in good hands. So here I was./
/looks at the paperwork I’m supposed to fill out, sticking my tongue out a bit as I concentrate and answer to the best of my ability, I stop at the weight section, I blink. I wasn’t sure. For certain I gained weight here/
I-I... I don’t know...
/decides to leave it blank, focusing on the other questions. Blushing when it asks when was the last time I was physical. Answers it then I continue filling the paperwork out before handing it to the nurse, smiling I walk over to serve myself some orange juice. I interact with some of the people waiting, even greeting a heavily pregnant Omega/
/sits back and nervously waits/
Jaejoong Kim (∝) 1 month ago
Jaejoong walks out of the hospital and stretches his arms out over his head.the evening sun makes his eyes squesed together but it feels warm and nice on his skin. "Hmm... finally... got scared Wouldnt even see the sun today" he mumbled to himself. He had been working nonstop for 2 days in a raw and barely could come out or relax. Beinga nurse was hard work but he stil loved doing it. If someone came running to him who was hurt he probably would go backin side to help. He let out a chuckle, probably also scolded by his colleges. He took one big sniff of fresh air before putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans and started to walk home.

(Just my first for anyone ^-^)
Daniel Ahn (Ω) [A] 3 months ago
@Minho Choi - Voice (∝) I am happy.
*murmuring out softly, feeling a slight heat warming his cheeks, the omega knowing he must be blushing now because of your tender words, the hand holding yours tightening a little and as you start to caress his cheek, he naturally leans into it with a soft breath out, feeling the tension slowly leaving his uptight body*
You put me in charge of happiness? Are you sure that's a good idea?
*he was teasing, smiling a little more and leaning his frame more against you for comfort that only you could give as his mate, feeling how you brush against his wrist and he can't deny how much he liked it, his heart rate no doubt speeding up because of the simple action, the blush deepening on his face as he tried to form words*
You can have me.. Pregnant or not- just don't knot me, or you'll hurt me.. Then again, I might like that- I wonder how that feels..?
*the thought trails off, not wanting to ask you about the chances of getting you as a wolf while he stayed human as that thought crossed his head, turning his focus back on the couple by them and listening tentatively*
I find that admirable. That he waited for you to be of age, not just in your omega genes, but on your human side as well. That's very sweet.
*a little surprised by the touch of the omega, swallowing a little and trying not to get emotion, returning the squeeze gently as he bobbed his head in a gentle nod*
Thank you. For the kindness. I wish you the best on your new pup.
*getting up at the call, he bowed to the couple, a little off line since he couldn't see where they were exactly, before he lets you guide him through to see the doctor, growing nervous with every step he took toward the office, breaking into a cold sweat before he reaches the door*
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 3 months ago
/coming to the hospital since I don't feel good, I think I catch a cold because my body is hot and my head is hurting plus my body is aching too, walks to the outpatient area and register at the counter, gets the number and waits to be called as I'm sitting on the bench/
Minho Choi - Voice (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Daniel Ahn (Ω) Daniel, love.
*talked to you in a very calming manner. Sounding a bit mature than my own age at the moment*
You and the baby are going to be fine. What does it matter what people expects from you, all that matter is for you to be happy. And if you're happy, then I'm happy. *chuckled and caressing your cheek* I've decided to let you in charged of our happiness. And if you're feeling down, I'll be your strength to pull you through that stage, okay?
*taking your wrist with my hand and nuzzled my nose on your pulse point there.* You really do though. I'm not sure if its because of the heat week is coming up or is it because this possible pregnancy does on you, but I gotta say, this only makes me want you more. *whispered to you in a soft voice as we're still in the middle of waiting for our turn.
The couple we talked with continued explaining regarding their situation. The omega shook his head over your question, "No, it wasn't easy, of course. I mean, I'm just a kid, what do I know about pleasing an alpha. My parents practically gift-wrapped me to my mate there." He chuckled as he eyed his alpha, standing in front of the reception desk, probably registering his mate for the doctor appointment. They exchanged a look and the alpha seemed happy, satisfied that his pregnant mate was okay sitting next to us.
The omega continued, "I was so scared, every night I prayed that he wouldn't touch me that way. To my surprise, he really didn't. He waited for me. Until I was ready. And so my first heat came when I was 13, even so he still didn't touched me, until we finally confirmed each other's feeling. It was really silly of me. I shouldn't have made him wait that long."
There was this understanding look when the pregnant omega reached out for your hand, holding them tight as if he understands the pain you were going through. "It doesn't matter dear, there's a precious life growing inside of you, that fact alone is more than enough for you to feel this excited and happy. It's okay to wish for your happiness."
"Ahn Daniel." A nurse called for your name, as I quickly get on my feet.* Guess it's our turn niel. *turned to the omega and thanked him, before hold on your hand and helped you up from the seat, guiding you to the doctor's office for your appointment.*


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