☇ dares.

put all your winning dares in here. don't forget to tag the losers!
kwon eunbi 6 months ago
@bae joonyoung my dare is on his wall ><
kim yoohyeon 7 months ago
@kim jungwoo done : ]
seo youngho 7 months ago
@dong sicheng [ h ] u er
amber liu [A] 7 months ago
@jung jaehyun your dare is to write a love poem for minnie, except it's about me
yoon jeonghan ˢʰᶦᵗʰᵉᵃᵈ [ h ] [A] 7 months ago
@choi yerim [ h ] done! it's on walls
kim younghoon [ h ] [A] 7 months ago
@kim jungwoo done ! it's on her wall :D
jeon junhui [A] 7 months ago
@jeon jungkook go to bp's dorm wearing pajamas (Please don't forget the pants) and bringing whatever plushie you want, and ask either jisoo or rosie if you can have an impromptu sleepover with her uwu. do baby talk when talking nyehehe that is All thank u for listening to my ted talk
lee gahyeon 7 months ago
@choi yerim [ h ] done!
do kyungsoo 7 months ago
@kang chanhee am done and am totally not broken inside :))))))))))
kim younghoon [ h ] [A] 7 months ago


corgi (seokwoo) : best breeD LET'S GO!!! since i love corgis oh so very much hehehe you get it easy :D go up to all 7 baekon alts and tell us 5 things you like about each alt

malamute (heejin) : because these are soft and cute and i am a nice being, go up to one of the admins that you talk to the least and dress up as the reference gif below. do the same exact motion as the pup did and tell the admin how much you would love them to be your friend! :D buT you need to talk to them 'wike thith tho' you can unlock your utmost cuteness potential hehehe https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c9/fa/9e/c9fa9e5eccc91b45ca0544857119c364.gif

akita (seoho) : man, have you seen how cute akitas are?? since they're loyal doggos, go up to your s/o (if you don't have one, redirect yourself to me and i shall give you a person i deem suitable for you hehe) and wear something floofy-- let's say, their hoodie and only their hoodie!! plop yourself onto their lap and tell them how much you love wearing their hoodies and how much you love them, you know, show them your loyalty. jokes on you! that hoodie belongs to jaehyun and it has his name written down the sleeves : D

dalmatian (baejoo) : in honor and spirit of the 101 dalmatians, dress up as pongo using white and black paint. walk up to the 23rd person on the online list (at the time you are doing this dare) on all fours and immediately end all your sentences with 'bORK BORK'. ask them to be your puppy daddy and tell them how you want to have 101 pups with them. you have to persuade them and get them to say yes to this ordeal. or else you're a furry like jun

boston terrier (junhui) : grab butter and a biscuit (maybe some napkins because this is about to get messy). go up to your s/o (if you don't have one, then you can do it to one of the lucky admins :D) and lather the butter seductively onto the biscuit. whilst doing this, say 5 butter or bread pickup lines. after you're done buttering your biscuit, go and butter their biscuit (urban dictionary this if you need to know what it means)



beagle (jungkook) : dress up as a california surfer boy (wet suit, shaggy hair, kind of smells like a mixture of axe and the ocean, kind of looks dirty but likes to say it's just from the sand at the beach). go up to any admin and give them those soap bar thingies that they use to wipe down their boards and then take a few steps back and walk backwards on all fours like they do in horror movies and ask them to scrub you down but you gotta sing it to the tune of take you down by chris brown (you gotta do the whole song but improvise the lyrics to scrub me down)

labdrador (elkie) : welcome every newcomer to heehee by bending over and asking them to spread mustard over your cheeks (5 people, they gotta be new so no alts)

shiba inu (chuu) : because shiba inu is one of my favorite dog breeds, you dare is based off of one of my favorite sodas: the cactus cooler. dress up as a cactus, arms up and all, and jump like the moving baguette #7 (https://twitter.com/i/events/1093591578197651457?lang=en scroll down until you see option 7) to a person you find attractive. once you're within pretty close proximity, tackle them but keep your arms at your sides. while you tackle them, yell "CAN YOU FEEL IT NOW MR KRABS" repeatedly. but like, you have to keep tackling them. so get up and tackle them like, a tasteful amount, so around 5 or 6 times. and on the last one, roll over them and then whisper in their ear "you'll always be my prickly pear" in the most seductive way possible

golden retriever (jacob) : what do we think when we say golden? that's right. CHEESE. so i want you to get one of those jarred nacho cheeses, like a couple of em. go to an admin and pop all of those bad boys open, strip down to your birthday suit (or just like, if you wanna be modest, in an orange latex suit) and spill it over your chest. you have to be completely silent but stare at the admin in the eyes as you do this. once it drips all the way down to your feet (which means you gotta buy enough for it to drip down that far) hold up your foot as high as itll go (preferrbly to the admins face) and then wiggle your toes back and forth and sing this song (https(:)//www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=bmZAAkjur3w) you can also just dunk your feet into the cheese i suppose. whatever works best for you.

