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⚘ : ezre l 。 1 year ago
@♆ : vaan s 。 obviously. after all, i wouldn't be this famous if i weren't, correct?
there isn't even a hint of arrogance in her tone — just pure, as a matter of fact. she lets her nail tap against the glass surface once more, finding a sudden interest in the sharp noise that comes after it. at his laughter, she heaves a sign, and she shrugs her shoulders a little, cocking her head to the side.
unfortunately. as much as i'd prefer not to see your face one more time... something tells me that we'll meet more often in the future.
she huffs, an amused simper now gracing her lips as she takes another sip from her drink.
ah, but you stole my pendant first, didn't you? it's only fair, is it not?
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
@⚘ : ezre l 。 i did. you're actually very beautiful, as i'm sure you know, but i'm not the only one who thinks that.
motioning to the bartender for 2 of her order then leaning his arms on the surface before him again, he breathes a small sigh. the drinks come as she makes her point, and there is a moment he considers asking more about it, but he decides not to pry in favor of lowering his gaze to the glasses before them. a corner of his lips stretches into a very subtle smirk, quick and quiet huff of laughter coming from his chest until he finds it appropriate to speak again.
does your suggestion imply i might be seeing more of you then?
one of his hands lifts his glass to have a drink, it joining its mate soon after to twine fingers and support his chin.
if that's the case, then my looks are likely to be ones of anger. your parents don't seem wise enough to know about you taking my compass, no offense, and if i can get them angry at you i gladly will. that okay, little miss sticky fingers?
⚘ : ezre l 。 1 year ago
@♆ : vaan s 。 ... did you just call me adorable?
she almost huffs, but she doesn't — stops herself from doing so. instead, she follows his lead and sits on a stool right by the other. fortunately, there aren't a lot of people around the bar — but apparently, that doesn't mean she goes unnoticed, huh. she orders a glass of champagne.
poison isn't as fun, i suppose — though it does get the job done.
she carefully drinks from her glass, tapping a nail against the fragile surface, until she looks at her companion from the corner of her eyes.
they don't like a lot of things. i suggest you get used to it. and do pray tell, what kind of looks are you referring to, mister?
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
ah, to be careless concerning footmen and adorable enough to nearly make a hardened heart beat again...
he remarks, thinking her explanation then quick reminder that she can handle herself just a little cute, but not enough to let it pass without some kind of slight dig. he follows at her side when moving toward the bar, but takes a seat and orders himself two shots of whiskey just to get the day started.
if you think poison is boring, though, say no more... might light a fire you can't put out.
as he downs each of his shots back to back then slides their glasses back on the counter, he takes note of a camera close by before placing attention back to their conversation and lowering his voice a smidgen.
i don't think your family would like the clumsy nerd i am getting caught with their daughter again. especially if he's giving her certain looks.
⚘ : ezre l 。 1 year ago
she moves to his side once she's pulled away again, and gives a brief glance to their surroundings. there are too many people for her liking, though she isn't uncomfortable with it — not too much at least. she's letting the other lad touch her so nonchalantly a little too much, but she supposes there isn't much harm for that. maybe.
that wasn't... necessary. it's not like they would have cared if a measly guard dropped dead there and then.
her voice lowers to a whisper, mindful of the possible audience they may have.
and i can handle myself perfectly fine!
she raises an eyebrow at the lad, before letting out a small chuckle as she moves forward, stepping ahead toward the bar area, and looks over her shoulder as she waves a hand dismissively.
you don't have to worry about that — poison is too boring, mister vaan.
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
another laugh huffing out again, his smile returns and he lets it lighten his overall expression while his hands reach to pull her out of the way once more and peering into her eyes to see what kind of spark they carried now. watch it flicker between her moods.
i saw that look in your eyes when that guard spotted you. remember: I'M the one who held YOU back from causing more of a ruckus when i helped you get out of there. seems to be my thing now considering you keep ending up in someone's way other than my own.
checking the area again and nudging his head toward the entrance, he pats her hip and paces one step forward.
i'll accompany you this once, but don't poison my drink, killer.
