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younghyun ( h ) 2 months ago
@woohyun Maybe I just wanted to hear you say that~ /hums in delight at the peck, murmuring a soft ‘I love you’ as I continue to move, your actions causing my laugh to fill the air/ So cute... I was thinking pasta? I make amazing alfredo, you’ll love it.
woohyun [A] 2 months ago
@younghyun I could never get tired of being with the man I love~ *smiles as I watch you, stepping close to kiss your cheek* ah yes, cooking— *leads you to the kitchen, twirling around in the space* here you go~ what do you plan on making, hm?
younghyun ( h ) 2 months ago
@woohyun Sure you won’t get tired of my company? /looks back at you momentarily, giving a teasing smile as I stand close to the window, taking in the view/ It’s a really nice place...right, cooking /says as I remember why we came in the first place, making my way to the kitchen and looking around for the items I need/
woohyun [A] 2 months ago
I- sjfhdjdhd *blushes deeply and follows you around* you can stay here forever, I would not be opposed
younghyun ( h ) 2 months ago
Okay first off—youre the absolute cutest. And secondly this is so nice I think I’ll stay forever. /says with a grin as I make my way around, getting familiar with the area/
woohyun [A] 2 months ago
you may enter sjfhdksjfhf come in come in, my home is your home
younghyun ( h ) 2 months ago
knock knock I’m—:’)
The Rp Monitor [A] 2 months ago
[[Do Not Enter Without Permission]]


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lascivious 4 days ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 1 week ago
Um, may I join?
pinkpanther 3 weeks ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
[comment deleted by owner]
[comment deleted by owner]
smilingdown 1 month ago
A/R Kim Jongdae please
lovelikeyeolxygen [A] 1 month ago

If you want your character back, just comment and we’ll re-accept you! If you need a hiatus, LET US KNOW!
unrevealed 1 month ago
keeping upvote and fav but johnny dipped
starstrckd 1 month ago
yo can I get ten?
jungshook 1 month ago
your boy needs a hella hiatus
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