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vaan's manor!

⚘ : hedon l 。 1 year ago
@♆ : vaan s 。 ah, there it is - the fiery anger that he seems to stoke with his very presence (mostly by accident, but donnie can't deny that he's perhaps, once or twice, purposely riled the other up). while he may be acclimated to it that doesn't mean the full face of vaan's fury doesn't still strike fear into the taller's heart. his pulse blips a staccato rhythm, an anxious beat that drums in his ears as he attempts a placating smile. he takes a few steps back. "hey, wait, wait, no need to be rash, vaan, um-" at this point he's reaching for words out of thin air, because he realizes he's kinda ed himself without thinking this through. it's not like he had that much time though! the entire reason he was here in the first place was due to the construction around his apartment building, and there had been an accident that may or may not have crashed a hole into his bedroom wall. they told him it wouldn't be fixed for at least two weeks, and he was forced to pack his things and be on his merry way within an hour. vaan's was the first place he'd thought to go. "let me stay, for just one night - just one! and then i'll be out of your hair, please? i won't even bother you, i'll stay out of your way the whole time."
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
@⚘ : hedon l 。 a tiny flicker of rage once silent and controlled snaps in his mind, and he's visibly surprised at first, most notably in the way his hands slacken in the other's hold. "sick ing joke, donnie," he says with a squint and a bit of annoyance in his voice though it's mostly calm. he slides his hands out of the terran's grip to cross his arms in front of his chest and peer down at the floor between them, blinking back some of the emotion stirring up behind those blue eyes, and pressing his lips together tightly. being the ed up little man he was, he didn't really care for why donnie needed to stay or what would happen to him if he ended up homeless. that wasn't what really bothered him. what bothered him was the fact that donnie shows up unannounced at god knows what hour this is (11am for them) and had the audacity to just come in and get cozy as if this were his second home. last vaan checked, he was the owner of the house and the one donnie needed to talk to before waltzing in like he did. so when his head raises again, eyes glancing back at the gun for a second until landing back on the other, it nudges behind them and in the direction of the door and he practically grits through his teeth. "get the out of my house."
⚘ : hedon l 。 1 year ago
@♆ : vaan s 。 here's the thing about vaan's scathing words - after about the first month or so of knowing each other donnie had come to realize that he didn't really mean them (at least, most of the time). ever since then the terran's let such remarks go right over his head, treating them as he would any old compliment. "aw, but you still like this ing idiot," he says confidently, half-expecting the pair of arms that come around his waist and placing his hands on top of vaan's. swaying for a moment donnie hums, low in his chest and almost like a purr, before turning around in the other's hold to face him head on. he hadn't even been aware of the gun the other had earlier, only spotting it on a side table a few feet away. donnie's not as afraid of them as he once was, even though he really should be. "ah, now you see," he says, sliding his fingers down vaan's forearms to detach them from around his waist and hold the shorter's hands. can't have him reaching for that gun with what he says next, an apologetic something slipping into his smile. "i kinda need to stay? here? for like, an extended period of time?"
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
@⚘ : hedon l 。 the fact that donnie so casually invites himself in and makes himself at home genuinely grates at vaan's nerves, the feeling bringing him to yank out a bundle of flowers from a vase and grab hold of a gun while the other makes his way into the kitchen. trailing behind in silent rage that has his hand shaking on the trigger is he, but as if there were some god or goddess watching over the terran a wave of tiredness barrels through his body, brings about a yawn and makes him set the gun down on any old surface they pass up. "you're a ing idiot and i want you out of my house immediately" is what he says, no different from any other time he'd do it, but arms that loosely circle round donnie's waist and pulling him back say otherwise. the nestle of his face into the taller's back for comfort tells a different story and leaves him comfortably oblivious to whatever it was he hadn't noticed he was doing. "make sure you take all your things with you... you leave a lot behind."
⚘ : hedon l 。 1 year ago
@♆ : vaan s 。 it's hard balance to carry out, that line between closeness and annoyance when it comes to relationships - and donnie is falling right into that annoying side as his finger repeatedly pushes the doorbell. "vaan-!" he exclaims, all smiles until the other cuts him off by shutting the door in his face (not for the first time). "that's not very nice, you know." he says while coming into the threshold, thankful the other didn't lock him outside. after all, it was quite a long way from his apartment to the younger's large manor. toeing off his shoes near the entrance the taller of the two makes his way through the foyer comfortably before eventually noticing that vaan was still in his robe. "oh, , did i wake you up? i thought you'd be awake by now." donnie rubs the back of his neck sheepishly before tossing his bag - the one that had been hanging over his shoulder - onto the couch, and heading towards the kitchen. "sorry."
♆ : vaan s 。 [A] 1 year ago
@⚘ : hedon l 。 it's a bright and sunny day. birds are chirping, the sun is shining, a faint breeze is blowing at the messy strands of his pinkish locks and making him toss in his bed, and if not for the sound of incessant doorbell ringing, he might have stayed in bed to enjoy it. alas, he had to angrily scramble into his robe and slippers, trip slightly as he stomped his way down the stairs, and come to the door to be greeted not by a carrier with a package, not by a newspaper person, but a whole buffoon by the name of hedon lim smiling at him and probably opening his mouth to say something. vaan doesn't know because he promptly slams the door in his face upon rubbing his eyes and seeing the other come into view. and though he leaves the door unlocked by accident, he prays donnie will just go home and leave him alone today without having to shove him out... knowing the giant, that probably won't be the case though.


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oh, is this place open? it looks super cool, i love oc rps!
iwonhoyou 11 months ago
Oo it's back!
stationary 11 months ago
yo, pixels senpai, i missed this place, wish to come back soon!
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hhhh i hope the revamp wont take to long, wishing to join again! < 3
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Hello! This is main admin pixels coming at you with a very brief message!
I'm not sure why or how this roleplay got featured in all honesty, but mayhaps there will be a revamp if we can garner enough interest and get a few steady admins to help out. I'll need to discuss with the ones currently available and work through a few finer details, should that (the revamp) actually happen, but I don't believe doing so should take too long. There will be a message about this for those actually in the roleplay as well, but if you're passing by and you want to see a revamp because you're even the slightest bit interested, feel free to comment. If you're someone looking to help out, please PM me (pixels) personally.

Do make note that if we are to revamp, I'll mention so here in the comments to let everyone know, but also know that it's going to take some time to officially set everything in motion before we can officially revamp. Other than that, though, thank you all for the feature and hopefully you're having a nice day/night!!

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Are ya'll inactive?
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