Tattoo Studio

Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -stop walking when you did and looks at you a bit questioningly-
I see but if it's that far..we don't need to...
-smiling while shaking my head when you already lead the way to the subway station, was thinking to get the roasted chicken another day but since you already lead me here, what more can I do except to follow you, already feeling happy having the chance to eat lunch with you-
Leaving the country?
-feels a little bit saddened by your words, chewing on my inner cheeks a bit-
How long are you gonna be away Jisung?
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) Oh..good food always makes me feel better...good for uplifting the mood
-grins before smiling softly when you kiss my hand, turn to walk by your side properly-
Well...I'm always open for any plans you have
Anyway...what kind of food is there? Is there any chance for me to get roasted chicken?
Been craving for it for ages..
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -nods my head at your words when you said that we must make the best out of it-
Well...that's the idea is it?
To make the best out of everything...and that's why I'm that I can make good memories for the both of us..
-hops off the chair once you finishes cleaning up and offers your hand to me, taking it gladly and already threading my fingers with yours-
Uhm...well..where should we have lunch then?
-tilts my head a little, turning to look at you while walking backward-
Sounds serious Jisung, what is it that you want to talk about?
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) reminds me...that every day passing by, meaning that my life is getting shorter
-looks at you as you start cleaning the studio, want to help you clean up together but not really sure what to do, ending up sitting still cause I don't want to cause more trouble to you-
And...why I ask for it to be sideways because...that's my silent hope..that the time will stay still
So that I can spend more times with people that I enjoy this life with them, share all the happiness and sadness together
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -still looking at the tattoo on my waistline, admiring on how well looks it is, the colors of the ink and the color of my skin really compliment each other well, making a smile blooms beautifully on my face before I look back at you when you call for me-
This really looks nice...
-sitting in front of you and instantly feels better once you applied the cream on my skin, feeling the burning pain slowly died down-
-looks back at you and grinning widely as I tilt my head to look at you-
Of course I do...and have you ever wonder why I asked you to draw the sand glass timer?
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) [sure :D]

