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In this roleplay, you will be one of two types of humans:

  • Thalassan: a water and air breathing human that lives primarily in the sea.
  • Terran: a regular old air breathing human that lives primarily on land.

about thalassans!

In addition to breathing underwater, Thalassans have something similar to a sixth sense. They are able to sense the presences of fish and other thalassans nearby, but just like for us land humans, not always is it super sharp and not always does it work well.

Thalassans are a race of humans known to be entirely blue eyed. They have varying shades of it, yes, but all thalassans are born with blue eyes and sometimes blueish tints to their skin. There are 3 common shades and one rare one with Thalassans:



The darkest eye color known to thalassans, but one that immediately tells people they were close to the surface/sun around the time of their birth. It is the second most common eye color found in this race.


CORAL BLUE: Most Common

The second darkest color, but most common in thalassans. These thalassans are typically born closer to the surface, but still very much in an underwater settlement, which is a little ways down.



Despite its name, which exists because of the actual color, Sunlit Surface is a less common, but still common enough color for thalassans. Typically those who were born in a settlement but closer to the ocean depths have this for their eye color.



People with the last color (sikkens) are typically albinos, but those who aren't are viewed as having been touched by the spirit of Galene. Some view this as a curse, and some view it as a blessing, but most know that if you have this eye color, you probably were born deeper in the ocean.

Eye colors aside, thalassans are still very much like the humans we (the roleplayers) are. To quote a very famous band: "Not much has changed, but they live underwater."

about terrans!

Terrans are just like us in real life. They live and breathe the air and mostly exist on land. Some terrans live out on ships like pirates, some travel a lot in the ocean in general, but they all can't live underwater without some kind of life support keeping them alive. There are developments being done in order to make that fantasy a soon-to-be reality, but for now, most Terrans are stuck chained to the ground, with the exception of visiting the Bridging Amphitheatre.

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Benthic : #003348
Coral Blue : #007bae
Sunlit Surface : #99C8D5
Sikkens : #DAE8EA


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