The Mall

Dylan Wang (∝) 7 months ago
@Yangyang Liu (Ω) Dylan's eyebrows rose at the words but was soon distracted by the way Yangyang the icecream. "All alone?" He let out and tore his eyes from the other's lips. At least he had his family around, meeting on events for the business run by his family. "I don't know if the pack life here is worth it if you're alone." He commented, visibly defeated watching people pass by.
Nakamoto Yuta (Ω) 7 months ago
@Dylan Wang (∝) "china. i came a long way." yangyang hummed thoughtfully as he at the ice cream gifted to him by the unfamiliar alpha, smiling when he noticed the leather gloves now adorning his hands."i've only been here a few weeks but i like it so far."
Dylan Wang (∝) 7 months ago
@Yangyang Liu (Ω) "Dylan." He never introduced his english name in a heartbeat by habit. He gave the ice cream, eyes zooming in on the other's hand. He had to avoid touch by all means because he was no superhero: an unmated alpha in rut had needs and those would blind him if he so much as felt skin against his own. He pulled his hand back rapidly once the treat was given and after a few second in his pockets, his hands came out covered by leather gloves. "I'm new too. Where did you live before?"
Nakamoto Yuta (Ω) 7 months ago
@Dylan Wang (∝) yangyang blinked once in surprise and nodded once, reaching out to take the ice cream from the other. "what's your name again? sorry, i'm new to the pack and i don't really know anybody very well."
Dylan Wang (∝) 7 months ago
@Yangyang Liu (Ω) When caught on sight, Dylan's eyes widened. Despite the timing, he could help inhaling deep the scent while assessing the other male: he had seen him in the common room. He squinted and closed the distance between Yangyang and him, reluctantly pulled his mask up over his nose and mouth. It was no miracle protection against the strong pheromones but it helped him put a barrier of sorts. He sat a meter away from the other, the closest he could handle the sweet scent in the low of his rut.
"Hey! Want an ice cream?" He asked, though he only had one he had just bought. The topping was glistening but he worried less about it melting and more about his uncovered hand this close to a man he had followed like a predator.
Nakamoto Yuta (Ω) 7 months ago
@Dylan Wang (∝) yangyang hadn't meant to be going to the mall during his heat, but he couldn't help himself. he was feeling stir crazy just lounging about in the common room for the pack all day, and he needed to go out and do something before he actually went crazy. he stopped at the fountain to just sit down for a moment, hoping to alleviate his oversensitive sense, but his eyes instantly locked on the wolf that had been approaching him, and he tilted his head to the side. who was this man?
Dylan Wang (∝) 7 months ago
@Yangyang Liu (Ω) Everything in Dylan ached for an appropriate release for hours since he neglected to find company for his rut but he's used to it. Once he felt falsely spent and numb, he washed and dressed to go out, sweatpants and long hoodie, all black, hood on. His wandering at the mall turned out to be guided by scents but it took him a while to notice he was actually following one scent, someone.
Patchouli, feeling his lungs and slowly but surely atoning for his lonely rut. He dared lowering his mask and stopped a couple meters away from a man who he believed was the source of the sweet, oh so sweet scent. There he contemplated, his focus on the man, breathing slow, an ice cream in his hand, most likely melting by the minute.
Taeyong Lee (β) 10 months ago
*enters the mall deciding to stroll around on my own in the mean time looking around before going to a specific store to get something*
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Yugyeom (Ω) Sure gyeomie
You'll try them on, I'll just wait around here until you get back *smiled at you warmly and picked up a spot to sit while wait. The nice sale lady offered me a magazine*
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 10 months ago
@Jinhyuk Choi (∝) *tilts my head curiously and follows after you, gazing at all the clothes with a grin as you pick them out, inspecting them happily and holding the majority of them in my arms*
Mmh, these are all really nice Jin. Damn you’re good at searching out good clothes. I’d have been in this one store for the next hour or something. Shall I go try my favourites on to check they fit?
*tilts my head and chuckles, smiling brightly and nodding at the sight of the hoodies*
He’ll love them~ I’ll go find a changing room then, I’ll be right back~!
Kibum Kim (β) 10 months ago
@Daehyun Jung- The Seer (β) *stays close to your side, smiling gently as I nod*
Of course, Daehyun. I'm happy to help.
Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) [A] 10 months ago
@Kibum Kim (β) *entering the mall with you, my lips pursed as I try to move carefully, thankful that this is within our island and safe.
Thanks again, Kibum..
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Yugyeom (Ω) Great *grinned and browse around the selection, saw a few to my liking and picked them up randomly, bringing them over to you*
What do you think of this gyeomie?
[I'm arranging them in number so it's easier for you to browse them]

(1) -This is when you're all hot and stuffy. It loose so you'll have plenty of breeze.

