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asterial 2 weeks ago
can i get mark reactivated but cced to christian yu please
asterial 2 weeks ago
may i get my old jennie revived and cced to kim seolhyun please
leviachan 2 weeks ago
ok i dont think i see her so can i get park jiwon :D
VanillaSugarARMY 2 weeks ago
is hwang yeji available?
astrophile 4 weeks ago
soonchan i lov u
shiber 1 month ago
can i get my jinsook back but as lee yukyung pls *^*
[comment deleted by owner]
windowsxp 1 month ago
jung wooyoung por favor?
jageun 1 month ago
best of luck u w u
tanchan 1 month ago
wow first of all - I wasn't stalking shdndndndnd
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