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kai's apartment!

⚘ : kai t 。 1 year ago
@⚘ : atticus e 。 it wouldn’t be a complete day without said best friend barging into his home, yelling at the top of his lungs. between the two of them, atticus had always been the more lively, the more excitable one. kai was the brooding, angsty type that always seemed to have an ominous look on his face, the kind that told people that he either had an upset stomach, or an upset mind. kai works his chopsticks around the bowl, wrapping the noodles in a mound around them to pop into his mouth, until he sees half his noodles disappear straight into his friend’s mouth. with an exasperated sigh, he blows on the noodles and shoves them into his mouth, chopsticks now set aside with his arms crossed over his chest, mouthing closed to chew on the ramen.

the yelling isn’t new, and neither is the sappy nickname, or the vaguely domestic statement that he yells. but what /is/ new is the way he tells kai to “guess what he did today”. so after the ramen is gone and done with in his mouth, he picks up the chopsticks and portions off half the pot for atticus, the rest dumped into his bowl. “you finally got your company? is that why you’re so happy?”

kai was perfectly aware of what atticus’ company was dealing with. on top of the dumping of waste into the oceans, the takeover set to happen wasn’t going as smoothly or in favor of his friend. as much as he wanted to help, he knew he wasn’t in a position to do so. his own company wasn’t doing so well in the eyes of thalassans or their friends on the land, and even though he held a high paying executive position within the company, their jobs were two different entities. “or you finally managed to fire everyone that doesn’t want you to be the head? come on, spill.” kai shoves another chopstick-full of ramen into his mouth, eyebrow still raised inquiringly as he chews through the noodles to fill his still empty stomach.
⚘ : atticus e 。 1 year ago
@⚘ : kai t 。 it had been another tiring day of work, but unlike the others, the past 12 hours were well worth his time. excited about his day, atticus didn't even bothered to stop by his own home before driving up to his best friend's apartment. he had just arrived from a meeting with his new lawyer to help him take over the paradisi branch of his father's company and was eager to share the news. the industry was his to take anyway, but the current head director had no plans on turning it over to the young 23 year old. in other news, the meeting had gone amazing for two reasons: the lawyer was incredibly helpful and skillfully knew how to plan his takeover of the company; the lawyer was incredibly hot, and atticus couldn't wait to tell kai about her.

arrived at his friend's apartment, he quickly pressed in the 8 digit password to let him in. it wouldn't be a lie if he said that he was more familiar with the password to his friend's house than to his own place. kai's apartment was basically his second home where he crashed from time to time just for the sake of it.

"HONEY I'M HOME!" he joked. tossing off his shoes, he walked into the living room and breathed in the welcoming smell of ramen. "wow babe, you made my favorite dinner! you shouldn't have." he gives kai's back a friendly slap before sitting across from him at the table. a devious smile adorns his face as he s the top few buttons of his shirt to relax. "guess what i did today." he asks before reaching for the remaining noodles that laid in the pot with his chopsticks. staring at his portion, atticus then reaches over to snap up a hunk of noodles from his friend's bowl and shoves it into his mouth before he could hear any complaints. his mouth full of food, he asks again. "c'mon guess."
⚘ : kai t 。 1 year ago
@⚘ : atticus e 。 if decompressing a day’s worth of stress was vital to anyone’s health, if it played a pivotal role in securing sanity, if it was worth to even contemplate the beneficial effects of releasing emotional pressure, it was in atticus eun’s and kai tyne’s lives. often the brunt of ridiculous requests and senseless, absurd errors within their companies, two old friends found themselves consoling one another with verbal abuse aimed at employees—well, this was more on kai’s side—and stress relief in the form of consuming completely unhealthy foods moreso fit for frugal college students.

kai stands in his kitchen, the day’s business attire set aside to be taken to the dry cleaners later this week. instead of his usual business uniform, as he so dryly put it himself, kai’s body is trapped within a loose black t shirt and a pair of equally black and black hole-esque pair of sweatpants. a stark comparison to his usual suit and tie, but in the comfort of his own home he likes to think he has the liberty to dress to his own accord. the pot of water is boiling vigorously and with one quick pull of his fingers, the crinkly packets of ramen pop open almost ceremoniously, indicative of the release of anger and stress pent up in the tension of his shoulders.

it’s after moments of brooding and working on autopilot that kai realizes the ramen has reached optimal doneness, and with an aggressive flip of his burner, the fire is shut off. careful not to burn himself on the metal of the pot, he brings the contents to the table to settle on a trivet. a pair of bowls and chopsticks lay flat against the table, and before even pondering the possibility of waiting for his friend to arrive, he turns on the television for mindless entertainment, chopsticks going to portion himself enough to safely say that he’s cooked too little for two adult men.


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oh, is this place open? it looks super cool, i love oc rps!
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Oo it's back!
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yo, pixels senpai, i missed this place, wish to come back soon!
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hhhh i hope the revamp wont take to long, wishing to join again! < 3
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Hello! This is main admin pixels coming at you with a very brief message!
I'm not sure why or how this roleplay got featured in all honesty, but mayhaps there will be a revamp if we can garner enough interest and get a few steady admins to help out. I'll need to discuss with the ones currently available and work through a few finer details, should that (the revamp) actually happen, but I don't believe doing so should take too long. There will be a message about this for those actually in the roleplay as well, but if you're passing by and you want to see a revamp because you're even the slightest bit interested, feel free to comment. If you're someone looking to help out, please PM me (pixels) personally.

Do make note that if we are to revamp, I'll mention so here in the comments to let everyone know, but also know that it's going to take some time to officially set everything in motion before we can officially revamp. Other than that, though, thank you all for the feature and hopefully you're having a nice day/night!!

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Are ya'll inactive?
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