「 ᵎᵎᵎ 」story

the legend!

They say that many, many years ago there were two beautiful, but very different sisters. One of the sisters was Thalassa, a goddess of the ocean — the other was Gaia, goddess of the land. Together they shared a brother, the god of the sea, Pontus — but only one of the sisters was married to him.

One day, after creating the fish and the plants in the sea, Thalassa showed them to Pontus as he was her husband.

“These are grand creations, my wife, but there is something missing…”

For many nights Thalassa had laid awake, wondering what could possibly be missing from their beautiful domain. Eventually, she turned to her daughter, Galene, the goddess of calm seas. Together the two of them created what would be known as the first Thalassan, an all blue creature with gills and scales. However, before she could even display this wonderful addition to her husband, her earthen sister stole the other goddess’ idea in jealousy, for she too wanted to win the affections of Pontus. She created a counterpart, a humanoid race with the ability to live on land known as the Gaians. Gaia showed her creation to Pontus, and for a moment he was intrigued. How magnificent a creature, one with the ability to speak, to build, to grow.

Thalassa would not lose her husband to her sister, and once again enlisted the help of her daughter to create a new type of Thalassan, this time almost the mirror image of the Gaians except for one crucial factor - they could breathe underwater. Pontus was delighted at the offerings, but also curious.

“I cannot decide which one is superior,” he declared. “Let us allow them to live as they are, and see how they welcome each other.”

And welcome each other they did, for you see, the new Thalassans and now-named Terrans were able to communicate to each other rather well. As long as they returned to ocean the Thalassans were able to venture on land, leading Thalassa to believe her creation was better than her sister’s.

However, eventually a male Thalassan and female Terran fell in love.

It was terrible, really - they loved each other so much, yet Thalassa, in a fit of anger over her crumbling marriage with Pontus, and cursing her sister Gaia who was the culprit, tore them apart and banned the two from seeing each other. Even so, they found a way to meet up in secret. Galene, Thalassa’s daughter, somehow found out about these meetings. She felt sympathetic for the two lovers and allowed for them to continue meeting in secret so her mother wouldn’t find out. These meetings eventually led to the first halfling, a child born of a Thalassan and Terran which no one had expected. As they still needed to keep their relationship a secret, the couple decided to offer their child to Galene, who would raise it for them.

When her mother and aunt saw the child Galene was quick to claim she had created it herself in an attempt to shield the couple, but both goddesses found out about the child’s true origins. Pontus was told as well, and in order to prove a point he took the child and destroyed it.

“This contest is pointless,” he concluded. “Bringing these two races together will only lead to destruction.”

The death of the halfling child at Pontus’ hand brought about a divide between the Thalassans and Terrans. They were warned by the deities that if they ever got too close, they might be severely punished, or meet their end the same as the halfling. When the gods and goddesses left the stage of their puny, human lives the cause of each race’s separation was lost to time. Thalassans blamed Terrans, and Terrans blamed Thalassans. Each created their own society, religion, way of life...until eventually the only thing that tied them together was their outward appearance - and even then that was slightly altered.

Aspiring to keep peace after the chaos of Pontus’ decision, Galene decided to watch over the Thalassans as her own, seeing as Gaia and Thalassa were forced to step back at Pontus’ word. With her power extended over the ocean Galene was able to keep the water in harmony, underwater creatures much more welcoming and the overall balance kept in place - because of this, a city was built in the goddess’ honor, and became what we now know today as Galini.

In the case of the Terrans, Galene asked of the second generation of Horae to watch over them. Dike of justice, Eunomia of order and Eirene of peace. Although Dike and Eunomia did not keep their word, Eirene aided Galene in leading the Terrans to be more peaceful and welcoming. Although they still held no affection for their Thalassan counterparts, they were eventually able to start extending olive branches in the form of treaties and compromise.

For eons this carefully crafted balance was what kept the world at peace. Wars were had, disagreements were settled, celebrations were welcomed - these events tugged at the fabric of order that just barely fit around the sphere of the world, carrying generations into today.

Although the gods and goddesses of old seem to have disappeared, Thalassans and Terrans both still have their respective deities. Erected in the underwater city of Galini is the temple of Galene. Its purpose is to serve as a worship space for Galene’s followers, and keeper of the fire that has blessed them with many miracles. Likewise, on the sprawling lands of the Terran earth is Peace's Palace in Paradisi, Greece. Here Terrans are welcome to pray to the goddess Eriene, as well as receive the elixir concocted deep within its temple walls.

Now, here we enter a new age of humanity as Thalassans and Terrans continue on their journey through life. Tensions may rise, as well as settle. It’s up to the Fates to decide what happens next.


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is this still open orrr??
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oh, is this place open? it looks super cool, i love oc rps!
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Hello! This is main admin pixels coming at you with a very brief message!
I'm not sure why or how this roleplay got featured in all honesty, but mayhaps there will be a revamp if we can garner enough interest and get a few steady admins to help out. I'll need to discuss with the ones currently available and work through a few finer details, should that (the revamp) actually happen, but I don't believe doing so should take too long. There will be a message about this for those actually in the roleplay as well, but if you're passing by and you want to see a revamp because you're even the slightest bit interested, feel free to comment. If you're someone looking to help out, please PM me (pixels) personally.

Do make note that if we are to revamp, I'll mention so here in the comments to let everyone know, but also know that it's going to take some time to officially set everything in motion before we can officially revamp. Other than that, though, thank you all for the feature and hopefully you're having a nice day/night!!

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