⚘ : ezre l 。 1 year ago
oh, that's the most expressive look i've seen in her face in a while. it was actually kind of refreshing, really. i suppose i have to thank you for that one.
a rather genuine smile paints over her expression for the briefest of moments at the memory, before she drops it for a more reserved visage. she lets herself be pulled, but still maintains reasonable distance from the other. she lets silence linger for a bit, before replying.
what else? to relax, of course. i'm offended you think i kill people for a living — i would never. besides, this is, in a way, running away again. i don't suppose you'll be accompanying me again as i run away, hm?
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
a genuine laugh hums past his lips and he nods in agreement.
though i didn't mean to break your mother's cult vase, i will admit that was funny. part of me wanted to break more but that was enough damage for one night, and i had you trapping me into helping you escape.
as his words come to a stop and his focus wanes from her to their surroundings, his expression falls and he takes a step closer to pull her out of the way of passersby but also speak more seriously, noting the change in her attitude but not taking it personally.
nevermind what happened then, why are you here now? seriously, why? don't you have some running away to do or people to kill?
⚘ : ezre l 。 1 year ago
this lad is irritating, she thinks to herself as she listens more and more to the other talk. if anything, she'd truly love it if she were able to run away from this conversation — but alas, she has work to do, and by work, it's just her being decoration for her parents. not right now, perhaps, but later.
is that so? how unfortunate for you then. but then again, you were able to piss off my parents — that was rather entertaining.
she merely watches as his eyes run over her figure, and her hands fall to her side, the glint in her eyes changing from mere politeness to a darker one.
a background check, you say? please do tell — what exactly have you found that aren't up to your "interests?" and luckily for you, i have to go to the bar too. perhaps you can do me a favor and go elsewhere, yes?
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
rolls his eyes, grin still present but smaller and his body turning away to search for the nearest escape route from this conversation. when his mind recalls the bar, he perks up a bit more and points his face back toward her, but doesn't actually look at her.
wasn't the house i really wanted to steal from.
once his eyes actually settle on her, they start from the bottom up, carefully tracing every curve of hers but not in any erse manner despite her being able to interpret it as such, should she wish to.
aside from the background check i've done on you and your family, i don't much care who you are or what you have. my interests are particular, and you don't fit them, my dear. a drink, however does, so i hopefully WON'T catch you later, yeah?
⚘ : ezre l 。 1 year ago
a rather cordial smile paints itself over her lips, and she reaches up to cup her own cheek, head tilting a little to the side.
my parents would invite anyone if they thought they could use you — your... ah, side jobs wouldn't matter, but i do suggest you choose the right household to steal from.
she hums softly, and lets her hand fall to her front as she hugs herself loosely.
even so, i've no use nor advantages to gain from following you. you, on the other hand, might have thought it's a good idea to get on my good side. and believe me, you're not the first one to try that.
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
now now— let's not get things twisted around.
circles his arms around a few times and rolls his shoulders and neck, huffing out an exhale and shaking his head.
i'm no "mere thief," ezre. i'm a humble historian. and i was invited over for that reason, as i said. there are many things i am, but a liar and mere thief i am not. besides i ask because you're not so... clean yourself, am i wrong?
⚘ : ezre l 。 1 year ago
an eyebrow twitches at the other's suggestion, and she ignores the poor stranger as he gives the two of them a small glare.
hoh, don't flatter yourself too much, vaan. a mere thief is not worth wasting my time on.
if anything, /you/ were the one who first appeared on my household, and now you keep appearing wherever i go. are you sure it's not you who's following me?
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
i don't know...
puts on a slight and polite grin while he stretches out his arms, right in someone else's face as they walk past at the same time but paying them no mind.
meeting once is fine, but i'm starting to get suspicious. you're not following me, are you?
⚘ : ezre l 。 1 year ago
... you just caught me on a bad time. and it's just a mere coincidence we meet again today, that's all. don't think too much of it.
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
caught by someone trying to flee from problems again. attracting you like sugar to a fly, huh?
⚘ : ezre l 。 1 year ago
caught—oh, it's you again.
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
do i really want to be caught here on "free spa day"?


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