ㅤ⌂ kasper's houseboat

kasper's houseboat!

A houseboat with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and 1 office.

♆ : llyr m 。 1 year ago
@⚘ : kasper p 。 Llyr had, once again, been attempting to confront his fears by wandering close to the docks. He could hear the waves rolling in and couldn't combat the sense of dread that rose up in his throat like bile without even having to lay eyes on the ocean yet. Why was he putting himself through this torture? In spite of his all consuming fear, Llyr still longed to see home again. That was the only thing that drove him to try to expose himself to the deep blue day after day, in the hopes that perhaps he'd overcome his trauma. Of course, that was easier said than done. Most people would probably consider it an irrational fear because they had no idea what lurked in the depths, but Llyr did. The scars winding up one of his legs were proof enough.

He was about to concede defeat and turn back to wander to the center of the island when his path was suddenly blocked by a man. "Huh?" Llyr mumbled dumbly, brows furrowing in confusion as he tried to comprehend what the fast-talking air breather was trying to rope him into. Being the nice guy that he was, though, he wasn't about to turn him down when this 'Kasper' was clearly desperate for help. "No, I don't mind, but what did you need help with?"
⚘ : kasper p 。 1 year ago
@♆ : hazel c 。 Kasper guided the men to his boat, opening the houseboat for them to enter so they could put the supplies up. As each load came in, Kasper focused on unpacking and placing each item where it belongs. As he placed some food in his fridge, he caught sight of the picture of his old crew and his mood darkened momentarily. It ignited a sense of bitterness for just that brief second. He sighed softly and carried on placing various items back. Before long, all of the boxes were delivered and the workers asked the male if he needed help unpacking, but Kasper alluded that he would be fine handling that all by himself. After reassuring them, they left the house and went back to their job, leaving the male all alone again.

After about an hour of unloading and packing, Kasper finished storing everything and was ready to head back out to sea. Though, for the night he would stay close to shore before actually venturing off into the sea. He took a beer from his fridge and went to his porch to sit down and drink as the moon rose into the sky. It was one of his favorite things to do. It reminded him of his fond memories with his friends; plus it always relaxed him before he started his journey. He took small sips of his beverage and sighed heavily as that night came back to his mind. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, and as he did, he caught sight of a decently-sized shadow. It was humanoid even with the darkness setting in. Though he was surprised, he barely moved in his seat and spoke up loudly, "I know you're over there, there's no point in hiding anymore. Show yourself."
♆ : hazel c 。 1 year ago
@⚘ : kasper p 。 (( it's perfect dw it's a comfortable length for me ! ^^ ))

hazel wasn't sure why she keeps on finding herself near that almost vacant houseboat. she seen it herself, the mishaps that inhabitant has with thalassans - but she can't stir away from the controversies. perhaps, deep down, her curiosity still lingers in terms of fixing his view towards her race. whatever her reason behind her visit was, she still decided to take another look. the boat was the same as always. she even swam to the edge of the boat she finds comfortable to hide near and continued to watch with eager eyes. with her body drenched and her marmalade-colored hair clinging to her face, she holds a deep breath as a familiar figure reflect on the miniature waves of the ocean. once it disappeared, she sought an opportunity.

she jumped the gun and grabbed into some extra rope hanging on the side. she pulled her body out of the waters and, within a few moments of struggling, she jumped over and landed on the wooden planks with an obnoxious bang following. a searing pain spread throughout the side of her shoulder; her hand naturally rubbed at it until it was bearable. she sighed as the pain clearly wasn't going anywhere but she nevertheless ventured on. she got up slowly and saw the door slightly opened and as she reached her hand to sneak in, the pain on her shoulder ignites causing her to step back. her face soured as she took shelter at the side of the porch, rubbing at the source vicariously until it was safe to move. unfortunately, that wasn't any time soon.
⚘ : kasper p 。 1 year ago
@♆ : llyr m 。 Once again, the sailor was back in town and ready to make another supply run. It has been far too long since Kasper as touched his feet on the bare sand. Though he was never the one to get seasick, being at sea far too long made the male sick of seeing waves for the time being. He made his way to the supply shop that he always visited. He was a huge fan since the owner was generous and had many different items that he could buy. He took this time picking and choosing his supplies, and the owner told him that his stuff was ready, but he was short on men since many were off for the holidays. This meant, that he needed to go out and look for those willing to help carry some of the crates.

Upon going outside to find strangers to help carry his supplies to the ship, he found some people who looked strong and capable of handling the heavy equipment. Then he saw this jacked dude whose hair was quite different from many. His hair color was wildly vibrant and almost didn't fit the normal human appearance. Perhaps he wasn't human. Anyways, he went up to the man and asked him the question he's been asking others for the last twenty minutes, "Hello. I'm Kasper Pan, and if you don't mind I need your help with something. There's money involved as well."
⚘ : kasper p 。 1 year ago
@♆ : hazel c 。 [Hope this is an ok starter. I can shorten my reply if it's too long!]

Once again, not one piece of treasure found. Every single time he caught word of some relic or hidden stash of money somewhere, most of the time it was already taken. Kasper knew better to not believe some of these rumours, but when you are out in the open sea with little to none to do, you got to find something in your free time. Anyways, the male was unsuccessful in finding anything in the last few months, and it has been starting to piss him off. He latched his boat to the docking area and made sure the anchor was down before he set off to get supplies for his boat.

There was always something new that he disliked about his home city every time he came back. Whether it was the people, the buildings, or even the animals. Having been all over the world enlightened the man's mind and see the many faults that not just his people do but all humans in general. But dealing with people was never Kasper's forte. As he arrived at the shop where he arranged to get his supplies on a bi-monthly basis. So he didn't have to deal with the hassle and get back out to the big world sooner than later. Once Kasper saw everything was right, the workers then proceeded hauling his food, equipment, and the like to his boat.


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