dachshund (seokjin) : in the honor of being named after the hot dog, dress up as a literal hotdog (the food). go to someone you think is attractive and hand them two bottles of ketchup. once they've taken the ketchup, do the 7th element HOLOLOLO tongue movements and sound to the best of your ability while going around them like bp does in boombayah. once you've done two full rotations around them, stick your chest out and ask them to spray you down like a hot diggity dog (but you gotta do this in the goofy voice)



german shepherd (jiwon) : go up to the maltese player and while they're seated on a chair, crawl like a spider towards their feet and do a sort of with their feet- meaning you have to sensually tug off both their shoes, attempt to seductively take off their socks while only using your mouth, lips, and tongue, and then finally, and at their toes while looking up at them and comment on how you want their delicious toe gunk to be your daily source of nutrients

siberian husky (kevin) : break into (and by break into i mean legit break into, as in trespass) the room of a taken admin while they're asleep and sneakily climb into their bed, spoon them, and whisper into their ear "every time i poop i think of you"

rottweiler (christian) : blindfold one of the admins and then offer to give them a healthy shower, but instead of actually giving them a shower, you have to drink salt water and spit it out onto them at max speed so it's like they're actually getting a shower. make sure to have them strip down to their underwear amen

pomeranian (seyoung) : choose an admin and egg them. like , throw a MASSIVE barrage of eggs at them, all the while throwing cringy egg puns in their faces too. just keep ing egging them and when you think they're thoroughly coated in eggs, start some of that raw egg up because protein is good for you

pug (moonbin) : ok im lazy so just mug someone since choke didnt do that dare xd ,, go up to a gaynetz or a sanshine in the middle of the night and tackle them from behind and demand for them to give them ur money and just . basically hold them up amen



bulldog (lucas) : [ https(:)//youtu(.)be/UO9P65DmWsI ] sing and dance this song to your alt's s/o. if your alts don't have an s/o, then do this to another taken character. wear a candy bar outfit and do it as ily as possible. detailed please, and seduce us readers ♡

shih tzu (chani) : wear a chef's outfit and be all bloody as hell as you hold a butcher knfie. tie someone up like they're going to be the main dish of this course, and you're prepping the side dishes while they're watching. pretend not to notice they're awake until you chop something up to cause red liquid splattering on your face. look at them and say, "oh? my dinner isn't supposed to be awake yet!"

poodle (insert choke alt here) : wear a poodle costume, or just dog ears, dog tail and an outfit to match your dog ears and tail. be on your knees and beg someone to pet you. beg them like you really, really want to be pet and you're just a needy pupper u w u in furry language!

maltese (hwiyoung) : so we know all of us here aee thirsty hoes and there are no exemptions. so to quench your thirst in this heat, go ask someone to come with you and ~ convince ~ them to skinny dip with you. strip them of their clothes (with consent, of course) and pull them into the beach with you.

chihuahua (jaehyun) : as an angeri smol doggo, you can't take it when people look down on you. so pick one tall person (preferably someone with creates a huge height difference between the two of you) and straddle them. assert your dominance. say that you're superior even though you're small, and that you're going to prove it to them right now. bite onto their neck, leave a mark aka a hickey. after that, say, "now think twice before you look down on me."
jeon junhui [A] 7 months ago
@kim seokwoo @kim jungeun @jang yeeun seokwoo - wear a dinosaur costume with those giant sunglasses and say cheesy lines on how luda can be his meteor and make him extinct
yeeun - once minghao sends his dare to you, reply to him with talk about you getting his magic wand "all dirty and sticky" and then end it by pulling out a twig from your pocket or something
kimlip - write a 15 sentence thingy on why haseul should give yujin permission to marry her some day in the future
kim younghoon [ h ] [A] 7 months ago
@choi jisu nyello :D go to 5 people's walls and post a "send this without context" yt videos on each :D
kim bada [A] 7 months ago
@kang minhee gift someone of your choice a supply crate (like a fruit basket and a cute gif of you or just a cute gif in general and maybe like, a nice note or something?)
jeon junhui [A] 7 months ago
@kwon eunbin [ h ] @bae joonyoung jacob - spell your english name with your hips in front of sey : D also every time you finish spelling out a letter you gotta yell it out while doing aegyo hehehe
eunbin - write a 300 word essay on why you love ju haknyeon and why he should give you a private performance of love shot uwu i'm nice see
nakamoto yuta [ h ] [A] 7 months ago
@jeon jungkook i start at 5269 pts
kim seokwoo [A] 7 months ago
@kim jongin for 100 posts, you gotta include the below phrase cause superm sounds like so,,,,,,,,,,,