-hisses a little at the burning feeling on my skin as I looks over to see the redden skin on my waist line but smile satisfied looking at how well inked it is-
Hum...looking good...
-stands up to look carefully in the mirror-
I will need the damp towel...this starting to feel a little bit painful Jisung...need to cool the skin off
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -sits on the chair and being comfy as much as I can, pulls my knees up and letting you start tattooing my skin-
It's fine...not my first tattoo...
-flinches a little at the pain, rubbing my knees myself in order to calm myself-
Uhm...maybe it's you...I don't feel pain as much as my first tattoo
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -a little flustered when you shows the sign back to m, not even sure whether you know the meaning of the sign or not, my cheeks feel hot but I decide not to ponder over the fluttering feelings too much knowing that you might not know what it does mean-
Hum...let me see...
-looks back at the sketches and nods my head-
This one already looks great Jisung...I think this one will already looks lovely...Thank you
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -grins at you before letting your hand go since I'm just biting it playfully, no harm intended-
Really now? You make my heart skips you know...
-let you pulls me into your arms and smiles widely, closing my eyes at the touch of your lips on my head-
Whatever that comes out...I'm surely gonna like it...because it's your artwork on me
-grinning at you when you asked me about what I said, instead of repeating it, just signalling 1,4,3 at you without words-
Nothing...just focus on what you are doing, I'm gonna enjoy the view of you
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -frowning a little bit when you said I'll be forgetting you and moves on so easily, ended up moving my head and bites on your hand playfully-
Moving on from you? In your dream, I'm gonna hold to you tightly until the day I die..
-wiggles my eyebrows a little, being playful with you and as you take the one I choose, I smile, totally missing the sad look on your face since you already replace it with a big smile-
I likes it so much...can't wait to see what the outcome will be
-follows you to the backroom and sits on the chair once you asked me to sit down, taking off my shirt not long after, eyes back on you and smiles warmly seeing you are focusing on the sketches-
You truly are...a good tattoo artist...
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) I'm glad that you miss me...because that's shows that I'm not the only one missing you...
-looks at the way you're trying to match up the sketch with my skin, eyeing you at the same time, liking the look on your face when you are indulged in your work-
Hum...let me take some time to decide..
-looking at both of the sktches for a while, placing my fingers against my chin and my brows furrowed-
Okay...yours look more beautiful....colored the hourglass for me
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -squeak a little bit when you hugs me even tighter, somehow feeling a little bit weird with your action since you have never hug me this tight but ended up pecking your lips a bit later on-
That somehow flatter me Jisung...meant so much to me too...
-peeks over when you begin paying attention to the sketch not to mention you begin re-scathing it as well-
Uhm, on my waist instead of the hour glass is standing like this, I would rather have it laid down..
The size...hum about the size of your palm?
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) Yes...but it's something that's not in your catalog here...
Can you do it?
-smiles softly upon your arms around me, automatically wrapping my arms around your neck loosely-
-eyeing you a little bit, blushing a little when you said that you misses me too-
I guess many customers coming in then these days...'s the tattoo design...
-takes out a folded paper from my back pocket and hands it to you-
What do you think? Is it possible?
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -looks at you smiling once you comes out from the back room-
-walking towards you and wraps my arms around your neck loosely, tilting my head to the side-
A little of both...I want to have a new tattoo on my waist line right above my hips
-gently caress your face with one of my hand-
I've misses you Jisung...haven't see you for quite some times you know
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -walks into the studio and looking around, stop by the coffee table, sitting down to have a closer looks on the tattoo designs available at your place-
-humming to myself while waiting for you and choosing a new tattoo for me-
Jaewook Kim (β) 10 months ago
@Ten Chittaphon (β) /clicking my tongue playfully I then offer you an other smile/ you know over self love can kill, right?
/I watch your silly actions, letting out a short chuckle before returning to my seriousness / “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” /I say quietly, looking straight into your eyes/ I want it on my chest. /points at my right side, tapping it a bit/ right here, for everyone to see when I'm shirtless. /smirks, obviously just messing with you / how long will something like that take?
Jaewook Kim (β) 10 months ago
@Ten Chittaphon (β) Don't you that the Baker can't talk about his own cake? /your words keep amusing me and I follow along, not minding this little small talk. I turn my attention to the second notebook you open, my eyes running thru the designs/ hmm... I don't want something other people used. I do have it of course, right here /points to my head, grinning cockily/ you want to hear it?
Jaewook Kim (β) 10 months ago
@Ten Chittaphon (β) /I watch you as you take you're notebook out, my lips tugging into a content smile at your reply to me/ you give yourself way too much credit, no offence.
/I glance at the notebook you open for a second before bringing my attention back to you/ I'm not interested in any drawing, my skin is perfect the at it is to be covered with bunch of drawings. Can you do quotes?
Jaewook Kim (β) 10 months ago
@Ten Chittaphon (β) /looking around with an annoyed look I knock again, when finally someone comes out of a backsided room/ oh, aigoo... /leaningagainst the counter and observing you I smile with amusement / what do you think I need if I came here huh?
Jaewook Kim (β) 10 months ago
@Ten Chittaphon (β) /walking inside with y hands tugged inside my jeans pockets I look around, observing the place with my eyes. When I see there is no one in reception I knock on the counter, waiting for someone to appear /
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) [Yes we should. People can read what we are planning]
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) [1. Wow...really, you really want Siwon to lose it? I can make that but killing will not happened coz I just set him like that. Gentle soul.
2. Ah....I need to know this from his side to, but Minki likes gambling it seems
3. Urgh....and that will really make Minki suffers a little, but that's fine, I was going to make him a tough omega anyway]
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) [1. Nope, Siwon is a compassionate person, Daehyun was saved from an abusive partner, he didn't kill that alpha but leave some marks that couldn't be disobeyed
2. There's nothing going on yet between them, just casual fling, Minki is still exploring things which makes him oblivious.
3. Pull this off is the hard part, I can't come up with anything. Suggestions?]
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) [I was thinking something evil like Jisung comes back to the island, manages to persuade Minki and Minki end up getting locked away. But that only works if you want it be more dramatic]
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) [Yups..three days break...Yeay me...and as for the plot..what else should we do? It feels empty just leaving like that]
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) [Thanks. Just recently got a break]

