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⚘ : seraphine n 。 2 years ago
@⚘ : kai t 。 with the events that had occurred the past few days, people would say seraphine has lucked out. words of promotion lingering about in the air for the rising lawyer, clients calling in with requests to be represented by her specifically; seraphine has hitched a ride to her career boom. however, whereas other call it luck, she calls it hardwork. the past weeks, she's stayed up completing case after case, from the most trivial matters to ones dealing with large corporate figures. however it was her priority case that had allowed her to reap the rewards. nights spent reviewing the case on the eun wang industry, offering solutions and pulling on threads, all the while keeping his identity under wraps- she would claim she's made quite the impression to receive another client already on his way. 'recommended by mr. atticus' was what the clerk told her, and pride blooms within her chest.

there were mentions of her getting recommended through 'other methods,' and although she had some inkling that her previous client may harbor some attraction for her, she surmises it was her brain that drove him to share her expertise more than her looks. although she wouldn't mind if it /had/ been her beauty that kept him booking more consultations despite the positive outlook on the situation. besides, she'd imagine the "friend" was an old, top tier figure of a partner company that was also in need of dire help. at least, that was the image her mind had constructed when others spoke off the chiefs from paridisi's renown oil company. seraphine could almost hear the bills being cashed into her account. these enormous companies were hard to come by for on-the-rise lawyers such as herself, and for a man wanting his identity to be kept a secret, promoting the firm must have meant his friend was equally as desperate for a representative. and old men who have tire from their marriages, in seek of new excitement, were so easily fooled with a few sweet words. she was bound to receive an extra tip or two. "ms. neal? your client is here." the said female lifts her gaze off the screen of her desktop, slipping her glasses off to place them besides her coffee mug. and with a curt nod, she's stepping away from behind the table to smooth down her pencil skirt in preparation for the first meet. "alright, send him in."
♆ : linnaeus b 。 2 years ago
@⚘ : jeffery e 。 So, this Terran law firm. Linnaeus has been signed with them for quite a while now- mind you, not as an employee but rather as a contractor lawyer for whenever they needed Thalassan expertise on some case or project. Because Terrans never seemed to be able to do it right by themselves, did they? He doesn’t really mind it though, so long as they did their work and kept a respectable distance away from him. The latter, nobody and any issue with. The former however was always a point of contention. He knows he’s harsh and strict, even to the point of developing something of a reputation as a perfectionist (he’s not deaf, thank you), but everything would be fine if they held up their end of the work. Instead of running away and pushing the blame onto him, you know? That would be nice for a change. But that was besides the point. He knows he’s expecting a visit from his supposed new assistant today- not that he’s expecting anything. That may sound a bit critical, but a Terran? And a newcomer at that? He doesn’t expect to be far off the marks.

A brisk knock at the door draws Lin out of his musings, pushing his glasses up to hide mismatched eyes and running a quick hand through snowy hair, all before Jeffery makes his way past the door. He only blinks at the introduction, a head tilt as the only indication that he was, indeed, listening. “I expect you to. Linnaeus Brishon, though you should already know that. I’ll try to get through as much stuff possible today so I’ll be relying on you, then.”
⚘ : jeffery e 。 2 years ago
@♆ : linnaeus b 。 "so, hey, Jeff, you know what to do buddy, right?" he throws a accusatory raised brow at the speaker with all grudge included in his hard gaze. "I know. I know. you are all sacrificing me, aren't you?" he loves his coworkers but sometime the reality kicks in hard. "we're really sorry but you're the onky who can keep up with the perfection freak—" his supposedly senior of two years drops to a whisper, scooting close with a terrified expression on his face, "and you're so calm and all. good luck." with that they wheeze him through the debriefing which he has already been through at home the night before. "I get it. hope you all did your job right."

