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known locations!

This roleplay will take place in a world similar to our own, but with a few minor additions of (man made) islands and underwater settlements outside of Paradisi and Galini. For that reason, we'll have a list of known locations in the roleplay that might not be mentioned elsewhere, and in case you want to include them in your backgrounds and plots.

man-made islands!

PARADISI: The island in which our roleplay takes place. It is a slightly futuristic, man-made island comprised of five sectors or districts that joined together to make one whole island almost in the middle of Santorini and Crete, but just a little closer to the former. It was made from broken off pieces of land and exists as a refuge from all the warring and chaos that was once prevalent in the world. Because it is made up of five different sectors, it has seams and connection ports that stick out if you aren't used to seeing them, but otherwise looks like a regular island. Technologically, it's slightly more advanced than real life with actual hoverboards, moving pavements and land and such, but it's just barely more high tech than the world us roleplayers currently live in, and a lot of this is limited to Paradisi itself. It's most popular cities in order are Trident's Peak, Koróna, and New Akrotiri.

TERRATOPIA: Some ways north of Honolulu, Hawaii is the island Terratopia. It's second best to Paradisi and only by a little. Residents and tourists alike say that if not for the churches and temples of the gods protecting them as well as their slightly more advanced technology, Terratopia would probably be the number one island. It boasts many resorts and spas, and it's very famous for its hot spring baths in its mountainous region that rival the ones found on AIS East.

INDIISLA: Pronounced "Indie-ease-lah" or "In-dis-la" for short, and found in the indian ocean. It's most known for its food and celebrations, and it is thought to be the island of marriage because a lot of rich couples come to marry there and throw festivals.

NAMIGUAY: Gets its name from Namibia and Uruguay. Desert-like with red sands and it's population living in various oases scattered about the island. Despite the desert heat and wild willdlife, a lot of people consider this like heaven on earth.

AIS EAST: Short for "Asian Island Settlement" around eastern asia. It sits in the Philippine Sea, northwest of Guam and is very popular for its entertainment and trading, and very culturally blended.

underwater settlements!

GALINI: Technically adjacent to Paradisi's northeast corner rests Galini, a large village named after the goddess Galene and serving as refuge for thalassans afflicted by war and poverty. Galini is considered to be a "sunken city" that was rumored to have once been part of Santorini but later got leveled and taken over by thalassans. It's not too far below the surface of the ocean, but because of overpopulation, it has grown and expanded to slightly lower parts of the ocean. It is made up of different cities and territories to accommodate the influx of people entering, but its main hub is closest to the beach. Galini also isn't all that technologically advanced. They make use of what they have in the ocean and what they can get from the land, but given their environment, it's safe to say they don't have as many options as Terrans do. Galini will be the main place where our sea breathing Thalassans in the roleplay live.

ATLANTIS: Named after the fabled city (and pressumed to be the city itself) is Atlantis. It rests in the mediterranian sea, and unlike Galini, its population has dwindled to stragglers.

NEPTUNE'S DEEP: Between Hawaii and Japan.

NEREUSIS: Europe, Africa, or South America. idk yet.

TRITONUS: North America.


BLACK SEA CANYONS: Just in the black sea.


GOLDEN PROVINCE: South Korea/Japan.


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is this still open orrr??
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oh, is this place open? it looks super cool, i love oc rps!
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Oo it's back!
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yo, pixels senpai, i missed this place, wish to come back soon!
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hhhh i hope the revamp wont take to long, wishing to join again! < 3
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Hello! This is main admin pixels coming at you with a very brief message!
I'm not sure why or how this roleplay got featured in all honesty, but mayhaps there will be a revamp if we can garner enough interest and get a few steady admins to help out. I'll need to discuss with the ones currently available and work through a few finer details, should that (the revamp) actually happen, but I don't believe doing so should take too long. There will be a message about this for those actually in the roleplay as well, but if you're passing by and you want to see a revamp because you're even the slightest bit interested, feel free to comment. If you're someone looking to help out, please PM me (pixels) personally.

Do make note that if we are to revamp, I'll mention so here in the comments to let everyone know, but also know that it's going to take some time to officially set everything in motion before we can officially revamp. Other than that, though, thank you all for the feature and hopefully you're having a nice day/night!!

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