fighting owo ~●
kim seokwoo [A] 7 months ago
@jeon wonwoo okAY since jun proposed to You
describe and reenact in FULL detail on how you would propose to jun if he hadnt : D
kim bada [A] 7 months ago
choi yerim [ h ] 1 hour ago Reply
@choi chani gimme kith on my forehead at least Once and tuck me in <3
choi yerim [ h ] 1 hour ago Reply
@bae joohyun roll the dice two more times and then put those two numbers together (ex: first roll 4, second roll 6, #46) and count down the masterlist and whoever's name you get, give them a nice lil hello message with like, a cute gif of you or something. at least 3 sentences? and then tag me with the character's wall once you're done <3
choi yerim [ h ] 1 hour ago Reply
@im yeojin go up to mama birb with 3 reasons why you should be allowed to swear in public
lee taemin 7 months ago
@bae joonyoung done! its in eden : D
song yuqi 7 months ago
@bae joonyoung done uwu its on his wall !
jeon junhui [A] 7 months ago
@park sooyoung @minatozaki sana @kim jiyeon • bona @kim hyunjung @han eunji @do kyungsoo mia - say 'HEHEHEHEHE' at the end of your sentences for 100 posts uwu
bona - feed anyone of your choice a pizza slice (without any topping, not even the sauce), while making ,, nasty sounds with every bite they take. it Has to be detailed
kyungsoo - go up to ten people and creep up behind them only to sniff their hair, then say something along the lines of "your hair smells nice, can i have a taste?" before doing a creepy laugh
hyunjung - give someone a 3 para long fake breakup letter xD
joy - perform a on whoever your boyfriend is! but here's the catch: everything you wear has to be food themed, including your underwear : ] doesn't matter if you're wearing a food costume or something with food print on it, then say "baby, why look for food when your buffet is right here?" also, it has to be detailed xD
sana - talk in third person for the next 100 posts : D refer to yourself as ddana noona hehehehehe
cha eunwoo 7 months ago
@bae joonyoung done! it's on her wall.
cha eunwoo 7 months ago
@bae joonyoung wait that's adorable thank you :D
kim younghoon [ h ] [A] 7 months ago
@song yuqi @myoui mina @kwon eunbi @jo haseul @cha eunwoo eunwoo - make an acrostic poem out of jennie's name ! lines must be about the things that you wanna do with her
yuqi - express your love for seoho by sending him 10 sappy tweets (can be memes if you want- up to you!)
mina - tag 7 copypasta's to momo without any context
eunbi - list down 15 wholesome date ideas that you'd want to do with myeon
haseul - make a cute message to your fiance using song title puns (must be 5 sentences at least heh)

can be posted on walls or rooms ! just tell me if you're done with it :D
kim younghoon [ h ] [A] 7 months ago
kim samuel (luda) - dressed in nothing but a sheer white shirt and a pair of fishnet stockings, spread liquidy peanut butter over your legs (this can be achieved by heating up the peanut butter in the microwave for a bit) and then sprinkle some crushed almonds and oreo chunks over your now peanut butter'd legs. after you've done this all the way from your hip bones to your ankles, approach any admin of your choice, strap them down with rope to a chair (or bed, whichever you prefer) then spread your legs out, bring them together and rub them ~sensually~ and then walk your fingers up their chest and say "your dessert course is served, chef nim"

kwon hyunbin (joy) - purchase a pair of snake skin pumps, snake skin purse, snake skin everything (like dress in head to toe snake skin, but it can be fake because #savetheanimals). after you've done this, approach your significant other (if you do not have one, the person you are in romantic cahoots with, or just anyone you find attractive if you are really that single). singing along to vitas' 7th element but at half speed, perform a lap dance/strip tease (yes both). plot twist: you have to sing along to the tongue part. the TROLOLOLOLOL HA HA HA HA part. i wanna see it at least four times in your dare. now moving on. once you're done and stripped, whip your hair around really quick and fast in a circle and slide your hand down to their crotch, then say "e~recto, my dear!"