"hello Mr. Brishon." Jeffery knocks and opens the door, bearing his professional smile. "I'm Jeffery Edgar from the firm handling the terran ______ corp. I'll be your go to representative from the _____ company. you can ask of all the documents and recordings regarding this partnership of the two companies to me. I'll do my best."
⚘ : seraphine n 。 2 years ago
@⚘ : atticus e 。 when first introduced to the world of law, seraphine was wrapped around the idea of justice. to be just is to be fair, and reasonable. to serve justice is to grant those the rewards (or punishment) they are found deserving of. and seraphine did exactly that - just, in a twisted fashion. pay her the sum she requested, and she will do as she's asked of. award her to be deserving of her hard work. not necessarily prime lawyer behavior but the world would bite back at those who played by the rules and the rising lawyer was intent on being a step ahead. be it blood money, dirty cheats, bribery - call it as you may, all she cared about was, at the end of the day, she received her end of the bargain and her client, theirs.

prior to this, seraphine favored meddling with smaller companies, or crumbling corporate which barely took a lift of her finger to settle aside. but the more zeroes found within her bank account, the more she grew hungry for the filthy money - insatiable for more wealth, more challenges, more thrill that would encompass her caffeine induced nights. hence, the surprise that morphed upon the faces of her fellow coworkers when she eagerly accepted the case that, quite literally, was kept classified. no one knew what, or who it was then, but the neals leapt before they hesitate. and boy, was she glad she took up the case. it took a span of three days for the two to arrange their first meeting, and that was plenty enough of time for her to delve deeper into her future client. his background, education, current position; everything merely added to the curiosity of the young woman's mind. what exactly was there to be dealt with in secrecy? glancing down at the watch clasped around her wrist, her fingers lifted the briefcase off her worktable, swinging in an almost taunting manner as she embarked. a bag full of secrets, she held a coquettish smile that instinctively splays across her lips once spotting her client. "pleasure to meet you, mr. eun. i'm happy to be of service." her dainty hand slips into the sturdy hold, granting a curt shake that contradicts the almost coy facade she had on. "please! let's discuss inside my office." she gestures towards the opposite end, a door situated not too far to the left before proceeding to lead the way. there was no need for the stereotypical mannerism. this was work- and as she held the door open for her client, there was an impish glint in her eyes, the wheels in her head whirring to concoct ideas that'd empty out his bank. or at least, part of it. "make yourself comfortable."
⚘ : atticus e 。 2 years ago
@⚘ : seraphine n 。 for the longest time, atticus had zero interest in his family's industry, and had only accepted his position on the board of directors as a courtesy to his father. but ever since he had found out that the industry had been a major cause in the increase of ocean pollution in the nearby ocean, the company heir wanted to find ways to step into an actual position of power and stop the corruption. without anyone's knowledge, he found an up and coming lawyer and had set up an introductory meeting to see if she could help in any shape or form. like stated before, he didn't want a single soul knowing his plans to overthrow the current head of the paradisi branch of eun wang industries, so he had even given his chauffeur the day off to drive alone up to the law firm office.

even though he wasn't at the beach, the sea breeze that drifted throughout the entire island combed through his hair as he stepped out of his car. 'i hope i'm making the right choice' he thought as he made his way towards the building. adjusting his cufflinks, atticus took quick steps before arriving at the front desk. after a brief confirmation of his appointment with the office secretary, his footsteps slowed down into the row of chairs that decorated what could be called "the waiting area". now questioning his choice of buttons on his button down shirt, he looked around at the various photos that pictured the different lawyers under the firm he was visiting. 'do i leave one ed? two? three?' his fingers fiddled around with the top three pieces of his shirt before his gaze halted at a framed group picture. the wondering attention of his immediately spotted the delicate face of his soon-to-be lawyer. face to face, he had never met her but had seen enough profile pictures of her to recognize the soft smile the adorned her lips in the photo. his pointer finger had just finished fidgeting around and buttoning the second to last button when the door of the office opened up. an amiable grin grew on his face as the sharp sound of heels accompanied the latest presence that walked towards him. and with a firm hand, he reached out a palm, offering a greeting. "hi. you must be ms. neal. atticus eun."


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