-takes the towel and carves up small smile, wiping up the trace of over my body before wrapping it up around myself, eyeing to the bathroom where you point and nods my head- should get going...
-startled a little when you suddenly lean down and smirking at me, suddenly feel the chills and shivers run down my spine-'s not like...I'm your lover or something...I am allowed to play with others as well...
-holds my breath a little while stuttering a bit, heaves the breath out as soon as you leave, getting into the bathroom and clean myself up thoroughly, trying to get rid of your scent from me-
-after the shower, I put my clothes on, winces a little at the soreness of my but still hold it well, find a peace of paper and a pen, writing a note and leave it on your table before leaving your shop-

~Jisung, this will be the last time we are meeting. It was nice meeting you, and the was great, but...I can't be away from my parents...I just love them more...goodbye~
-Choi Minki
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) [I was busy!!!! >< sorry for letting Jisung hangin']

-getting all the immense and intense pleasure at the same time on my inexperienced body makes me moans and whimpers. My body is jerking up, rustling under you as you begin pounding harder and rougher into my tightness making the is more pleasurable but painful at the same time, trying to ride on my as much as I can but already getting harsh from you-
-was shocked when you suddenly , can feels the ion but whimpers thinking I won't feel the liquid buried inside of me only to widen my eyes as you chocked me, making it hard for me to breath for a while and I gasps for air-
-moves a little as you pulled out from me, and instinctively pulling my knees up despite feeling sore down there-
I..I can clean myself up...don't worry..
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -feeling the fullness of your inside me, making my body moving fervently on it's own as my keeps slapping against your balls causing loud sounds of skin slapping and that makes me aroused even more-
-hissing a little when you keep playing with my and that's makes writhing under you-
...Jisung...that's feel so good...ah..Jisung..ah..abused me Jisung...ah... me hard with your big fat ...
-my body arches even more as the seconds goes by and without warning, I hard, squirting the white liquid out from my body, smearing some of it on my chest and get some of it splattered on yours to-
-my inner walls clenches tighter as I hit my own , riding on it with long moans-
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) * even more louder as you begin pounding into my sensitive and tight although I try to muffle my moans while covering my mouth but the immense pleasure makes me loose control on my own body, moves my hips back to meet your eagerly before lifting myself a little bit up-
Ah...Jisung...more... me more...
-keeps begging you as the pounding keeps hitting on my prostate, my stomach start to churn, forming that now familiar feelings at the pits of my stomach making my wall clenching even tighter around your , my head is thrown back when your mouth start latching on my yet again, coming closer to my making me more sensitive then before-
Oh yes...Jisung..ah......
-feels my eyes rolled back at the pleasure, my hips bucking up even faster, eager to feel you deeper inside of me, shut my eyes closes tightly while still trying to hold on to you-
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -sees how you are grinning at me, feeling a little bit annoyed at first but then when you finally resides inside me fully, my lips let out a low long moans-
-almost want to protest when you stop stroking my hard that's already leaking so much with pre- -
-start out loudly when you start ing your faster inside of me, feeling my body bounces a little bit at your fast but groans when you decide to play it slow on my sensitive member-
-whines as I try to buck up my hips but ended up in pleasure once the head of your starting to hit on my prostate repeatedly, my toes curls as I grips on your biceps tightly at the sheer pleasure-


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