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jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@park seonghwa i'm too heavy for you to carry around, youre such an oddball
-smiles and leans up to peck your lips-
and i love you
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook maybe i will. just to keep you by me foreverrrr, just like you wanted.
laughs softly and kisses the tip of your nose.
sleep, baby. you’ll see me when you’re up.
i love you.
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@park seonghwa you wouldn't-
yawns softly into your shirt and nods my head, closing my eyes as i pinch your side
mm yeah I'm sleepy. i'll see you maybe when I'm up?
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook maybe i should get one of those baby carriers but for adults so i can carry you everywhereeeeee I want to go.
brushes his fingers through your hair with a soft chuckle.
sleeping soon, baby? it’s late.
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@park seonghwa yes, i took some medicine for it so I should be fine for a couple of hours
or until I fall asleep
smiles warmly as the warmth of your hand radiates through the fabric of my shirt on my stomach.
i think I could stay in this position forever. i don't want to leave your warmth ever
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook oh no— is it feeling better now?
runs his hand down your side to place it on your stomach, frowning slightly.
mmm, i’ll never get tired of being this close to you.
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@park seonghwa pft of course i did. i had some porridge since my stomach was aching
dives into the sheets when you set me down, wiggling to get comfortable until i'm rest on your chest.
mm this is the best, i love having your arms around me
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook hhh well you’re so easy to carry. did you even eat, you barely have any weight on you.
sets you down on the bed, flopping down beside you and wraps his arms around your waist.
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook brushes his fingers through your hair with a soft laugh, feeling how soft the locks were against his skin.
is it? should i have not asked then?
he asks jokingly, kissing the top of your head.
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@park seonghwa always, no matter what we face and go through.
huffs and buries his face into your chest, using the fabric to dry the tears that are coming to a slow stop.
it's your fault for making me cry ~
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook he chuckles softly and pulls back from the kiss, looking at your tear streaked face with endearment, brushing his thumb on the soft skin of your cheek.
i’ll always be yours, baby. as you are mine, i hope.
wraps his arms around your waist again and pulls you onto his lap.
babe, you’re going to make me cry if you continue crying.
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@park seonghwa i'm not crying, you're the one crying
he smiles through the tears dripping down his cheeks before he returns the kiss, hands coming up to cup your cheeks as he follows your lead, pouring his love and adoration for you into it.
and I hope you'll always be mine babe
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook Oh baby... don’t cry. I’m sorry I’ve made you wait this long. You can fault me on that.
I’ll make it up to your somehow.
reaches for your face and wipes your tears with his thumbs, brushing them away before he leans into the kiss, moving them sweetly and sensually was of pouring all his feelings into it.
I’m yours and I’ve always been yours.
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@park seonghwa mm well things did take an odd turn a couple of weeks ago and i didn't want to assume anything
his cheeks flush a soft pink as he watches you, hand traveling down to take a hold of your own, interlacing our fingers together.
you don't know how long I've been waiting for this...for you babe
tears gather in his eyes as he leans forward to kiss your lips, whispering against them.
of course, as long as you'll be mine
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook his expression softens and pulls you close to his chest, letting out a soft hum as he kisses your temple.
it’s early? it’s been awhile. especially since we’ve known each other for quite some time.
he bites down on his bottom lip before scratching the back of his neck.
i was going to make it all special and romantic and , but honestly, i don’t want to wait any longer—
will you,,, be mine?
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@park seonghwa hmm alright, it's a deal then. I'll just have to sneak past all the fans and security guards
his heart froze for a brief seconds as his eyes wandered over your face, only to stutter back to life when you respond, launching forward to squeeze you into a tight hug.
i know it's early and we're not even official but I have such deep feelings for you, i couldn't hold it back
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook well, i wouldn't say no to that. i'd love for you to visit when i'm on comeback, and to visit you when you're having yours.
chuckles softly at the adorable expression, giving your lips a couple more kisses before the confession had him pause.
blinks for a few seconds before a smile breaks out.
i love you too, jungkook.
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@park seonghwa hmm you better or i'll have to sneak out to see you at your live stages
he makes a fishy face at you and blushes at the kiss, pulling you back in for more.
i love you seonghwa
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook yes, i definitely am going to be, but i'll always find ways to make time for you.
lets out a soft chuckle and squishes your cheeks with his hand, kissing your lips.
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
@park seonghwa jumps a little in surprise at your touch, a pout on his lips as he turns to you.
of course i missed you! you're going to be so much busier with your comeback
park seonghwa 2 months ago
@jeon jungkook raises an eyebrow when he hears his name being called, wrapping his arms around your waist.
yes, baby? missed me?
jeon jungkook 3 months ago
@park seconds seonghwaaaaaaa
flops onto the couch while whining your name, missing your presence already.
park seonghwa 3 months ago
@me in unhook pulls you in and on the bed, bringing the sheets up to cover their bodies before wrapping his arms around you.
goodnight, baby. i’ll see you tomorrow.
park seonghwa 3 months ago
@me in unhook chuckles softly at your face, finding it adorable and irresistible, leaning in to kiss your lips.
You’re too cute sometimes.
Now you’re making me feel all warm inside, whatever are you doing to me?
jeon jungkook 3 months ago
@park seconds Pft no, you know I have my crackhead moments at times
he gulps his own soda down fairly quickly, making a face at how carbonated it was.
With you, it's always a great night. I wouldn't wish for anything else babe
park seonghwa 3 months ago
@me in unhook i don’t need alcohol, love. i just though you wanted to bust out the alcohol since you brought out the glasses.
he chuckles and takes another bite of his chicken before setting it down, reaching for the drink.
chicken, ghibli and me?
he chuckles softly, letting you push back against him.
jeon jungkook 3 months ago
@park seconds I...I do have some wines as a gift from the hyung's if you want actual alcohol? I just thought it'd be nice to enjoy each other's company while sober
he pouts a bit but brightens back up, eyes trained on you as you eat, swallowing a bit heavily before he's picking up a piece as well.
mmmph. this makes the night so much better
he grins as he pushes back against your knee, scrunching up his nose in habit.
park seonghwa 3 months ago
@me in unhook for a second there i thought we were going to get alcohol.
he laughs, picking up a piece of the chicken, beginning to dig into it and at the taste.
-- i love how sinful fried chicken tastes. it's so good.
playfully, he bumps his knees against yours again, more purposefully.
jeon jungkook 3 months ago
@park seconds ewwwwww
makes a little face at your statement, even as his cheeks blush from your compliment. he heads back to the little kitchen to grab some wine glasses, just to feel a little fancy even when it's going to be used for the soda he ordered.
mmm yes! They make it so crispy, I'm about to drool. Dig in babe
he pours the drinks as he sits back down, knee bumping against your own
park seonghwa 3 months ago
@me in unhook blonde or black? either way, you're still as charming.
when he hears the bell ring, he chuckles at your excitement, removing his arm from around you so that he can get to the door to help grab their order. bringing it back to the table, he sets it down, opening up the box.
... this smells so good. i'm hungry.


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