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Quick Note: If you post a starter or self-para post here, do not continue to roleplay it out here and carry it out in another room or on walls/in pms. Think of the starters you post as excerpts of your plots to get them interested in said plots. And if you have no idea what a self-para post is, it’s basically a post you write for fun, to gain muse, to develop your character, to get into character and explore their thoughts and feelings and emotions, etc etc.

♆ : nathan l 。 1 year ago
「An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth」

× Availability: Open
× Rating: Mature
× Genre(s): Drama, possible angst
× Species: Thalassan (Male)
× Warning(s): Possible violence - depends on how or if we're going to go for it-

Fed up with Nathan's attitude and personality for the longest time (possibly he was a schoolmate who bullied you back then and he still does it, how childish), you decided to get back on him though it seems like you're going overboard with you knocking him out of his consciousness and taking him somwhere that was unfamiliar with him bound to the chair and eyes blindfolded, what's your next step? Are you going to go and torture him? Or are you going to back out of it? Thinking that this isn't the right thing and that you're just going to be worse compared to him?
♆ : nathan l 。 1 year ago
「Unknown Territory 」

× Availability: Open
× Rating: General
× Genre(s): Slice of Life, etc. - depending on how the plot is planned out and gets executed -
× Species: Thalassan (any gender)

For many generations, the Liakos family held a deep grudge towards the Terrans. A grudge passed down from generation to generation, reminding them of the awful things that the Terrans did towards them 一 time passes by and everything had changed, but the Liakos family still thinks that the land dwellers are still the same that they generalized the traits of those from the past to all of them and with that, the Liakos family forbids anyone from their to ever go to the surface, failing to obey this rule would lead to being stripped off the Liakos name, the existence of this person will be forgotten. The trait and mindset was passed down on Nathan, with anger without meaning, he did what was told to never come up to the surface and interact with Terrans but as a close friend of Nathan 一 who's been with him ever since you two were kids (you've seen him change throughout the years) and who's been alternating from land to sea, you understood him since you had the same mindset as him back then but not anymore due to the fact that you learned that not all Terrans are bad, a lot can be nice too so you try to make Nathan realize this, to have his perspective change and perhaps have him go up to the surface one day though you're very aware of the deep grudge that his family has towards the other species but they don't have to know, right? You try everything that you can to deliver your own thoughts to the other, but seems like Nathan was just as stubborn as a mule yet you persisted. Will Nathan ever change his mind about the Terrans? Or will he stay prideful of his own beliefs that aren't really his to begin with?
⚘ : enzhe l 。 [A] 1 year ago
that's all i got for now but yes
lettuce think and brainstorm if you're interested!!
⚘ : enzhe l 。 [A] 1 year ago
group plot/mini event ideas
— swimsuit modeling competition
— beach party/barbecue/festival
— job fair/recruiting?
— cultural exchange kind of thing that's like show and tell maybe
⚘ : enzhe l 。 [A] 1 year ago
random thought
but are there people up for group plotting?
if yes, and you see this, hmu here!!
⚘ : vera s 。 1 year ago
[ it's random....like very- ]

Availability: Open
Rating can range depending on who takes this up
Genres: Fluff? Maybe Romance?
Again it depends on who takes this up

I already said it's random but I'll just say it again so no one can complain. One day Vera was with her crew and they were just messing around in a store which ended up with them trying out different perfumes and colognes on each other. Secretly one of the crew sprayed her and as such she didn't get to the brand or even the shape of the bottle, all she knew was the smell. She could tell it was cologne and she loved it, she couldn't describe the smell but she just fell in love with it. The next day she went back without her crew hoping to find the cologne but to no avail. The smell lingered on her shirt after she washed so she immediately stopped wearing it, instead only taking it out to take small sniffs of it in order to remember the smell so it wouldn't fade from her memory. One day she passes you on the street and what do you know, you smell just like her favorite cologne.
⚘ : mirinae z 。 1 year ago
"It's all worth it, if it's for you."

Availability: Open.
Rating: T/M
Genres/tags: Drama, Angst and Slight Romance.
Warnings: Extremely heavy angst.

basically this person is someone her family 'adopted' because her mother has something against their family and like this person is actually her first love who lost his memories of them :') and there's a ton of misunderstandings between them and basically they think that mirinae is scheming against them but the truth is that she's trying to protect them like she's even willing to sacrifice her own life for him. you end up getting the same poison and the only way to save them is through blood transfusion. throughout the entire plot, they misunderstand rin and think that she's evil but the truth is that rin was forced to do certain things and rin has to watch the person fall in love with someone else bcs the person doesn't remember her
[post deleted by owner]
⚘ : kiara l 。 1 year ago
I have lots of plot related to Kiara in some genre, feel free to choose one if you want to, but please read her profile in order to know about the plot more.

1. Male (possible romance, friendship and angst)
The ex Thelessans son grew up to be a fine man but both Kiara and him, didn't know each other existance. One day, she found him collapse on the shore, and poured a bucket of salt water on him but unfortunately, the male have a grudge against Terran and thought Kiara will kill him in defense, they fought physically and called it even. But fate tells them otherwise and meet several times after their first encounter. Both of them soften up and develop a friendship but... Will they be more than friend?

2. Male/Female (Drama, angst, Revange)
You are the step siblings of Kiara and living your life in hell with your step father and our mother. After the death of our mother, you learn about my existance. Jealous of how different our life were, you plan to take everything out from Kiara and the first step is becoming her most trusted person.

3. Male/Female (Drama)
As the CEO of Scilogy, science and technology company that controlled almost all things on the land, Kiara have a lot of enemy, including you. In order to controlled the Terrans that depends on the teachnology, you have to controlled the technology itself, which also means, get rid of Kiara by any means.


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