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Song Jiyang SH 2 months ago
@Jaejoong (Just a temporary place while I'm getting my request processed)
Han Jisung 5 months ago
/sighs lightly spinning around in my chair as the music fills the room. Eyes falling shut as my head bobs along to it/
Han Jisung 5 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin H /jumps slightly in place at the sound of your voice slightly surprised by it. Looking down at the mug and giving you a small smile before sipping on the mug/
Um..y-yeah. I'm fine hyung..no worries.
Han Jisung 5 months ago
/coming here I close the door behind me and slump into the chair. Head falling into my hands lightly gripping my hair/
Han Jisung 6 months ago
/spins around in my seat
Han Jisung 9 months ago
/spins around my chair knowing that i have a show coming up. Puffs out my cheeks wondering what songs to use
Han Jisung 10 months ago
/frowns looking down at the ground rubbing at my eyes furiously before turning to my sound bored turning it on. Grabbing my notebook I go into the booth to start recording
Han Jisung 10 months ago
/spins in my chair
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix /comes out after and grins dragging you to look around more
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix Okay~
/grins /
Lets change bac and then find more stuff!
/goes back to change/
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix /blushes deeply and lets out a laugh/
You think? Maybe I should wear for when he comes back tomorrow..
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix Ahh y-you think?
/mutters shyly turning to look in the mirror/
I like it...do you think Eli would?
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix /coming out after a couple sends and blushes a bit finding it a little short. Looks at you and smiles/
Wah you look so pretty ~
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix Ohh okay~!
/giggles heading to the dressing room
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix Mhmm we can try it now if you want? That way we now the right sizes to get for the rest. unless we want to have a mini fashion show./
holds the blue one
Han Jisung 10 months ago

@Felix Ah thanks~
/giggles faintly before grinning and looking over the outfits they have,/
oh lets get these! they have a blue one so I can take that one and you can have this one~
/looks at you and grins /

Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix /hums softly and nods my head as I look around/
mhm nice I like baby blue and like light purples. like lavender?
/hums looking at some skirts/
would you wear one?
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix /grins and hums as I look at the stores before finding one that has a lot of cute clothes and accessories. Tugs you in/
Wahh so pretty~ kay what color do you like?
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix /nods my head a few times and grins/
Yes~ oh we can get something that matches~ different colors though of course.
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Felix (Im just gonna move it here so we don't fill the spam room)

/swings our hands and grins/
You should get some stuff too. I'm sure akay hyung would like it~
Han Jisung 10 months ago
/voice feeling horse after recording for so long and I come out of the booth again to sot at the computer and edit the song together a bit. A soft smile on my lips at the many covers I recorded checking over each of them making sure they all sound good before I'm burning off a disc. While waiting for it to burn I stand and go over to Hannie allowing him out of the cage and giggling as he starts running around the room/
Ooh so much energy..come on baby I got food for you~
/coos going to the fridge to take out his little water bottle along with a couple carrots for a treat after. Sitting down on the couch I place him on my lap hold the bottle for him to drink from before holding a few pieces of hay for him to eat /
Such a good boy~
Han Jisung 10 months ago
/shuffles in her with a small yawn placing hannie down and moving him into the larger cage I keep in the studio. Turning on the equipment while warming up my throat before going into the booth to record/
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Kim Eli SH I can tell-
/hums a bit and gives you a smile/
But I'm telling you that you're not, so don't think like that.
Hmm even so your my monster so why would I care~? Looks aren't important they're just a plus~
/glances back at you longingly but knows I should give you your space. Sighing before fully leaving and heading up to my apartment/
Kim Eli 10 months ago
@Han Jisung I'm not, I'm an angel
*chuckles softly nodding my head and stop my teasing not wanting to torture you more*
I do feel like one sometimes so, it's alright
*hums softly at the explanation, offering a soft smile*
i was a monster tho, looked so awful but you didn't care
*smile a little bit wider at the peck, reaching my hand up a bit as a silent way to ask you not to leave but at the same time knowing that I have to*
good night Ji
*waves back before turning around and walk back to my house*
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Kim Eli SH You're evil you know that-
I'm resiting every bone in my body to use the word so you be good mister.
/hums softly and shakes my head/
You're never a bother, Hyung.
/just lets out a small laugh and just grins/
I won't blame you cause it was cute and I enjoyed waking up to you there ~
/coos letting out a faint sigh once you pull way. Nods once again about to move away but instead leans up pressing a kiss to the corner of your lips before running off inside/
Rest well, Hyungie ~
/waves before disappearing into the building with Hannie in my arms/
Kim Eli 10 months ago
@Han Jisung *laughs at your words, shaking my head and playing innocent*
about what?
*smile back at you, looking around recognizing the way back to the park*
thank you but I don't wanna bother. Hannie needs to be at home
*stop my steps as we get close where out paths get appart, letting you take his cage from my hand*
you can't blame me for that, I was tired
*wrao both of my arms around your waist, nuzzling my nose on your hair and leaving a soft peck on your forehead before pulling away*
yeah, see you Ji. thank you
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Kim Eli SH What did I tell you about that-
/eyes you playfully before humming a song as we walk. A small smile settled on my lips. /
Mhm okay, if anything else bothers you don't hesitate to give a call. Hannie and I will rush right over.
/eye smiles before looking ahead enjoying the calmness of the night. It not taking long till we are at my apartment complex. /
Well, we'll leave you here...if you come up we both now you'll pass out again-
/teases as I reach over for Hannie before giving you a tight hug and mutters into your chest/
See you soon?
Kim Eli 10 months ago
@Han Jisung Good boy
*chuckles lightly at the huff knowing your intentions but gald Ive fooled you*
*walks right behind you and nect to you once we are out, looking at the front, carefull not to swing Hannie's cage*
Yeah it hurts but, I just need to rest, don't worry
*smile back at you, holding your hand as we walk*
Han Jisung 10 months ago
@Kim Eli SH I will definitely bring you with me next time.
/gives you a thumb up and a nod before letting out a small huff since I was gonna sneak and pay for it. Getting up I smile at you when you take Hannie seeing him move around excitedly for a moment. /
Mhm lets go~
/heads out as well and leads us towards my apartment. One of my hands reaching to hold onto your free one while looking up at you with a soft smile/
Does your head still hurt a lot?
Kim Eli 10 months ago
@Han Jisung oh.. that's sad.. alright then, next time you'll take me there right?
*smiles softly to you, holding my glass in one hand drinking a bit more*
indeed.. oh yeah
*nod my head slowly and take out m wallet, asking for the bill and paying for the food before you could even do something about it*
let's go now
*gently lift hannie's cage and wait for you before walking out the place*


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Keeping kyun
pink-yoshi23 5 hours ago
Taking a few days off^^
pink-yoshi23 5 hours ago
Left ki~ but please hold him for me~ i might be back when my heart is lighter
mehxhyuckk 6 hours ago
Can I re apply for jeno?
FireRamen 1 day ago
can i have a second chara o_o
bbeanfluff 4 days ago
Dropping dinghao keeping jingzuo and huixuan
Kyo_shi 6 days ago
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i see that cai xukun is still available, so may i have him?
snakebits 1 week ago
can I have sehun pls?
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