(2) - This white turtle neck seems nice too



And while we're at it, let's just throw in a couple hoddies for both you and taeyong, looks perfect for each other right? *winked at you as I shove the rest clothes in your hands* Go on, give it a try if you like it
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 10 months ago
@Jinhyuk Choi (∝) *groans softly but nods along to your words, putting my own worries aside to take them into consideration, smiling at you gently*
Thank you hyung.. you’re right, I should be supporting him.. I’ll be right there for him if he gets hurt, too.
*looks at the mall with eager wide eyes and grins*
I’ve not been here in ages~ let’s get some clothes~
*says enthusiastically and follows after you towards the men’s clothes section*
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Yugyeom (Ω) *seeming to be in a lot of thoughts over your words* Hey yugyeom, you know that taeyong is still a proud beta right, although he always seemed so calm and gentle. But there's a wolf in him that needed to be out sometime, and I'm not saying that it's just a bad thing. For better or worse, let him have a few rounds out there, even if he hurts himself, just be there you know, to support him and trust him enough while he's standing up against his opponent.
*make it a turn and saw that big mall right ahead, make a turn and pull over at the rooftop parking lots* We're here gyeomie. Now.. let's browse some clothes. *eyes sparkling as I guide you to the entrance of the department of man's cloth
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 10 months ago
@Jinhyuk Choi (∝) *smiles when you say your day has been going well, listening to you with my head tilted as I lean back in the seat, glancing out the window before back at you with a hum*
Ah, that’s good. I’ve heard about everything that’s going on. I plan on making a lantern or two seeing as though I can’t take part in the tournament~
*sighs softly and nods*
I know he is. I hope he does alright and stays safe.. I don’t want him getting hurt to try and prove he can protect our kids and me, when I know he can already..
*hums quietly and looks out the window again*
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Yugyeom (Ω) *smiled wider over that, couldn't help but let out a few chuckles when being told that little nuggets have been working you hard*
aww~~ boys you should have go easier there with your mom. *pat at them couple time before start driving away, heading toward the mall*
I'm glad you asked gyeom, cause my day has been wonderful. You've seen the ongoing events in the pack right. I just finished my match with the first opponent. Guess the adrenalin rush didn't quite wears off just yet.
Taeyong is fighting too you know. With Jongin. *carefully informed you* thought you should know.
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 10 months ago
@Jinhyuk Choi (∝) *smiles at you brightly and tugs the seatbelt on me once I get into the passenger side, nodding a little*
I am~
*grins as you talk to the bump, giving it a gentle pat*
They’re doing alright. Working mummy hard, but they’re still doing well~ How’s your day been, hyung?
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Yugyeom (Ω) *driving over to your place and picking you up. I haven't been able to take out my car in awhile so it was nice to finally be behind the well again*
You're all buckled up in the gyeomie?
*smiled at you warmly, eyeing the little bump on your tummy* hey there little nuggets, you boys happy in there? all safe and comfy?
Jongin Kim (Ω) 11 months ago
@Oh Sehun (∝) Taeoh will definitely want to see you again. He likes being carried like that. Aigoo~ If anyone flirts with me he will put an easy stop to it. But he does give the best hugs and cuddles when I’m feeling a bit sick. -laughs softly, pecking your cheek as you rub my tummy- You wouldn’t recognize him to be Taeoh’s father. The pediatrician.. He’s a foreigner that fell in love with someone here. Of course he’s a wolf. But just not Korean. -listens to you and I swallow thickly- ~
Sehun Oh (∝) 11 months ago
@Jongin Kim (Ω) Aw look that~ I knew I can consider Taeoh my partner and crime. He will look after you while I’m at work. We wouldn’t want mama nini having a tummy ache * lets out a cooing noise bringing one hand over to tease you by rubbing your flat tummy * oh wow maybe I wonder if He works in one of the floors in the hospital I work in. I should introduce myself so I can be able to hang out with Taeoh. The coat will keep you warm in the mean time baby~ and then once we arrive at my place you won’t be feeling cold at all... instead you will be burning in pleasure * winks*
