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⚘ : buster m 。 1 year ago
@♆ : llyr m 。 Buster had no idea what this guy's deal was. Usually when strangers sat beside each other in theatres, they kept to themselves and never speak to each other. I mean, it's really out of respect for the other's privacy but it seems like this fellow had no idea what the meaning of the word even is. Just when Buster was going to bite into his hotdog, his current company interrupts him by speaking up. Not only did the action itself irritate him but the question as well. What are the odds? Is this guy serious? Is he calling this fate? Destiny? ing bonkers is what this man is. Rolling his eyes, Buster spares a glance the man's way with an unamused expression dawning his features. "This ain't like some romance novel, mate. We aren't fated to sit beside each other. It just so happens that I'm unlucky as hell to be stuck with ya." He spat out, hoping that his attitude would maybe give this guy some sort of clue; a clue that he wanted him to either shut up or scram.

Don't get him wrong— he has spotted just how much food the other had brought over. It was just as much as he got, only the difference being that Buster got an extra hotdog and he got a pack of gummy bears instead. Damn. Why didn't he think of that? Doesn't matter. He's happy with what he's got and he sure as hell isn't going to give more attention to anything related to the one seated beside him. But just as he had planned this little game of ignoring the other, the devil speaks up and a quick shade of red paints over Buster's cheeks. He played right into the er's trap and he feels like an absolute idiot for it! An embarrassment really! He huffs and just proceeds to stuffing the hotdog sandwich into his mouth, munching away at it with his eyes set on the screen. Was he grumpily pouting the entire time? Yes. After swallowing, he sends a glare over Llyr's way with his bottom lip jutted out. He then points his half-eaten hotdog towards him. "You. Shut up."

Wow. Real creative, Buster. Like he would listen to you.
♆ : llyr m 。 1 year ago
@⚘ : buster m 。 Llyr chuckled to himself when the stranger beside him took his question literally and watched in amusement as it quickly dawned on him that it was, indeed, his which belonged in the seat. "Yup. What are the odds of us picking seats right next to each other, huh?" He mused rhetorically, not at all deterred by the other's brash nature that might have had someone else rushing out of the theatre to make an impromptu seat swap or simply scooting down one more seat and praying no one else came for it. Not Llyr, though. The blissfully ignorant blonde would sooner see his bespectacled neighbor retreat than he would be moved himself.

Reaching to grab a handful of popcorn, he heard the other muttering over the crinkly sound of his hot dog being unwrapped and found his blue eyes once more drawn to the male next to him. Now that he was settled, he actually managed to get a good look at all the snacks the lad had bought as well and felt a strange sense of camaraderie in the evident appreciation for movie theatre goodies. Admittedly, he was also slightly jealous he'd gotten his hands on an extra hot dog. "So y'thought it was cute then? Thanks." He quipped in retaliation, a mischievous glint lighting in his eyes that were barely hidden beneath the curtain of his bangs. He knew full well it wasn't meant as a compliment but took the liberty of interpreting it as such, before unceremoniously stuffing his face with a fistful of popcorn.
⚘ : buster m 。 1 year ago
@♆ : llyr m 。 “I’ll be home in a few hours, dad, I promise.” Pause and then a roll of his eyes, his free hand pushing his glasses up with a small huff. “Yeah, it’s one of m’days off so just le’ me treat myself for once, okay? Love ya.” As soon as the call ends, Buster is stuffing his phone back into his pocket and thanking every deity up in the stars that the call ended right as he got to the front of the line at the snackbar. Just like he had said on the phone earlier, it was his day off from working at the bakery and he was spending it like every normal person would: treating himself to a goddamn movie. When was the last time he got himself a ticket to the theatre, huh? Funny thing is, he couldn’t remember. He had been busying himself with the bakery these past few months that he barely got any “me time” left to waste. Working his off was difficult but he was very much sure that what he was currently doing was far more worse.

Ordering food was a personal hell for someone like Buster. First of all, he has social anxiety; and second of all, he loves eating. He was definitely going to order a ton of food for himself just so he didn’t have to interrupt hundreds of people watching with his stomach grumbling so loudly midway. It made him look like a pig really but his physical appearance already says a lot so it was expected either way.

As soon as he got his order of three hotdogs, one large tub of butter popcorn, and a large soda, he makes his way into the theatre and clambers up the steps with every bit of caution. He didn’t want to drop anything and neither did he want to make too much noise with his food. That just meant attention and he never liked that sort of thing.

Finally sitting himself down with a loud “oof”, he sets the three hotdog sandwiches on his lap and grabs a handful of popcorn to stuff into his mouth. As he is munching away whilst unwrapping one of the hotdogs, a voice speaks up. He blinks at the question first, eyes set down on his hotdog before they shift to look up at the stranger with a confused expression. He squints at him and swallows down the popcorn. “Uh, I assume it is? I mean, like, it’s for the guy who has the seat number.” He states, his brow raising as his gaze now moves as the other man began sitting himself down. “...Which I assume is your number since you're, like, sittin' your down on it already.” Shrugging, he returns his attention to the hotdog he's unwrapping. "Ya really didn't need to go all cutesy on me there."
♆ : llyr m 。 1 year ago
@⚘ : buster m 。 Since coming topside, one of Llyr's new favorite pastimes was going to the movie theatre. After all, what better way was there to learn about Terran culture? Weeding out fact from fiction proved to be difficult, though, and the naive Thalassan had to learn the hard way that the land dwellers didn't exactly have super powers and - while they may have hover boards on Paradisi - they did not possess Doc Brown's time traveling cars. It may not be as educational as he initially thought, but Llyr still enjoyed going to sit in the big comfy chairs and watch whatever new movie came out on the big screen. Not to mention the snacks were to die for. Llyr was currently struggling to carry all of the things he had bought to eat during the movie. A large tub of popcorn with two hot dogs balanced on top, a bag of gummies under one arm, and a large drink that he would probably be done with not even halfway through the movie...There was no denying that he sometimes received dirty looks for loudly rustling wrappers, but he better that than his rumbling stomach.

Making his way into the theatre, he was glad to see that the commercials hadn't started yet and made his way up the dimly lit steps toward the row that was on his ticket. He hadn't understood the seating arrangement at first and had simply sat anywhere he wanted, but all it took was one angry encounter with another guest for him to learn really quick. Counting each seat until he made it to his own, he was surprised to find he was sitting right next to the only other person in the row. Some might find it uncomfortable, but Llyr didn't have any issue settling right down with a friendly smile. "Hey. Is this seat taken?" He asked playfully as he set his drink into the holder on the armrest and wedged his giant container of popcorn between his knees.


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oh, is this place open? it looks super cool, i love oc rps!
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Oo it's back!
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yo, pixels senpai, i missed this place, wish to come back soon!
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Hello! This is main admin pixels coming at you with a very brief message!
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Do make note that if we are to revamp, I'll mention so here in the comments to let everyone know, but also know that it's going to take some time to officially set everything in motion before we can officially revamp. Other than that, though, thank you all for the feature and hopefully you're having a nice day/night!!

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