kim sohee (hangyul) - dress yourself in a latex suit. buy bumps. attach said pumps to the chest part of your latex suit once it's on. once you've achieved this, get those little sparkler things that people use to take cute pictures in the dark. approach anyone you think is attractive, copy the freestyle dance teacher vine, but you have to begin the dance from 15 meters away. as you get into their general vicinity, stick out your chest, wave the sparkler around, say "MOOOOO" and then say "milk me daddy, i feel it so good in my "

jung eunwoo (seulgi) - put on a hula skirt, and only a hula skirt (you can have underwear under ig). purchase two coconuts. after doing so you can approach anyone that you think is attractive (most likely a significant other). put on careless whisper in the background as you smack the coconuts together off beat to the music, body rolling and making ahegao faces (unless you're a minor then idk make silly faces) while you continue to smack the coconuts, approaching the person. when you're about an inch away from them, their face with both the coconuts, then whisper "you make me cocoNUT so hard"

im youngmin (mark) - cross dress from a group within your company. if your company is too small and you do not have a sister/brother group, use blackpink and bts for reference. you can pick anyone, but you ahve to cross dress as one of them. once you've achieved your ultimate cross dressing fantasies, approach the person that you emulated and put on one of their most famous songs. as the song plays in the background (wait i forgot. you have to play it on a boombox, carrying it as you do this) you must do lunges towards them. once you're close enough to them, set the boom box down and curl around their feet. their ankle while hissing and start humping the air, pointing at them as you do so. while mid hump, start singing along to the song until it's over.

kang dongho (soojin) - dress up as a giant ing , like absolutely massive. once you're -ified, grab a bucket of white paint and approach your significant other, or person that you're attracted to. pop open that dank bucket of white paint and slowly start to slather it over yourself, reciting the declaration of independence as you do so (you can stop after the preamble). but you have to add in moans sporadically. then say "you sure are endowed to my unalienable rights, master"

han hyeri (hyunjae) - grab a giant bowl, dunk a bunch of rice in there. take the bowl of rice to your significant other or person that you're attracted to, look them in the eye as you finger the rice, fist it, then finger (alternate for a lil bit of spice) and then stick your tongue out and do attractive tonguing movements (but they have to be really fast, kind of like a snake but like holololo sounding and like slurpy sounding just like really fast tongue movements. helps if they're obscene.) and then say "knead my rice, baby. knead it like you mean it."

kim jonghyun (seokjin) - dunk yourself in elmers glue so you get all nice and sticky and then roll yourself in feathers. once you're thoroughly feather'd, approach an admin of your choice, slowly bok boking and doing a chicken walk around them while doing the flappy arm movements that chickens do, but maintain eye contact. circle them with said chicken walk, but spiral closer and closer. as you get closer, push your noses together, go cross eyed, then sQUACK AT THEM REALLY LOUD while hip swiveling away from them. once you're about a meter away, bow down so your forehead touches the floor and say "i offer myself as a sacrifice for your feast, my lord"

jeon soyeon (juyeon) - grab two green pom pom ball thingies and attach them to your head somehow. stick little green antennas out of them, dress up in a green latex suit. approach anyone that you think is attractive. put on fancy by twice and dance to it as vigorously as you can, with as exaggerated of movements that you can manage. once the music is done, reach out to do the et pose with the person, and then once your fingers touch, moan. once you've moaned, inhale really loudly but like, really close to their face, widen your eyes as much as possible, and then wheeze out "i'm from area 51 take me to your german dungeon baby"

ju haknyeon (suji) - put on as many t shirts as you can. once you have all of them on, approach an admin but like this: https://www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=IUS64D9joXs . once you've approached them, put on hips don't lie by shakira and start belly dancing. plot twist is that you have to take off each shirt until you're bare. once you're bare, the thumb and pinky fingers on your right hand and slick back your eyebrows. wiggle your eyebrows, go over to the admin, then their face from chin to forehead and whisper into their ear "i know my hips don't lie, but what about yours?"
kim younghoon [ h ] [A] 7 months ago
kwon eunbin (wonwoo) - i dare you to go up to a person, run your hands ily all over them, dropping kisses down to their belly button as you get down your knees, giggling as you unbuckle their belt. then you have to their pants using your teeth, making sure that there's at least some contact of your lips and their skin here. lastly, whisper "it's no sausage party without the buns"

jung sewoon (jiho) - i dare you to dress up as a teletubby, preferably the red one, and take hold of someone's hand, gently drag it over your , grinning as you lean in close, leaving hickeys up their neck as your murmur "over the hills and far away, the teletubbies come to play"

lee suhyun (yuna) - choose uno person and draw a pentagram around them, light candles around them and sit cross legged as you stare intensely at them, pouring tomato juice all over the pentagram as you dance to zimzalabim then raise your arms and scream "feast on this blood my loyal fiend and find a host through which our acts shall be executed" then play dramatic music and dance around them in a circle