Jongin Kim (Ω) 11 months ago
@Oh Sehun (∝) -giggles at the thought of Taeoh wearing a doctors vest and I hum- he loves helping. When I get bad tummy aches he helps me with drinking tea. He’s quite adorable. -smiles- Bingo~ His Father is solely a pediatrician. -breathes out, shyly thanking you once you drape your coat over my shoulder- -nods sheepishly- Mhm. A bit cold -smiles- Im excited for the mate mark
Sehun Oh (∝) 11 months ago
@Jongin Kim (Ω) Of course I would do that for the kids and inspire them one day to become doctors when they grow big. Aw look at Taeoh being a big boy watching after the other pups and helping them out when they are injured * I could imagine taeoh growing up to be a Doctor? Does his dad also work in the hospital? * notice you shivering letting myself take out my coat and drapes it over your shoulder to keep you warm, kiss the top of your head* cold? We wouldn’t want you to get sick. Heh I will soon claim you as my mate.. everybody will know who you belong to.
Jongin Kim (Ω) 11 months ago
@Oh Sehun (∝) Awww that’ll be really cute~ You would do that handsome? I bet the kids would love playing doctor. Taeoh tends to take care of anyone’s oos. -smiles warmly and pecks your cheek, shivering as I felt a small breeze hit my warm body- Of course I would never poison my hubby. -mumbles shyly before looking into your eyes, shyly leaning up to peck your lips- You’re my special mate
Sehun Oh (∝) 11 months ago
@Jongin Kim (Ω) Maybe I can leave a doctor toy kit for the kids in the daycare so they can play doctor when its free time * hums and looks up ahead seeing the sky getting dark as we head over to the alpha residence that is around the corner* Thats okay~ I'm not a chef myself. cooking is not my specialty but I know my wifue wouldn't poison his hubby * teases you by calling you wifey even though we are official yet, lets out a chuckle and stares at you with loving eyes feeling like a lucky alpha to have someone I can rely on*
Jongin Kim (Ω) 11 months ago
@Oh Sehun (∝) I know without a doubt that you’ll be good to them. They’ll like meeting someone new and learning from you will make them see that there’s a whole world out there for them. -smiles warmly and nuzzles your cheek with my nose gently- I can definitely try with the meals I’m not a chef. Just letting you know now~
Sehun Oh (∝) 11 months ago
@Jongin Kim (Ω) I hope I’m capable to be one of the role model and inspire them to become a doctor aswell. Heh I may become their new favorite but their ultimate favorite that could never change is their mama nini *press my lips against your hair while on the walk to the alpha residence* I feel honored to have such a sweet wife~ being able to wake up with you in my arms every morning as well as being taken cared by your meals. * kiss your temple and rubs your side gently*
Jongin Kim (Ω) 11 months ago
@Oh Sehun (∝) Of course that mindset will change once I see how loving you are with the kids. Especially if you bring them sandwiches oh boy. You’ll be their new favorite~ -smiles warmly- I... Ive always wanted the pups to look up to someone. They say they want to be like me and I’m happy they think that. I do love them but I want them happy too. -hums- I hope so~ -smiles and returns the kiss, chuckling- I’ll be your good wife~
Sehun Oh (∝) 11 months ago
@Jongin Kim (Ω) I'm sure that will change and you will start agreeing that the kids seem to love me. I guess it makes sense since I'm a family doctor so I look at both pup and adult wolfs. * smiles to myself as your words reminded me back when I was a kid how the wolf who looked after me inspired me to be a doctor* I hope I'm able to inspire the pups to become future doctors. * lowers my gaze over at you, lets myself lean in and steal a kiss from you after the peck on the lips* I might end up requesting for you to make me coffee every morning then Jonginnie before I go to work.


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thank you for having me. bye bye
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HansBabyGirl 4 weeks ago
I really wanna join but I never have luck with dice ;;
Kyoongiepods 1 month ago
Is baekhyun available?
Taehyungiepuppy 2 months ago
could i reserve jeon jungkook?
-kyga- 3 months ago
Still active?
Crazystar32 4 months ago
i'm interested in Soonyoung Kwon
Kim4Shim 4 months ago
Can I ask for Kim Jaejoong?
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sasibi 5 months ago
Could yo please add Seungmin of Stray Kids?
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