what to eat tonight?
hiring room
basic info
bank to claim your earned money.

read about this
now playing
track title
a little about
owners can claim the money their workplace has gained. it can be full amout or specific amount of money.
and part timers
everyone has the cash amount bellow their avatar in the work places come here and keep the bank form which you can see bellow. the money need to be claimed once in a while. if you're part timer once your day hits 0 you can lose all your collected money.
bank form
for everyone
place you work at 
and add that you claim your money simple etc ' claims my earned money'.


Felix Lee☕ [A] 1 month ago
@Kim Taehyung☕ yes you did/hands you money
Kim Taehyung☕ 1 month ago
I work at Elyssium Patissiere, I'd like to claim my earned money~ (did I do that right?? :3 )
Kim Youngkyun☕ 1 month ago
@Felix Lee☕ checked
Felix Lee☕ [A] 1 month ago
@Yang Jeongin☕ @Park Jimin☕ @Mark Lee☕ @Lee Taeyong☕ @Lee Hoseok☕ @Lee Dongwook☕ @Lee Donghyuck☕ @Kwon Jiyong☕ @Kim Youngkyun☕ @Kim Taehyung☕ @Kim Shihyun☕ @Kim Jongdae☕ @Jeon Jungkook☕ @Jackson Wang☕ @Chittaphon Leechaiyakul☕ @Cha Eunwoo☕ @Byun Woojin☕ @Byun Baekhyun☕ Do Check New Room


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sumire 1 week ago
I'm sorry but Jimin will be leaving, I'm dealing with a lot so I won't be able to be on much.
W-WHIPLASH 2 weeks ago
Sorry, Jeongin is leaving.
Sorry for not being very active
reves-moi 1 month ago
Babe you never fail to make creative concepts for rps. And you never give up making them and running them. Bang Sunghoon for me please bb
Bowrair 1 month ago
Sorry, Hoseok left
gospel 1 month ago
who is free
MizukiHebi 1 month ago
Hey, Could I have Kim Youngkyun (Hwiyoung from SF9) please?
YouOnlyLiveOnce 1 month ago
omg! my friend referred this rp to me coz my friend is also here and---wah! cute concept.
I see Key is available.
and ugh, I want to make him a cold cafe or bar owner/chef and just ugh--! my fantasy of having him domin---oops! by his worker is gahhh!
anyway, enough of my rants lol
I'll give it a try SHINee Kim Kibum please?
bluebelle 1 month ago
thanks for the time here, but minho will be dipping. i loved the concept so much and how cute it is!
baobao 1 month ago
jeon jeongguk please
baekhosbubblebutt 1 month ago
cute concept! Kang Dongho/Baekho please
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