yoo seonho (saerom) - i dare you to put big dollops of mayo on someone's chest, inner thigh and neck, then it all off. then stop, pouting as you lean downwards, put a small dollop on their dique and say " you know, i always preferred mayo on my fries. but i'm not sure i'll need much for yours. which is a-mayo-sing ;)" (must be a namja)

ki huihyeon (mijoo) - dress up as an anime girl and pole dance for someone, except there is no pole, then fall and "accidentally" pants them in the process then bust out a phat "owo" and squeal "senpai kawaii desu can i taste ono"

kim nayoung (baekhyun) - dress up as shrek but like... a skimpily clad shrek and find someone, kabedon and growl into the shell of their ear "where's my swamp" before slipping your hands under their shirt, tugging down at the waistband of their underwear, bringing it just low enough for it to show the abdominal v, trailing a couple of kisses down it as you look up at them - maintaining eye contact all the while as you smile "found it."

heo chanmi (sicheng) - wear a horse's outfit, saddle and all - the horse play stuff - and sit on someone's lap, wiggling ur in it extensively and whine loudly into their ear, pouting as trace a finger down their chest "master's been ignoring me. it's not fair. master must give me a ride !!!" then (thanks to seul) lay them down and sit very close to their face and point needily at ur nasty bits, whining more "give me."

choi minki (lucas) - wear a catholic schoolgirl's outfit and tie someone wrists to a bed's headboard with a leather belt, taking out a whip and dragging it along their body as you hum thoughtfully, frowning in disappointment "you've been very bad recently." then lay on them and say "so naughty, aren't you?" pause for a spank "too bad naughty boys/girls are sinners. and those who sin, must pay."

park siyeon (miyeon) - someone's shirt, looking them straight in their eyes as you smile softly, biting down on your lips as you lay hand on their chest. your lips then, flashing them a wink before you trace circles against their bare skin "i always had a thing for tiddies baby boy/baby girl"

kim donghan (wooseok) - lay someone down, take off their clothes - leaving them just in their pants- and cuff them. drizzle pickle juice all over them, and pour some into their belly button making obnoxiously loud noises as you slurp it up from there. then put pickles on either side of their reproductive part and eat it off them, grazing your teeth against their underwear. "pickles are always great entrees, now for the main course." then depending on their gender and yours you either, pull down their pants or pull down yours
kim younghoon [ h ] [A] 8 months ago
jaehyung (irene) - sit on player yoona's lap with a bib and a big feeding bottle and ask for milk using furry language
rosie (junhui) - call chanyeol and ask if you can have a fantasy with him and other rosie. fantasy of your choice. make it detailed.
seungyoun (hyunjae) - make a poem about your skinny (if you have one) or an essay convincing people why melons is the best non-ual term for ies. send it to me via pm thanks
hoshi (wonwoo) - send ex-jun a business letter, promoting your sausages and convincing him how they are meatier than the ones wonwoo eats
johnny (hani) - do a reverse to player yoona. reverse means you have to do a "tease" by wearing clothes instead of taking them off. make it detailed.
hani (hoseok) - poledance while asking for player hoseok to give you some cash. detailed.
mingyu (seulgi) - since you're last, ask user kimlip to punish you in the most lewd way for being such a bad boy/girl. detailed
hoseok (minhyun) - refer to yourself as ladykiller69 and speak in third person for 150 posts
kim younghoon [ h ] [A] 8 months ago
harry potter & ice fairy (sinb): go to one of the admins that you talk to the least and tell them how much you really loved soojin’s erecto dare and reinact it with them
tol girl (chaeyoung): i dare you to do joyi’s dare hehehe
yboi420 (seungcheol): choose and infamous homewrecker and convince them that you’re the one for them— don’t stop until their homewrecking days are over
babygirlxD (sihyeon): choose 10 people to call your baby girl and don’t stop calling them that until they response to you with daddy
cho miyeon 8 months ago
kim younghoon [ h ] [A] 8 months ago
@kim sihyeon well i dont :-/


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can i get mark reactivated but cced to christian yu please
asterial 2 weeks ago
may i get my old jennie revived and cced to kim seolhyun please
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ok i dont think i see her so can i get park jiwon :D
VanillaSugarARMY 2 weeks ago
is hwang yeji available?
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soonchan i lov u
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can i get my jinsook back but as lee yukyung pls *^*
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jung wooyoung por favor?
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best of luck u w u
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wow first of all - I wasn't stalking shdndndndnd
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